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D Sep 10, 2018 Review updated:

My oven went out on 8/31. I couldn't GE by phone until Tuesday 9/4. I scheduled service for Tuesday 9/11 (1-5pm block). I arranged to take the entire afternoon off work. Monday 9/10 I got an email "Thank you for rescheduling to 9/20 1-5pm". WHAT?! You arbitrarily and unilaterally rescheduled my service call for ten more days out? I've already been without a working oven for 10 full days. And it's under a year old and fully under warranty!!

I called and inquired why? "Because it takes two techs, and they weren't available tomorrow". HOW IS THIS MY ISSUE? I've arranged to take off work, and GE can't even arrange to schedule the proper amount of staff??

That rescheduling act is one of the most rude, careless things I've ever witnessed from a "service" company. I'll never buy another appliance from GE, ever.


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    Scott Young 49 Sep 14, 2018

    I think the 1 star ge received is way over rated. The worst customer service i have ever seen. And try to contact them is a joke. I understand they are owned by a chinese company and evidently you have to contact them in china to get an answer. Do not buy from them.

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