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J Nov 21, 2017

On 11/20/2017 we leased a brand new Chevrolet Colorado pickup at Bical Chevrolet in Valley Stream, NY. After we completed all paper work and proceeded to drive the vehicle to take home, we noticed the electric car seat lights would flash when we tried the heated seat. The passenger rear door also had to be slammed shut even though it was supposed to be automatic.

This is the second incident we had experienced electrical issue with a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado. The first time we had also visited another dealership on 11/20/17 at Smithtown Cheverolet, in Smithtown, NY. We had also completed all the necessary paper work for the lease and were about to drive away, we noticed the front passenger headlight was not working (no lights). After several phone calls and days passed, one assurance after another that the car would be fixed, the issue was still not resolved. The salesman would avoid our phone calls and the manager we spoke with promised a loaner car and a call back but when we followed up to speak with him, he would not be available and numerous messages were left unreturned.

It seems coincidental that we would experience electrical issues with the same year and model cars. Would you please assist us investigate these cars and help us get an explanation from GM or Chevrolet and we would be interested to know if there are issues with the vehicle as we just signed a 39 month lease.

The vehicle ID of the car we purchased is: 1GCHTCEA6H1301925. The Chevrolet Dealer is: Bical Cheverolet in Valley Stream, NY.

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