General Motors Corporationpoor dealership and fraud

N Aug 13, 2018

Today I am at Empire Chevy getting my 2016 Chevy Colorado TrailBoss worked on because of Shady dealership service I received in Dec 2016 and having to pay for something that would have been in warranty. In 2016 I was having tons of issues with my truck and thought I got great service but am now finding out that I received non GM brand products which messed not only with my warranty but also my Major Guard protection. The previous dealer put not needed off brand spark plugs in when I was having acceleration and chugging issues (pulse star spark plugs not GM). Now less than a year and half later I find out that non GM spark plugs were put in at a GM owned dealership and I have to pay for it now. Coils and pugs have to be replaced and since I really trust the dealer I am at now for being honest and helpful I am having it replaced the correct way with GM products as it should have been. I tried calling the previous dealer and was told that it would have never happened and don't carry products that are not GM. I am the trucks 1 and only owner, never messed with any ignition portions of the motor, an advid GM supporter, and have only ever owned GM vehicles. I am really disappointed for being let down and this has come financially at the worst time. I will continue to purchase an support GM products but will now caution others in making decisions at dealerships and will make others aware of the previous dealership to avoid any and all services from that dealership except for direct delivery of vehicles.

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