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AARP Services - Denial of current claim approved in 2019 without prior notification.

I filed a claim for benefit service after a fall in 20 19. the process for approval
took three month, during which time I paid for immediate service from a
Health care Agency, waiting for claim approval, at a cost of $12, 000. I was
reimbursed for one month of cost(the waiting period).
My claim was approved and I have received benefit payment for two years,
for three days a week, four hours each day.

October 9, 2021, I received a detailed letter stating that as of October 4th. my benefit service payment were denied because I no longer needed assistance.
A few days later I received a bill for $636.00 to restart my monthly premium
payments and that I could file a new Claim. A form was included for
appeal. I will submit the form.

AARP Services - We care for you moving company

The " we care for you " moving company in Fort Lauderdale Fla is a scam.
They advertise specializing in seniors but are a fraud.
Bait and switch prices and holding furniture hostage while running up fees.

An estimate given by a different company -Trinity relocation- was subbed out to We Care For You Moving.
The charges increased from there dramatically.
I've paid $4000 already and my furniture is in their storage. No one returns calls.
Hostage furniture holding.

No ethics. Total fraud.

Desired outcome: Alert all seniors away from this company

AARP Services - the perfect sleeper

We ordered The Perfect Sleeper for my Mom in March, based on the recommendation from the AARP magazine. The chair was finally delivered on July 3rd. It was defective and was operating on its own. No one near it and it would open and close on it own. Obviously, there was a short in the wiring. This happened while the delivery guys were checking the setup and making sure everything worked as anticipated. They had never seen anything like it and the packed it up and took it back with them for return. They told me to call Perfect Sleeper and let them know what had happened and inform them that the chair was undeliverable. It was a holiday weekend so the customer service was closed, but I spoke with the purchasing manager Ben and left a detailed summary of what had happened. He assured me that someone would be back in touch with me on Tuesday (after the holiday). For the following 4 weeks, I called 2-3 times per week trying to get a resolution, a redelivery date of a new chair, or to at least speak with a person who could tell me what was going on or when I could get a call back. At least the customer service people were kind, but, they could not help me beyond passing my message up the line to "a supervisor". I was unable to get a name or direct phone number to the supervisory person. Every time I spoke with customer service, I was assured I would receive a call back within 48 hours. It never happened. So, I would call back and go through the same process. Ultimately, after 4 additional weeks with no contact from them, I went to Master Card and their resolutions department. I received a phone call from perfect sleeper supervisory secretary who told me a refund would be processed the following day. I requested an overnight delivery of a check. They did comply and I did receive a check via Fed Ex with 3 days.
I just do not think you should be so heavily endorsing a product with such a poor resolution system. The chair was almost $3000 and they held our money without us receiving a product for over 4 months. I believe we were mistreated and if I had not contacted Master Card, we would still be waiting for a resolution. I cannot even image how poorly this would have gone had we accepted the chair delivery and the autonomous activity had started the next day. It would have been trash, without resolution since there would be no way that I would allow my 90 year old mom to sit in a chair that would do whatever it wanted without regard to the direction of the person working the remote.

Desired outcome: Stop advertising The (Im)Perfect Chair in your magazine and/or website.

AARP Services - Pulled off Assignment

Not sure why I was pulled off assignment but Dr. Karlyn Emille did not give me a good reason and she tries to keep you afraid from asking any questions.

I have left her some messages but she does not answer them. She seems to feel she is a superior entity beyond reproach.

I am well aware she is a supervisor, but to not even give me a valid excuse and making feel as if you have fear asking for one is absurd.

Desired outcome: placement in a closer location

AARP Services - Medicare supplement

My complaint is that United/Medicare Supplement changed its list of approved hospitals effective July 1. Their letter says that even if Medicare pays for the inpatient stay, they will not pay their part if the stay is not in one of their approved hospitals.

NO hospitals in the Charlotte area are on the list.
Neither Atrium nor Novant are on the list — the two largest Medical Systems in NC>
Only small hospitals are on the list.
Except for Winston Salem Baptist and Wake Med. There are no major medical centers on the list.
Any hospital on the list is at least an hour away.
Our physicians work for Atrium and Novant. They do not practice at these outlying hospitals.

How can they be allowed to change their policy in the middle of the year? How can they be allowed to exclude major hospital systems?
I cannot change plans for 6 months. So, I am paying their supplement rates for nothing!

Desired outcome: United/AARP should add major hospitals systems to their covered list.

AARP Services - Phone cellular

purchased a phone after looking through warp magazine for 30.00 with cc paid, then quoted almost 14. and change monthly do not use cell nor know mill bills which was charge over 25.00 asked to cancel 2nd month fuming to think they took the liberty of adding texting and more min when I don't even use cell phone or text, never cancelled and charged 3rd month again and they finally cancelled, if you listen to original sign up I declined text and additional min, I pd 30 for phone would like prepaid to send back and credit the balance it was theft and no longer sub to AARP rising off seniors will go to peoples court and have reported you to consumer protection and next getting one of our tv staions to help with denier fraud

Desired outcome: pay me back everything and take phone back after illegally adding on services without permission

AARP Services - Dental charges

Benefits Statements from Jan. 20 2019 to April 29, 2021, not received by me, since Dr. Paul Freedman DMD, Boston, MA, never sent information to Delta Dental per Delta Dental on [protected]. Instead, Dr. Freedman asked and was paid per Master Card for all dental charges since February 1 2019 to [protected], a total of $34, 325.00. No insurance was ever deducted. A YELP reviewer's comment was also deleted between June 16 and June 29, 2021, after I notified AARP for resolution about these charges. No response from either AARP nor Dr. Freedman. I have lots and lots of backup. Your thoughts?

Desired outcome: All money that is owed to me. Contract $1,000 per year = $2,000,plus court costs.

AARP Services - Refund not received

Expedia is fraudulently misrepresenting AARP Travel Center. I booked a rental car thinking if was with AARP, but then was told this has nothing to do with AARP. I flew to Florida and went to the...

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AARP Services - United healthcare

I know there is nothing u can do about this and truthfully I don't expect anything . I needed to just make u aware of my problem.
I have been on ss for 10 years of so.
I first went on disability for a couple of years because of health issue due to Multiple sclerosis.
So I am not new about getting insurance.
I always have to get the best supplement that is available.
So the first thing I said to both of them was I wanted a better price for my insurance but I wanted the best supplement I can buy with me only paying monthly payments. I wanted no deductible. I thought I made that perfectly clear. I didn't think twice when I got a better price from United. I asked over and over how much I would pay each month. They made it clear only the monthly payment just like the bc I had in the past.
Well to make this story shorter no one told me about a deductible and because there was a issue between my agent and United I talked to so many people and i explained what I need in my insurance.
I got a bill from a doctor asking for me to pay my deductible. I was so shocked.
I called doctor office they told me to contact insurance company. I did and everybody did apologize that I did not know about deductible.
I felt from both the agent and United directly that all they wanted to do is sell me a policy and they didn't feel that I didn't need to know about the deductible.
Again, I always want the best supplement I can get because of my MS and I explained that over and over.

Desired outcome: Just a response from aarp

AARP Services - Fees charged from my social security benefits

$75.20 monthly. I only have one prescription that I am told cost them less than $30.00. Is it not abuse of an elderly person and fraud? I live only on social security, I take good care of myself, and do not abuse of anything. I have only one prescription, and my next step will a formal complaint with the medical board of texas. I am furious. This was done without my knowledge and permission.

Desired outcome: Refund

This is a common complaint against this crooked insurance company.
There is not much one can do until October, when Medicare allows one to change companies.
If you can prove fraudulent misrepresentation by United, then you may have a chance.

AARP Services - The hartford auto insurance

I recently moved to tx from az need new auto insurance- called the hartford -received quote and paid in full for a year- $$$$ 2/2021 - in email was told about an option of having an app on while driving from hartford - i asked several friends and they told me to opt out of the app-i felt very uneasy having this app on while driving and being traced so i opted out yesterday i was emailed an invoice for $68.00 for not participating in the app- i felt very upset by this added charge for not wanting an app from any company to be on while i am driving- tracking me!!!
i am very dissappointed in hartford (sponsored by aarp) for this high charge!! plus i did not recall a charge for opting out!
i paid the inovice but i must say this is a very dark day for aarp to sponsor a company that charges $68.00 for a decision made by an american citizen of an app/ i paid a year in full and received a $23.00 discount and now was billed $68.00 for an apt i did not want. Please be advised that this is not a good look for aarp and hartford-
diane conrad


AARP Services - Travel

Purchased a vacay through AARP Travel Center. Even got suckered into buying the travel insurance. Had to cancel vacay due to Covid. It's now 6 months and still can't get a travel voucher for a portion of my trip that was not only allowed to be cancelled due to Covid but was insured under the fraudulent insurance crap they sold.

Here's advice. NEVER book through AARP travel/Expedia. All is good unless there are travel issued and you have to cancel. Also, 99.9% of the time, it's cheaper and without issues, going through the sites directly. Even their vacay deals are not as good as booking directly.

AARP Services - Bill

I was sent a letter from AARP Medicare Advantage United Health Care.
Stating that I owed for a YEAR of unpaid Walgreens premiums. First one was for $1, 401.30 And then they sent another one for $491.60 to collections for unpaid premiums. I have NEVER HAD Walgreens Pharmacy coverage.
And I am on Medicare and Medicare pays my premiums. They claim that I didn't pay the premiums for over a year. Now, I never received a bill. And if I had received one. I would be calling to find out why? I don't ignore years worth of premium bills. Now my credit has a hit to it because of their actions. I have called and called and still no one can tell me what this is.
I have not used Walgreens in about 20 years!!! I want this resolved and for them to take it back out of collections and clear up my credit. I have fought with this company since August 2020. And still nothing has been done. Beth. Arizona/Ohio

Desired outcome: I want them to acknowledge that these are not my bills. And to take the one out of Collections and fix my credit.

All that you can do is to sue United Health Care in State Court.

AARP Services - Roadside Assistance

Member since 1992. Engine on car would not start. AARP RSA sent truck from Towing company to jump start battery. After some difficulty was able to start engine and get out to road. Engine then failed completely . Could not get Towing company back even though they were less than a block away. Stranded in middle of highway with no electrical function at all functions including emergency flasher lights were inoperable. Used emergency brake to prevent car from rolling backward. Speeding traffic on both sides and horns sounding from the back of my stranded vehicle. Called AARP back at least four times on my cell phone. Each time I was cut off. Each time they requested my membership number. Several times they said the number did not exist. Asked for my telephone number and was told once that this was not my telephone number. Gave other numbers but all were unsuccessful. Could not keep AARP personnel on the line to help resolve the difficulty. Personnel were very curt and unhelpful. At one point was instructed to connect with website but I do not have internet in my car. Was also at one point sent anon-functioning number. Police finally were able to push me to the side of the highway. Finally I called the original towing company (which AARP had initially sent out) and was advised that they had no authorization to tow car and the cost would be my responsibility.
User's recommendation: Get another roadside assistance company.

Desired outcome: Refund towing costs. Get new personnel

AARP Services - Unitedhealthcare/AARP

I'm taking an expensive (tier 4) medication and have been taking it for years. My prescription is for taking medication every other day. I am being charged by Unitedhealthcare/AARP/Optum for a FULL 30 day supply (30 medications) even though I only you 15 per month. After over an hour on hold I was told that my prescription is for a 30 day supply - 15 times per month yet I'm being charged for a FULL 30 day supply (30 per month). This makes no sense what so ever. I just called again, was put on hold again and then transferred to a different number. Frustrationg to say the least

Desired outcome: reimburse me for the over charge and correct future billing

AARP Services - The hartford home insurance

We filed a claim with The Hartford for roof damage and the claim has been denied. I am more concerned with the lack of concern and response from their team members than anything else. They will not return calls, answer the phone, etc. We have not decided if we will pursue further action to resolve this issue.

Since you recommend them for services I don't know if anyone else is having issues with them or not but we're definitely having second thoughts.

Just want you to know we will not be recommending them to anyone!

Desired outcome: Approval of our claim

AARP Services - United health care medicare rx pdp

I selected the AARP United Health Care (UHC) MedicareRX Preferred plan which started 1/2021. I selected this RX PDP plan since a.) the Medicare Web site showed it covered most my drugs and b.) the...

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AARP Services - Free gift offer

I was shown a picture of three big suitcases and I received something no bigger than that 8 x 10 photograph and then something else 2 sizes smaller than that! This is a total joke and so misleading. They promised three suitcases and what I got was three small tiny bags no bigger than my purse. I really want my money back it was such a gimmick to get to join in the first place and I want my money. I'm so upset. The picture made them look huge. AARP should be ashamed of themselves with this misleading advertising

Desired outcome: 16.00 refund! Or my promised 3 large suitcases

AARP Services - aarp medicare adcantage

Since customer service was outsourced I have been given incorrect information on the last two inquiries I have made. I can imagine this may be life threatening in some instances.

I have waited after the call was ended, but could not leave my satisfaction rating as I was told I could.

I would like to know where to leave an honest review of my experiences.

AARP Services - Equifax I.D. Protection (formerly trusted

12/15/20: Rec'd email alert from Member.[protected] stating my credit score had changed. Tried contact through http:/ dashboard; unable to sign in. I have spent over 90 minutes trying to sign in to my Equifax account; password and user wouldn't work. Called service #[protected]; person had such a thick accent she was almost unintelligible. Asked for several pieces of personal data, including payments, SS#, I gave up and hung up. Tried again, different person, still thick accent. Told me my account "never transferred from Trusted ID". Required same data, sent temp. PW and reset security question. Also tried to sell me higher priced plan than I have now. Managed to sign in once, checked score. Signed out, waited five minutes, tried to sign in; unable to do so. Have I been scammed? I am very surprised that AARP would recommend such a shoddy service

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