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My engine light came on (stablelink control). My suv would shut down, I would wait 10 min, then I would be able to drive it. Though gm online, made an appointment for closest gm service center. Throttle body assembly w/gasket & replace connector (sec light on). Paid 700.00 jan 1 2019, last week light came back on went in, needed to make an appoint for monday 25th feb. Was told I was running my suv with no oil in it. Recommended front cv axle, shock absorbers, replace front timing cover, not urgent : problem: several price from 1, 100.00-2300. Oil change& spark plugs. I asked. What I needed now? Oil change 197.00. Pick up: I was told I stretched my timing change, to trade it in, buy new vehicle, when I get gas check oil everytime. My suv light still on, sounds like it's going to blow up, I don't know if my engine is going to blow, original problem shut down, side of road, I don't feel safe. I was told now my suv is only worth 500.00 for trade in. I so upset. I did the right thing, gm service center to fix it, I paid, now i'm told the only choice 32000, 00 or trade in for new car/ 10 day pay off. Not used suv because 10 day pay off would apply. I don't feel safe driving my suv because last time no immediate problems. I have no leaks underneath my suv, under the hood no visible fluids on/ around engine. What do I believe?

General Motors Corporation

Feb 27, 2019
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