General Motors Corporation / 2015 gmc acadia

At approximately 30, 000 miles vehicle had a 'flutter' in the rpms and speed while driving down the road with cruise control set, check systems light came on. Brought to Elhart GM in Holland, MI as it was under warranty as a certified pre owned vehicle. Elhart claimed there was nothing wrong and no code showed up with the check system light. The vehicle now has approximately 40, 000 miles and I have had the similar incidences occur 3 other times. I have talked to a lot of people and done a lot of research and found that the engine in the Acadia, Traverse, and Enclave has a well documented problem with the timing chain wearing out prematurely causing similar problems as to what I am experiencing. The vehicle needs to be repaired and at the cost of the manufacture as it seems to be a defect with the design of the engine

Aug 13, 2019

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