General Electric Companyge cafe series refrigerator

I purchased CYE22USHSS GE CAFE Series Refrigerator for $2, 789.99 plus the $249.99 extended Warranty. I have had the refrigerator repaired several times without a resolve in the issue. The refrigerator DOES NOT regulate the temperature and freezes the contents of the refrigerator portion. The moisture inside is excessive causing the silver lining on all the shelves to bubble and peel. The constant freezing temperature inside the refrigerator made the plastic brittle and it cracks and chips. The rubber on the doors and drawer of the freezer is now damaged from the excessive constant refreezing temperatures and separating. I have thrown away more groceries at this point than the cost of the refrigerator. I want a replacement because clearly this refrigerator is defective. Everything has been replaced by the services company and I have had to pay for the replacement of the cracked & brittle interior shelving as it was deemed COSMETIC. I want money for the groceries at this point and a new refrigerator. WORST REFRIGERATOR WE HAVE EVER OWNED

Sep 30, 2019

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