General Motors Corporationpart replacement of same part within 10 months

C Jan 28, 2019

In feb 2018 I took my car to a local reputable mechanic and had a part dec 2018 my car was not running very well and check engine light was on again. This time I took my vehicle to my local chevy dealer because it was closer, and I was afraid to drive my vehicle any further. The dealership ran a diagnostic test on my vehicle, and among other issues, the same part I had paid to have replaced in feb, needed to be replaced again. Even after explaining this to the rep I was dealing with, the part was replaced. Again!!

When I inquired as to why this part was not warrantied, I was told I would have to research and resolve the warranty issue myself.

I then contacted gm customer service and after 3 phone calls, including speaking to a supervisor, I was told there was nothing gm could do to help with this warrany issue.

I think this is ridiculous!! Why would gm not warranty work done? Any reasonably thinking person would see that replacing the same part within 10 months would be excessive.

Please feel free to contact me regarding this matter.


Debra caporale

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