General Electricge itwinkle g35 lights

J Nov 30, 2019

Hello! In 2012 I paid $69.99 (at Costco) for the General Electric "GE Color Effects 50 CT" LED Christmas lights. They worked for less than 2 years. In 2015, I again paid $69.99, for the same Christmas lights (called "GE ITwinkle G35 Lights") and they too stopped working after 3 years (no connectivity to the lights wifi).

I've paid out $139.98 dollars for 2 sets of Christmas lights, that did not last long at all. I'd like my money back, or, a couple of replacement sets of Christmas lights.

I still have the bills, if you require proof of purchase. My email ID is [protected].[protected], if you'd like the proofs of purchase.

My name is Jean-Paul Beaurivage, [protected] Canada, [protected]. I can

Please do the right thing, and send me either my money back, or a replacement.


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