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Complaints & Reviews

they are stalling on my claim

My car was hit in an intersection by another Geico insured driver. My adjuster wouldn't pay for the other driver's repairs stating that it was her fault. Now in order to get a rental and repairs for myself they have called in investigators and have told me it could be up to 90 days before the claim is settled. I am disabled and have to have a car for doctor and surgery and the only answer I get is I have to wait on the adjuster, leaving me without needed transportation Needless to say I am quite pissed and disillusioned with GEICO. I will be cancelling my policy.

  • Ci
    cindy Mar 13, 2009

    I should have read these reviews before i purchased my policy. Geico is not paying my claim either. Unfortunatly we are both insured by Geico. And the other driver is disputing, so geico says. even though we had a witness and the driver admitted to police that he had not stopped because he was not paying attention which is in the police report. They are stalling and saying it is still being investigated. How do they get away with this?

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  • 91
    91606 Mar 24, 2009


    Does anyone know which bank(s) Geico banks with? Does anyone that has "Geico Indemnity Insurance Co" policy have a Geico check that they can obtain Geico's bank account number from the face of the check? Please email [email protected]!!! I will pay $100.00 for the correct information as I have a large judgment against Geico I would like to enforce by bank levy. Thank you.

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terrible service

On August 2nd, 2008, I cancelled my auto insurance policy with Geico (last 4 digets are 0507) because of their poor customer service and because they caused me a $250 fine by cancelling my insurance policy (apparently because of my payment being lost in the mail) then telling the DMV that I have no insurance without first contacting me.

I made the mistake of paying Geico a six-month premium before I learned about this when I went in to register my car at the DMV.

I've signed up with a different insurance company since then, yet I continue to get recorded calls harassing me about the policy at Geico that I do not want. Each call costs me money since I use a pre-paid cell phone.

To date Geico has not reimbursed me for the premium they owe me after my cancellation, they have not reimbursed me for the $250 fine, and they continue to make harassing, automated, prerecorded phone calls.

The harassment and unpaid amount that Geico owes me has gone on way too long. I received the latest call today, 1/12/2008 at 2:05 pm, from the phone number, [protected], a full five months after I cancelled my policy.

I urge Geico to do the right thing and reimburse me, and I urge consumers NOT to use Geico.

  • Ho
    honest Aug 27, 2009

    a payment that was "lost in the mail" that geico never recieved? most pmt are due about 30 days before the policy runs out. and even then theres always a cancellation notice sent out. youre complaining about your dmv fine?? why would anyone pay for your fault? YOU had the lapse. when you didnt notice a payment deduct from your bank acct maybe you shoulda got on top of that and checked it out.

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terrible experience

I'd like to give consumers to beware of Geico's business practices when it comes to renewal of policy.

I was insured with Geico for 11 years, I kept renewing my policy year after year like I was on auto pilot. I knew there were better deals out there everyone I knew told me so but out of loyalty or laziness I just kept renewing.

However, I noticed that despite my great driving record my premiums were not budging. When I told them I was going to cancel the customer representative told me I had to renew, because if there was a lapse in coverage I would be fined by my new insurer. This information is actually half correct, but she was trying very hard to keep my account through 'threats' not 'service.'

Consumers be advised that there are some states that will fine you if there is a lapse of insurance, however, each state has different laws regarding lapse of insurance. Secondly, there needs to be a huge gap such as 30 days or more for you to incur a fine. Do not let any insurance company or agent scare you into paying their high premiums. You have a right to shop around and find the best deal for yourself. This is a pure business decision.

This is exactly what I did. However, 3 months later I got a note from DMV telling me that I had incurred a fine for not being insured. It seems not only does Geico threaten customers into staying with them they also notified the DMV that I had a lapse of insurance because I was not insured with them anymore.

For those that are in the process of looking at insurance companies believe me you don't want a company like this to cover you. They're in the business of making money, whatever way they can. Instead of gaining loyalty through service they'd rather blackmail and threaten their customers into loyalty.

  • Ho
    honest Feb 20, 2009

    Youre an idiot. of course an insurance co. notifies the dmv when you no longer have ins w/ them. especially in ca where dmv requires you have insurance on a vehicle thats still actively registered w/ dmv. if the dmv contacted you b/c of this lapse, its obviously b/c your current ins co. failed to notify dmv that you now have other ins. regarding your premium, I bet you anything that you were already getting the best rate and had and old clunker with liab only. insurance isnt free people. your premium can only go so low.

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  • Wp
    Wpayton5599 Mar 31, 2010

    I like when you say, "They are in the business of making money" Ya think, there Sherlock?! If you didn't have insurance, they have to notify the DMV by law. Not only that, THE GIRL ON THE PHONE WARNED YOU THAT IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!!! You really are stupid!

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insurance incompetence

Other drivers insurance (Geico) was going to total my vehicle. Other driver at fault for auto accident. Geico...

road service

This very poor road service really is funny. I left Stuart, Fl and traveled north on the FL Turnpike. After...

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scam and cheating

I was a loyal Geico customer for over 10 years. I never had a claim. I never even had a speeding ticket or...

unfair lowball payout

Upon getting insurance for both and my wifes' motorcycle, we used the website. Had a few problems, and...

innocent bystander car

Does anyone know how to reach him. He’s the CEO For Geico and I’d really like to have a word with him. The company stinks waiting months to be paid for a claim. Was not even involved in an accident. Parts from a vehicle insured by them flew off during an accident they were in and damaged our parked car. Three messed up checks later and months into it and we still have nothing to repair the car with. Unless they think bogus excuses on the employees part and the Oh! so sorry apology we keep getting over and over again will somehow repair the car. So sick of this and all they have to say is “It’s in the mail” Until the next week when amazingly someone else has messed it up, gone on vacation or just didn’t come into work so it got put by the way side and forgotten. Is this how this company is run? If anyone else knows where I can post this to get my point across I’d appreciate the info. Next is the BBB. Not that that will do any good but I’m going to put it where anyone and everyone can read just how they treat innocent bystanders. I can just imagine how they handle the poor souls who actually pay to have insurance through them and do have the misfortune of having an accident where they are at fault. BUYERS BEWARE!!!

  • Pe
    Peggy Williams Jul 08, 2008

    I am in Florida and I Also am having a very difficult time with Geico-We were involved in a four car accident and not at fault-The guy who was at fault was insured by Geico. He drove a large truck-big tires-anyway he lost steering and hit three different cars-mine included-We were all sitting on 27 waiting for a guy to turn-There is no turning lanes due to construction-you just turn from the lane you are driving in-none of us were moving when he hit us.

    I drive a cadillac and my husband is handicapped and we have to have a car with a trunk large enough for his wheelchair-I contacted my insurance Co. after the Dundee police gave us the HSMV crash report- my Insurance Co. said contact Geico and see if they would take care of it first- since I have a 500.00 deductable and I didn't know it but I had no car rental insurance(I do now!!-I called Geico and reported it-I did all this at the accident-I gave Geico all the information about all the vehicles involved.

    They said when they spoke to their client who caused the accident and if he told them he was at fault they would get back to me-They did.

    Geico set up an appointment with their adjuster(the accident happened Thursday before July fourth)My appt. was for the following Tuesday. The whole time they told me they would take care of everything and after I saw the adjuster they would reserve a rental for me- I spoke with five different Geico TEAM
    MEMBERS over the holiday weekend and on Monday

    We had driven our car from the accident and were willing to drive to the adjuster(the adjuster does not come to you) but the whole right side of the car was damaged and the front tire on the passenger side was pushed in at an angle.

    Our appointment was at 10:00am at 8:30am the claims adjuster from the Geico Lakeland office called as we were getting in our car-She informed us she had been out of the office and Geico would be unable to pay the damages or supply us with a rental car(We have been without a car since Thursday and my husband is handicapped)I told her all this and she was very sorry but there was nothing she could do-We could keep our appointment with the Geico adjuster but they could not pay for my claim(yet-I would have to contact my insurance Co. and have them take care of it. She said he (the client)didn't have enough coverage for all vehicles involved. I ask her why noone had told us before now
    and what were we supposed to do for a rental vehicle-I ask what she would do- she said call my insurance company and she then said we were going in circles was there anything else she could help me with? I t certainly wasn't going to be a Rental Car.

    I called my insurance Co.-State farm and they handled everything. My car is at Fields Cadillac being repaired-My agent told me to call Geico and ask if they could pay for the rental since my insurance didn't cover that and since State Farm had covered everything else it was worth a try-I called her back and ask her she said no there was nothing she could do-they would pay State Farm since they would be paying for the repairs-there was nothing they could do for us.

    I had already called Enterprise when Geico had said they were going to supply a rental and made sure they had something my husband could get into from his wheelchair- that also had a large trunk-To Hold the wheel chair-

    I called Clifton at Lake Wales Enterprise and Apologized for any inconvenience-HE Was VERY NICE-Said if there was any way he could help us to let him know.

    We still don't have a rental- Geico said they didn't know how long it would take to resolve this they had contacted two of the drivers that had been hit(I'm one)- to tell us to have our insurance companies take care of the damages and the third driver had not been contacted yet-they had left the third driver messages-They couldn't resolve anything until he was contacted(what a joke

    Geico Needs To take some lessons from State Farm Insurance & Enterprise Car Rental and Lots of Help with Customer Relations!!! They don't care!!!

    My husband is telling all his friends how Geico treated him and now I'm telling people too!

    Gas prices getting you down? Search AOL Autos for fuel-efficient used cars.

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doesn't pay to be honest

On 6/13/08 I was coming around the back corner of my apartment complex that I live at when a fire truck came racing towards me. I started backing up because it is a very small area, to let them through and accidentally backed into a car's rear quarter panel that was parked illegally in a driveway.

Now we have been customers of Geico for 3 years and I am 43 years old and have NEVER been in an accident. We have NEVER filed a claim with Geico.

Anyway, I didn't know whose car it was so I left a note on the car and when I got off work I called Geico to let them know what had happened. I was told that if I didn't hear from them that my insurance would not go up and also that it may not go up because we were long time customers and had never filed a claim before. If it did go up it would more than likely not be a lot.

I waited for the people to call, nothing. Then, over the weekend (7/4/08) my husband was looking through our bills for the month and found that Geico had raised our insurance rates about 50.00 a month!

I thought that maybe Geico had got a hold of the people and that they had placed a claim, so I called. Geico told me that they had an open claim for about another week on the accident, no one had contacted them and that the reason that they raised my insurance rates was because I was honest enough to report the accident. So, no money was paid out, no accident was taken care of and they still raised my payments. What a scam!!!

Needless to say we are looking elsewhere for insurance.

  • Ga
    Gary H Aug 07, 2008

    I've been a GEICO insured for many years in several states. According to every contract I've had if there was zero payout the rates do not increase. Might pay to read your contract, either this is in error or fictional.

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  • Li
    Liz Oct 17, 2008

    I work for GEICO, ask what the payout was. If you are a preferred (GEICO or GEICO GENERAL) or average risk (GEICO INDEMNITY) customer and the payout is less than 500 dollars, then there is no surcharge. GEICO will only surcharge on your next renewal, and only when the claim is closed. There was either a payout or an error, so double check. Couldn't hurt. If this is surchargeable, then the other insurance company you get will also surcharge the activity for three years. Insurance sucks sometimes.

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  • Ti
    tidus78 Mar 31, 2009

    Any time you have an at-fault accident your rates go up! Do your ###ing homework you ###!

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attempt to get credit card # got ss#

internet address: http://www.geico.com The online forma wouldn't allow for no vehicle so I called Online...

terrible service!

Warning! Do not insure with geico! I have been insured with gieco since 1999. During that time, I have paid...

unfair business practises

I have purchased a 2006 BMW in the end of February 2008, and since I had another (much older) vehicle insured with Geico, I just added the new BMW and specifically asked that it had to be fully insured, meaning to have Geico include everything: collision, rental, driver, passenger, etc.

Agent confirmed my request and I paid in full for whatever extra he calculated. Mid-March 08 I was driving around 2am on the freeway and did not notice quite in time a piece of tire that had fallen down from a semi. Got some damage on the bumper.

Called Geico just to hear that I did not have a collision coverage after all and they will not be paying anything since they found that it was my fault. I was repeatedly insulted by Geico service representative and a supervisor who said that it's my responsibility to check what I am buying and they are not responsible for selling me a wrong kind of insurance. So Geico simply refused the claim completely, backed out.

However, I still asked for an upgrade to finally get what I requested for in the first place; paid extra $400. Last week I placed the car for repairs in the BMW dealership and got a rental car from them. The dealership covers 2 day rental; it's going to take about 5 days to fix the car.

I called Geico for rental reimbursement, which is clearly stated as one of the coverages on my policy. The response was a refusal, combined with pushing me around, horrific customer service and already typical backing out of the contract.

Geico practices selling false policies that don't cover and getting money for it, so that when an accident happens, they are clearly not responsible for the claim. It is very convenient- it's always a customer's fault that he/she relied on the Geico agent to provide with truthful information.

  • Ki
    kiran Aug 01, 2008

    Geico is real bull ###. Had similar experiences with the Customer care.

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  • Ga
    Gary H Aug 07, 2008

    As far as rental reimbursement, it pay for a covered loss - if the collision wasn't covered neither was the rental. You have no 'rip-off' argument there.

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  • Li
    Liz Oct 17, 2008

    The contract you get from GEICO states that rental reimbursement is only in the event of a covered claim. Also, there is no such thing as "full coverage." That is a term that dealers and lienholders created. When you made your downpayment, you had a legally binding contract, and therefore GEICO had every right to deny the claim. You had not payed for your coverage. Hpw could you not have reviewed your coverages when you received your paperwork?

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  • Ho
    honest Feb 20, 2009

    i agree w/ liz. for real. check out your contract next time, ###. especially w/ a bmw. thats the problem w/ people, they want to complain and complain and complain and they dont read their ###. with ANY company. i used to work for ins, and add brand new vehicles to policies and the policyholder would say "no, i dont need "full covereage", im not going to get into an accident." oh really? i thought thats why they called them "accidents". and then why are you calling two months later trying to get us to pay your claim? mmhmm

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scam and cheating!

I have had geico for quite some time. Recently I received a cancellation notice. Said payment due on Nov 19...

illegal use of phone recording

Geico Car Insurance Company - Florida. Is this Illegal use of phone recording by the Geico Insurance Company?

Beware new or existing customers when calling Geico. If you allow your conversation to be recorded for quality assurances purposes as claimed by Geico before the conversation begins with their representatives. The phone recording is not only used for quality assurance purposes but it will also be reviewed and any portion of the recorded conversation identified as fraud will be sent to their investigation department. I could be wrong but Quality Assurance (QA): means. All actions taken to ensure that standards and procedures are adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements. Where does it say itE28099s used for identifying fraud in the definition?

Geico should stop the practice or Make phone callers aware of the full intent their phone recording will be used for, before beginning the phone recording.

  • Mo
    Morvan Mar 11, 2008

    Duh you ###. Of course they use it to identify whether or not someone is committing insurance fraud. By the way, they don't record every call, either, the rep you speak with sends a "tip" to their underwriters or "risk pursuit" letting them know what they heard. It's THOSE people who determine whether or not you are committing insurance fraud. If it's determined you are, they will raise your rates or cancel your policy, and they have every legal right to do so.

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  • Wp
    Wpayton5599 Mar 31, 2010


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geico policies and procedures!

I requested a quote from GEICO regarding insuring my son under my automotive policy. After providing GEICO...

denying my claim for collision coverage

I bough my certified 2006 mercedes c280 from mercedes benz of white plains dealership on may 24th 2007. I insured my car with geico effective may 24th, 2007 to november 24th, 2007. I paid $465.40 for six month policy on may 23rd, 2007 which includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, basic personal injury protection, residual medical payments, supplementary uninsured motorist, comprehensive, collision coverage.

I got into a car accident on june 3rd, 2007. Geico has denied my collision claim and has informed me that my physical damage coverage has expired on june 1st (In just one week) since I have not done a vehicle inspection on the car. I bought a certified pre-owned mercedes from mercedes benz of white plains dealership. When I signed up for my auto insurance policy by calling the [protected] geico phone number, the customer rep informed me that I need to complete the vehicle inspection within 2 weeks time (Which ends on june 6, 2007) and did not mention anything about my physical damage policy expiring if I did not complete the vehicle inspection in the timeframe. I have reviewed the policy documents geico has mailed me and it does not mention anything about vehicle inspection time frame and suspension of my collision coverage. I have not received any documentation from geioco stating that my physical damage coverage has expired for not completing the vehicle inspection either.

As I have previously stated that I have paid for my geico auto insurance policy in full when I signed up for service and now geico is denying my claim for collision coverage for the accident on june 3rd, 2007. I would appreciate your assistance with this matter and request geico to pay for the claim as per my auto insurance policy.

Thank you,
Dhaval patel

  • Ms
    Ms. Basso Sep 04, 2007

    I had an identical experience with Geico. We've insured our cars with Geico for years. Our credit wasn't great and were we getting charged very high rates with Geico. Both of our cars were purchased at the dealership when we had Geico insurance. We had changed coverage for about 6 months in 2004. We ended up getting better rates with Geico and went back. During 2005, we were hit by Hurricane Wilma and both of our cars were destroyed. Imagine my surprise when the Geico representative told me that my van wasn't covered for comprehensive, because I had never taken my van in for inspection. Well, had Geico told me that I needed to do that at any point in time that I had this coverage, I would've done so. Immediately. I received no notice that an inspection was required, nothing to show that the coverage was dropped and my finance company was never informed of this. The Geico adjuster told me that it was illegal for Geico to not have informed the Company that I financed my car through. And, to add insult to injury, I didn't even see any type of drop in my rates to even indicate that there a problem. The funny thing is that I receive paper bills in the mail every month and an email reminding me that my payment was due. Without fail.

    So - at the end of the day - I was stuck with $8K worth of car payments that I had to make. We had to go out and get another car because this one was destroyed. Just as an experiment - I insured the car that we bought with Geico. I kept the insurance for 30 days and was never once contacted to take my car in for inspection.

    I feel that this Company has totally taken advantage of us and did not take any steps to inform us of such requirements for coverage. If anyone has any suggestions on how to pursue this - I would be very interested. I've been on several sites and see a definite trend with claims such as this.

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  • Sa
    samentrica jackson Nov 30, 2007

    You should read your amendment and call customer service to inform you about your policy. Don't blame Geico for your mis-sake.

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  • Mi
    Michael Chamberlain Dec 26, 2007

    Same thing here, was notified of drop in coverage 8 days after accident claim. Was never informed of possible drop in coverage at the time of signing policy 17 days before accident.

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  • Mo
    Morvan Mar 11, 2008

    I am a licensed agent with another company (but am currently insured with geico) and they do the same. It's a state requirement, not an insurance company requirement. You should have already known, and you admit in the complaint that you were advised it needed to be done. Maybe you should have done it. You got what you deserve.

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claim rip off

We were on our way home when a Geico Insured driver went to sleep and rear ended our car. My wife was hurt and lost her job. I lost over $5,000.00 in lost wages. It took 2 years of fighting to get Geico to settle, $960.00 to me and $17,000.00 to my wife. This is before expenses and attorneys. I have to settle now. I am dying from Cancer. Geico threatened to keep postponing the case until after I die. Geico paid to have a specialist fly from Atlanta GA. to Memphis TN. to argue the reduction of $9,000.00 on the claim. It cost Geico $15,239.98 to cheat my wife out of $11,000.00 total.

The stupid thing is that we were covered by Geico also. It took them 9 months to find out who covered the driver that hit us. They were going to pay an uninsured motorist claim on their client. They told us that they exhausted every resource to find out who the other driver was insured by. (It was them). Our Attorney had to find out for them.

They keep sending me mailers and emails to come back to Geico. Why? So I can be screwed again?

  • Mo
    Morvan Mar 11, 2008

    2 years is actually a typical timeframe for that kind of payout. Insurance companies budget each year based on the last 4 years of unpaid losses.

    It is funny that they spent more fighting your case than what you wanted paid though.

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  • Ma
    Maria Sep 16, 2008

    I am insured by geico since 2006 and I believe that they where the lowest rate i could find on auto insurance but that does not compare to all the hidden fees that they require you to pay without any notice. Geico should change its name to fraudco anything they can do to put money in there pockets. Geico charges hidden fees like under 3 years new driver insurance and if you had an international license for 6 years before that and get a US license they charge you as a new driver what crock of s***. Stay away from Geico if your a new driver and if your thinking of getting geico they will tell you a quote that is resonable and then when you take it they will add all kinds of fees when you least expect. Geico sucks!!!

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  • In
    insuranceisajoke Oct 28, 2009

    how do they pay for the caveman adds? and the gecko adds, and the money you could be saving ads??? Three simultaneous add campaigns, , , , talk about propaganda...

    0 Votes
  • Fo
    Forthepeopletothepeople Mar 18, 2010

    I hope there green little geico gets under a paper cutter then have that little aussie accent funkers head chopped off.
    Geico can go straight to hell. So to every single person in the world please stay away from Geico...let the resession put them under and get them good. AIG is way cheaper then Geico anyways by hundreds of dollars.

    0 Votes

refused to pay my claim!

Geico has refused to pay on a claim that they first promised to pay. I have been going back and forth with...

premiums is a rip off!

Well, I guess every situation is different. I just got my renewal for my auto insurance. Guess what, It went up $50.00. Ihaven't had a claim of any kind for over 10 years.

Haven't even had any tickets. I called Geigo, I asked them why my premium went up, since I had done nothing to cause this. Their answer: "We have paid out more in premiums in your area, so we had to increase." Fine, I understand that. But, increase the premiums on those that caused the payouts, don't increase it on the ones that saved you money. Yes this is different from my other posts. Because what I DO HAS A DIRECT EFFECT ON WHAT I AM CHARGED. I don't take the chances that most people do. By that I mean: If the speed limit is 75, I don't do 80. Someone wants to cut me off at an intersection, I let them. It only takes once to get a ticket, or have an accident, I don't plan on being that one. So, when Geigo told me my premium was going up to $454.00 for the next 6 months ($900.00 for the year) I called AIG. Now, with Geigo, I had no "Frills". I had just what the state required. I have a 1994 vehicle so I don't need full coverage. When I called AIG and told them my situation look at what I received:

15/30,000 per person per accident $143.00
10,000.00 property damage 99.00
Comprehensive w/$250.00 ded. 59.00
Total cost $301.00

I got the comprehensive because with it I get FREE OF CHARGE:
Road side service (Towing, flat repair, etc)
Extended Transportation expenses
per day/max amount $30.00/$900.00

My advise: When it comes time to renew your policies, CALL AIG!!! They will give you what you earn.

  • Mo
    Morvan Mar 11, 2008

    A couple of things.

    All insurance companies lost money or didn't make as much as they were used to in 2007 due to a vast increase in medical claims costs.

    Think about this: let's say you get into an accident. Let's say it's a hit-and run. Let's say that you and a passenger (your mom, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your kid) have $20,000 in medical bills, and let's say your $12,000 vehicle is totaled. Obviously, this wasn't your fault, because it was a hit-and-run. Due to the severity of the accident, you can only recall that it was a dark colored SUV or truck. It's obviously not much help.

    Your insurance company will pay you $32,000 dollars if you have gap coverage and uninsured motorist liability limits of at least 20,000 per accident, minus your let's say, $500 deductible. So all in all, it wasn't that bad, was it? It was $500 out of pocket and the rest was paid. What a load off your mind.

    Now... where is the insurance company getting the money to pay that off? Let's say you've been with this company for 3 years, and you pay them $400 every 6 months. That means in the 3 years you've been with them, you've paid $24,000 dollars. Uh oh, you paid them $24,000 and they paid you $31,500!! That's right, they're out $7,500. They have to make up that $7,500 someplace, and they actually have to end up with a profit or their company will go under. That would be convenient for no one.

    So now you're up $7,500. Okay. For the next term, you'll pay the regular $400, plus $7,500 to make up for losses. Your new premium is $7,900.

    You're not too happy about that, are you? Wellllll... instead of raising your premium however much you cost the company, they divide that amount amongst everyone they insure, so that everyone only pays maybe $10-$100 more each term.

    You get it finally? If an insurance company pays out $65,000,000 in claims and only earned $60,000,000 in premium, they have to divide the remaining cost of $5,000,000 amongst all the policyholders, or else there would be no point in having insurance to begin with, and we'd all just put that amount into a savings account we could keep.

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  • Ge
    gecolies Mar 16, 2009

    I hate Gieco. They refused to let me take my 18 year old son off my insurance when he moved out saying I needed proof that he moved out. As I did not know exactly where he moved and with no way to get in touch with him (he moved out because he did not want to live by my rules, I felt this way punishing me. Then they jacked up my insurance from 109.00 a month to 349.00 every month. When I asked them why I could not sign a waiver release them from any liability should my son drive my car (yeah when hell freezes over! he wrecked his 2 months after he got it) they said they did not have waivers. BS BS BS.

    I flat refused to pay them and went back to Farmers, who by the way let me sign a waiver, the very next day. My insurance premium for full coverage insurance is ... 74.98 a month!

    It took them three weeks and FIVE progressively nasty emails ( the last one stated in caps: your fired. what part do you not understand?) to get a prorated refund from them.


    1 Votes
  • Ir
    irritatedbythecaveman! Feb 23, 2010

    I find it very unusual that ANY company this day and age can dropped a driver off the plan because of 'underwriting reviews' but then REFUSES to produce that review, or any facts on HOW they came to the conclusion to drop a driver, or much less let you talk to underwriting!! If any other company did that, they would have to show underwriting guidelines...but not the lizard! So easy a caveman can do it...I think cavemen run the company. I will be switching ins companies.

    1 Votes

dishonest self-serving people!

I recently separated from my wife. I called GEICO to ask them to send our auto insurance bills to my new...

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