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I own an Opel Astra and from the time the vehicle was 2 years old the coating on the headlights has begun peeling off. The vehicle was in for its 3 year service and I was told that the headlight covers will not be replaced under warranty as it is considered as bodywork.

The dealer has noted that this is a problem with the Astra model, that multiple complaints have been received about this issue and has even shown me another vehicle with the same problem.

After complaining to their Customer Care Department I was instructed to take the vehicle back to Thorp Plumstead. There the Service Manager took some photos of the problem and submitted them to GMSA. The official response from GMSA is that the parts will not be replaced as they have been buffed and due to the use of solvents in polish.


If you are thinking of buying a vehicle from GMSA rather save yourself problems down the line and choose something else. The funny thing is that I was going to buy their top of the line Astra and give this car to my partner. Now I’ll rather spend my money on an Audi or VW.

The official bulleting reads as follows:


The purpose of this Bulletin is to remind all Dealership personnel that solvents must not be used to clean surfaces of plastic components.

The investigation of plastic components with signs of cracking, crazing or deterioration of the surface areas has shown the cause to be the application of solvents such as petrol. The use of substances, such as petrol, induces stresses in the surface of the plastic material and may lead to damage of the part being cleaned.

The photograph below shows the result of cleaning a headlamp lens with petrol. Localised damage has been promoted in the area of the headlamp beam due to the headlamp having been on, whilst the solvent was applied.

Although this example demonstrates the result of worst possible conditions with the light on while the solvent was applied, a similar effect can be caused by the application of any other solvent.

The cleaning of any plastic surface should be carried out using only water and detergent.

Under no circumstances should solvents be applied to a plastic surface. Damage resulting from contamination by solvent is not covered by warranty.


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    ylekhram Jan 29, 2013

    Good day, could anyone please assist or guide me on the fflg matter:

    I have been frauded by one of your employees from the GM city deep branch and im trying to get hold of him from last year may, he uses your company name as a reference to service vehicles outside of work, however i only have his name as thiruvasan chetty, i have made numerous calls to GM city deep, they have told me they cannot give the phone to him as i needed to speak to him urgently regarding his address whereby i could send him a lawyers letter due to the fact that a summon cannot be delivered to a work place, I also had spoken to his manager: Tony who have promised that if I do not send the police to his branch he would get thiruvasan to return the car and the cash, so I have at that time asked the detective that was in charge to hold back, however after a while tony said no I should arrest thiruvasan, this point of time it was to late and the detective was not interested in helping me any further, please could you give me some kind of assistance as he does not answer my calls and i do not have any sort of transport to go to him, he had taken my car last year may for a service i had paid him R5000 cash and after that he had disappeared, i have found my car very badly damaged and no service or any sort of repairs done, in a farm area in november in kempton park, i send this email to you out of desperation as i do not have any cash to solve this matter legally, as the police could not assist and said it was a civil matter, i have just recently moved up to johannesburg from durban and do not know much people around here that could assist me, i am looking forward to your assistance,

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