General Motors Corporationdefective clutch and engine malfunction

P Jul 08, 2019

In July of 2017 Ipurchased a 2017 Chevrolet Cruz diesel with a 6-speed transmission.
The 1st issued I had was I N January 2019. Driving on the parkway the readout on the screen said loosing power.
Fortunately I was able to pull the car onto the shoulder before it died completely. I was towed to the dealer and it was an issue
With the fuel system. An additive to the fuel was recommended by them but they didn't stock it.
The next major issue was on March 12, 2019 on the parkway. I was in stop and go traffic when I had trouble with the clutch. I
was able to get the car off the parkway when the clutch pedal dropped to the floor. Again I had to be towed to the dealership that I leased the car from. They had the car approximately 30-35 days. They first told me they couldn't e parts and when they did, they was a problem with them.
I cannot remember exactly how many days they had the car because again, on June 19, on my way home from work another error
appeàred. -it was an engine on the screen. Knowing the track record of the vehicle, I exited the Thruway and readin the manual that it was a
malfunction of the engine. I brought it to the dealership again, where it is today (July 8).approximately 3 weeks. They called me several days
ago telling me they still didn't have all the parts that were needed for the repair.
I leased a new vehicles because my old car was 14 years old. I was advised to it was not safe to drive any longer.
Unfortunately the new vehicle isn't any safer than my old car, which, by the way, I never broke down with. Now, when the Cruz is returned to me after the repairs to the engine, I am extremely afraid the vehicle will continue breaking down. I've been very lucky that I was able to safely stop the car without any incidents. I have the car for 2 years, with approximately 20, 000 miles on it. Apparently the car is an unusual combination of a diesel motor with a manual 6-speed transmission, not normally sold in this country, as I was told.
I have purchased many GM products over the years and have never experienced anything like this.

I want you to know the dealership has been very accommodating but I feel this is a situation that GM Corp. has to address.
Your prompt response and communication is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Patricia Carswell

I leased the vehicle from Grand Prize GMC/Buick of Nanuet, NY

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