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R Jul 29, 2019

I'm not one to complain a lot, normally I can get things resolved fairly easily. My problem isn't my own as much as it is for a family member and the things he's experienced with Hertrich Dealerships trying to purchase a vehicle. Back in 2017, he found what he thought was THE PERFECT GMC four wheel drive pickup for himself and family, turned out to be a nightmare. The purchase deal was, extremely good, however, the truck itself was a nightmare, that and the refusal of the SO CALLED service department at the Seaford location. The dealership had installed a suspension lift (rather they had an outside vendor do the actual work), added custom wheels and larger tires that appealed to my sons tastes. The suspension lift was a total joke in that, within a couple weeks it was visible that more than any type of NORMAL outer tire wear was occurring. The truck was taken back for repairs, those repairs were again, a joke. After the threat of involving legal counsel and a possible litigation, the dealership agreed to take back the truck and trade it for another truck. Forwarding 2 years, he was desiring a newer model of 2019. He located a truck of his desires located at the Easton location, asked me to inquire if the Salisbury dealership could possibly have the truck transferred and make the purchase occur. Apparently the truck was still showing online as being in Easton but, had been sold. Salisbury group located another, SUPPOSEDLY LOCATED IN EASTON, identical in model and options, just a different color. My son rearranged his schedule so that he could drive to Salisbury (he resides in Ocean Pines), test drive the vehicle and sit down to make a deal on it. This was all to occur on todays date 7/29/2019, the special pricing advertised for the vehicle was ending 7/31/2019, it HAD to be sold BY that date or the special pricing went away. This morning at approximately 8:30 am, I was notified that, that particular truck, WASN'T EVEN AT THE EASTON LOCATION, HAD NEVER ARRIVED YET, even though it already had a dealer stock number and was appearing TO BE at the Easton location. Once again, Hertrich's has let my son down with it's business practices. I'm sure that this mailing will simply be deleted by whomever bothers to read it, but I felt compelled to vent my frustrations. Being that my family members are ALL owners of vehicles from the Hertrich Group, and have bought MANY vehicles over the years, though most were bought through the Salisbury location when it was under the Price Group, I was hoping a little consideration would be extended to us, but as pretty normal by most large businesses, the customers are just a number, they're not important.

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