General Motors Corporationgm employee discount not processed by riverside chevrolet escanaba

M Jul 12, 2019

I purchased a Chevrolet Traverse the end of June 2019. The Finance Manager had me sign two contracts, one including the GM Employee discount and one without the GM Employee discount. He said it was a formality and assured me the contract without the GM Employee discount would NOT be processed. The salesman Mike a wonderful gentleman told me it could take up to seven days for the GM Employee discount number to come to me in the mail. The day I got the number my husband called Mike, at home, gave him the number over the phone and the next day drove to Escanaba and gave the information to Mike. The contract was processed without the employee discount. I called the Finance Manager Rich, twice, explained the problem and never received a call back. Today I went into the dealership and told them to process the correct contract now or take the vehicle back. Immediately they produced the correct contract, with a payment og $40.00 les than the contract they had processed without the employee discount. I asked to speak to Finance Manager Rich's manager, he was not immediately available so I requested he call me at home, it never happened. I am requesting GM investigate Riverside Chevrilet to ensure what happened to me does not happen to another GM employee. Margaret Newman [protected]

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