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outrageous estimate for a repair job

We took our 9-month old HP laptop into the Geek Squad because the screen was 'leaking'... causing...

laptop unrepaired and agent threatening

In March of this year I took my HP laptop to Best Buy because I could not get on the internet. All other...

phone insurance

Recently bought a new Nokia N96 from the Carphone Warehouse, who offered me Geek Squad phone insurance free...

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My friend's computer crashed while I was running the Defrag so I called the Geek Squad number to see if they could help me get Windows running. The woman on the phone told me that, "It seemed more like a virus than harddrive issues" and that I should bring it into the store. Once I got to the store, I explained to the counter Geek that the phone Geek thought that the problem was a virus. He looked at the computer and said that, "The computer was too old to guarantee that they could fix it and it would cost around 300.00". I asked him how much it would cost to just copy the information from the hard drive. He said that it would be 99.00 for that service. I objected to the price and was told that it was a very labor intensive task where the tech had to open the hard drive and manually remove the data, the service wasn't gauranteed, but worked quite well and...had to be paid for in advance. Well, long story short...that is not what happened. When I returned to the store to retrive the copied data, I was told by a different Geek that the data could not be retrieved and that the hard drive was bad. I asked, why couldn't you retrieve the data if you opened the hard drive? She said, "No, we don't do that here. That has to be done at Geek central in a special white room with special clothing on, and it costs around 300.00." I asked to speak to the Geek manager, who told me that the first counter Geek could have never told me anthing that was untrue because he had been there for 5 years. I next asked to speak with the store manager. Well, the Geek manager went to get the store manager and the two of them talked it out before the store manager ever spoke to me. My answer from him was, "You signed the agreement for work to be done, and someone did some work, so sorry if you thought you were getting something else, our tech has to get paid". I asked for the customer service number and by the time I spoke withe someone there, I got, " The store already called us and we are sticking by what the store said." This has been one of the worse customer service experiences of my life. I will NEVER give them anymore of my money. I hope they spend the 99.00 well.

  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Jun 10, 2009


    Here's what happened and what you should do:
    Defrag is an intense application on your harddrive so if your computer crashed running it, I can bet that the problem is with your harddrive. It sounds like the woman on the phone is wrong. It is harder to diagnose an issue over the phone, so her recommendation on bringing the computer into the local store was correct. I would agree with everything that the agent said about not spending 300 + to fix it and everything and I think you chose the right service which was the computer backup in store for $99.

    ***Here's how that backup process works***

    An agent takes the harddrive out of the computer and plugs it into an external harddrive adapter on a special computer that BB corporate gave them for housing information. IF that computer recognizes the harddrive then awesome, they copy what data you wanted copied and burn it to discs and everything is said and done. IF NOT then what SHOULD happen according to Best Buy SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is you should be refunded $64 dollars and they keep $35. Different local stores have different interpretations of that rule but, it should be set in stone across all stores.

    ****Bottom Line**** ---> Take this understanding of BB SOP to the local store and ask for your money back. Make them print you up the clause that says they keep all the money for a backup that cannot be performed (which they can't because there isn't one). If that does not work get your Service order number and call up best buy corporate and they should return the proper amount back to you. 1-888-BESTBUY. Good Luck

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  • Kl
    kleubner86 Sep 29, 2009

    I work for Geek Squad and in my store, if we are unable to retrieve data, then we refund ALL of your money, no questions asked. It doesn't make sense to pay for a service that can't be performed. The Best Buy you went to was COMPLETELY incorrect for not refunding your money. As far as refunding $64 and us keeping $35, that's not correct either. We don't have a $64 labor sku AT ALL, so I don't know where he is getting this from. The only time we refund part of a service is if they paid a deposit to sent something off the service ($84.94), then they decline the estimate for repair, they get $50 of it back ($34.95 covers shipping and diagnoses, the $50 would have gone towards the cost of repair). We would also do a partial refund say if they purchased a $299 advanced diagnostic and repair with backup and the backup couldn't be performed, we return the entire ADRB and then ring out a $199 ADR. It's terrible that you had such a terrible experience with Geek Squad because believe it or not there are Geek Squad stores with Agents that know what they're doing and treat customers fairly.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Sep 29, 2009

    @ kleubner86

    There wouldn't be a sku for $64. The $64 is the amount owed back to this customer ($99.99 - $34.95= $65.04 [So it should actually be $65 my mistake]). This post definitely shows a problem! Different stores have different interpretations of how services should be performed and charged for. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) says that for any data backup procedure that cannot be performed in store $34.95 is kept for the store's compensation (for the attempt of the procedure) and the rest is returned to the customer. In this case the store is correct, the store needs to be compensated for the employee's work, but is wrong on the dollar amount. I refer to my previous post in what this customer should do to have this financial error corrected by Best Buy.

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  • Be
    Best Buy Mays Landing Mar 21, 2010

    A day after being told by a Geek Squad representative that my data could be saved I received a call to pick up my computer. In the small box they laid on the counter I expected to find my info backed up on DVDs. To my surprise it was my old hard drive! I was never called, as promised, and told the results of the diagnostic test before the switch was made. They said mine was damaged so they replaced it, and the data "could" be saved if I was wiliing to send it out, wait 4-6 weeks, and pay $250.00-$1, 800.00!!! After arguing the sales rep told me because they couldn't save the data in store he would refund half of my money. I told him I deserved a full refund and demanded to see the manager. Thinking he was ringing up a full refund I was again swerved by Best Buy and only received $75.00. He told me he was refunding half my money, and that we would "split" the rest. I'll NEVER do business with Best Buy ever again, and will tell everyone I know about the bad experience I had there.

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laptop repair

I purchased a laptop from Best Buy in Colorado Springs last year and also purchased the store's extended...

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geek squad

This is a real doozy here! I took my computer to the Best Buy where I purchased it to have what I thought wa...


The Best Buy Geek Squad in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio is THE WORST, EVER!!! I had a simple repair, or so I wa...

tv repair

I purchased a tv and a 4 year extended warranty plan from Best Buy. In January '09 the bulb warning...

toshiba laptop

Bought a Toshiba in may 2008. In January 2009 it stopped working. Was sent out for "repair" Jan 15, 2009. Came back Jan. 30, 2009 unrepaired. Sat @ Lynnwood location and was sent out again Feb. 12, 2009. Was received back unrepaired Feb. 19, 2009. Was sent out again Feb. 23, 2009. Today is March 16, 2009. My laptop is still not repaired. Nobody @ Best Buy know anything about how to help you. Refuse to replace my laptop even though it is still under warranty. Geek Squad do not know what is wrong with it. Toshiba also refuses to replace it because they have not fixed the laptop themselves. Worst experience ever. I do not recommend Best Buy. Their customer service is horrible. Geek squad is over priced and do not have competent knowledge.

laptop repair

I have had my laptop in and out of repair with Geek Squad since November 08. I have had it repaired a total of 4 times and each time it has broken again within 14 days. They have shown me no concern and I even had one Geek Squad employee tell me that I should be glad that all of this has happened within the 30 days of, date of last service otherwise I would be screwed! I have even gone as far as to file a complaint with corporate and all they did was send me a $75 gift card that I have to use at their stupid store!!! I am about to take it back again for the 5th time!!! They suck and dont care. DO NOT TAKE YOUR COMPUTER THERE!!!

  • Si
    silverfoxninja Mar 12, 2009

    I am a computer systems analyst and I have to disagree with your assessment on the Geek Squad. However, I do see why you would be upset. Boycotting or telling others not to take their computer to a place that you had a bad experience from is expected when you had such a bad experience but I'm a bit concerned about the service that you have received. It seems that there may be a more underlying issue that they may not have been aware of when you brought the computer to them in the first place.

    Did you give them all the information that they needed to diagnose the issue? Did you inform them of your activities with the computer? Did you get on a questionable website that may have affected your performance?

    These questions may not have been asked by the Geek Squad, but sometimes, like with cars, if the person doing the service isn't aware of these issues, they will continue to happen without their knowledge. Surfing the internet alone, viruses, trojans and adware bombards the computer the moment you click on the browser to start it up. What you should also be aware that by legal standards, like mechanics, the Geek Squad is not authorized to fix any issues without the permission of the customer. With this said, if they found an issue, it should be documented. If there are none, there is nothing to worry about.

    Exactly what was the issue to begin with and when did it start?

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  • Th
    thewishinghour Jan 09, 2011

    thats [censor]... they run a diagnostic on computers... wich should be able to pinpoint any problems... i have my computer there now... not only are they taking 1 week to run a simple diagnostic... but i spoke to 3 guys who all told me different about it... they are [censor]in snakes... so what im trying to say is tht you dont have to tell them [censor] about ur computer... cause they run an exame on it... you can disagree all you want... but im getting [censor]ed over right now as we speak...

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geek squad destroyed my hard drive

In October 2008, I bought a new Mac Book Pro from Best Buy. Because of the environment that my computer would...

idiot squad is more accurate!

Why did it take Geek Squad SIX WEEKS to tell me my digital camera had NOT been repaired because THEIR staff entered it as a CAMCORDER in the computer/service request?

On 12/19/08, I took my digital camera into Geek Squad to be repaired. I also brought in the original box and the Best Buy Performance Service Plan brochure and receipt. I'm told they'll call me in about three weeks to pick it up after being repaired.

On 01/12/09, I go into Best Buy to the Geek Squad desk. I tell them that I have not been contacted about my camera being repaired, and I ask about the status. They look it up in the computer - there's NOTHING to see. They tell me there's no updates from the past three weeks. The send an "escalation report" and I wait again.

The week of January 27, I received an automated message that my item is fixed and to pick it up from Geek Squad. On 01/31/09, I go to pick up my camera. The Geek Squad rep tells me that my camera was NEVER FIXED because they submitted it as a camcorder instead of a digital camera. They need me to bring the original paperwork back in so they can NOW REPAIR my camera. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!? None of this was mentioned in the automated message they left me!!!

Geek Squad --> aka STUPID squad!!! They can't tell a digital camera from a camcorder AND it takes them SIX WEEKS TO REALIZE THAT and contact me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Someone needs to create a checks and balances system for them.

I went all the back home, got my paperwork and took it back to Best Buy. I filed a complaint with the manager and made a copy of the service plan for them to include with the camera. This time I received actual paperwork from them, which did NOT happen the first time. Now all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and take names and really good notes.

The $80 for this service plan was a WASTE OF MONEY! I've already replaced the camera (bought at Circuit City). This lack of service isn't worth $80 and getting my hopes up with expectations that Geek Squad will come through for me. It's annoying to have geniuses not have common sense.

  • Ja
    Jacie Mar 10, 2010

    I had a similar problem with these guys and getting my digital camera to talk to my computer. I bought both from them at the same time. It was one of those buy one get one type deals. If I bought this special HP computer, it came with a very nice, higher end digital camera. I was one of the last customers to be able to take advantage of this 'awesome' deal. Turns out the operating system (os?) that was on the computer was too new for the digital camera and the two would work or talk together. The guys at Geek squad told me to bring both of them in and they would work on it. $60 diagnosis fee later, they told me I needed to purchase a new media card reader and have it installed. This would cost a couple hundred. Instead of doing that, I took the advice of another customer standing in the best buy purchase line who had overheard my conversation. They mentioned a service and repair company called (long winded I know.) Upon speaking with a technician there, at 10pm at night, he connected to the machine and fixed the camera problem for me. No extra money, and I got to use the existing equipment that came with the computer and camera! I can now see my families pictures!!

    Moral of this story, and all of these horror stories, is not to use geek squad at all. Look for a more reputable company, Secure remote support is atleast US based, and affordable. Explain your situation to those guys and see if they can help you out.

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inspiron 1525 notebook

was given a gift of a brand new dell inspiron 1525 from best. right out of the box it crashes to the blue screen. second boot seemed to go just fine then it crashed again.I ran the diagnostic tools several times and it found know errors. however the research i did on the net from the error codes told me it was either bad RAM or a bad mother board. so i call dell for tech support after "Bob" who i could hardly understand and had to ask him to repeat himself becasue his english was poor finally told me that i would have to take it to best buy. They told me to take it over to the Geek squad in the store. I told them all that i had done and found. they kept it for a day or two and called me up and informed that it was a bad install of windows and would i like them to reload windows for $150.00. I asked why i should have to pay for something that was screwed up right out of the box, but the poor girl on the phone couldn't give me an answear. I told them not to bother as i was capable of reloading windows myself. got it home and downloaded a third party ram tester. found one of the chips that came with the computer was bad. computer started working a better for a day. then half the monitor died so i can only see the top of the screen. dell says its best buys problem, best buy says its geek squads problem which boils down to one thing. I dont have a chance at getting this thing fixed.
If you buy from Dell I hope it works.
If you bought it at Best Buy good luck.
If you have to go to geek squad you might as well write it off.

  • Br
    bridgette martin Jan 25, 2009

    I had same problem and after speaking with manager i was issued and new computer everything monitor and all. I even got a better one because they did not have the one i had and were not carrying it anymore so maybe u need to try again

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awful experience

I use my laptop for work while in travel, and at such times my wife's desktop becomes the computer with primary link to the local Verizon wireless module.

A few weeks ago, after returning from business travel, I re-established our home network but found that my own laptop wouldn't connect to the network, after trying numerous re-connects and re-starts.

I called up Geek Squad (their blanket 1-800 number) and signed up for the phone assistance ($ 79). Because the phone connection dropped off twice, I needed to go through complicated procedures to get myself re-established for the over-the-phone assistance. The second time (with a second person on the tech support end) I found myself trying to understand a woman with a heavy South Asian accent directing me through various DOS commands (from the 'Run' link at Windows Start). The especially 'entertaining' part of this was that try as I might to get her to use something like aviation references to alphabetics ('A as in Andrew, ' etc.), she would not do it, even though I often had to ask her more than once to repeat something through the unclear audio over the phone connection.

I'm generally willing to let some Tech Support person lead me down a path for a while, if it would eventually get us to a solution. This got us nowhere. And I had a hunch, from a lot of experience with my home network, that her approach was not getting to the solution.

Eventually this connection, too, dropped off with no ready explanation.

In both instances, the connection dropped off, Geek Squad had my phone and email contact points, and I heard nothing back from them. After the second experience, in frustration I decided I wouldn't bother calling again.

I kept fiddling with my network settings and after about 15 more minutes I had the connectivity problem fixed on my own. My Geek Squad experience, however, was a disaster.

  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Sep 29, 2009

    @ Harvey

    Geeksquad receives numerous calls daily about computer questions / problems / sales ect. Most of those calls are 'quick fixes' (very simple issues that can fixed by walking you through it over the phone). Now it sounds like the initial description of your issue would fall into this category, but after attempts of what sounded like: resetting ip settings / flushing dns / resetting access point settings didn't work. Your problem no longer would be able to be diagnosed over the phone. Phone diagnostics are not an exact science and it is always better to have a tech in front of the electronic that is giving you issues. Auto mechanics do not fix cars over the phone but with computers there is a bit of leniency in reference to car mechanics. However, the principle is still the same. I am fortunate to hear that you were able to resolve your issue. It could have been different though. The symptoms you explained initially with the tests the agent walked you through over the phone could also point to a hardware issue with your WNIC.

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diagnose problem

I took a Dell E310 to the Geek Squad at the Best Buy located at 2727 W. Thunderbird Rd, in Phoenix, AZ, to have them diagnose why the computer would not startup.

They took the computer, charged me $69 and told me they would diagnose the problem and give me a quote to repair it.

They called me in three days, and told me what was NOT the problem, but did not find the problem. When I complained that they did not do the job they promised and that I paid for (find the problem), they said that the did all they could do at the store and would have to send it out to a more experienced lab, and that it cold take up to two or three weeks. I ask them to return my money and they refused. They are a total rip off. The take your money and do not do the job they promise. Avoid them at all costs.

  • Ib
    iblisa Aug 15, 2009

    I just had a similar problem with best buy in melbourne, FL ...they won't get anymore of my business or my family or friends business. I took my laptop in because it wouldn't start up. They charged a 70.00 diagnosis fee. I wanted them to retrieve the important files off of my computer so agreed to the 70.00 diagnosis fee and a 35.oo retrieval fee. Paid it up front as requested. They then told me it was a virus caused my hard drive to go bad and said the data was not retrievable. and that hard drive and cost to fix this was too high and said to basically get a new laptop. Took it home and went back and bought a new laptop a couple weeks later from them. Well my sister came to florida for a visit a few months later and she works on computers. I told her the problem so she looked at it and in a couple hours had it up and running and all the data was still there and retrievable. Hard drive working just perfect i had gotten into some malware she was able to run trojan remover and it started up after reboot and has been running ever since. So then I made a trip back to best buy mad because i was told my laptop couldn't be fixed and i went out and bought a new one. They felt they didn't owe me a thing. I felt they owed me the diagnosis fee back and an apology for there incompetance and maybe even a little discount on the new laptop i bought from them that I really didn't need. Instead they said i got what i paid for.

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geek squad

I contracted with their store to have someone come out for $49.99 and do a consultation on what I neede to do to connect all my sound and video equipment in our new home. They promptly called the next day to schedule it. The "geek" identified himself as a Secret Agent for the Squad and was calling from the Master Control Center or some such nonesense. After about 20 minutes of them not having any record of my purchase (even with the numbers on my receipt), and them repeatedly asking what exactly I wanted them to come out and do, they finally said they had it (along with numerous "apologies" about my inconvenience) and scheduled to be at my home the next day. That morning the Secret Agent called to verify the appointment (good) to fix my computer (bad). when I explained that it was home theatre and not computers, he informed me that he would get the Home theatre folks to call me. He then called back a few minutes later to inform me that they did not do Home Theatre consults in my area of town. When I asked if he could refund my money, he said I would have to call the store to accomplish that. never got an apology or an explanation how all of this got so screwed up. I am still awaiting the store to call me back (they were too busy to talk to me when I called--low staffing during business hours I guess).

Decent products and prices, just very poor service.

lost files

Computer won't turn on. Brought it in. Said I just want my files. If I can fix the computer, great. If...

computer repair


Computer problem diagnosed as a virus problem, with a 24hr reapir turn-around.

One week later, and $300 later, it was determined that the problem was with my monitor, not the computer.

Purchased another monitor from a different retailer, and have to file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General to get a refund from Best Buy.

tv repair took forever

Our television we bought at Best Buy and also had a 4 year service plan on, suddenly got all messed up. The screen just went gray one day and stayed that way. We immediately called best buy and were on hold for over an hour. Finally, we got someone to come out to the house, about a week later. He came out, told us what was wrong, said he'd order the part and come back to fix it. He sid 3-5 business days and he'd call us back. Two weeks went by, and nothing. So we went into the local store in Wilkes-Barre Twp. They said they couldn't do anything, but they did call the 888 Best Buy number for us, were also on hold for an hour and were told that the part is on back order, with no estimated arrival time. The customer service person told the people on the line that we then would need a new tv immdiately, as it had been at this point, 3 weeks since we have been without a tv and called to complain about it. (This is our only tv in the house, and it was a new plasma.) Anyway, they stated they would call us back in - you guess it! - 3 - 5 business days with an RA number. A week goes by and nothing. I call them back, and the guy tells me that the part has been shipped, so no need for an RA number and I should get a call back from him to confirm it in 1 business day. I was semi-satisfied, but this was a Friday and I now had to wait all weekend. Well, another week goes by and still haven't heard anything, so we called them yet AGAIN and they now tell us that we didn't get an RA number since we did not have a service plan, and no the part is still on backorder, never shipped. I was furious. First of all, we do have a service plan. We paid a few hundred bucks for a four year service plan! I told her this and she said she was very sorry, she'd be sure to get this matter taken care of asap and call me back in - wait for it, now - 3 - 5 business days!!! No, no, calls whatsoever. It's been over a month and a we have no tv, and no help. Finally, I call them back and they say my part finally came in, and they scheduled a service date. Only to then be told they are waiting on yet another part, this one also on backorder. I was fuming. Aftera month and a half, we were called and told no, they didn't ever need another part. Just the one they have been sitting and waiting with! So they come out a week after that, and it's supposed to be between 8 and 12 on a Monday, and he calls to say neverminf, it's going to be 2pm. Then he calls and says no it's 3:30. Well the technician FINALLY comes at quarter to 6pm. My husband helps him take the tv off the wall and they guy gave US an attitude. He also took a call from another irate customer while in our living room, and he got an attitude with her. He was supposed to be at her house earlier that day also and he was now telling her 8pm! On a Monday? He then explains himself by saying he should've gotten up earlier that morning, but he was too busy watching football the night before and got outta bed late. Class act, Best Buy and Geek Squad. It took 2 months to get a tv fixed when we paid for a 4 year service plan, plus the tv wass till under a warranty. This is the service we get. We weren't contacted once. I am never shopping at best buy agaon and I told everyone how horrible the geek squad is. The thing is though, everyone already knew that.

  • Da
    Danny R. Eller Nov 17, 2008

    I am in the same boat. Waited five days for them to come out and tell me they need a part. Then I get put into the cue again and have to wait over a eek for them to come out and put the part in. Several calls to Best Buy have not resolved it. They have twice told me that a Supervisor from the service department would call me back. Haven't got a call yet!

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  • Da
    Dan May 12, 2009

    My Samsung DLP broke Sunday. I called BestBuy because I bought the TV there and was connected to GeekSquad. TV was of course a few months out of extended warranty. I was told the service call would be $150, (which I thought was rather high), whether they fixed the TV or not. However, I agreed to the charge because they said they could come the next day. I sat home all day today waiting for my 1 to 4 appointment. I called about 11:00 and was assured the repairman would be at my home between 1:00 to 3. I called back at 3 and was told maybe he was running late. I called at 5:00 and was told they had rescheduled my appointment for a date over two weeks away!! I asked who rescheduled and why and was not given an answer. I told them there were enough other repair places in town that they could cancel the appointment entirely as I was not waiting two weeks, with no guarantee they would even show up then!!! From everything I have been reading on the internet, I'm probably lucky that they DIDN"T show-up. Who knows how long it would have taken them to order the part and come back to install it!!!

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  • Mu
    MunchieT Oct 08, 2009

    yep - If you like waiting 4-5 weeks until your TV gets fixed...then the GeekSquad is for you. My Panasonic 50" Plasma has broken twice since I bought it in Dec 2008. Both times, it takes 4-5 weeks to have a working TV again. It's STUPID!

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in-home service

24 October 2008

Ref: geek squad order #341003 | Letter of Complaint

Dear Best Buy & Geek Squad Customer Service:

Draw your own conclusion from your investigation into the facts as presented below:

· provided a contact number for its computer repair service: Geek Squad, which I contacted on or about 15 October to schedule repair service (virus detection and mal/spyware removal) for a relative in Philadelphia, PA.

· Geek Squad’s dispatcher informed me of its $299+tax fee and the next available service date would be 23 October. The service date was confirmed via 3-way teleconference with my relative. The dispatcher and I also confirmed under no circumstances should the repair costs be discussed with my relative; I would be providing the credit card number. It was mutually agreed upon, Geek Squad would contact me when payment was required; and contact the relative if an earlier service date became available. She’s a college student without her much needed desktop computer.

· On 23 October, a Geek Squad agent contacted my relative and stated they would have to reschedule the original service appointment to 24 October. This information was relayed to me by my relative and accepted by default.

· On Friday morning 24 October, my relative called me and indicated Geek Squad telephoned her and stated — a credit card payment over the phone was not permissible. Further, the agent stated to her, if she still wanted the repair service it would cost $318 onsite. Since my relative didn’t have the money available, but could borrow it from her mother to pay Geek Squad; what should she do? She called Geek Squad to re-confirm the appointment at my request.

· Needless to say, I was not a happy camper (correction, I was livid)!!!

· I called Geek Squad to complain; and immediately thereafter emailed a complaint to Best Buy.

Notwithstanding the week wait and last minute rescheduling, specific instructions regarding payment procedures were blatantly disregarded. The dispatcher verified the instructions were on the service order record and could not explain why they were not conveyed to the field service agent. Amid countless “We do apologize” and “I’m sorry’s” she contacted the scheduled service agent and confirmed that he could only accept a physical credit card for in-home service and again apologized for the miscommunications. However, only moments into the complaint call, the dispatcher had advised me to have my relative contact me for the credit card number so she could provide it to the onsite agent.

· “Is your organization unfamiliar with its own policies?” from me. “We do apologize” from the Geek Squad dispatcher.

· I wired $318 to my relative via Western Union at a cost of $42.

· This experience is not what I expected from Best Buy and Geek fact, I was mortified.

· After the service call, my relative informed me Geek Squad’s recommendation was to perform a full system restore with the OEM CD (not available) without performing a system virus detection scan first – as discussed when placing the service order with Geek Squad.

· Desktop still offline. No Charge by Geek Squad. No good deed goes unpunished.

· Think google. I had no idea there were so many complaints posted online about Geek Squad until this situation caused me to investigate.

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