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I have a 2016 Yukon XL with 101, 000. I have had two extended warranty items issued on my 30 month old truck. I'm over the mileage limit, so I don't qualify for either. One of them, the A/C condenser, failed in my truck recently but since we were in the winter months when it failed I didn't know it. $1, 113.90 to fix a known GMC problem but because I drive more than the "extended warranty" allowed, I eat it. I was over the extended miles 15 months after I bought the truck and probably before the extension was even issued. I find it hard to stomach the fact that because I use my vehicle for the purpose it was originally intended, driving, I have to cover the failure cost. The extension should be a reasonable number of miles or years, not whichever comes first. FYI... when using the heat in my truck, if you turn the A/C off, and the internal temps go way beyond anything you have it set to. I think it seems strage to need the A/C and heat on at the same time, but none the less this deems A/C use a must 365 days per year in TN. What ever happened to GMC and Chevy trucks being "Like a Rock"?

My wife worked for GM for 10 years in Detroit. We've now owned 10 consecutive GM vehicles and still utilize my wife's full GM discount on new GM purchases. We do all of our repairs and maintenance at our local dealership. We don't have to do this, but chose to because we believed in a company that we felt for so long was the pride of USA powertrain and craftsmanship. I'm not sure I'm willing to overpay for that misconception any longer. I've attached my receipt for the expensive repair as well as my customer reimbursement request form. I have zero expectation of GMC reimbursing it. My true goal and hope in this effort is for someone at GM to recongnize this as a customer service failure, and are willing to stand up and do the right thing. My name is Dave Clothier and if you need to reach me;

dave. [protected]

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General Motors Corporation
General Motors Corporation
General Motors Corporation

May 10, 2019
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  • Km
      May 10, 2019

    Everyone knows that when you have a warranty that has 2 thresholds that it's end when either one comes 1st. I wonder are you using this truck for commercial use, and if you do did you tell the warranty people that it was being used commercially. Warranty companies don't warranty items being used commercially, and you would have had to lie on the application to get the extended warranty.

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