General Motors Corporation2015 Equinox Paint peeling on all 4 wheels

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I took the van in for a wax job and all 4 wheels the paint is peeling and it looks terrible. I feel wheels paint should certainly last more than 4 years. I assume there was either poor primer or bad paint.

I also have a 2010 Equinox and the wheels are fine.

Looking forward to getting this resolved as I am a big fan of the Equinox


Aug 09, 2019
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  • Ti
      Aug 11, 2019

    GM knows allot of their vehicles wheels have problems . I own a Denali which has the very Expensive specialty chrome wheels . The Chrome is peeling off like Cheap paint on a old house ! Plus there is another problem with the sneaky GM corp . I was informed by the Executive Customer Support Liaison ( as he called Himself, LOL ) That the EXTENDED WARRANTY we purchased no longer covers anything GM deems to be a COSMETIC PROBLEM ! Peeling / Fading Paint, Chrome peeling, Interior cracks ( like Dash Boards ) all Cosmetic and not covered . Bet no one was told that when they were sold the extended Warranty !
    This site owned by GM gives themselves a 1 star rating, complaints over 1100 and they have resolved just " 3 "

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