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iphone x sold it a replacement

Good afternoon My Daughter took an iPhone for repair and they told her it is not reparable and Geek Squad...

Repair of kitchen aid microwave oven

Called Geek Squad to repair a microwave purchased from Best Buy. Initial service provided a June 11. Microwave was determined to be unrepairable because parts are not available. The issue was submitted to a customer service for review and to authorize a replacement. July 1 no resolution and I have contacted Best Buy customer service numerous times mostly to be put on hold and ignored. Requests to talk with a supervisor regarding the issue result in me being put on hold with no one ever coming back to talk with me.


I have been trying to setup an in house appointment to fix my scanner. I finally reached the chat feature. The agent asked what my problem was. I provided a detailed description of my issue. Waiting for about 5 minutes. No response. Asked him if he was researching the issue no response. Waiting another 10 minutes this time. Told him it would be nice to hear something. Crickets. Then I requested that he call me. Provide my cell and hit "call me". He canceled my call. I continue to request updates in the chat box. No response from the agent. I continue to request a call and he continued to cancel my request to talk to him.
I then proceeded to find another way to book an in house appointment. Geek squad doesn't make it easy. Best buy's appointment system is for in store appointments. I did call the 1-800 number, it says it will be an hour waiting time before any will talk to me. All for setting up an in house appointment. Unfortunately, my issue can not be corrected at the store.

Tech support

I have been trying for weeks to cancel tech support. I cannot get through on the phone or live chat. This morning when I tried calling again I was told the hold time was over 4 hours? I was notified by my credit card company of the 2 charges on my account which I was trying to prevent. I emailed the sales manager from our local store and was told that I cannot cancel tech support at the store level I have to call the 800 number? After trying to do this numerous times with no luck i'm at a loss as to what to do? I would like this cancelled and my account credited. I understand the circumstances with covid19 but find this crazy that I cannot get through to anyone to get this taken care of. If anyone reading this can take care of this I would appreciate it.

Best buy - geek squad service

I bought 2 new computers (desk & lap top) on line and have the geek squad service package. I can"t get through!!!

I'm not wanting face to face - no intention of bringing to the store - just on line only!!!

Want them to remote access and help set up!!!

No answer on web or on the phone (waited over 45 minuyes then was cut off!!!)

Tried for several days.

Best buy geek squad says they have hired all these people to help. Where are they?

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Emergency repairs

This location is in Las Cruces, NM
My laptop was suddenly giving me problems and as a Realtor I needed immediate help to fix my laptop. I walked into the Best Buy Queek Squad. Come to find out, I needed to make an appointment and they were booked for a week or so. I couldn't believe it... What a joke. How can you be effective for those that are dependent on their laptops...?? I walked over to another company close by and they helped me right on the spot and problem was fixed. I recommend MDC computers on Lohman Ave. Forget these big corporations where customer service is lost.

iphone reset

i took my iphoe 7plus to get serviced and when i came back to get it my phone is factory reset amd unable to be used (LOCKED) NO one notified me that was to happen and they had no way in helping me get my situation fixed just a sorry, this is my only source of contact and i have no idea what to do .. i would like someone to get intouchh with me to resolve the problem, [protected] is my email and only source of contact please respond thanks

They no showed on 1st appt and never confirmed an appt with me when they came on the third

Made an appt for geek squat to have a repair man come and they never showed up, I never got an I'm sorry for you missing or a call confirming a second appt, needless to say they came to my house on the 3rd of March without letting me know, so obviously I missed the appointment and they can't come out until a week later, I would like to speak to someone that can fix this. The worst service ever

computer repair

Took my son's computer in for a software issue around Dec 31 and ended yo with a hardware prob look...

gas range repair

I purchased a Samsung Gas Range on March 2018 with a 5 Year support service.
On January 16, 2020 I opened services request# [protected]. Tech was supposed to come on January, 25 between 8 AM -12 PM. A day before I got a phone call from Geek Squad confirming the appointment, but nobody showed up.
I called the service company (Dish) that was supposed to do the repair, but they informed me that they were not authorized to do work on gas ranges and they had notified geek squad about this on January 17.
Geek squad did not even care to find another company to make a repair and have not notified me about it. Instead they just confirmed a non-existing appointment. This is very unprofessional. Not only did I lose the entire day because of this unprofessional customer care, but I lost valuable time and money.
Now Geek Squad scheduled another request #[protected] for February, 8 but is still not able to provide the right company to do the repair. They told me it would take a few days to find the authorized repair company. This is very unprofessional, shady, and disrespectful.

Can you help to resolve this issue ASAP?
I can be contacted at [protected] or by email: [protected]


lg refrigerator and crap geek squad service!

Bad service! Signed up for extended warranty and taking weeks to get repaired. Then the electrician we get stuck with is from bucycurs, oh over and houer from columbus and took 4 days to get on schedule.! Then they wont call and I have to waste a half of day waiting around for them do they not have cell phones???

Updated by carlpw · jan 23, 2020

Just found out its the compressor now and they have to ordered that part now! Why did geeks squad and lg set up a stupid system! Looking at next week to see if I get a new frig going on 3 weeks now! Sad

desktop computer

I am complaining about getting technical support from Geek Squad. I have paid for full technical support & the last 2 days they did not help me. In fact, my Outlook Express Email will not even come up anymore. I have no email now. I order quite a bit online. How will I give them my Email address when it no longer works? It is an icon at the bottom of my page but when I click on it nothing comes up. I have been very sick & in the hospital recently. I had to leave my computer & go lie on the couch. Geek Squad did not even let me know when they left the take-over of my computer. I had the phone by the couch & told the man that he could call me if he needed me. One lady told me they could send Technical support to my house for a charge I think she said of
$49. If they can't fix the problem by taking control of my computer do they actually think by sending someone to my house & paying him would solve the problem. Please read this & you can reply back but not through email. I have none. Nancy Schwitzerlett

pc tower

I took my pc tower into the geeksquad on the 27th of december for them to check and fix a power button on my...

a tv set

I called the geek squad to ask if I could please change my order from it being delivered to my house to me...

computer repair

I took my computer into the local Best Buy for service with the Geek Squad and was not issued a ticket and...


So, I've been having problems with my TV for a while. Geek Squad has gone to my house several times and has sent me parts to repair it and it still has not been fixed. So the geek agents that went to my house said I qualify for a exchange that to call the 1800 # to get a conformation number. So I did and I went to Best Buy to exchange it and then Best Buy said it was the wrong conformation number. SO I called the 1800 and they transferred me a million times! They said the agent that went to my house was the one who was suppose to give me the conformation number. SO AGAIN another appointment for someone to go to my house AGAIN, and guess what, the agent called the 1800 # for a conformation # and they said NO because the parts that they sent out was "probably defended", and that I also have to wait 30days. Really ANOTHER appt for them to send "the right part" to reopen the TV AGAIN! VERY DISAPPOINTED!

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    Wetz Jan 04, 2020
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    Same thing is happening to me, more and more parts and now 4 appointments later and 4 weeks later and no TV...steer clear very clear of Best Buy!!!

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cell phone repair

On October 17, 2019, I took my Samsung Note 8 cell phone to Best buy/Geek squad department to replace cracked...

computer repairs

Late August of this year my son took his 2 year old Dell Inspiron laptop to the Geek Squad at 2200 S...

geek squad tech support - oct. 19, 2019

I am lodging a complaint against the Geek Squad Tech Support which I contacted on Oct 19, 2019 and for which...

annual renewal w/o notification

This morning (10/20/19) I received notification for annual renewal of Geek Squad support. Unfortunately thi...