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C Jul 17, 2019

Good Morning,

My name is Charles Patillo and I am writing about behavior that I believe was unethical by a Service Advisor at Jerry's Chevrolet in Baltimore, Maryland on June 18, 2019. The service advisor's name was Britany Helewicz. On the above date, my daughter took my 2015 Chevrolet Camaro to receive an oil and filter change. Her instructions were to get regular oil during the repair. Upon her arrival at the dealership, the service advisor tried to upsell her to buy synthetic oil instead of regular oil for the oil change. My daughter promptly replied, "no, my dad asked me to get regular oil during this oil change." The service advisor then advised my daughter that her only option was to get synthetic oil during the oil change because she had gotten synthetic oil before and once you get synthetic oil in an engine then you can never go back to regular oil. The service advisor went on to say that the engine would lock up and the vehicle would require a new engine if she didn't buy the synthetic oil for the oil change. Knowing no better, my daughter paid for the synthetic oil change. Now, I understand the art of upselling and giving the benefits of using synthetic oil in vehicles, but I believe the service advisor took the naivety of a young consumer and gave mis-information. I have personally worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years as a District Manager, Area Manager, and Corporate Trainer for one of the Big 3 American car companies, so I am familiar with sales, service, and parts processes for GM, Ford, and Fiat-Chrysler. I have even purchased over $100, 000 worth of vehicles from GM in the last four years. (2015 Camaro and 2019 Tahoe). From my own experience, I know that synthetic oil has its benefits, but it is not required for the life of the vehicle once it is used as your service advisor told my daughter. There are always cheaper and faster alternatives to dealership service and parts departments, but I believe the expertise and customer service that corporate locations offer far outweighs the cost and inconvenience that sometimes come with them. Due to the mis-information the employee gave my daughter, I am requesting a refund of $77.52. I hope to continue to do business with Chevy as I am preparing to purchase a new car for my son in the next 90 days. Up until this incident, my confidence and my interactions with General Motors and its dealer have been great. I am hoping you will restore this confidence.
Attached you will find the receipts and copies of the repair order. Thank you for your time.

Charles L. Patillo
14214 Sawmill Ct
Phoenix, MD 21131


unethical behavior
unethical behavior
unethical behavior

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