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General Motors review: lack of customer concern

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It has been 5 weeks and GM has not responded to my letter. It looks like GM does not care about the customers concerns.
Below is my letter.
Don Suszko

General Motors Corporation
Corporate Affairs/Community Relations
100 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265
Ref: Case file # 71-[protected]
My intent in writing this letter is constructive, rather than as a GM retiree with a chip on his shoulder. For 50 years I have been loyal to GM, however after this experience I am beginning to feel GM does not deserve my loyalty and am considering buying a Chrysler Town & Country.
Briefly my concerns are:
• GM’s lengthy time to inform me they could not build an ordered vehicle
• This delay denied me the opportunity to revise my requirements to take advantage of an expiring rebate
• Frustrations in working with GM Customer Assistance and being told something that never happened and told “it is GM Policy”
• Almost 3 months of trying and still no vehicle!
Our 2008 GMC Acadia’s lease was up and turned in on [protected].
Sometime the end of November or first of December we received a notice from our G M Extended Family Card that if we purchased or leased a new GM vehicle before 1-31 2011 we would get an extra $750 in bonus earnings. At this point we started working with Nicole Dodge of Ed Rinke Chevrolet, Buick, GMC dealership to get a new vehicle. Nicole has been our sales person for many years.
During the summer GM had a test drive for retiree’s at the GM Tech Center in Warren Michigan. My wife liked the comfort of the Traverse cloth seat compared to leather. Now we knew we wanted a FWD 1LT, 2-3-3 configured heated dark gray cloth seats. Nicole could not find a vehicle in any color in her search of other dealerships, however she came close but without heated seats and offered to have aftermarket heated seats installed. We declined this because we wanted the controls on the IP rather than on the seat sides. At this point we thought we had time to have a vehicle built, so a Steel Gray Metallic color was ordered. It turned out this color was no longer being built and was replaced with Silver Ice Metallic, so this color was ordered.
As I understand it there is a 2 week wait period after a vehicle is scheduled for production before a dealer can get a build status. It was near the end of January that Nicole called to tell me that our vehicle was on hold because of the color. Silver Ice Metallic color is on other Chevrolet models. Our son has a Cruse with this color. All this time you can still go on the GM build your own vehicle site and both of these colors are shown as available on the Traverse.
This process to inform us that GM could not build our desired color took 2 months and we lost the $750 extra bonus, so I called GM Customer Assistance and was connected to Shane a contract person in the Philippines. She was very professional in her questioning me for information and called me daily with more questions and the status of her search for information on my case. On [protected] she completed her history search and was passing my file up the line and said that I should hear from someone within 24 hours.
About 6:00PM on [protected] Kyle called saying he had my case and would call back about the same time on [protected] with the status. I asked Kyle where he was located at and he said it was “GM Policy” not to share that information with customers because of security reasons. (Since that time others who have called for Kyle and the operator at [protected] said the location is Texas. Now if this is “GM’s Policy” why are the others able to tell me the location while Kyle would not?) When Kyle did not call by 6:00PM on [protected], I tried calling him and had to leave a voice message. A few minutes later a female called to say Kyle was busy and would call on [protected]. When I tried asking questions about my case, she said she knew nothing about the case and I had to speak with Kyle.
On [protected] Charlie called for Kyle telling me that Kyle spoke to Rinke’s sales manager and I should call him for more information. I asked Charlie the name of the sales manager, because Rinke has two stores and I did not know if they have more than one sales manager. He said he was not knowledgeable about my case and did not have that information. In this day of electronic data I asked him to check the file for the name. He put me on hold and came back to say he did not have a name, but would call me in the morning with the name of the person Kyle spoke to. Later when I opened my email I had a message from Nicole saying “Kyle actually left a message for my Chevrolet sales manager Gary Hawrys this morning. Gary was at the Chevy Volt training and missed the called, but did call him back and Gary left him a message. Gary has not heard back from him yet.”
At 11:00 AM on [protected] Kyle called saying he did not speak to Rinke’s sales manager, but just left a message for Ray Stemple. I read Nicole’s message to him and said I do not know who to believe. (Charlie said Kyle spoke to the sales manger now Kyle said he had not, but left him a message and he was to call me twice and never did) Kyle said he would call Gary Hawrys and get right back to me. 3:15PM Kyle called back and said he talked to Ray Stemple and he would call me with more information. He could not explain how Gary Hawrys had a message that Kyle called him or that Gary called him back and left a message that he did not receive. Finally he just said that “GM Policy” did not allow them to do anything after a rebate had expired. He said his responsibility was in customer service and not sales. I then asked why he got involved with my case that had nothing to do with vehicle service? His answer to this was he was only trying to help. At this point we both got defensive and nothing constructive would come from any further conversations, so the call ended. Since then I have learned that neither Ray Stemple nor Gary Hawrys have ever spoke directly with Kyle. Messages were left between them, but no direct conversations ever took place.
If it is “GM Policy” not to reevaluate a rebate expiration time, why did GM spend time answering that concern, and not the cause for the concern? (Length of time it took GM to tell me an ordered vehicle could not be built)
As a potential returning GM customer, I hope you can see how Kyle’s efforts has done nothing to improve customer relations other than make GM look like they do not care about the problems customers have in trying to order a car and get it in a timely manner especially when it shows up on the GM’s web site as buildable.
Shane the contract person was very profession and wanted to get her information in a timely manner so my concern could be resolved. On the other hand Kyle (GM salary) did not follow up on his commitments, said he spoke to a sales manager, but only left messages, used “GM Policy” many times and did not discuss the real problem as to why it takes GM weeks to inform a customer that his vehicle cannot be built, causing the customer to lose out on a rebate. If you had this experience in dealing with a company, would you not reconsider your loyalty to continue to buy their products?
To show you how far reaching one incident like this has in giving GM a bad image, at a GM retiree’s luncheon I told this story to 30 some retiree’s who also have been loyal to GM. Now they too are questioning why they should remain loyal to GM. I suspect some of them shared my experience with others and so down the line. Is this a result of GM not caring about the customer, poor employees, inadequate training or just plain “GM Policy”?
Nicole has been very resourceful in trying to get us a vehicle, but was unable to get GM’s system to provide us with the vehicle of our choice in a timely period.
Hopefully someone can get back with an answer that this is not “GM Policy” before I make that final decision to give up on GM and buy a Chrysler Town & Country.
Sincerely yours,

Don Suszko
CC: Ed Rinke Chevrolet-Buick-GMC

Chevrolet Motet Division GM
Customer Assistance
PO Box 33170
Detroit, MI [protected]


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 07, 2011 4:40 pm EDT

Im very sorry to hear that you have had such a headache with GM. I am also a GM customer, loyal GM customer for years now. I feel your pain. I purchased a brand new lemon from them 3 years ago. Inside of that 3 years my car has been to the shop 19 times, and had 13 of the same part replaced. Now my 3 year old car awaits another repair(which will now come out of my pocket as warranty is up, and Im patiently waiting for my tranny to go...shouldn't be too long now. I have given up with dealing with these people. Corporate head office informed me that I "needed a straight jacket, and i didn't purchase a buick so what did i expect." Please keep in mind that im a counselor ( and work with people who have mental disorders so I'm fairly sure I don't fall in that category.) To make a very long story short, I have given up with GM and have made it my personal mission to try and make people aware before they choose to purchase. A company is a great company as long as you don't have any issues, you don't know what a company is truly like until you do. Its how they deal with issues that is important. GM is simply a waste of time, and energy. When you are spending the amount of money that we do on cars these days, you should expect outstanding customer service, especially when these people claim to be "GM family." I hope for your sake that they are able to assist you with your issues, but I hate to say it...don't hold your breath. I have referred 26 people over to other dealers(all of which were considering GM) in the past 3 years, all now have nothing but positive things to say about their new cars, and customer care. Go Kia, Dodge, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda...etc. They will all take care of you far better than what GM is willing to do.


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