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why did they charge me 79.00 if you by law cant fix my computer or even diagnose it correctly

Geek squad took my alienware laptop in to do a diagnostic on it they then called said they could not even work on my computer and said it was a motherboard problem I took it elsewhere and it was not a motherboard problem at all it was a corrupted harddrive. My problem with geek squad is why did you charge me 79.00 if you by law cant fix my computer or even diagnose it correctly wouldnt the time to tell me you could not even fix it be before the diagnostic. I find this a very sloppy run business and will encourage anyone who ask me to not go to your company why would any body come to your company if you can not let them know ahead of time that they are just giving you 79.00 for nothing you misdiagnose and still cant by law work on it tell the consumer first this is so shady.

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    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010


    By law they CAN work on it and you were charged $69.99 :P . They just aren't authorized to replace parts under MFG warranty (probably what you keep referring to about not being able to work on it by law). GS runs hardware tests that can rule out bad hard drives BUT it is a sloppily run business and the 'agent' working on your computer probably doesn't know what he is doing since (for the most part) they don't hire technical savvy employees.

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takes ages to repair my computer

I purchased a Toshiba laptop from Best Buy in May of 2009. The tracker pad went bad and Toshiba told me to take it in for replacement. The Toshiba rep gave me two options: get it to a Toshiba service center or take it in to Best Buy's Geek Squad. I'm writing this review because I made the wrong choice. The store failed to tell me their shuttle service only delivers to the service center on certain days. There was an initial delay of 4 days between the store's acceptance of the defective unit and its delivery to the service center. The current excuse for the delay in repair (already four days from being one month and the unit has not even been checked out) is that there was a scheduled system maintenance at their facility, which created a downtime of one-and-one-half weeks. The representative I spoke to this morning tells me the techs may look at my laptop this week and then they will undoubtedly have a parts delay. If I'm lucky I'll have it back in a couple of weeks. Next time, I'll drive the unit to Toshiba's service center and forego dealing with the GS!

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    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010


    Sounds like, LOL, they shipped it to the wrong service center. The shuttle service you speak of is not for laptops or desktops shipped to a repair facility. All laptops or desktops get shipped to what they call Geek Squad City and they are shipped via UPS on a daily basis (except weekends). So they definitely do not know what they are doing and it takes a week or so to get a misshipped unit back from a service center to take 5 more days to get it to the correct one. There was no "down-time" at the repair facility they are obviously lying to cover up their mistake.

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Resolved did not replace defective part for freezer

My dad called Geek squad regarding a defective ice maker We were not happy with a particular technician who did not want to replace the part.We contacted customer service regarding this person. They told him they would send someone else out to replace it. But the next day the same Man came back with another excuse to not replace the part. It is 10 hours later and the ice maker has made one small tray of ice. So we still have a defective Ice maker. We've had this problem now for over a month.What can we do?

Resolved overpriced

When my girlfriend decided to break up with me I didn’t expect for my PC to take the brunt of that relationships demise. I found it partially embedded in the front yard along with my clothes, “my now in more pieces” record collection, “special” pictures of us, my 2 month old laptop, and MY DOG! I loaded up my belongings and found new accommodations. When I finally settled in after a few weeks I decided to fire up the computer and see what damage had been caused. It unfortunately would not load into Windows. It started and got to the welcome screen but would then freeze and got stuck and then restart after awhile. I took it Geek Squad and had them diagnose the problem. In a few days I got a call stating that I needed a new hard drive, to have the Windows operating system reinstalled (+all my programs) and if I wanted any of my old photos, files and music, I would need also to purchase a data recovery service. He then told me what it would cost $650 total to be solvent again. Being a little skeptical at this point, especially because I had just bought the computer for $850 less than two months ago I did a little research on Geek Squad .After finding numerous reviews, with pretty much the same ending, I concluded that it was too expensive to have inexperienced, and overpriced high school students fix my ‘new’ computer. I picked up my machine and went in search of an alternative.
My new roommate then told me about a company called Secure Remote Support. They had been used to help out in his office when a bunch of computers had got virus’ and infections. I looked them up on his computer and called them. I told them the problems and they said before committing to purchase their overpriced services to take advantage of their free diagnosis. I decided that sounded logical so I proceeded with the diagnosis. In 25 minutes I was told that the hard drive didn’t need replacing; the computer just needed to be cleaned and configured properly. And the Windows Operating System would not need to be reinstalled! He did recommend allowing them to perform a Spyware/Malware Sweep as well as an optimization service to speed it up to its full potential. I agreed to have them do it and within 45 minutes it was back in my hands and I was back on the internet. For the entire service it only cost me $104.99 and I even got a “No Fix No Pay” guarantee with it. It’s definitely getting far more for far less than the Geek Squad.

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    Micahel Hoffman Mar 29, 2010

    Like lots of people I don’t think about needing a computer repair service until something goes wrong. When something eventually went wrong, it happened to be a virus (or malware?) Basically computer VD. My laptop was infected and I kept receiving pop ups that promised to enhance my manliness and win the hearts of every woman with a pulse. With self-convincing male bravado I decided that I did not need these types of offers and started looking for a Computer Repair Doctor that had the right antidote to cure my highly embarrassed machine. I took it to Geek Squad and from the moment I dropped it off I had somewhat of a bad feeling. The 17 year old kid that took it looked like he was more concerned with brushing away the hair from his face than to actually writing down my PCs symptoms. He then said, “it would be like a week before you can pick it up.” To which I replied, “Aight dude”, trying to speak his prepubescent lingo for maximum detail retention. When a week passes I head into the Geek Squad to pick up my machine when I find out it hasn’t even been started on. After speaking with two managers, I decided it was in my ailing machine (and my interest) to not waste anymore of my time with this place and take my computer home. I called around to some local shops and everyone wanted an arm and a leg to repair it, including charging diagnosis fees (which from my research are included most of time.) I ended up Googling and found an online repair company called Secure Remote Support. I called, asked about rates of charge and how long it would take. I was sold a Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal Package for $79 and $25 for an Optimization Service (some promo they were offering.) He then connected to my computer through the internet and within 45 minutes my computer was cleaned out and sped up. I didn’t have to unplug anything, take it anywhere and I was able to watch my DVR’s episodes of American Idol while it all took place. How convenient is that? I would have to say to anyone who is thinking about taking their computer to Geek Squad for any reason should visit secureremotesupport [DOT] com first before you waste your time elsewhere.

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  • Mi
    Micahel Hoffman Mar 29, 2010

    When the soda I was enjoying was inadvertently shared with my computer and caused its abrupt demise, I was both sad and a bit happy. I was happy not because my frosty beverage now made a carbonated swimming pool out of my computer but because now I finally had a valid reason to replace the old machine. I proceeded down to the nearest Geek Squad after cleaning up the sticky catastrophe. I browsed through the selection of desktop computers as well as some laptops. I finally found one that I was satisfied with and purchased it. I then spoke to someone at the Geek Squad counter to ask about my files on my “Pop Machine” sitting at home. They said they could recover the files and put them on my new laptop for me. All for an additional charge of course. I said okay and left my new laptop purchase with them and went and retrieved my old computer. After a few days pass, I call and ask about my computers and I am told they are not done with the service. I call back again in 4 more days and am now frustrated when I am told it is still not complete. Somewhat frustrated, I ask the ‘technician’ about the normal turnaround time for a service like this. When they tell me it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, I explain to them that I need them much quicker than that and I am picking them up immediately and to have them ready for me. I pick them up and am somewhat upset about the fact that I have to wait 10 minutes in line, and listen to other customers complaints about time issues and that its their third time there, also another customer said this is the 3rd week his machine has been there. I go home and look online for some recommendations for a data recovery service that will actually help me. In my research I was able to find a company called Secure Remote Support and sent them my computers. Four days later I had both computers back, a few CDs with my data on them and all of my personal files had been transferred to my new laptop. After the experience I had just had, the only thing I can say is WOW. I couldn’t believe how fast and efficient they were compared to Geek Squad they were. I wish I had found them before wasting my time with Geek Squad. Plus they installed an antivirus for my new computer and sped it up by removing all those annoying programs that come on every new computer, too! Thanks again.

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  • Up
    Upandrunningllc Dec 01, 2010

    we fix lots of laptops that the Geek Squad says are unrepairable or that their estimate exceeds the actual cost of repair by hundreds of dollars. I just did a power jack repair on a Toshiba that took me about an hour plus a few dabs of epoxy and the GS was going to ship it off to Toshiba depot and charge the client almost as much as the laptop cost initially. They are SALESMEN first and Technicians second, because they are commission-driven. Unfortunately they have huge advertising budgets and great brand recognition—something a small-town PC repair shop cannot afford. Also the GS charges about 2.5X what we charge for "nuke and redo" where the operating system is reloaded and data is backed up and restored.

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Resolved fraud

My husband called the Geek Squad to come out and look at my computer because it was running a little slower than usual and was about time for a clean up.

When we called them we set up an appointment for the 1pm the next day.

At nearly 1:30 we called to find out what the holdup was, and they apologized saying our Geek was on the way.

At 2:15 (or there about) we finally get a knock on the door by the Geek who was names James.

He came in, and got to work.

I was shocked when he answered his cell phone FOUR times throughout the appointment.

That wasnt the only thing that upset me, however.

It took him almost FIVE hours to fix my computer.

I understand if I had some raging virus or something of that sort, but I didnt!

Anyways, he was polite and friendly aside from the phone answering and he did his job decently.

However, upon telling my friend about my experience she told me about a company her husband uses -- Secure Remote Support.

When my son had a problem with his computer we called these guys and they were genuinely professional and were afforable.

From here on out I know where my future business is going - and where my problems will be solved fast.

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Resolved geek squad sucks

Last week my computer stopped working as it should so I took it to Best Buy. The Geek Squad representative that i delivered it to told me they would notify me when the diagnosed the problem. Almost a week passed when I called to "check up" on their progress when I was told they hadn't found the source of the issue yet. A bit frustrated I asked what they'd been doing with my computer this whole time. He replied it was waiting on a shelf for the next available technician. Upon hearing this I decided to do some research on their service. Much to my dismay I found endless amounts of complaints. And tons of recommendations as alternatives such as secure remote support. I picked up my computer after another week. So total it took them two weeks to accomplish what seems could have been handled within a few hours.

Resolved poor service

I am not what you consider a "computer savy" person. I can turn it on, send and receive email, and purchase to school books. About a month ago I received a call from my bank asking about some questionable purchases. I stated, "No those were not infact NOT my purchases" and was promptly sent a new card. Concerned I traced back my spending and suspected an online purchase was the source. My roommate then suggested that my pc might be infected. UGH!
With limited experience I was weary of some of the advertised computer repair services. So I called the biggest name I could find, the Geek Squad and made my appointment. The technician came to my home a couple of days later and proceeded to work on the infection. $250 dollars later, the technician finished his service thanked me for my business and left. 2 days later I get another call from my bank asking about another $900 charge for on my new card. Again I said, "No". By this time I frustrated and concerned about my rent check bouncing. I called GS to alert them to the recurring issue that their technician failed to correct. Upon calling I was rudely told I must have done something to reinfect my machine. I am 100% that it is still the same intrusion as I only use this for school. The representative was also unwilling to even consider that they didn't fix it properly and I was promptly told they could not help me any further. So I was left with a computer that is sharing my personal financial information with the world.
I started searching the web for an alternative when I found, Secure Remote Support, which offered to fix my issues for less than half the cost of the Geek Squad. Wow! I wish I would have known that before I just gave away $250. And being a college student and being on a budget, I opted for the $79.99 virus removal service. After remotely connecting to my netbook (I didn't even know that was possible), Joe hopped in the driver seat and in 2 hours my computer was operating flawlessly again. The malicious program was indentified and removed and I was given the "No Fix No Pay" Guarantee. A couple of weeks have passed and I am happy to say that I have had no more strange charges to my card and the issue my PC had are no longer mine. :) Thank you

Resolved attempted to charge me for uneccesary repairs

When I got to work yesterday morning and fired up the Laptop, I got the dreaded blue screen. Not good. I then tried about 10 more times to shut down and restart. Still no luck.

I could have been patient and UPS's the laptop up to our IT people in the bay area. But I have ALL of my work on there and can't afford to be without a computer for a week or so.

So, I decided to go to Geek Squad near my house in Temecula. I have bought many items @ Best Buy over the years and have always received great service so I figured they would treat me right.

Oh, was I ever so wrong to make that assumption!!!

I had a bad feeling in my gut right when I walked up to the counter when Mr. "No eye contact", head down with no personality quickly told me $70 to diagnose it. To his credit he did on machine, wrote down error code, went to the back room and Googled it, and came back out and said it was most likely NOT a hard drive crash. WHEW! OK, I am thinking, this guy is probably legit. They then said they would run diagnostic and contact me on my cell in a little bit.

At the end of the day, and about 4 calls later (they never called me of course), I finally was told that they had run the diagnostic. The diagnosis? The Geek told me I had over 500 viruses and malware infecting my poor Dell. Hmmmmm? I immediately was suspicious. The laptop was running full speed until that morning. Furthermore, I am somewhat computer savvy - I have a top notch antivirus/spyware/firewall program installed that is monitored by an excellent IT company we contract with. So when I immediately questioned they guy, he stutters a little and says "well, some of the, were cookies and stuff like that". No no no, can't be, I have my settings set to auto remove all of that stuff upon log out each day.

So, I get home and figure, what the heak, let's start it and see what happens! And, low and behold, the damn thing boots right up. Did Geek Squad know that is was fixed, or maybe saw the error on the registry or wherever and repaired and then decided to soak me for another $230?

As I thought about more, I came to the logical and obvious conclusion, OF COURSE THEY KNEW. They would have to have restarted to the laptop after the diagnostic and they would have seen it was running fine, don't ya think? And if not, they are DORKS and NOT Geeks.

I am by far no computer Wiz, or in this case, a Geek. But I know enough to smell a rat here. It is just a shame they are trying to unethically make a few extra bucks under the Best Buy umbrella.

I am going to now really think long and hard before I ever go back to drop down my hard earned money at a Best Buy Store ever again.

  • Ch
    chas Dec 27, 2008

    I couldn"t use my PC and called the GS. They came out told me that they had to remove everything and they did, but after they finisished it did not work the way it did b/4. The bill was $300. I called them back and was told by this "tech" it would cost another $300 to fix it. I told him to leave! I called someone else and was told it was so screwed up that it couldn't be fixed and should have been told on the first call that I should buy a new PC. This I did for less than $500.

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  • Mi
    Mimi Liu Nov 01, 2012

    Hi every one out there thinking of using the Best Buy Extended service for the TV that I purchased 3 years ago alone with an LED TV.
    My TV broke and I call them, service tech come and told me to wait 2 weeks. Once month passed, I called tech number and they told me that they will give me some thing of equal value minus depreciation. Another week pass and no call from Best Buy, so I called them, I got Britney from Kentucky who hung up on me after she could not find the information. I called back wanting to talk to a manager and I got Britney again who was completely sarcastic telling that in order for me to speak to a manager I have to give her my name and all my information again twice. FOLKS DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID, I BOUGHT 4 IPADS, 6 COMPUTERS, 2 TV ALL WITH BEST BUY EXTENDED SERVICE AND THEIR SERVICE IS REALLY POOR. I ONLY GOT LIP SERVICE AND EVERY TIME I CALLED TOOK 2 HOURS OR MORE TO GET TO THE RIGHT DEPART. TODAY I TALKED TO SCOTT (PR MANAGER) WHO ALSO TOLD ME TO WAIT FOR THE CALL. IF THERE IS ELSE WHERE THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE FROM THE MANUFACTURE ITSELF . DO IT TO AVOID PAIN FROM BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD. THEY DON'T DO SQUAD FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEEDED. I HAD MUCH BETTER SERVICES THAN BEST BUY AND ANOTHER STORES THAT I PURCHASED FROM. IT HAS BEEN OVER 1 MONTH & I STILL DON'T HAVE A TV. SO BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING THINK ABOUT IT.. MY EMAIL IS [email protected] I AM THINKING OF PUTTING A COMPLAINT WITH BBB.

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Resolved they have several incredibly stupid employees and have absolutley no regard for customers data privacy

Beware of Westwood Best Buy/Geek Squad in Los Angeles. They have several incredibly stupid employees and have absolutley no regard for customers data privacy. There are two women at this location... One of which can barely speak english and has absolutley NO IDEA how to even turn a computer on. Additionaly, there is another woman there who is just plain stupid and i have witnessed this girl attempt to leave the store with a customers hard drive. BEWARE OF POTENTIAL IDENTITY THEFT AT THE HANDS OF STUPID GEEK SQUAD AGENTS!!! I managed to obtain this persons name... it is Anabel Rodriguez. IF you must take your computer here... speak with glen enclan and request that he PERSONALY work on your computer. This person is the supervisor and he, unlike anabel rodriguez and the others, actually knows what he is doing.

Avoid the two women at this geek squad by all means possible. They are both incredibly stupid and are the type of employees that give best buy and geek squad a horrible image.

Resolved didn't fix computer

The week after Xmas, 2009. I took my Gateway Desk Top in to have a virus removed. Best Buy quoted me $200.00 and then called 3 days later to tell me it was going to be another$100. for back up...
Not a nice way to do business... Then on Sunday January 30th I attempted to copy a CD. My CD drive would not function. I then tried my DVD Drive and it didn't function either. Both Optical Drives are not functional.
The CPU doesn't even see them. When I called today, they told., Sorry there is a 30 day guarantee. I am technically past 30 days.
Instead of taking my word and seeing the actual data in the machine they told me too bad.
You can bring it in and we will look at it... So they want to charge me for something they broke. These are rank amateurs and not at all professional.
I purchase two LCD TV's, Two Computers, One Internet Radio. Two GPS Devices and Misc other stuff from Best Buy in 2009.
I will never spend anoter penny in that store.

Resolved very rude & unhelpful

They forgot to return my power cord. They were unhelpful, etc., about getting me a replacement quickly. I'm leaving out some details, but later, after I called to see when I would get the cord after hearing nothing, I was finally told they would give me a universal one if I cam in. When I came in and told the manager I was going to write a bad review online, he said twice : If you are going to threaten me then I'm not giving you a cord now, you'll have to wait till it gets back from the warehouse. Wow, very, very nasty, rude, and unapologetic. I had even worse problems recently with the Best Buy appliance department.

Resolved can't fix my problem

I purchased a Dell laptop from Best Buy, and about 3 months later noticed the hard drive would start clicking after about 1 or 2 hours of use then the computer becomes unresponsive and shuts down. I take it to Geek Squad as the warranty card instructs me to and tell them about the problem. The first person I dealt with was nice enough, he agreed with me that it would probably be a bad hard drive and would be replaced under warranty. Good enough. When I returned to pick it up, I'm speaking with a different person who told me they ran diagnostic checks on the laptop and found nothing wrong. I told him that the issue happens everytime I use the laptop where I use it for longer than an hour or two and it is definitely a problem. He continued to stand behind the fact that their diagnostics showed no problems. I asked him to take it back and look at it again. I explained the problem as detailed as I could.

Several days later I go to pick it up and get the exact same story. Diagnostics show no problems. So I take it on home, knowing this problem is not just my imagination. I get home, start up the laptop and get messages stating the laptop was not shut down properly and needed to run several lengthy checks before stating up. So not only did Geek Squad not fix the problem, they further screwed it up. I finally get the thing working and sure enough about 3 hours later the hard drive clicking returned, and the laptop shut down on me. Thanks Geek Squad for absolutely nothing except wasted gas for 3 trips to your counter, and ###s in black ties telling me I don't know what I'm talking about.

Currently I'm trying to get the issue resolved through Dell, anybody want to guess what the first thing they ask? Please run diagnostic checks on it.

  • Ia
    Ian Jan 12, 2009

    Not a trusty merchant, beware.

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  • Geeks On Call Jan 14, 2010

    In an attempt to avoid adding frustration to your already non-pleasant experience. Consider handling the issue yourself, or at least by someone qualified to assist you.

    With the price of data storage continually declining, I would suggest in purchasing a new hard drive for the laptop. Transfer the data (documents, songs, pictures, movies etc.) from that drive to another media (flash drive or DVD's). Replace the hard drive in the laptop with the new one and reload the operating system.

    With the "old" drive out of the laptop, you could either send it for warranty repair to Dell. Personally I would buy an external USB hard drive enclosure case and reformat that drive and use it as data storage. Formatting the drive will flag any bad sectors on the drive and mark them unusable.

    Though this may seem a bit extreme, and I understand that the computer is under warranty; however, how good can a warranty be if it gives you un-warranted results?

    Good luck to you.

    Geeks On Call

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Resolved perv/overpriced squad

I took my computer in after a Windows Vista service pack with a corrupt file shut down my computer. I'm...

Resolved customer service

I took in a laptop for repair on a Sunday and was informed that it would have to be sent to service center...

Resolved joke of insurance

18/10/2009 I cracked the screen on my SonyE' C510, took it to the carphone warehouse were i bought it from. I had full geeksquad insurance so they took it in for repair. 7days later i was told they couldnt repair the phone and i was to be given a replacement. The sony C510 was'nt in stock so they offered me 2 different Equivelant models, a Samsung and sony'E w395. I chose the sony because i had bought car chargers and other accessories which would fit the phone.
When i opened the phone and put my sim card and mc2 card in it, the phone would not reconise any of my own pictures or music, stating my files were to big. All my contacts from sim card had been mixed around no longer in alphabetical order. The phone itself was not THE EQUIVELANT! This phone only had a 2mp camera 'instead of 3.5', wiv no flash. No 3G, it took a long time when any buttons are pressed to get into the menus. I complained to the geek squad in writing to which they replied'' because i had signed on the day of accecping this phone there was nothing i could do'!

Resolved rip off/fraud

I live in CT. My 93 year old mother lives in FL. Her life line to her family is her computer. It went down. I...

Resolved delayed laptop repair and inconsistent communication

My laptop wireless connection stopped working so I took the laptop (still under extended warranty) to the Geek Squad desk at the Broadway Bestbuy store in Tucson. The Geek Squad "agent" indicated that the wireless card was bad and that the laptop would have to be sent out for repair. He said it typically takes less than two weeks for repair. After my computer was logged in, I browsed around the store a little, finding a carrying case I was interested in. Not knowing whether the case would fit my laptop, I went back to the Geek Squad desk and asked for my laptop from the same "agent". He brought the laptop out, and another agent asked me if I had signed "the waiver". I said I had not been asked to sign a waiver, and the first kid said "sure you were, here's a copy of the waiver I asked you to sign". It was a copy of an unsigned form that indicated I the customer refuses the "data backup service". Basically, the Geek squad will copy your hard drive onto disks for a fee, to prevent the loss of data during repair. Well, at best it was an oversight that the kid thought he asked me to sign the form, at worst he was covering his back side with a mistruth. The following day, I received an automated phone call from the Geek Squad and also an email which indicated that the Geek Squad had changed it's shipping and processing proceedures, potentially extending the time it would take to get my computer back. I called the Geek Squad, and the female "agent" who answered my call had no idea what I was talking about, first blaming the messages on a computer glitch, then on Best Buy. She said it takes up to FOUR weeks for repairs. She asked me to wait a second while she followed up, and I heard her ask an another agent what the status of my computer was. In the background I heard another agent say my laptop hadn't been shipped yet. She came back on the phone and told me that the laptop had been shipped and everything was on schedule. I asked her whether it was the two week or the four week schedule, and why I heard her associate say that it hadn't been shipped. She stamered that what I heard was in reference to another customers computer and that my computer would be repaired within four weeks. The antics of the "agents" I encountered at the Broadway Bestbuy in Tucson don't inspire confidence that I'll see my laptop anytime soon. It seems to me they could be a lot more upfront about repair proceedure and time frame. If it takes a long time for repairs, just say so. Based on my experience with the Broadway Best Buy Geek Squad in Tucson, I probably won't buy any more Best Buy extended warrantys and probably won't be asking Geek Squad for any more computer repair assistance.

  • De
    debbie32 Oct 12, 2009

    Best By extended warranties used to be the best in the business. not anymore.

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Resolved fraudulant communication

I brought my 4 year old Apple to Best Buy Geek Squad due to sporadic shut downs. After reading information on the internet about similar problems, I informed the Geek Squad that I suspected a bad power supply. They informed me that they charged a $70 diagnostics fee. They also informed me that there would be a $100 charge to add 2 gigs of RAM about which I inquired. After three days, I got a call stating that the problem was in the Operating System and that a $130 services was needed to fix the problem. The 2 gigs of RAM were now going to cost $170, not the $100 originally quoted. Service to fix the problem was OK's, but addition of the RAM was not. I had just updated the OS several months before, and never had a problem, but they are the experts, right? Several more days passed, calls were exchanged, and I was able to pick up the computer. After bringing it home, it shut off just as before. They said it was still under warranty for the services performed, and to return it. After several more days, I received a phone call stating that the problem was the power supply after all, a suspicion I reported when I brought there in the first place. I was informed by the Technician that the power supply was a "proprietary" item, to which they did not have access. "If you can bring us the part, we can put it in." Promises of obtaining the part number and returning phone calls were not kept. I was informed by the Technician that my service charge (prepaid prior to work performed) would be refunded. I informed them that I would pick up my computer and wanted a full refund, including the diagnostics charge because they withheld information about not being able to fix a suspected problem in the first place. The supervisor stated that it is not their policy to refund and that all services were OK'd by me. They offered to find and install the part, which previously was unavailable. By this time, Geek Squad had proven themselves to be non-trustworthy and inept, so further service was declined. The Geek Squad wasted 2 weeks of my time, performed unnecessary work, delayed repair of my computer, and they refused to refund any of my $212. I filed a complaint with their central public relations division, but they reported they could do nothing about securing a refund. They seemed genuinely disinterested that their employees provided misinformation, low-balled estimates, performed unnecessary services, failed to follow through on promises, and showed a pattern of general deception. Resolution will continue to be pursued.

  • Bo
    bobtheman Aug 09, 2009

    Your main problem was taking a Macintosh to Geek Squad. They have no idea how to fix Macs. All they know is how to sell stupid Windows users on things they don't need.

    You should NEVER have let them talk you into buying 2 GB of RAM. I'm not sure why you thought that would even remotely fix your issue. I'm running an old G4 Mac with 1GB of RAM and OS X. It doesn't shut down.

    That they can't buy an Apple power supply is bull. They just didn't know what they were working on. They're Windows PC scam artists, not Mac.

    You should have taken your computer to an Apple Store to be fixed.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010


    All that they care about are sales numbers. That's why they get you to pay for the services upfront because if you pay for them upfront they can "try to keep the sale" no matter how unethical they are.

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Resolved rip-off

I brought my laptop to Geek Squad at Best Buy for repair. They told me it would be $122 and took my money. Two hours later they called me at home and informed me it would be an additional $110. I reluctantly agreed to pay. The following day, they again called me and said it would now be yet an additional $125. I insisted on getting all my money back and retrieved my computer. I brought it to a local technician who fixed it perfectly for $45.

Geek Squad is probably totally incompetent and definitely totally dishonest. Never let them get hold of your computer.

  • Xr
    xrandallx Aug 09, 2009

    yea I agree Best Buy Geek Squad is a joke. you can find people to fix your computer cheaper for the prices they charge. its crazy

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  • Do
    DonnaMarie Aug 22, 2009

    My 15 year old son took $200 out of his savings account (Christmas and birthday money saved up) to have his computer fixed. We had to "pay in advance" to cover any and all software problems that may need to be fixed. If, however, they found out it was a hardware problem, we'd be charged for the specific piece of hardware and refunded the difference. When we picked up the computer, I was surprised that all they did was "remove viruses" - for $200. When we brought the computer home, we discovered that we had the same exact problem - it was not fixed. We brought the computer back in the very next day and was told that they indeed fixed the problem but now we have a video card going on the brinx. One day after we brought it home. Funny how we have the same problem now as we did before we dropped it off the first time. I never would have paid $200 to fix viruses. My son is out $200 and the computer is still not functional and they insist that they "fixed" it. What options do I have? What can I do? I think it's all a scam. I will never use the Geek Squad again or step foot in Best Buy as they obviously don't have the customers best interest in mind. "How can we get the most money out of them" appears to be their motto.

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  • Du
    DumpTheIdiots Aug 22, 2009

    What idiot pays in advance??? You get what you deserve. You get a WRITTEN ESTIMATE of what it will cost, and you sign saying the max you will pay, and you want proof that whatever they did to the computer was necessary and actually done. If they refuse, don't use them, period. You can ask them to call you and explain what they found is wrong with it, and THEN let you decide if it is worth fixing AND what you will pay for it. It's often better to just get another computer, if simply installing the software again doesn't fix a problem. Just don't get it at Besy Buy. You can also take computer to another place first to verify what was said was wrong is indeed true, then pay to get it fixed by the Geeks or someone else. Do you drop off your car, hand over money, then walk away? No! You get things in writing, and agree to terms, before any money passes hands. AND don't pay unless FIRST you can check to see if computer is working now.Duh.

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  • Du
    DumpTheIdiots Aug 22, 2009

    One more thing. My laptop suddenly wouldn't take the password to start up, and I didn't have the Toshiba master password that will open Toshibas - which repair places use to get in to repair locked computers. Hubby took it to Best Buy, and they sent it back opened and ready to use again, removed my password so I could add a new one if I wanted, and didn't charge a thing. It isn't easy to remove battery and CMOS battery to unlock everything like it is on a desk machine, or I would have done this. So I really appreciated their help. Sometimes you get taken advantage of because you LET yourself be taken advantage of. For one thing, clean your machine of viruses by getting a good anti virus program. If you don't have one, you shouldn't have a computer. Reinstall your opersting system, even if a neighbor can do it for you. If you can read, you can do it, because directions are on the disks. You can call the computer maker help line and they can actually take control of your computer and fix things - all you need to do is sit back and watch them move the mouse. This way you also see what is being done. I keep copies of everything on both computers so any time I find one hinky I not only can use the other one until I fix it, I don't worry about lost photos, programs I bought, etc.

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  • CynicalBeauty Feb 03, 2010

    I don't care what anyone thinks, these geeks are out to get your money and that's it!. My laptop became infected with the security tool virus...which as they said was a very nasty one, so I decided to take it to them this morning. When they saw what it was and showed me that it was indeed a virus they told me to pay them $200 and they would remove the virus. I'm so glad I got a second opinion! I took the laptop to a little independent store in the city that I live in that specializes in these things and the man there just restored my computer settings to what they were on January 31st, (I guess most laptops have back up systems to restore your computer to what it was before you got the virus, assuming the computer didn't come with a restoring cd when you got it) so now everything in my computer is EXACTLY the way it was before minus the virus. I cannot believe these jerks actually charge people this insane amount of money to do something someone else can do for nothing! I'm so not computer literate and the worst part about all this is that they definately exploited that, I told the guy I couldn't afford that and asked him if there were any other options at all or something he could tell me to do myself and he actually told me that my only options were to pay the $200 or throw the computer away. THROW MY COMPUTER AWAY, ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME? I can't believe I was so nieve to think that it really was garbage if I didn't pay them to remove it and because I listened to my gut and not these money hungry ### I'm actually able to post this story tonight. Best Buy needs to cut-off all ties and contracts to the Geek Squad before people associate the store with these rip off scams and assume that Best Buy is just as corrupt as The Thief Squad!!!

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