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Back on May 12, I signed a lease with Sharpe Auto in Watertown SD. A week after the signing I received a phone call that they screwed up on the paper work, my $4000 down was printed as $6000 down, that I would have a higher payment than originally stated and that I had to come sign new paperwork. I told them I was at my top dollar at $488.00 I could not afford any more, I was told they were sorry but it's only $50. I told them to scratch the deal, I didn't want to do it anymore, I was told it wasn't an option, stupid me believed them and I signed the paperwork. I had told them numerous times I couldn't do this, I didn't want to, take the Traverse back, let's find another cheaper vehicle, anything to get my payment where I can afford. Nothing they can do. They did give me a check for $500 to make up for their mistake. Small pennies to what I have to pay for their mistake. A few days later I was called, that the paperwork was messed up again. I had to drive 45 miles again to resign paperwork, they also had to mail to my consigner in Florida. So now my payment has gone from 488 to 553, that's more than the 50 I was told, I realize it's 65, but that's 65 I don't have. I have a kid to feed. The salesman who I was working with quit over this shady deal. Now, last Thursday I called to get my extended warranty info, just wanting to know a phone number for them. I've called every day twice a day and still today do not have an answer. I know that if I cancel my extended warranty that the financial rip off guy doesn't get his commission and I am positive that's why I am not getting info. I wish I would have talked to a lawyer when this was happening. I have many text messages and voice mails between Sharpe Auto and myself from this ordeal. I have recently talked with a friend who is a car salesman there for now I know exactly how shady this deal was. I will never do business with Sharpe Auto again, they are the biggest bunch of crooks. I want my extended warranty info. Since paperwork was done 3 different times, I did not receive all the paperwork.
Jessica Selchert
705 South 5th steeet
Milbank sd 57252

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