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Complaints & Reviews

bait and switch

Geico is a totally [censored] company! One of their clients totaled my car, injured me and my son and what do they do??? Not one thing. My husband had to track them down, provide them with the police reports. The play the "bait and switch" game by always swapping agents, claiming they did not receive the bills, faxes etc.
they did not pay my medical bills leaving me sitting in collections and now they flat out refuse to pay me for my injuries.
they also requested medical information after they say my claim was closed, pretty interesting and I am sure illegal!!

this company sucks!!! I am thinking of seeking others with a similar situation for a class action lawsuit!! anyone want to join the bandwagon??

  • Fe
    fedupwithgeico May 09, 2010

    I will be willing to go into a class action lawsuit. I am from North Carolina and am going to contact the NC Insurance Commission and see if they can help.

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double insuring

Geico insurance double insured my son in-laws car, we have found out from the DMV in N. Carolina, My son in law and daughter had insurance coverage on the Bronco and My son also had insurance on same car so he was covered. Geico was told that the car already had insurance for son in law, but still sold my son insurance. The DMV in N. Carolina has threatened to confiscate the car and charge penalties. During the time that we were trying to figure out this mess my son was 1 day late on his monthly payment I was told that I would have to start all over on payments. They had already taken over $900.00 I am wondering if there is any recourse for this mess or anyway to get the DMV off of my son in laws & Daughters back?


On November 17th my son had an accident in my car and I filed a clain with GEICO. 3-days after filing the...

not paying claim

I would like to add my name to the long list of people who have complaints against Geico. Looks like they will do anything possible to avoid paying a ligimate claim. The money they save by not paying many claims will surely cover the expense of those stupid commercials!

  • Mi
    mikemojavemech Dec 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Geico is totaly tring to jip me down on what they are able to pay me of bobily injury and also the damages for my jeep CJ-5 that was totaled from a rear-end collision that pushed me into a big duel cab truck, right off the bat they started with their nickel and dime tactics and i'm about ready to settle this the frontier way [email protected]

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fraudulent checks

recieved a check in the mail with winners ref claim number ACC-0588955/2009-SEZ Sweepstakes in the consumer...

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misleading statements resulting in charge

I was planning to purchase a car on monday and called geico on sunday to find out about the cost of insurance. The rep told me I could go ahead and buy the policy and that if I didn't end up with the car, they would cancel the policy without any charges. Hoping to have everything in place (Just in case I get into an accident after the purchase), I agreed.

In the end, the owner decided to increase the price of the vehicle and I decided against the purchase. I called geico at 10:00 on monday and was told that the policy has been in place for 1 day and there would be a charge of $8.00. I argued that I had been told that there would be no charge but no, they have my money and they're gonna keep it.

  • Re
    redfrog Jun 02, 2014

    I have had Geico for two years and I will never use them again. I have just switched from Geico to Consumer United, who signed me up with Safeco, a Liberty Mutual company. Sean Riley at C.U. helped me and I could not have asked for a more patient, thorough rep. I know I sound like I'm his mother, but I am not, just another completely screwed over ex-Geico user who needed the kind of help Mr. Riley gave me. Believe me, I shopped hard.

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8-7-09 I was hit by an illegal mexican who was uninsured. I have full coverage insurace including pip and uninsured coverage by Geico. I filed a claim on the 8-7-09 my truck was declared a total loss on the 8-11-09 today is the 8-27-09 and I have not have my truck payment taken care of. I called the adjuster repeatedly and constantly got the run around that he was overnighting me information . The information never came and then I go to clean out my truck and it's ready to be auctioned???To add insult to injury I have been quoted a very low amount for my fully loaded 2002 avalanche less than 3, 000 the kelly blue book value. Also they are charging me $500 decutible even though I have uninsured coverage because it has been 20 days and they have not gotten the police report. I have never experinced so much from an insurance company in my life. I am switching asap because Geico is the worst company ever and I would never recommend them.

  • Ti
    tish24 Aug 27, 2009

    Try getting another copy of the accident report yourself and fax it or hand-carry (if possible) to Geico. As for the quote on your 7 year old vehicle being 3000 below blue book; normally it's usually in the insurance agreement about what/how a vehicle is covered. If you pay for basic insurance your vehicle is covered, but not for replacement value. If you had extra items on your vehicle that increased its value, you really should have spoken with your insurance agent to make certain that it was covered at it's current value. Sorry to read about your predicament.

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  • Ja
    jaclyn63 Sep 09, 2009

    I have had the same expeirence with GEICO and paying out on a total loss vehichle. I read up on how Geico comes up with their dollar amount and fought with them over the amount they were offering me. They go buy fair market value. They also use the RED BOOK and the NADA BOOK. they average the two together and come up with anount. i have had lots of extra's added to my car. if you dont speak up about the dollar amount then they will take advantage of you. I got almost $3000 more on a vehicle. In the state of NY we have what you call the RIGHT OF RECOURSE. This is that you need to put in writing that you want to exeercise your right of recourse and send it to the State Dept in NY City. They will then send to GEICO the complaint and then GEICO has 30days to locate a vehicle of the same year make model and equipment that is on a reputable lot for 3 business days so you can have it replaced. (but in reality you dont need to replace the vehicle, you use that as the dollar amount). as far as it is ready to be auctioned...they have no right to auction your vehicle unless you signed the title over already. Usually it sits on their storage lot until the deal is closed. Dont let them take advantage of you. Fight back. I have learned so much with GEICO that i want to open a business trying to help innocent people to get the correct dollar amount for their total loss vehicles and ot get taken advantage of.

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geico doesn't pay

GEICO Insurance has refused to pay fair value for my car for two years and counting. After reading my story, you can decide whether GEICO deserves your business.

My 2000 Chrylser 300M was "totalled" in my parents driveway. I had left it there, for the weekend, when a group of drunken, uninsured, unlicensed, unregistered, underage teenagers destroyed my unoccupied car right in a private driveway.

Read on in my website...



Do you want to know the truth about geico? Karen simpson; lisa fishman; debra schmidt; jeremy connor Geico...

auto theft claim not paid

I am insured with Geico and my car was stolen in 8/2008. I have full coverage on my policy for this vehicle...

absurd insurance ruling

I was hit by a Geico Insured motorist who was speeding and ran a red light in Atlanta, GA. (Three reliable...

awful company

I recently had a Geico insuranceholder hit my car. The windshield is cracked, hood dented, hood ornament gone, front grill ruined and some other damage. The car is a 1995 Jaguar XJR. Geico customer servie told me I needed to get the damages figured so I had it taken to Royal Body Works. The quote came to about $3, 800. Geico told me they would not use that quote and they would send out one of their adjusters who figured the damages at $1, 800.00. They sent a check without even speaking to me. I have not cashed the check and I am VERY upet that they are telling me it will only be $1, 800 as it will be much more than that to fix. I will be out and extra $2, 000.00 because I got hit by a Geico insurance holder. I do not think this is fair.

  • Er
    Ernest G. Gump Aug 20, 2009

    I'm very surprized you got anything at all out of them. I equate them to chisling homeland terrorist who ended up nearly ruining my life after being rear-ended by one of their customers. I almost lost EVERYTHING, even though the kid (geico customer) and the police report says he was entirelt at fault. There are some very heartless, evil people out there in the word.

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  • Wp
    Wpayton5599 Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If a Geico bodyshop is willing to fix the damage for less, why don't you take it to them?

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  • In
    insurance hopper Jun 13, 2010

    you drive a crapy ford - dump the [censor] and drive a real car - you will see how insurance companies respond to cars with real value

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cancel policy

After being a customer for 16 years, Geico sent me a letter and dropped my coverage 9 months after my wife...

holding claim payment

Mr. Goff has reduce actual payment on my claim on the damage of my car and refuse to send damages which he states their company can do so as to the true value of my car his email address is [protected]@geico.com ... also Mr. Paul Schutz stated my payment for the lost for car was sent on 6/18/09 ans he cancaled check on 6/29/09 sending over night deliver and as yet received check as promised. claim no. [protected]. Medicial Claim for my son which Ms. Cherl Jones is over and under the same claim number [protected] ex- 5287 please look into this matter also thank you for Michael Houston

geico commercials, bilking customers out of legitimate claims

This complaint is prompted by GEICO's latest ###ic commercial, the one with the woman's unexpected blood-curdling shriek. This is very annoying and jarring to me, but I have a friend who is caring for a mother with Alzheimer's, and the poor old lady becomes very upset and begins crying when it comes on.

I have been very displeased with GEICO ever since hurricane Katrina. Before that I had been a loyal GEICO customer for over 25 years. A few days before Katrina was even a threat, I drove to my sister's house who lives in Destrehan just outside of New Orleans, parked my car there, and we both flew from the New Orleans airport to visit our other sister in Virginia. I contacted GEICO immediately after the hurricane, and since I had rental insurance, was instructed to fly back to Mobile, or nearby and rent a car until my car could be retrieved and was assured that I would be reimbursed. I did that, and one month afterwards, the roads to where my car was parked were finally accessible. There was no flooding in that area of Destrehan, and my car was in perfect condition.

GEICO then claimed, because my car was not damaged, there would be no reimbursement for the rental. I had no way of knowing until then the condition of my car, and even if I did, I still wouldn't be able drive it, because I couldn't get to it for a full month. I had the person's name who I had initially spoken to, who never was available, they told me, to speak to me again, and I was told that even if I was given the incorrect information, this charge, which was over $900, would not be covered. I asked over and over again to speak to management, culd never get through, and was told my claim would go before a board, and more than once, was denied.

I thought this was despicable on the part of GEICO, and after 25 years, I cancelled the policy. I took out a policy with Allstate, for increased coverage, at a savings of over $350 a year. I think GEICO denies claims that they shouldn't to help pay for barraging the airways with those ridiculous commercials.

  • Up
    Upstanding Citizen Jun 12, 2009


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  • Ge
    Geicogirl Jul 10, 2009

    Actually it is nothing personal to you but your rental coverage is only for the repair time of your vehicle. It is not for when you are away from your vehicle, even if its because of a major catastrophy. I'm happy you found an insurance company that is cheaper and with better rates but you should understand your policy before you complain on a message board. Geico is one of the few companies that the people actually do not mind helping people, we love it actually. BUT we have to abide by the policy. Like I said, its nothing personal. If we had reimbursed your rental who's to say other people might try to claim the same thing fraudulently. Say someone goes out of town on vacation and rents a car, then tells us a similar story. Are we supposed to make an exception for everyone? I repeat, the rental coverage is for the repair time only of your vehicle, nothing more.

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lower prices in ga is false advertising

Geico is advertising that it has lower prices in GA, this is absolutely not true. I am classified as a safe driver (no accidents or speeding tickets) and 53 years old. Their prices are higher than all other carriers. This is false advertising. I also know of other people that have complained about the same issue.

  • ke4jcd Jan 12, 2010

    I agree, Geico's advertising said it has the lowest prices in Florida and that is absolutely false. I'm also classified a safe driver (no accidents or speeding tickets) and age 50. My wife also is a safe driver. Their price was $1, 500 dollars a year and much higher than all other carriers. For me and my wife it only cost us $500 dollars a year. This is outright false advertising. I too know of other people with the same complain.

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working with geico claims

Hit by a Geico policy holder. Geico adjuster calls and leave me a message to call her back. I have tried for 6 weeks now to get a hold of her. She never answers the phone, always goes to voice mail. When she calls me back, usually 2 days later, it is at a random time and I can not take the call because of work.

I have BEGGED her to leave me a time to call her back or tell me a time when she will be calling me back so I can take the call and she completely ignores my request.

I would not do business with a company that you cant get a hold of. Well, I am sure you can get a hold of them if you want to BUY their insurance.

  • Ge
    Geicogirl Jul 10, 2009

    Call between 8-4:30pm and if that does not work call and press zero to reach a general claims person. Just a heads up, this person who answers will NOT have access to your claim but they are more than happy to get you the supervisors name and number. They will even offer to transfer you. NICELY ask the person if they can give you the extention for this girls supervisor. Kindly THANK this person. Then call that supervisor and they will return your calls. I work there and we don't like it when our coworkers don't return calls either. Believe it or not 99% of us actually want to help you and have it be a pleasant experience.

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obtaining false information

I was a customer with Geico for 4 years and I was happy with there service up until this incident. I had called to make a payment that was not even a month behind and when I did so they told me that my policy was suspended. The lady then said well hold a second and I will reinstate it. She then came back and told me they couldn't insure me anymore because they obtained information on my license, that is false mind you!! They said that I had two OUI's and drug charges which are ludacris. The lady told me that they were on there from August 2005. I had my policy since October 2005. Mind you they insured me after this supposed incident. When asked she said they update their system every six months. I then asked to get a copy of this "supposed" information she has and she refused to give it to me and I told her if she didn't I would be bringing a lawsuit against the company. She then said I would need a subpoena to get that information. I said I don't want to insure with you anymore because I found a different insurance company but I know that information you have is false because I checked with the DMV and they told me differently. I then asked to speak with her supervisor after she again refused to give me the information. When I asked that she refused to have me speak with her supervisor and said she would handle the situation. I told her that she was not handling the situation because I didn't want to get coverage with them anymore I just wanted the false information she had about me. I said I WANT to speak with your supervisor and she said well I will have her call you at HER convenience within 3-5 days. I'm very disgusted with the customer service that I received from this company. When I try to get the email address for the CEO of the company all I get is to sign up for something to recieve it. I plan to bring a lawsut against this company because they have done a number of things wrong. They also contradict themselves because I had been insured with them for 4 years and now all of a sudden they aren't going to insure me because of false information they "supposedly" found out about me but then refused to give me. For a company that supposedly prides themselves on being friendly and helpful they have failed to do so with me and from what I see many customers!! Please let me know if you have had any similiar problems. Thank you!

  • Up
    Upstanding Citizen Jun 12, 2009


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insurance practices

I solicited GEICO for an insurance quote and was given a good rate so I agreed to use them. I was instructed to send the initial downpayment amount of $125.00, which I did promptly overnighting it. Three days later, I received my insurance card and policy. Two weeks later, I received a check from them for $175.00 with no explaination. When I called I was told I had overpaid the downpayment. I told them I only paid $125.00 but was told the difference was interest. I deposited the check into my checking account. One week later I received a cancellation notice, which no one could explain and the next day I received a bill for $248.00. When I questioned the bill, I was told it was for the time I was covered until the account was cancelled. I told them I would not pay this amount since they screwed everything up. I was told I would be taken to court. "Go ahead" I was contacted shortly after by a collection company - I later found out was a subsidiary of GEICO threatening to freeze my accounts. I told them I needed all the information they had as I was planning to sue GEICO and surprisingly, I never heard from them again.


On August 2nd, 2008, I cancelled my auto insurance policy with Geico because of their poor customer service and because they caused me a $250 fine by cancelling my insurance policy (apparently because of my payment being lost in the mail) then telling the DMV that I have no insurance without first contacting me.

I made the mistake of paying Geico a six-month premium before I learned about of this.

I've signed up with a different insurance company since then, yet I

continue to get recorded calls harassing me about the policy at Geico that I do not want. Each call costs me money since I use a pre-paid cell phone.

To date Geico has not reimbursed me for the premium they owe me after my cancellation, they have not reimbursed me for the $250 fine, and they continue to make harassing, automated, prerecorded phone calls.

The harassment and unpaid amount that Geico owes me has gone on way too

long. I received the latest call today, 1/12/2008 at 2:05 pm, from the phone number, [protected], a full five months after I cancelled my policy.

I urge Geico to do the right thing and reimburse me, and I urge consumers NOT to use Geico.

  • St
    strawberryshortcake Mar 13, 2011

    Let me get this straight? It is Geico's fault that your payment got "lost in the mail", that you broke the law in your state and did not have insurance? Also that they are calling the phone number that you provided to collect money that you probably do owe? If I was really worried about my "track phone" minutes get another one. If it is a reputable service provider get a different phone number. As far as the premium you paid after the cancelation, you would not owe anything if you had paid? By the way it is not even Geico calling you, they sell the debt to a collection agency. If you would pay your bills as agreed to you would not be in this mess, it is your fault. Also I personally glad that the DMV is notified that you are not insured, why should I have to pay for my insurance when you can't even mail your payments properly.

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  • Th
    TheWaywardGoddess Jan 04, 2013

    StrawberryShortcake, you are a rude and judgmental person. Maybe she is telling the truth and did attempt to pay. Maybe you should just shut up, you mean little hausfrau.

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  • Th
    TheWaywardGoddess Jan 04, 2013

    By the way, I should add, you don't even know the person. What is wrong with you that you look for people online to judge? Do YOU feel bad about yourself and take it out on others. SAD.

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  • Mi
    Mihela Nov 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Geico raised the my rates without informing and did not ever send a piece of paper with the policy or something. So yes, Geico sucks! Who loves insurance companies probably works for one, knowing the fact that a lot of agents take enormous comissions.

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