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DVD-RW rom so
i can burn my dvd movies they said they would call me when it was done. from the Salem,
store he told me it would be done the same day. but when i call them they told me that it will
take up to two weeks. i said no i am going to come and pick up my computer. they got mad
over the phone. and said why did you bring the computer to us any ways. i said you told me
it will be done the same day thats why. i took my computer there. when i returned they had
my computer done. i paid them and took my computer home and hook it back up both of the
CD-RW and DVD-RW was opening the same time. i called them to tell them the problem. he
said that they had a new geek in training that he was still learning. to bring the computer
back and he said that he would fix it for me and he told me he was very sorry and he keept
appologizing to me he was very nice over the phone. when i arrived at best buy they were
very roud to me the man i talked to over the phone told me he would fix it for me his name
was bill when i got there they said he was gone for the day. the new geek turned on my
computer and took the lid off my computer he said ahh i found the problem the cable was
hooked up wrong. he unhooked my cable with my computer still the power was still on and
when he unhooked the cable and hooked the cable back up to the right one thats when i saw
him get eletricalcuted he was very scared and his hair was standing stright up. after he
calmed down he turned off my dell computer and hooked up the right cable and he said he
was all done. i said i would like for him to hook up my computer so i can see it run. when he
hooked it back up and turned it back on my computer was beeping and black smoke was
coming out of my computer. it smelled very bad the security guard ask if he need to call the
fire dept. and he said no. the geek told me that i have a bad motherboard and i told him no i
don't that you ###ed up my motherboard he informed me that he was very sorry and that he
feels really bad but he told me sorry about that theres nothing he can do for me. i told him i
need to speak to the manager and he begged me not to talk to the manager that he would
lose his job. i told him sorry but i need my computer fix or replaceed he got the manager
came up and was very nice told me to leave my computer that it would be fixed for free. so i
said thank you and they gave it to me in writting. he told me it could take up to 4 to 6 weeks
when i would get my computer back. now it has been 11 months and still aint got my
computer back. week later someone called from best buy geek squad it was a female she
said the computer was back at the store. but before i could pick it up the store manager has
to signed of on it. the store manager is only in on mondays. so i went up there on monday
and they told me the store manager was not there, and they did.

insurance rip off

I checked my bank statement recently and noticed a direct debit for the Carphone Warehouse for £26.75...

direct debits

Why? You've cancelled your account over seven months ago with the geek squad & they still take money out.
We cancelled because, when we rang with a problem to do with the dongle. They told us to go outside to find a better signal." Great it was february and snowing." We tried to communitcate with the bloke, but was just not getting though to him, so we hung up. The next day we took the computer into repair shop, to be told that my Wi-Fi settings wasn't set right. We've since cancelled the contract with geek squad by phone, but still to this day have had nothing from them. Until yesterday, with an update on our account, that is still active. Now you would think after it was all cancelled everything would be fine. But no, they have still been taking money out of our account ever since.
Any ideas on how to get our money back of this lot would be greatfully received.

  • Al
    Allan22 Feb 08, 2011

    i hate when my dongle doesnt work right...

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  • Al
    Allan22 Feb 08, 2011

    call the bank, or credit card company and inform them of the situation. normally they will side with you and return your money provided you havent signed a contract or agreed to further charges...

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  • Ne
    Newt1969 Feb 09, 2011

    Thank you allan22.
    Will try that, I've always understood that the bank couldn't do much about direcy debits that wasn't set up by them. But, I will give that a go.
    Thanks Newt

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planted virus when new

When I purchased a new Asus laptop at Best Buy it had to be started the first time by the Geek Squad.
I did not want any of the option for service that they were selling for additional ONE Hundred bucks.
I think that they plant or install a bug of some kind on it because in less than a month it started having problems, first the Blue screen, and then the Black screen with DOS command prompts, so I took my laptop back to Best Buy/Geek Squad because it is under warranty and should be fixed for free, well they kept it for two days and they said it had a virus and they could fix it for $139.99 because a virus is not covered under warranty, I did not have them fix it and took it to a different computer shop that said the problem was not a virus but some settings that were set incorrectly and fixed it for Free.
"YOU TELL ME" is that a scam or what?

do not use them!

I took my hp laptop to Geek Squad to have it repaired after it shutdown unexpectedly and would not restart. I was told the repairs would take 3 weeks and cost an estimated $86.00. Fine. I received a call from them about 2 weeks later saying it would cost $388.00 to repair. I would have purchased a new computer, but had some documents on the computer I needed for work. When I got the computer back the keyboard was not installed properly and the casing was broken.I returned to Best Buy to get it fixed and was told it would take at least 3 weeks for them to repair what they broke. In the mean time I am without my computer( or my files). Customer service was slow and of no help at all saying they do not expedite for any reason. NEVER use Geek Squad!

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computer error

I had a promblem with the computer telling me that i had a certificate error and HTTP eror when i went to certain sites. I took the computer to the Geek Squad and told them that i still have a warranty on my computer. Geek agent said with out even batting a eye it is a soft where promblem probably do to down loading and the cost would be $130. I ask if they could look at it just to see if it was something else and what is my warranty fore. I told me could look at it but it would cost for the test.I deceide to leave and call a computer repair store and the first thing he said to check was the time and date to see if it was correct, i did and that fix the promblem. The store called me back and ask if my computer was fixed. Wow what good service from this store i guess i will not be using Best Buy Geek Squad service any more.

unprofessional work

I took my computer into Geek Squad for a diagnosis and wipe down/reinstall of windows. They told me my mother...

never turned back on system restore

Took my computer in back in November 2010 for a new power supply box. At the time of pick-up they wanted me to know they could tell there were viruses on my computer and for loads of extra $, could remove them. I let them know I had anti-virus software. Agent said their software can't tell if the viruses are quarantined or active, but just wanted me to know. Well, this week, I found out that our "system restore" option was turned off. This means that if we did get a virus, then we wouldn't be able to restore anything. I called the national hotline for Geek Squad and spoke to a hotline Agent who confirmed that it is normal procedure to turn off the system restore option when working with the power supply box. He apologized and said that it should have been turned back on. When I called the direct branch out of Columbia, the agent swore up and down that they don't touch the software and they never would have turned off the system restore. He said he could take note of my call but that there wasn't really anything he could do about it. Be careful and check to see if you use this group, that they haven't turned anything off that you need to have. It is pretty sketchy--not many people know or think to check stuff like this...


I bought an HD camcorner in Jan/2010. It was a $1400 camera and was told it had a 1 yr warranty by the sales rep at best buy. After no more than 6 uses it the LCD went black and it stopped recording 8 months later in Aug/2010. I called best buy and they told me to bring it in. Took it in that day and was told that part were covered for 1 year and labor 6 months. I thought..."That sucks but I can live with it. If that's worst case scenario, i can live with it. I can see where the salesperson might have been confused." I was told that the camera would be back in two weeks no later the three weeks. Two months later, I still have no camera and was told by geek squad and sony that they don't have any record of the camera. I have been lied to and told many different contradicting stories that make no sense. Geek squad/best buy accepted my camera, it was send to a sony repair center in Laredo, Tx. When I called Laredo Tx, they told me it was sent to Precision Camera i
n CT (which it wasn't), at times, those calls are routed to a call center in El Salvador. The worst call center ever!!! As of today, 10/16/2010, I have no camera, no one taking ownership, no answers, no solutions and every time I ask for a manager, I'm told one doesn't exist. I'm at a total loss.
Damage Resulting = The camera is used for a webshow. I'm behind two months and out $1200. Plus, they are only open during banker's hours which means I have to spend all my time during my work hours.I need some HELP.

delay in scheduling service

I bought an expensive service plan for my projection TV. I need service and the Geek Squad unapologetically says they can't even come to my home to diagnois the problem for four days out and then said if they have to order parts if would take longer.

The letter that I received requesting I renew my service says: when you renew your coverage, you'll automatically get even more benefits than our Performance Plan and the tech genius and superior support of Geek Squad. Plus you can call on Geek Squad any time, day or night - it's like having a Geek always with you!" They go on to say that renewing the plan is a sure-fire way of keeping me happy. Well, I am not happy about their "superior support". It is inferior! Most companies will come to your aide within 24 hours - but not Geek Squad!

insurance claim

Brought insurance after a very good sales pitch instore at the carphone warehouse. After 3 months the phone was stolen.Contacted the police, barred the phone and contacted the insurance company all in the same afternoon. This was on the 03.07.10. I was told on the phone they needed to liase with police and phone company and I would recieve a replacement /further information within 48 hours - 5 days later...CLAIM DENIED... within the letter it claimed that they had contacted phone company and they had said that I had 'not' barred phone within stated time. I contacted phone company they were surprised as they had not had any contact from 'Geek Squad' but on their records had noted that a thrid party who wouldn't identfiy themselves had attempted to gain my account information. I asked them to write so that I could argue the findings of their investigation. Sent the them proof and a letter of complaint - received nothing - e-mailed them again near the end of the month - asking for management to deal with my claim as I was really unhappy at the lack of contact and action. Was told that it had been agreed (apprantly they said they sent a letter out on the 23.07.10 - never received) and I had to pay £20 for the privilege of getting the phone!Due to their error I asked them to consider the fact that I was on contract and been without a phone for a month and I asked that they consider paying for the months contract and waiver the £20 fee. Not heard a dickie bird - they have awful customer service and real flaws in the way the complete their claims. I would not recommed this company to anyone - customer service can make or break a company! This one is a non-starter!!!

  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Sep 02, 2010

    @ Nick Lloyd

    "Not heard a dickie bird - they have awful customer service and real flaws in the way the complete their claims."

    Maybe they called your stolen phone?

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After spending $3000 at Best Buy-the Geek Squad was to come to our home to assist and instruct us in setting...

geek squad

My problem with Geek Squad is that they cost me about $1500. Here's how:
To begin, I don't know much about computers, so I was flying blind and looking for honest help with my problem. My problem was that my 18 month old Gateway laptop needed a new power cord, and I had no idea what to do. I went to Geek Squad and they told me that yes, I did indeed need a new power cord (duh), and that the only one they had in stock would work just fine for me. It was $80 and included 10 adapters so I could use the cord for ANY (he specifically said ANY) laptop I ever owned (this was NOT true, it does NOT work for my new laptop, I tried them all just to see). I stupidly took him at his word and bought the giant rip off. 6 months or so down the road my laptop was overheating, crashing, and, burning the tops of my thighs through my jeans when I sat with it on my lap to use. I took it back and told the Geek Squad agent that I thought the battery was dead and the motherboard and/or hard drive was bad. He spent about 15 minutes looking at it and his final diagnosis? The battery needs to be replaced and the hard drive is probably bad. (Seriously? I just told you that..) He told me it would take about 300-500 dollars to send it out, have it fixed, and returned, and I should consider just buying a new one, and that this Best Buy has a lovely selection I can take a look at right now. (Seriously, he said this). I again, STUPIDLY, took him at his word and shopped around for a new laptop. The new laptop cost me about $1100, including repair packages and accessories (it took me a while to wise up to their BS). I went back to school a happy student. In the meantime, my dad gave my old laptop to a computer friend of his. The friend discovered that the power cord GEEK SQUAD sold me was 30 Watts too powerful for my laptop! And that this was the cause of my troubles. He said yes, the battery was dead because the power cord had burned it out, and the hard drive should be OK now. He gave me the correct power cord and it was fine for a while, but did eventually die, and is currently sitting in my house, waiting to go back to my dad's friend. So to sum it up, I figure Geek Squad owes me:
$80 for the incorrect power cord
whatever it will cost to buy a new battery
the $1100+ for the new laptop I had to buy and I would not have had to buy it in the first place if they hadn't destroyed my first one
the cost my dad paid his friend for his help and the new power cord
This, on a very low-ball scale, probably reaches over $1500.
I will never again use Geek Squad, and I encourage my friends, family, and anyone who reads this to do the same.

  • Pi
    PissedOffHitler Sep 01, 2010

    So I bought a gaming laptop about 2 yrs ago and payed just under 3000 us dollars for it with accidental coverage and extended warranty. My warranty just expired and my computer broke again. The computer was fixed 9 times in the last two years; 2xharddrive, 5xmotherboard. Somehow I was not eligible for a lemon policy which replaces my laptop if it keeps breaking down. All I can say is I used the laptop as a target when im practicing my shooting skills as thats the only thing it was now usefull for and i felt better about the whole situation. So people please dont buy computers from best buy and if you do dont get the warranty as its usless.

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  • Be
    best-n-me Sep 01, 2010

    I had the same problem with my laptop I own the GATEWAY NV53 which I had only had for 6 months. The Geek Squad
    at Best Buys claimed it was the hard drive that was over heating. If it's sitting 24/7 on a dual cooling pad how? I explained that the green charge light on the cord would come on but would register on the computer as not charging. They then suggested I purchase another battery. And for what reason they were not even sure when all I really needed was a cord! Where's the common sense!

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computer 'fix' is scam

Scammers — rip off — customer non-service

Took my 2005 HP dv9000 into Geek Squad because it's slow in powering up and was making a funny, clicking noise. They charged me approx. $80 just to receive it from me. They called over a week later — said they needed my power cord (don't they have power cords there???). I brought in the power cord. Another 10 days went by before they called to say my computer was infected with over 800 viruses! When I drove out to the store, the Geek Squad manager explained that they diagnostic equipment showed over 800 viruses, but that meant there were more than ten times that number on my machine (10 x 800 = eight thousand — c'mon! Get real!!) So, I asked for a print out of their findings. Which they don't have or don't do — either way, they couldn't provide one. They flipped in a DVD they had (not available for sale) which somehow bypassed the 'blue screen' and got into my hard drive storage — I asked if we could just download my info onto a thumb drive (always carry one with me) — they said no: to 'fix' my computer would cost me over $500 PLUS another $350 to 'save' my info!!! Instead, I bought a new anti-virus program, took my computer home and installed the new program. According to the anti-virus diagnostics, my computer is clean and has NO viruses. Still takes a long time to boot up; still occasionally get that weird clicking noise. I think I spent $80 and almost 3 weeks for nothing.

stole my secondary hard drive

Best Buy - Geek Squad had my computer for over 6 weeks! I brought my computer to Best Buy because it was running a little slower than usual. For over 6 weeks Best Buy representatives were telling me different stories regarding the problem with my computer including, virus, just needing to be defragmented, IEEE Controller, etc. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN IT WAS THE MOTHER BOARD!!! They cant fix it! BEST BUY SCREWED UP MY COMPUTER BEYOND THEIR REPAIR!!!

Called to speak with local managers several times. Messages were left - no return calls. I then called the corporate reps. The unprofessional attitudes received from, finally, both local and corporate reps was unbelievable. They didnt exhibit one ounce of professionalism. Best Buy provided the most deplorable customer service I have ever received from any company in my life. Stated simply, they were rude and made it clear that they could give a rats # if they ever received my business again. Best Buy reprs ignored, mislead, and withheld information from me regarding the status of my computer repair job.

They finally returned my computer to me and guess what!!! THE COMPUTERS SECONDARY HARD DRIVE IS GONE!!!

changing out my laptop hardrive

I dripped some coffee on my 10 month old laptop (HP Pavillion) and then my 5 & 6 keys would not work. Soo, I took it to geek squad to have it fixed. I told them I only wanted the keys cleaned (confident that would work). After I got it back, they had switched my hard drive out with a smaller memory and the "new" hard drive was fried. I had to take it to a local computer repair shop and 100.00 later, my computer worked, for about a couple of weeks. My "new" hard drive finally crashed and now it is costing another 225.00 for new hard drive and new windows software. Since when does cleaning a keyboard have ANYTHING to do with taking the hard drive out!!! I swear some one better start an investigation into these people because if I have to do, I will set out to create a class action law suit and demand they close their businesses!!! FOR GOOD!!!

pc repair gone horribly wrong

My name is Catherine Herbert and I don't know much about computers. At some point in the last month I believe my computer became infected with a virus. It was making my internet run very slow and I was unable to email my grandson away in Iraq. This being my only way to communicate with him I became very distressed. I wasn't confident enough to be able to attempt to fix it myself. Besides I hear hammers and computers don't go well together. :)

I got in touch with the local geek squad and dropped my machine off. For $199.99 and three days of work they said they would have it up and running better than ever! This didn’t go down like the nice gentleman wearing black trousers had promised. 7 Business days later, I still had a broken computer and a quote for $449 to remove viruses, fix the hard drive and install antivirus software. Not happy with this price, and already out $200, I started calling a few acquaintances.
One suggestion I received was to call Secure Remote Support. I called their toll free number to inquire about the cost and was told that they could remove my virus for $79.99 and could do it either by remotely connecting or if I preferred I could send the computer in to them. For time saving purposes, I chose to have them remotely connect and was assured if they could not fix the problem there would be no charge for their time. I liked the sound of that so I took them up on it. After about and hour the computer was repaired and I was ready to email again! No need to replace the hard drive. They did also sell me this antivirus software for another $59.99. It also came with a guarantee as well. They definitely did a great job, and Ill be thinking twice before going anywhere else.

  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010

    @Stealth Pilot

    LOL it takes you 7 hours to remove a virus and you charge $40 an hour?! Sigh I guess it's really hard when you don't know what you are doing to navigate to the appdata, local settings, user profile, or system32 folders to check for the infection...

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010


    Since you paid the $199.99 GS ran hardware tests and your hard drive failed the read or read verify tests. You most likely have a corrupt sector which is an early indication of a failing hard drive. Really hope you try to call remote support to fix that issue.

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  • Ja
    James.Snyder Aug 21, 2010

    This post is obviously an ad by Secure Remote Support... remote support is very limited in what it can do. Basically, without an internet connection, they can't do anything. Their prices are comparable; in some things Secure remote support is more expensive, in others the Geek Squad is. Another thing to consider is technician availability. At this very moment there are no Secure Remote Support techs available.. Geek Squad has 12 available.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Sep 02, 2010

    @Stealth Pilot

    Removing a virus manually is pretty quick endeavor. You are right, you aren't trained (must be why it takes you so long). Sounds like you learn at the customer's expense, rather than educating yourself before you go and rip someone off. I remove infections manually all the time. You act like unregistering a DLL, finding / deleting multiple bad files, and combing through the registry is brain surgery. It isn't... if you know what you are doing.

    I feel sorry for anyone that uses Geeksquad's services, but I feel worse for anyone that would trust you with their computer.


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  • Ab
    Abalone Dec 21, 2010


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why did they charge me 79.00 if you by law cant fix my computer or even diagnose it correctly

Geek squad took my alienware laptop in to do a diagnostic on it they then called said they could not even work on my computer and said it was a motherboard problem I took it elsewhere and it was not a motherboard problem at all it was a corrupted harddrive. My problem with geek squad is why did you charge me 79.00 if you by law cant fix my computer or even diagnose it correctly wouldnt the time to tell me you could not even fix it be before the diagnostic. I find this a very sloppy run business and will encourage anyone who ask me to not go to your company why would any body come to your company if you can not let them know ahead of time that they are just giving you 79.00 for nothing you misdiagnose and still cant by law work on it tell the consumer first this is so shady.

  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010


    By law they CAN work on it and you were charged $69.99 :P . They just aren't authorized to replace parts under MFG warranty (probably what you keep referring to about not being able to work on it by law). GS runs hardware tests that can rule out bad hard drives BUT it is a sloppily run business and the 'agent' working on your computer probably doesn't know what he is doing since (for the most part) they don't hire technical savvy employees.

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takes ages to repair my computer

I purchased a Toshiba laptop from Best Buy in May of 2009. The tracker pad went bad and Toshiba told me to take it in for replacement. The Toshiba rep gave me two options: get it to a Toshiba service center or take it in to Best Buy's Geek Squad. I'm writing this review because I made the wrong choice. The store failed to tell me their shuttle service only delivers to the service center on certain days. There was an initial delay of 4 days between the store's acceptance of the defective unit and its delivery to the service center. The current excuse for the delay in repair (already four days from being one month and the unit has not even been checked out) is that there was a scheduled system maintenance at their facility, which created a downtime of one-and-one-half weeks. The representative I spoke to this morning tells me the techs may look at my laptop this week and then they will undoubtedly have a parts delay. If I'm lucky I'll have it back in a couple of weeks. Next time, I'll drive the unit to Toshiba's service center and forego dealing with the GS!

  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010


    Sounds like, LOL, they shipped it to the wrong service center. The shuttle service you speak of is not for laptops or desktops shipped to a repair facility. All laptops or desktops get shipped to what they call Geek Squad City and they are shipped via UPS on a daily basis (except weekends). So they definitely do not know what they are doing and it takes a week or so to get a misshipped unit back from a service center to take 5 more days to get it to the correct one. There was no "down-time" at the repair facility they are obviously lying to cover up their mistake.

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did not replace defective part for freezer

My dad called Geek squad regarding a defective ice maker We were not happy with a particular technician who did not want to replace the part.We contacted customer service regarding this person. They told him they would send someone else out to replace it. But the next day the same Man came back with another excuse to not replace the part. It is 10 hours later and the ice maker has made one small tray of ice. So we still have a defective Ice maker. We've had this problem now for over a month.What can we do?

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