General Motors Corporation2015 gmc yukon a/c blowing hot air and brake pedal got stiff

R Aug 06, 2018

We own 2015 GMC Yukon SLE with only 42500 miles, on 7/13/2018 right after we dropped our 3 year old at daycare A/C started blowing hot air, outside temperature was +98F, I found out that many GM cars have same problem, and its either broken A/C lines or leaking condenser, in our case it was leaking condenser, fortunately extanded warranty was issued by GM and our truck got fixed with no cost to us
On 08/04/2018 when I was pulling to an intersaction and pressed brake pedal to slow down to my surprise brake pedal got stiff and truck just kept going forward without any signs of stopping, this is the moment I will never forget because I really thought that accident is unavoidable - I was getting closer and closer to the another vehicle, somehow I manage to stop my truck literally one inch from rear bumper of Dodge Ram,
it got towed to a local dealer for repairs, and again as soon as I went online I was able to find that too many people experienced same with their GM cars

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