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Hello, I purchased a vehicle a year back from Serpentini Chevrolet in Strongsville, ohio. It was a 2012 Chevy Equinox. I had taken the vehicle back to the dealer ship a day or so later because it was acting like it was going to stahl whenever I am at a light. The service department told me there was nothing wrong and to just keep driving it, the service guy told me he had one and it does same thing, should be no problem. Well, come winter my engine seal broke and I had to pay 2000 or so to fix it. They said it was due to cold but I don't think so. I think it's from this issue. I still have warranty until 100000 i am at 95000. The car had quit jerking for a little bit after they fixed that seal and now it's doing it again. I think it is something more and have a feeling I am going to get screwed so i am afraid to take it and spend a hundred dollars for them to check it. I have been lied to too much by these service departments with chevy and I dont know how to deal with this. I need help and seems like no one is hearing me. I think this is a problem with these equinoxes from what I have read on consumer websites of complaints. Please contact me

Aug 22, 2019
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      Sep 16, 2019

    In June 2018, I purchased a new Buick Envision and after 11, 000 miles I noticed that my brakes begin to squeaked. I called the Service Department and spoke to Steve Barakat and he told me that due to the heat and dust sometimes I would notice this with the brakes and to bring it in. They would clean the brakes. I asked them if they had a loaner or courtesy car because I so I could drop my car off and drive to work. They told me that they did not have any cars. I noticed a man come in and asked for a car and not only did they provide him with a car, he told them the car they gave him was too small. The other service man said he had three he could choose from and he allowed the man to choose.
    I brought the car in for service on August 3, 2019, they looked at the car and told me the same thing and said if it continues to bring it back. When I picked it up the first time, he told me it would be ready and afterward several hours of not hearing from him I called. He said let him check to see if the thang was ready. I asked him why did he call my car a thang and he said that he did not remember saying that, did he say that. I told him if you did not I would not have confronted you. I am sure Mr. Rizza does not sell thangs. The next time be aware of what you say to the customer about their vehicles. So, I brought the car back on September 10, 2019 after 14146 miles and he said yes, this was what happen. There were several cars that had been brought in for the same thing. This is standard on their cars. I told him I did not want to hear noise since I brought the car brand new. He said it was nothing that they could do. I asked him could the brakes be replaced and he said no. I asked him what if I took the car someone where else, he said he could replace them for $500.00. I told him do you think I would ask you to replace the brakes when you said there was nothing you could do. I asked him if I could speak to someone who was in charge and he told me he would say the same thing. I contacted Tom Wentz and he told me that it was nothing they could do. Each day cars come and leave with this problem and until Buick fix this problem they could not do anything. It was a standard problem. I asked him why did Rizza allow me to purchase the car if it was deflected. I should have been told or received a notification from someone. He said he did not know. When I picked the car up Service was closed. I brought the car in with a little over 14, 146 miles and while I was driving home I notice Steve had checked the car in and written on the receipt 25, 268 miles. I told him what was on the receipt and he said he did not know. He did not see that. I told him I would send him a copy did he have an email and he said yes. I sent the he email with the copy and he never responded. Frustrated and disappointed because I have always purchased Buick Cars and so have my family and never before have I had this problem. I forward this information to GM on September 10, 2019 and today have not received a call from GM Buick-Senior Advisor Matthew. My case number is 9-[protected],

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