General Motorstransmission and brake failure on 2013 chevy cruze ltz


Our Transmission was slipping and Brakes went out and we took our car to Chevy Dealership which was Resolved for 2 months, now its starting all over . When we come to a stop, the car jumps forward and it feels like the car behind us had hit us, and when we were coming down the cajon pass, our breaks went out, it was very scary, I had to down shift and use the emergency brake in order to stop, we had to drop off our Chevy Cruze ltz again at Crest Chevrolet, We feel that we purchased a lemon and are not very happy about it, we still owe 12, 999 on our Car, We would love for Chevrolet to buy it back for what we owe on it, so we could purchase 2017 chevy cruze diesel which we test drove and fell in love with it, Sincerely your, Rory and Karla Ballard

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