General Motors2012 yukon xl denali


1GKS2MEF2CR277583 I INITIATED a complaint/inquiry on my vehicle a few months ago, I unfortunately miss placed the number associated with what started at the time I was told that someone would be contacting me and no one has ever contacted me so apparently customer service so far is at least consistent with the quality of this particular vehicle.

if the time needed is taken to look up the full service history of this vehicle I believe GM would and should be embarrassed that they sell vehicle for 80, 000 dollars that has this many issues,
Things replaced, both exhaust manifolds, 8 or more door handles(completely ridiculous) both front calipers, oil cooler lines, AC lines, wheel bearing(understandable) rear tail lenses get moisture in side them and they don't consider that a problem. there Is a huge crack that just developed in the middle of the dash again this is an 80, 000 dollar vehicle and when someone gets in my car the dash looks like a 1970 pinto dash was told sorry but no real fix other than replace it and that was close to 3000 dollars between parts and labor again its a 2012 no excuse for this. I was in a rental shop the other day because this truck was going in for service work, there was a woman picking up a rental next to me because Toyota was replacing the entire motor in her vehicle because of an oil consumption issue her car was a 2009 with 160, 000 miles on it and at no coast to her they put a new motor in it, GM cant even fix my door handles!!! extremely disappointed

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