Georgia Power /GA Right of wayincompetent employees


They have been cutting/pruning trees in the area to clear right of way to power lines. When I get home I noticed that my Fruit Trees that are more than 15' from the lines and barely as tall as them must have been an issue for properly maintaining their lines, (I don't believe so)As they decided to scalp one side of each Tree completely from top to bottom... The said trees are part of the landscaping of said property and are now just an eyesore! On your website Under Residential Vegetation Management, It talks about pruning trees away from power lines. And also talks about hiring qualified companies that hire qualified employees. Well, let me just tell you that neither, in this case, are true! Maybe my opinion of pruning is way off. Looks more like a mad redneck that couldn't catch his sister last night and took it out on my Trees...
Very Unprofessional, As one employees answer to the butchery was "they will grow back" And another (foreman) due to my concern that they looked like an eyesore now was "well, we can cut them down" Really?

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