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Complaints & Reviews

failure to insure as agreed

I paid 6 months in advance for basic auto insurance that met Washington States minimum requirements 4 months into the policy they cancelled my policy. They wrote the policy and took my money. The reason they gave is that I did not sign a waiver for full coverage insurance and scooped the money they had at the higher premium, as a result I was uninsured and had a minor accident. They threw me under the bus without hesitation. I would expect to be put in jail if I conducted my business that way. I will never purchase insurance from an online agency again.

This is post cautionary, I do not wish for anyone else to be harmed by these Charlatans.

  • Na
    Nancy Lewis May 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Read my complaint of today.

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insurance claim

I got into an small fender bender, while getting on the Long Island Expressway. As always there is traffic on the way to the LIE from Cross Island Parkway, and I was waiting in line to get on the expressway and this other guy driving in Acura come in to cut the line and I ended up hitting him from behind. The impact was less then 5mph. Police came and took the report, I took pictures.
He called the insurance company which was Geico as well and this guy named Rick called me regarding the accident. He asked me to get a police report. The weather was bad in new york, and I was unable to go to the police station for a day. One day I went to the police station after work even though I ended up spending 2 hours to go the police and then to CVS to get the money order and back to police to get the report. Police gave me the report the next morning I faxed the report to Geico and was waiting for them to call me back.
The report was in my favor stating that Driver one which is me got stated the driver 2 cut in-front of me and I couldn't stop. It also said that driver 2 which was the other stated He didn't know what happened.
This guy Rich never called me back and it was later that afternoon I decided to call him, and he said he got the report and there is nothing in it that will favor me and gave me all kind of excuses. It seems like he was not interested in handling the claim. He said we have already approved the claim and me at fault. The claim was for over $2, 000 for a small fender bender. I know that insurance is paying but it is going to go on my record, when I was not at fault. I also asked him to send me the pictures for the damage on the other vehicle and never did. I tried calling him couple of times and he never answered or called me back. I went to the claim center online and uploaded my pictures but nothing ever happened.

I was not at fault and this guy Rich from Geico never helped me out. I have been with Geico for 5 years and this is by far the worst experience I ever had with them or any other insurance or commercial company.

  • Wi
    widow,RN Jan 18, 2013

    YOUR company abuses your client. I had a accident your company did nothing to protect me.. Why not help the other guy, it's cheaper than fight to protect your clients.
    Then I got hurt in the accident, your company paid out as of today $278.92, but you force me to see your lying bought for doctors (Empire Stat).. You want me to give them my license to copy, my social security number and answer personal medical questions that have NOTHING TO DO with the accident. BUT we are forced to do these thing or we are told they will cancel our claims. Your company is a joke and a fraud to it members.
    Your insurance doctors are hired to say there is nothing wrong... EVEN our company Geico hurts us... I FEEL SORRY FOR THE HOMEOWNERS THAT HAD TO ENDUR

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not paying to fix my car

A week and a half ago I rear ended somebody, right near my parents house. Now almost 100 percent of the time, rear ending somebody is your fault, I hit a patch of ice, and tried to brake but the lady stopped short where there was no snow at the intersection, causing 9000 dollars worth of damage to my car and 5000 to hers. I do not know what to do! I have a brand new car, financed, which was supposed to have collision, and did, but apparently after my first accident, a year ago, with a deer, they removed the coverage because of a rate to consent form...which I "did not fill out", and my premium dropped 10 dollars. I thought my premium dropped because I just turned 21.

Its financed, I had full coverage, and now I have a broken car which I have to fix. DESPITE the fact that I have the original faxed GEICO Rate to consent form, signed and dated, which im 100 percent sure I sent, theyre not paying.

  • Sa
    Sarah Silva Aug 29, 2013

    ### geico they are the worst insurance company ever. They have no respect for their customers what so ever!! My car was keyed & my tires were stolen off my car in my yard & they red flagged my claim because I have 2 cars but yet got a rental, I mean it is included in my policy so why wouldn't I get 1 im paying for it.. I can't believe they treat people & talk to people the way they do. I will never deal with them again.

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falsified police report

While traveling in my own lane, the car to my right struck my right rear quarter panel. We pulled over and she called the police (Greenburg). Police came and took the stories. I was in my own lane as was she. She struck my car. Geico Insurance Investigator calls me and tells me the police report submitted by the other driver clearly implicates me as being over a double yellow line swirving back into my lane to avoid an oncoming car. Now, I was always in my own lane, never crossed the double yellow line and there was no traffic coming the opposite way. Geico Invesitgator faxed me the report and clearly drawn on the Police report was a sketch of me over the double yellow line and swirving into my lane causing me to strike the from drivers quarter panel of her car. Also noted in the diagram was a car heading towards me. I found this strange and went to Greenburgh Police department where I was given a copy of the Police Accident report which looked nothing like the report submitted by the other driver to Geico. When I asked the Desk Sergeant, he contacted the officer who denied drawing any diagram on the report and denied the report submitted to geico was his official report. The Desk Sergeant stated clearly that what was submitted as the officers report was a falsification of record. I contacted the investigator told him what Greenburgh Police said to also include the office who took the accident report and faxed over a copy of the official police report which did not contain a accident diagram. Depsite official proof, the Accident Invesitator stated, "Well we have to use everything as evidence." As I again, over and over advised him that clearly the othe driver submitted a falsified report and he now had in his possession the actual report, he still refused to not use all the reports. I contacted and sent all the reports to the NY State Insurace Department and they sent me a letter stating Geico was in its right to use the report despite knowing it was clearly falsified. I supplied all the official reports to NY State Department of Insurance and to Geico and clearly it was evident the othe driver drew in their own picture and used a different font to type up an unofficial report they claimed to be the official police report and even placed the officers name, badge number at the bottom as if he was the orignator of the report, which he clearly denied at the station. Geico rendered a 50/50 decision and did in fact use the falsified police report.

This is not fictitious and very much real. Accident Investigators name was Lewis Arnold from Geico. Both NYS Department of Insurance and this blithering idiot refused to take into account with overwhelming evidence provided that the piece of garbage who hit me submitted a falsified report. Geico Investigator repeadedly stated he was using all the reports as evidence despite having had the correct official copy from Greenburg Police in his possession along with the falsified report.

Clearly goes to show that Geico is filled with ### who could care less about facts and are programs to funcion at a level below the level of a ###. Initially I contemplated getting an attorney, but the time(which I don't have) and money to pursue this was beyond my reach. I am in the process of switching over my Auto, Home and Umbrella policy from Geico to another insurance carrier. The new agent who is facilitating this transition was speechless when I presented him with the official reports and the falisified reports.

Stay away from these pieces of ###. The commercials are cool, but that is all they are worth nothing more.


Cancelled my tahoe policy as of oct. 6 2010 and added a different vehicle. was told I was being pro-rated from the oct 1st to oct 6th for 94.00 when my policy payments were only 70.00 originally.

Asked to speak to a supervisor, was put on hold then told they would call me back within 2 hours... that was 10 hours ago.

Anything wrong here?

Rip off maybe?

  • Na
    Nancy Lewis May 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Read my comment of today and sue them.

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  • Li
    Lisa West Oct 02, 2011

    Geico is the worst insurance company I have every tried to work with. They are total liars and scammers. I wish i could sue them for everything they are worth. They charged me 695.00 for a 6 months premiem that was suppose to be for full coverage which is Michigan law. So I think everything is fine until I into an accident 10 days later. I call them to make a claim and they tell me i only have liability insurance and that the are not responsible for anything else. I said are you people crazy, i would not just pay that kind of money for just liability and that i owed on the vehicle that was totaled in the wreck. They said they were sorry but i should have checked everything with the agent on line who wrote up the policy and i told them to play back the recording and i know for a fact he quoted and we agreed to full coverage policy. Which is the law in Michigan if you owe on your vehicle which i did. They said they did not monitor every call so therefore is was word against the agent. I would have never authorized or gave my credit card information for that amount for only liability insurance, that quote was for full coverage. So know i have no car, have to pay off for a car i don't have plus i am also responsible for towing and storage on a car i don't even have. Plus no car or transportation for work which i will probably lose my job because i work 25 miles away and have to transportation now. All Because of a bunch of bate a switch low lifes who care nothing about their business but to screw hard working people out of their money. Their should be a law against companies like this. The supervisor you can never reach and the rest are just a bunch of uncaring flunkies who are paid not to care what you have to say, i am so disgusted with these people, believe me if i had the money i would sue these thieves for everything they are worth where they could never do this to other innocent trusting people! Anyone have any ideas, maybe a class action lawsuit for all of us that been hurt by his scamming company?

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  • Na
    Nancy Lewis Oct 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You don't need much money to sue them, which is what you should do, because a verbal promise should hold up in court. If full coverage is the law in your state, they shouldn't have sold you anything else and were derelict if they did. Since they are probably located in another state than yours, file a diversity suit in federal court for fraud and claim damages. If you need advice, I'll help you if you don't want to hire a lawyer, which is of course your best bet, but not your only one. That's what I try to do with my nonprofit Advocacy Unlimited. If you qualify, you can get free process for the filing fee, which is I think just a few hundred. I'm taking them to court Oct. 17 for what they did to me and I think I will win. Good luck.

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  • Na
    Nancy Lewis Oct 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    And who is your lienholder? Because they should have objected to the coverage Geico sold you. Sue them, too.

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  • Na
    Nancy Lewis Oct 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should be able to get a lawyer to take your case on contingency, because it's a no-brainer. You can email me at [email protected] or call me at 505 819-1339.

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  • Su
    Supjon Sep 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am appalled that geico has to resort to beastiality, ie: Maxwell the pig to sell insurance, . I'm referring to the commercial where the pig ends up on a date with the blonde girl. Needless to say I am so offended that I do not intend to renew my policy with them

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rip off

Geico is a rip-off. I had an accident in 2007/08. A fender bender that I was not ticketed at fault for. Geico decided I was at fault so they paid the claim and added an $83 surcharge every 6 months ($498 over the course). Claim wasn't even $400. Another fender bender, other persons fault. Sheriff had us exchange info - no tickets. I let Geico know what happened. Next thing I know, no notice - they pay a $600 claim (for a scuff mark!!) to this person. When I call them they say they decide who is at fault and it sounded like I was... WTH!? So now I have a $113 surcharge per 6mth. Here's the kicker. My insurance with the $83 surcharge was $655 in 11/09. With the $113 surcharge+ lapse fees $798 in Jan. Lapse fee and NO surcharge $850 and now renew with $113 surcharge is over $1000. My insurance before the surcharge was only $500. So with a $113 surcharge = $613 not 1100... Back when my husband had an SSR22 and it was over with I called them to adjust the insurance rate = they flat out lied and said it hadn't added anything to the insurance. I had to switch companies for them to fix it. They're trained to lie and raise rates every chance possible. Even when we moved from 1 street to another in the same town it went up, got a "revision" quote to move back and yep raised it instead of going back to the rate it was. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy.

deceptive business practices

Watch out for geico. They are masters at stalling your claim, all the while pretending to be sympathetic, etc. They will 'change their mind' about required documentation, and demand it at the last minute, knowing that professionals have inadequate time to comply; they will change reps. On you about 1/2 way through the statute of limitations, and indicate that all the previously provided records from another agent are "lord knows where!"

Their goal is to push the consumer into a corner up against the 2 year statute and then offer you peanuts, and you either sue or like me just get stuck with the bills. They nauseate me!

will not refund/added driver

I had GEICO for several years, when my daughter turned 18, in September of 2008 we had her get her own insurance policy. In December of 2008 she let her policy lapse. January 1 of 2009, I sat her down and we went through progressive where she got a new policy for herself. Apparently GEICO readded her to MY policy on January 28, 2009 as her policy had lapsed. They never notified me, couldn't tell me what the increase was in my policy (it was renewal). They never asked me if she had coverage. I cancelled my policy with them in July of 2010 at which time I found out that she was on my policy, she wasn't listed on any of my documents, but, I was being charged for her. I provided the information showing she had her own insurance, and they are dragging their feet in refunding me the money. funny if I didn't pay my premium they would cancel my policy on me.

raised extremely high premiums

My husband and I were insured with Geico for almost 20 years. We had our first accident a few months back and they had to pay for a replacement for the wrecked vehicle about 2700.00 minus the 500.00 deductable. Then when pulling out of a store, another truck hit us in the back and even though Geico was investigating this as a fraud case, they had originally paid him 300.00, just so they could close the case. In so doing this, it went against our insurance, even though we called and informed Geico of the incident, stating we were not at fault, and the agent at Geico clearly said not to worry, our rates would not go up and they woould check into the incident, Geico still paid the 300.00 and because of this they decided to raise our insurance rates from around 600.00 every six months to almost 2700.00 every six months. Geico is not allowed to drop you, unless they pay out more in claims on you, than you have actually paid in your premiums over the length of time you have been insured with their company, but you are not protected from the highest premiums they can charge you. I had heard lots of horror stories about Geico doing this to customers, but because we had never had any problems with Geico, I chose to stay with them. I wish now I had taken all those people for their word, as to what they were complaining about in regards to Geico, because Geico got us listed as a high risk and no one wants to actually look at the circumstances about our claims and we are stuck paying extremely high premiums with the absolute least amount of coverage for our vehicles. Once you are listed as a high risk, you are stuck with those high premiums for at least 3 years and if you get any kind of citation or ticket or accident of any kind, refardless of fault, you can be dropped and black listed again. I beg any one who reads this to please just think before you get your insurance through Geico. You can also go to a website called LexisNexis, which is where most of the insurance companies go to get reports on consumers and this is how they make most of their decisions, to charge you the rates they chose for you. If you go to the website, you are entitled to get one free full disclosure file on yourself, once a year, as required by law, they have to give it to you. It shows your credit report, your employment history and driving record. The report is free and I think everyone should know what is in their reports. I learned of this site through a friend of mine, whom just started selling auto insurance. Anyway, I just wanted to let anyone reading this about my experience with Geico and how I had ignored what others had to say about Geico and I ultimately paid the price for not listening. One more thing, even if you are in an accident, which is clearly not your fault and even though the other driver is ticketed, the incident has to be reported to your insurance company because the police were involved, do not think this does not effect your premiums, because it does. There is a scoring system in place which the insurance companies use and everything you do drops your score. Now, get this, if you move into a home and the address of this new home is listed from the previous owners as being the address of drivers, who happen to have a really bad driving record, you loose points for this, because they only see that address as the address associated with the bad driver and since they have no way of knowing, even with all this technology, that you are not just living their with those people, they consider that a high risk. You know why? Because that person might still be living there and might possibly be driving your vehicle. Now that is a real kick in the backside. Anything to be able to get more money from you and throw you into a high risk category, so if you drop your present insurance company and go to another company, they can look at your score and that is all she wrote. My credit rating is very high, so believe me when I say, they do not just go by your credit score. Your credit score is only a small part of what they use to decide the amount of your premiums. There is a website which has hundreds of items which the insurance companies, as well as other businesses, such as employers and landlords, use to determine, the rates they charge you for premiums, if you get hired for the job, or if you are suitable to be a tenant. However, I am not sure of the exact website, which as everything that effects your score, and it may have been a link from the website LexisNexis, but I am pretty sure, if you type it into a search engine, you might be able to find it. I do apologize for not having that site available. Anyway, if by my posting this complaint, I am able to help even one person from making the same mistake I did, by not listening to the advice on Geico, then I am thankful that it helped you. I just do not understand how our world has become so greedy with money, that people are just numbers and that big companies, such as Geico's actions can cause so much hardship on the customers, and it not make any difference to them. We are just people, who are not given any considerations for circumstances, like it was 30 years ago, when people were good for their word and trust was very important, when it was attached to a name. Good luck everyone.

towing service

Today I was driving down the road when suddenly my transmission went out. I called the wonderful GEICO for assistance in towing my vehicle to the shop. The agent said to me that i was covered and that the towing service would be there in 60 minutes or less. I waited 4 hours and nobody ever showed up to tow my truck. I called GEICO 3 different times to figure out what was going on and they were no help at all to me. I ended up having to call a friend of mine to go and get a car hauler to come pick my truck up. I drive a 2005 F150 truck and we had to push my truck up onto the trailer in order to get it to the shop. I have full coverage and road side assistance, but apparently the service is only available to the people on the GEICO commercials. If you are going to advertise a service, then you need to back it up. Customer of 20 years with GEICO, thanks for you help little lizard!


My daughter, who is 18, recently went off to college in DC (we live in NC) so I called Geico to remove her from my policy since she was costing me a fortune! First they said they couldn't remove her unless she showed she had coverage elsewhere. I explained to them that she doesn't even have a car since DC has a wide metro system. Then they came back and said they need proof she's in school. I faxed them her acceptance letter and her school i.d. - that wasn't enough! Then they said they needed a utility bill, lease or bank statement with her new address. Should be simple right? Well, my daughter lives in a dormitory. She has no utility bill or lease. When we tried getting a change of address from Wachovia, they said they don't accept P.O. boxes as mailing addresses!! So EXACTLY WHAT DOES GEICO WANT ME TO DO???? Keep an 18-year old, who lives 400miles away from me and doesn't drive, on my policy that's costing me $3, 0000/6-months?!!!

Both Geico and Wachovia policies are outrageous if you have a student living in a dorm. How am I supposed to fix this problem!

unauthorized withdrawal

I received an online quote from Geico for $444 for 6 months of auto insurance. I accepted and gave all my...

poor claims practices

Recently my ex wife was hit in the side by a Geico insured driver who ran a stop sign out on to a main highway. The field adjuster from Geico did a very quick & efficient job of having her car fixed & covering the repair expenses.

After that point Geico service became unbelievably horrible. The claims adjuster for the ambulance & medical bills was rude, would not return calls and very untruthful. Not a single person in Geico's customer service department could give any reliable or honest answers and finaly after several weeks & jumping through Geico's maze of hoops trying to get the bills paid Geico ended up sending a check that was worthless. I mean worthless as in the Geico insurance check bounced!

If you get hit by a Geico insured driver don't waste time trying to be nice or believing their advertising BS just get a lawyer & have done with it.

  • Is
    ishoulddowhat Aug 29, 2011

    First I am sorry that you had that experience. Also I would like to explain something about insurance the GEICO way. They have everything split up into different departments to handle one claim. In your case the problem isn't with the customer service but with the liability adjuster. They are lisenced by your states standards and the only ones able to answer questions about your claim. You need to contact the liability adjusters supervisor or there manager and so forth. Also the only time you need an attorney is for bodily injury claims because they can make a difference. When you accept the payment and cash the check you are done. As for the actual damage to your vehicle the attorney's actually slow down the process and insurance company's pay a flat rate across the board. I am only taking a stab at the bounced payment. That sounds like they pulled the check after it was printed. I would need more information to tell you how to get help with this. Did anyone contact you and advise you that check was pulled or reversed? Did you bounce any checks because of this?

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  • Ir
    Irridum Aug 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will start at the bottom of your reply and work up. No one contacted us about the check and neither us or our bank representative was able to get any answers from Gieco or their bank about it.According to our bank the Gieco check failed to clear due to insuffucent funds. The lack of their division of the bank to communicate with ours was more unsettling that the insurance issues since our business and personal financials Were handled by divisions of the same banking corporation. Naturally we have since changed banks.

    The decision to hire an attorney was made After we spoke repeatedly to Gieco supervisors, managers and others. My wife has worked in a local insurance office for 22yrs and I have operated a company which does dozens of insurance jobs a year for a little over 28yrs. Tennessee Insurance & Commerce standards are something we both are very familiar with. Both of us were easily able to tell the Geico representatives were either poorly trained or purposely incompetent.

    As for an attorney slowing down the repair process I have heard from other business owners that an attorney does slow down the process in metropolitan areas but again I have been in business 28yrs with an average of 23 vehicles in my fleet and have never had a problem here in a rural area.

    Out of all the insurance companies I have had to deal with over the years Gieco has been by far the worse ever.

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  • Ge
    geicosux Mar 18, 2013

    i have a hail damage claim on my vehicle, they took over 35 days to even look at my vehicle after repeated calls to them my adjuster and the supervisor of the claims dept.After looking at my car they said it was about a $1000 dollar claim, when i took it to the body shop, they laughed and said it was closer to double that, so i contacted geico and they referred me to one of their repair shops, their own shop said it was closer to 2500 dollars. now they hired a lawyer to try and get the case dismissed because they said i did not let them look at my car, lmao after they sent me a check for the first adjusting by their adjuster after seeing my car.Geico is a terrible company for being honest and paying claims. I do beleive they practice unfair trade practices and dont act in good faith to indemnify you of your loss.I have been an insurance broker for ten years and have never seen anything like this incompetency or lack of caring for your time or claim. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO ANY OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY. GEICO DONT PAY CLAIMS AND ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS.LIARS.LIARS.

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I had motorcycle insurance with GEICO for 5 years. Two motorcycles were stolen from inside my gated property...

you can't trust you have coverage

I had been a faithful Geico customer for over 5 years. Paid bills on time, no issues. I changed bank accounts and submitted my information to Geico. They never updated their system, then sent me a letter informing me my bank information was wrong in their system when they tried pulling my monthly payment. Per their bs letter, my account was still active, I just needed to call and verify my bank information. I called and found out that they cancelled my policy. Apparently it had been cancelled for almost a month before they sent me a letter. When asked why send me the letter, they denied they sent it even though I was holding it in my hand. I drove around for a month, unknowningly without car insurance. Then they offered me new insurance at twice what I was paying because I had been "without insurance for over 30 days". TOTAL SCAM!!!

  • Ge
    Geico is unethical Jul 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just found out that I did not have insurance since April! Geico decided that they would go ahead and add another vehicle to my policy when I only asked for a quote. when they tried to take 800 out of my account the bank did not authorize it. They were to be taking only $160.00 a month. Basically, they decided to cancel my policy when they did not get $800.00 and I was in an accident last week called to report it and they said I have not been covered since April. I NEVER received any notice from them and they were to be taking it out of my account monthy. I di not check statements for May, June so did not notice it did not come out. they are telling me it was cancelled for non payment when they were to be taking it out of my account. So, here I am driving around a few months without any insurance and they won't even discuss the matter with me.

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dropped policy

20 Minutes Or Less!!! More like 20 days or less, I recentley Saw an advertisment on T.V about how Geico can save me money and beat out the competition as far as low rates .I went online and filled out a application to insure my vehicle, I was extremely happy with the rate so i called up an spoke with a live agent, gave her my reference number and Credit card to get the policy started .Gecko readily accepted my 1st payment then email me my New insurance I.d cards .Everything seem so easy "A Cave Man Could Do It" So i canceled my prior insurance with Progressive, now im under the impression that im now playing for the Gecko Team.
WELL guess what in 10 days I recieved a Letter in the mail that they refered to it as a new "POLICY QUESTIONER" i filled it out to the "T" and sent it back, do you know that i got another letter back via the mail Stating that my POLICY is being cancel cause i didnt put the exact year which mind you was 1995 and on the questioner i put 1994" a honest mistake so now im left without a insurance company and the urgre to beat up that Talking gecko for the RECORDS "GEICO IS A B.S Company that believes in collect your money and cancel your policy in 20 mins or less.p.s "SHAME ON ALL THE UNDERWRITTERS IN THE WOODBURY L.I BRANCH.

thanks geico!

I have been a loyal geico customer since 1996. I have never been in an accident so I have never had a problem...

what sorry service and what monsters the people at geico

If your customer rear ends another person on the freeway, how can you possibly deny the claim. My dad hadn't changed lanes, he just had to slow down for traffic. He and his vehicle were injured and all they can give us is "the other driver had a different story." I'm looking at the police report. She hit him. What sorry service and what monsters the people at Geico. My dad is 75 and they are hoping he will just go away if they give him enough trouble. I guarantee, I won't go away. These people are despicable.

  • Ed
    EducatedinInsurance May 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well it's hard to answer this question, because you haven't said why they denied the claim. Maybe the person didn't pay their insurance bill. Without proper information no one will be able to give you a correct answer as to why.

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  • Ed
    EducatedinInsurance May 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, the situation is this, a police report cannot be a testimony to what happened in the accident because the police officer did not see the accident. The Police report is only the officer's opinion of what happened, and are not admissible in court. If the only driver is saying it happened differently then how is Geico to take one driver's word over anothers, if there are no independent witnesses to the accident then if sounds like it may be a word vs word dispute.

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  • Ga
    garcia004 Jun 09, 2010

    They did the exact same thing to me. One of their insured rear ended me. 100% his fault, he admitted it at the scene. Geico denied it saying "our insured tells a different story". The evidence speaks for itself, he slammed into me from the back. They didnt come look at my car. They did absolutely no investigation whatsoever. They denied the claim so they wouldnt have to pay out of their pockets what was completely their insured's fault.

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  • Sh
    ShawnJStewart Dec 27, 2010

    Contact your states insurance commisioner with this complaint. They may already know of this and could be investigating it, or they can explain why it is legal for Homeland to do this. Either Homeland is violating an insurance law, or your state allows Homeland to do business like this. Nothing happens in insurance without prior approval from a State Insurance Commisioner.

    Either way, I feel you were taken advantage of and you should also report this to your local representative, like your senators or congressman...ask them if this is what they voted for with reform??

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  • Sh
    ShawnJStewart Dec 27, 2010

    My post was posted to the wrong complaint. My apologies.

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  • Tr
    travelbug10 Feb 18, 2011

    I have had the same experience recently in that I am the victim when a 9-year old kid threw rocks at my parked car when the father was there. The father is trying to deny some of the damage and Geico is believing him. It's outrageous. The police were called and the father initialy admitted the damage.

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possible insurance fraud

I had ins. with allstate & decided to switch to geico because they were cheaper.After a couple of weeks when i had ins. with geico, Allstate called & said they might be able to beat geico's price if i would come down & talk to them.Dec.9/2009 I signed backup with Allstate at about 1:30pm.That afternoon I called geico & told them I wanted to cancel & I was going back to allstate.I told the person I talked to, that Allstate was going to start ins. on 12/16/09(because I told allstate, my ins. with geico was good until the 15th) & I wanted to let my ins. run up until that date.After a few minutes on hold she came back & said I would owe $2 & some odd cents for one more day, because my policy is pd. up untill12/14/09.I said, fine, because I had it set up on auto draft so its no big deal.She took a few minutes to set everything up on the computer & we said bye & hung up.On 12/15/09 my daughter was driving the car & the brakes failed.She hit the car in front of her.Thank God no body got hurt.I met her at the accident a few minutes later.I told the guy she ran into that geico was really going to be mad because my ins. was going back to allstate midnight tonight.The guy she ran into called a couple of hours later & said there was a problem with the ins.the next day i talked to geico & they said I was not covered, My ins. was expired 12/14/09 at 12:00pm.I explained to them the conversation I had 12/09/09 at 5:30 pm with the woman at geico & they said they would check the records & recordings.I argued with them 3 or 4 times on the telephone over a period of about a month.monday I have to send out a ck. to a collection agency for 1/4 down & make payments for 2yrs.to pay for the car repair because I don't have proof of the conversation about her adding 1 more day at $2 & someodd cents.So here I sit all Broke & Hearted.I certainly hope this message helps somebody in the future.May God bless all of you.

  • Po
    poopooonu Dec 18, 2010

    I am so sick of Geico and their lies I could scream!

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  • Po
    poopooonu Dec 18, 2010

    I was rear ended by a woman who admitted it was her fault. We are both with Geico. On calling I have been told to use my medicare and pay the remaining 20% myself, (to see a chiro.) I was told that if I went through her policy number that I would be investigated, I was told that we wouldn't know if she was covered for 7-10 days, Maybe because I am older, not as pretty, or didn't drive a Mercedes. I was asked for a list of meds that I had been taking on the 3rd call(like I had done something to cause this), it goes on and on, every time I call I get the run around and was told by the rep. that she didn't believe this woman was really a careless driver, (I told them exactly why she was). I've paid them every 6 months for probably the last 11 years. The policeman said it was very clear to see the damage on my car. If they were driving with out proper insurance, wouldn't they be driving illegally? Would it do me any good to contact the state insurance commissioner? They haven't even sent an adjuster out to look at my car, I had to find someone myself to look and see if it was still driveable.

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will not reinsure

After 9 years with the company, clean driving record, no tickets, no claims. I was refused to be insured because I had gone without a car for less than 3 months.
They actually told me to get insurance through another company and then come back! I told them that was silly! What kind of company tells their best customers to go away?
They apologized for the "glitch"...but it is apparent they hold "policy" far above their customers, because they could see that I had insurance through them before.
They also refused to give me contact informafion for anyone that had the authority to override this decision.

  • Mb
    mbd007 Feb 22, 2010

    What do you want from a company who's mascot is a lizard...

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  • Wp
    Wpayton5599 Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would go to another insurance company and not worry about it. It sounds like the person you spoke with had her hands tied.

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