General Motorsgm does not stand behind their products


Rotors were corroded at just 22k miles!! The dealer did all they could and gave me repairs at employee discount price, but pads were at 50 percent still and rotors were corroded and had gauges in them. they said they were considered wear and tear and gm would not warranty them. I paid for the repair and called GM corporate to file a complaint. They took my info and called me back saying "they were sorry but it's a wear and tear item! I guess all rotors corrode at 22k miles!! That's not even enough miles where you're supposed to have them checked!! GM does not stand behind their product. A nearly $60k high end vehicle with low grade cheap parts!. So now for $340 Gm has lost a customer. SO SAD!!! I am lucky i can just trade it in and buy a new ford or toyota for cash, which makes me feel bad for others not as fortunate. REF #8-[protected]

  • Updated by Michael Stetar · Sep 19, 2017

    i bought my niece a toyota awd minivan. sorry which one escapes me, but it was about $45k and bought the warranty. toyota has stood behind this vehicle for things even i was amazed at!! since GM doesn't i guess it's time to buy a toyota suv.

  • Updated by Michael Stetar · Oct 29, 2017

    exactly. it's the quality of parts that are very cheap and poor. cold this be because the money is in the servicing now?????? hmmmm


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    Pam Riggs Jun 10, 2017

    I totally agree with you. I have had several problems with my 2004 GMC Envoy. Each time I have contacted GMC about the problem and part they told me they were sorry the part had to be replaced, but it wasn't anything to them. My late husband was Service Director for a Nissan Dealership and they always we're willing to help the customer with the cost of parts and labor on their product. This is my first experience with buying American and will be my last!

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    mizterclean68 Sep 19, 2017

    Gm does not honor factory warranties.

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    GM sucks Oct 29, 2017

    I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado with 40k on it . In September I had to replace a cracked discharge line to the tune of $483. GM told me sorry. This week it was back in the shop to repair a wheel speed sensor to the tune of $413!
    Quality of parts is poor. Have owned chevys all my life. This will be my last. And they wonder why we buy foreign cars

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    Michael Stetar Oct 29, 2017

    @GM sucks exactly. the quality of parts is very cheap and poor. could this be because the money is now in the servicing???? hmmm

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