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My GPS went out in my 2014 GMC Sierra so i brought it to Champion Chevrolet to have it repaired, It was there for almost a week, which i have no problem with. They said they had to order the part. They called me on September the 24th and informed me the truck was ready. I went to pick up the truck and everything was fine. I tried to enter a address and it would not respond. I called ON-Star using my blue button and it said that the service had been canceled and i informed them i never canceled the service. The advisor could not get the system to work and told me it would take a while to come up. So i went home. Well today(Sept 26th) i decided to call On- Star again and this time they had to set up a new account and i agreed even thought i have 2 years worth of bank statements showing i have always paid them. The system did come up on my GMC app. after looking at my GMC phone app i realized i had 2
2014 GMC trucks listed on my account. So i called them back and informed them i only had 1 GMC however the VIN number did not match my truck, ON-STAR at that point informed me the 700 dollar part that was installed in my truck was a used module from another 2014 GMC truck. Since when did Chevrolet start using used parts and charging the customer fulll price for the part. Heres the best part i will have to pay ON-STAR for both trucks and i dont even own the other 2014. I can tell you the other truck is black and how i know this is this, a brand new module has a VIN number assigned to it when it is installed and once that number is assigned it cannot be changed. There fore i just got taken advantage of. So i either have to cancel ON-STAR or pay for 2 trucks. Or better yet how about having a brand new module installed that i paid for so the correct VIN number can be assigned to it. ON-STAR case number is [protected]. I have been a HARDCORE Chevrolet man for 40 years and this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Truck VINS 1GTR1VEC9EZ239716 my truck, used 2014 truck part VIN 3GTU2VEC9EG118465. Champion Chevrolet number 423-218-1392. If you need a copy of the dealership ticket i have that too. My phone number is [protected] Darriel Steedman

Sep 26, 2019
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      Sep 30, 2019

    Need parts for 2012 Chevy Cruze. Traction control light, , , ABS light and brake light will stay on after starting vehicle. Bill Cram chevy garage tells me it needs parts. They ordered the parts 2 weeks ago. GM being on strike..I have to wait until it is over. Don't GM have parts in store? Can't F believe it. Can't drive car but they will not give me a rental.

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