General Motors Corporation1 star, gm own site gives them 1 star lol

D Jul 24, 2019

Did anyone else take notice of the monitoring system for complaints and the rating for gm products.
They have 1079 complaints
They zero pending, = a yeah right
But here is the real kicker
They have "3" resolved, yep a whopping "3"
I could go into how my gm gmc denali industrial grade truck with 36, 000 miles is falling apart, or how it started to happen around 32 or 33, 000
Or, how the customer service rep, basically told me that their extended warranty that they con people into buying, is a scam. You think it continues the bumper to bumper but it doesn't cover anything gm can find to deem as cosmetic. Like dash board cracking, chrome peeling off of anything on the vehicle and even said the paints or anything relating to the appearance of the vehicle.
No reason to go into all that, I think the complaints numbers and the resolved pretty much says it all.
Do want to offer advice, do not base your next vehicle search on what you read from review sites. Do a deeper drive into the reviews from any sites that offer customer reviews,. Read the 1 and 2 star ratings, take them seriously. If there are serious or repeatable problem you will discover them. Plus you'll get a good feeling for what the customer service really is like and how they will treat you. 4 and 5 star are mostly from people who in allot of cases respond about a vehicle they bought and were given a 25 dollar gift certificate for going online and filling it out. They owned it a month or less. Another big mistake is allowing the vehicle you think looks the best over rule all logical reasoning. You must no what other owners think and know about the vehicle your about to invest in deeply in for 5 to 6 yrs. Most cases allot of monthly income committed and to be a few months in or even a yr or two and have to live with buyer regret, because rushed in and you bought it cause it looked good

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