General Motors Corporationparts failure

P Aug 07, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had to replace three out of four bearings / speed circuit failures. All services on the 2012 Equinox have been performed by the dealership (Classic Madison, Ohio) which included regular maintenance, new tires, etc.

07.17.2018 - Part [protected] bearing $534.15 - Left Front
08.04.2018 - Part [protected] bearing $566.84 - Left Rear
08.06.2018 - Part [protected] bearing $544.85 - Right Front

I would like a full refund of the cost for the three repairs and would like to have the fourth one replaced at no cost, since I am afraid that the last one will go at any time, since the first three have been replaced in a short span of time. The car has 110, 000 miles, which is not a lot over a six year period and the car has been serviced by the dealer for everything including routine maintenance, tires, etc. I have purchased several cars from GM, but I have never had this much expense or issues with a vehicle. My email is [protected] or via phone at 440.477.4267. I have copies of the three invoices for the service repair, but was unable to attach the pdf. I can fax or email if you provide a number or email address.

Thank you.

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