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Mary Lynn Harris changed to another supplemental health care provider on January 1, 2020 . Called united health care. spoke with Julie Jan 4, 2020 paid 167.66. Mary spoke with Julie and told her she has insurance with American National Insurance .
Sent payment for Feburary 2020
Sent payment for March 2020
Called and spoke with Donna 3/02/2020 paid an additional $ 8.08
Mary sent a letter to AARP advantage stating she had insurance with American National effective Jan 1, 2020
Talked to Anna 0n 03/27/2020 and was told to send proof of insurance to a different address United Health Care, Billing Division p.o. box 105331 Atlanta, Georgia 30348 .

We finally received a coupon book. The payments we sent United credits to insurance for Mary and sents bills stating we are not up to date. We get different advise and different address to send information. I want to be sure George H. Harris is insured and the payments are credited correctly.

George H. Harris membership # [protected]-1

Cell phone

I called consumer cellular regarding my cell phone - waitrd36 minutes for someone to answer - told them the phone is less than a year old - battery dies after sitting idle for about 6-8 hrs after being fully charged. Did trouble shooting g as they requested - was told they would be sending me a new phone - never came - called back again - wait 28 minutes for someone to answer - was told that more diagnosis needed to be so e before they would send me a new phone - the agent kept saying - this will only take a second - wait 5 minutes - finally was told they were sending me a new phone - never shows up - called back today - 47 minutes to get someone to answer - she's very condescending - doesn't understand why I am upset - tells me that more diagnosis needs to be done - I tell her that the phone e won't stay changed - without being used for longer than 12 hours - that time drops to 2-3 hours if phone is used for 3-4 minute. She puts me hold "for just a second" - 5 minutes later comes back to tell me that for a phone that's almost a year old - that's normal. I tell her that I want to talk to a supervisor - at which point she says - in a very condescending tone - "I'll be more than happy to transfer tou". When I call her o. Her crappy tone of voice she gets worse ai ask her to transfer me to the supervisor - that I was done listening f to her [censored] - she starts getting [censored] with so I get [censored] back and she hung up on me. Horrible customer service in all aspects.

renewing my subscription

I mailed my renewal form and $16 in a money order form but you guys must not have gotten it because I keep getting letters saying I have days left to renew.
Please help me fix this. This isnt the first time ive sent my renewal this year without any result. Im certain I paid it like 6 months ago with a money order.
I hope you can help me.
My name is steve wyant
4028 s. 146th st apt b2
Tukwila, wa. 98168
Email [protected]
Aarp# [protected]

what is going on with aarp?

Started with Apple sending me a message that I would receive a free thousand dollar gift card from either Amaxon or Walmart. Merely had to answer many questions about my consumer habits and then sign up for something. I chose an AARP membership.
From AARP I received a cheap organizer bag for my truck. I have yet to receive the gift card.
What is going on with AARP and Google?
Have they scammed me?

what is going on with aarp?


John Zempleni 01 06/33 united Health care ARRP medicare choice

my father was admitted from juptier medical center to Heartland rehab on December 8 and now is being discharged and they will not give him another wee to stay to improve. they are stating he is moderate and he cannot even swallow well yet. He has parkinsons and post kidney removal 3 surgeries begining october 21, 2019. He was discharged the first time to chats worth REHAb and they kept doing blood work on him every night and they stated that he had to go to the ER because his sodium was high. Yet, once you go to the ER then they discharge him and asked if I would like a bed hold and that costs 500.00 I declined and he did not stay at the hospital and returned to chats worth again and they sent him to the ER again because of his blood work and refused to give him IV treatment. and then he went back to chats worth and they again sent him to the ER and he was admitted and the blood report theri was good and not sodium problems just deyhydration because they were not giving him fluids only puree. after discharge for the 3rd time he went to Heatland rehab in palm Beach Gardens and the aides did not provide service to him I had to change him and feed him at times and also, he was in his bed with food all over his mouth. I reported it and the aides there appear to be to be busy on their phones or chatting with each other. He was left with out his foot rests also in wheelchair and slumping over at many times. The speech therapy and physical therapy, and occupational therapy is very good and he needs more of that and they are refusing to give him more time. I attempted to call the appeal department and on hold for at least 40 minutes and then I leave a detatailed voice mail. He is scheduled to be discharge this saturday. also, when I call united health care the reps take at least 30 miniutes to research for an answer and I get rerouted to an international call center and they do not speak american very well. I want at least 1 week more covered by his plan because he lost time being transfered over and over to the Emergency room by chats worth. This is very distressing for a elderly person and I will take it further and report to obudsman, better business, my congressman, senator, the system is not what its promising and to difficult for the elderly to manage. Chats worth, Heartland rehab, the social worker at heartland, appeal number that is never answering that was given to me by the social worker and she stated that the case manager for united has to approve more time and then the representative stated that he can go beyond 20 days and its 0 co pay. what is going on. [protected] in my number I will definitely find another plan or he will go back on medicare. I have had so much difficulty with the providers especially the homehealth that are not providing and it took me 3 months to do an appeal for that. united gets money each month for medicare membersx 1million customers that is alot of money comming through their company and they are also, on the stock market. amazing. amazing

lack of card and any aarp help of any kind.

AARP I sent my Money for to resign up and NEVER got a thing from you. No information No gift Nothing . Same thing that happened 3 yrs ago and you never responded then either. I am beginning to believe AARP is a RIP OFF, will you ever answer me? I have sent 4 letters so far this year and No reply. Their is a huge lack of information coming from you. But you still keep sending me forms to join up.

united healthcare thru aarp

I have found that the customer service of this company is seriously flawed.
Not the least of the problems is that United Healthcare uses a call center staffed by people for whom English is a second language. That in and of itself if a problem but the fact that the noise of hundreds (?) of "health care advocates" chattering simultaneously is not really conducive to discussion of my health care issues.

So out of the chute, I know the level of respect that the management of United Healthcare (and AARP) accord me. Not much.

I have a condition that requires a minor surgical procedure. The only doctor that does this surgery (within 50 miles or so) is out of network. My request for the ability to use an OON doctor was denied. No explanation. I asked to talk to a supervisor. I was transferred to a person in their call center that proceeded to spend 30 minutes verifying that my request to use a doctor that is OON was denied becasue he is OON!! Then again, there is a language thing going on so really, after 2 hours now, I have no idea what is going on.

BTW, forget communicating via email. UHC does not like talking to you.

Altogether a terrible and insulting experience. I will be exploring alternatives.

renewal process

Each year, AARP sends out multiple renewal notices beginning about 6 months before expiration. My membership expires in Oct. and after approx. 5 notices, I responded by paying in Aug. The card i had which had the correct date was #[protected] 7. In Sept. I received a replacement card #[protected] 7 with an exp. date in Aug. 2020. AARP debited me 2 months for paying early. I called their customer service line, and they only had info. for the card that was in error. After a lengthy period of time consulting with some unknown individual, the rep. came back to tell me that their was nothing she could do, in terms of issuing me a new card with the correct exp. date. I told her that without a remedy to this error, I would not renew. She apologized. I also mentioned that I continue to receive notices for renewal. Last notice arrived this week/late Nov. telling me my membership expired in Oct.(at least they got the month right). Folks. I'll make this very simple. Stop bombarding me with scads of renewal notifications, plays for donations and the release of my name to every affiliated merchant in the country that you sell my name to. Send me a card with the correct expiration date on it or you will not see a renewal from me again. Thank you.
John Nitis
109 Belvedere ct.
Napa, Ca.

thrifty rental

I booked an airline flight from Newark New Jersey airport to LAX in Los Angeles California on November 2, [protected]). I specifically requested Avis as my rental car company. The itinerary emailed to me listed a rental company named Thrifty. It was not until I arrived to LAX that I was made aware that this company was not affiliated with Avis Car Rental Service.

Them manner in which two of the staff members spoke to me was extremely rude when presented with basic rental car questions (Can I use my car insurance? Is the CRV I requested available)? I was not I do not know and personally I do not care. When the individual realized that I was appalled by manner in which she was representing herself and the company, she tried to be somewhat polite.

Once our transaction was completed she directed me to the area in which I was to pick up my car. The person responsible for providing me with the car and basic information pertaining to the car pointed to an area and send your car is in section 2. At 12am in the morning, my family and I were trying to figure out what car was assigned to us. I walk back over the the individual and asked which car was I assigned to. Her response was pick a car! You can have any car you want! Not once did this individual escort my family and I to a car and/or explain the features associated with the vehicle. I spent 20 more minutes in a dark car lot trying to familiarize myself with a car that had a not say that the car was dirty because the device to wash the car was broken.

I specifically requested Avis. I believe I was charged Avis Rental prices and was switched and bated to a low budget car rental service that has no knowledge of customer service.

I was also charged $ 318.00 EXPEDIA for car insurance that was not requested.

This was my first time using AARP Travel Center to book my plans and it will be my last.

scsep employee jana murray

This person has become increasing rude and mean to me on almost every visit to this place. She accuses me of...

aarp medicare complete

UHC is doing everything in their power to insure I don't get the treatment recommended by their own in-network doctors. Their repeated delay tactics is more than likely going to prevent the cure of my tongue cancer.

I live in Birmingham, AL which has one of the premier cancer treatment hospital in the US, University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB). Unfortunately, my coverage does not include UAB. Even when 2 UHC In-plan doctors say I need to go to UAB, out of network coverage has been denied. (Aug 27 and 29, 2019) Not only was it denied but it took almost 2 weeks for it to be denied.

I switched to in-plan doctors and facility to avoid further delays. Now, UHC will not approve the treatment their own doctors recommend. (Aug 9, 2019) Again delaying treatment so far an extra week and counting. I guess the hope is that I die before they have to spend any more money. I feel like I am in the sequel to "The Rainmaker"

I will be switch insurance.

tv commercial

I have just witnessed your latest commercial and I'm not getting the messaging here? You have a 20's or early 30's something African - American man canvassing the values of AARP? I switched off and was somewhat offended. I need folks in their 50's with real life experiences and case histories better aligned to me in my late 50's. What the heck does this man know? Who recommended a commercial of this type? It was a disaster, and I was left angry and pissed off. I might cancel my membership. You don's understand me, and my kind (meaning folks in our generational phase of life), and you don't understand our interests or problems. Revise and re-do that commercial - it sucked!!

automobile insurance

On October 01, 2019 I received a Final Cancellation Notice for an Hartford Automobile Insurance Policy that...


I aked my career manager to provide me with a professional reference for a job I was being interview for and...

training program contract

Signed on for 12 training sessions - specifically designed in the contract. However, there is a stipulation...

car insurance

on or about may 7th i called to let the hartford know that my car was to be transferred within 30 days to my...

getting my name correct

I am 61 years old. Have since a kid went by the 2nd and take great offense when someone sends me stuff as Jr. In the past when I belonged to them I went by the 2nd. So when did Jr. come into affect??? Not on drivers license or social security card. The only thing good about their membership is you can get some hotel discounts if they accept it! Other than that, nothing I found yet!!

medical insurance

I have called numerous times to get United Healthcare cancelled When inquiring about this insurance...

united healthcare prescription plan

Approximately 4 - 5 months ago it became necessary for me to stay with my sister to care for her after having a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. It is approximately 2 hours driving time between my home and my sisters.
During this time, I did not drive back to my home. I had a neighbor pick up my mail, review, and let me know what might be important for her to send to me.

Unfortunately, she did not do a great job. It appeared that I missed a payment of approximately $85 dollars for my United Healthcare Prescription Drug plan and when I spoke with UH they told me that my reason for missing the payment (caring for cancer patient - my sister) did not meet the criteria to reinstate my policy.
The representative was often rude and uncaring. She asked if anyone died in my family which would have prevented me from paying.
The questions, just got worse.

So, at this point I have no prescription coverage. I have thyroid issues, am in the 75 percentile for having stroke of heart attack etc. and now I have no prescription coverage.

I thought AARP was better than this. I am so disappointed with the way I was dealt with and the fact that caring for someone was in their minds not a good enough excuse to have my plan reinstated. Someone has to die!

AARP would rather I go without my prescriptions than reinstate for the less than $100 which I was ready to pay with a credit care.

I thought AARP was better than this.

Sue Weit

aarp benefits are canceled at age 65

I was stunned when I recently received notice that the supplemental health insurance that I purchased through...