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BEST BUY - Geek Squad Service

I bought 2 new computers (Desk & Lap Top) ON LINE and have the Geek Squad Service package. I CAN"T GET THROUGH!!!

I'm NOT wanting Face to Face - No intention of bringing to the Store - JUST ON LINE ONLY !!!

Want them to remote access and help set up!!!


Tried for SEVERAL days.

Best Buy Geek Squad says they have hired all these people to help. WHERE ARE THEY?

Emergency Repairs

This location is in Las Cruces, NM
My laptop was suddenly giving me problems and as a Realtor I needed immediate help to fix my laptop. I walked into the Best Buy Queek Squad. Come to find out, I needed to make an appointment and they were booked for a week or so. I couldn't believe it... What a joke. How can you be effective for those that are dependent on their laptops...?? I walked over to another company close by and they helped me right on the spot and problem was fixed. I recommend MDC computers on Lohman Ave. Forget these big corporations where customer service is lost.

iphone reset

i took my iphoe 7plus to get serviced and when i came back to get it my phone is factory reset amd unable to be used (LOCKED) NO one notified me that was to happen and they had no way in helping me get my situation fixed just a sorry, this is my only source of contact and i have no idea what to do .. i would like someone to get intouchh with me to resolve the problem, [protected] is my email and only source of contact please respond thanks

they no showed on 1st appt and never confirmed an appt with me when they came on the third

Made an appt for geek squat to have a repair man come and they never showed up, I never got an I'm sorry for you missing or a call confirming a second appt, needless to say they came to my house on the 3rd of March without letting me know, so obviously I missed the appointment and they can't come out until a week later, I would like to speak to someone that can fix this. The worst service ever

computer repair

Took my son's computer in for a software issue around Dec 31 and ended yo with a hardware prob look...

gas range repair

I purchased a Samsung Gas Range on March 2018 with a 5 Year support service.
On January 16, 2020 I opened services request# [protected]. Tech was supposed to come on January, 25 between 8 AM -12 PM. A day before I got a phone call from Geek Squad confirming the appointment, but nobody showed up.
I called the service company (Dish) that was supposed to do the repair, but they informed me that they were not authorized to do work on gas ranges and they had notified geek squad about this on January 17.
Geek squad did not even care to find another company to make a repair and have not notified me about it. Instead they just confirmed a non-existing appointment. This is very unprofessional. Not only did I lose the entire day because of this unprofessional customer care, but I lost valuable time and money.
Now Geek Squad scheduled another request #[protected] for February, 8 but is still not able to provide the right company to do the repair. They told me it would take a few days to find the authorized repair company. This is very unprofessional, shady, and disrespectful.

Can you help to resolve this issue ASAP?
I can be contacted at [protected] or by email: [protected]


desktop computer

I am complaining about getting technical support from Geek Squad. I have paid for full technical support & the last 2 days they did not help me. In fact, my Outlook Express Email will not even come up anymore. I have no email now. I order quite a bit online. How will I give them my Email address when it no longer works? It is an icon at the bottom of my page but when I click on it nothing comes up. I have been very sick & in the hospital recently. I had to leave my computer & go lie on the couch. Geek Squad did not even let me know when they left the take-over of my computer. I had the phone by the couch & told the man that he could call me if he needed me. One lady told me they could send Technical support to my house for a charge I think she said of
$49. If they can't fix the problem by taking control of my computer do they actually think by sending someone to my house & paying him would solve the problem. Please read this & you can reply back but not through email. I have none. Nancy Schwitzerlett

pc tower

I took my pc tower into the geeksquad on the 27th of december for them to check and fix a power button on my...

a tv set

I called the geek squad to ask if I could please change my order from it being delivered to my house to me...

computer repair

I took my computer into the local Best Buy for service with the Geek Squad and was not issued a ticket and...


So, I've been having problems with my TV for a while. Geek Squad has gone to my house several times and has sent me parts to repair it and it still has not been fixed. So the geek agents that went to my house said I qualify for a exchange that to call the 1800 # to get a conformation number. So I did and I went to Best Buy to exchange it and then Best Buy said it was the wrong conformation number. SO I called the 1800 and they transferred me a million times! They said the agent that went to my house was the one who was suppose to give me the conformation number. SO AGAIN another appointment for someone to go to my house AGAIN, and guess what, the agent called the 1800 # for a conformation # and they said NO because the parts that they sent out was "probably defended", and that I also have to wait 30days. Really ANOTHER appt for them to send "the right part" to reopen the TV AGAIN! VERY DISAPPOINTED!

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    Wetz Jan 04, 2020

    Same thing is happening to me, more and more parts and now 4 appointments later and 4 weeks later and no TV...steer clear very clear of Best Buy!!!

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cell phone repair

On October 17, 2019, I took my Samsung Note 8 cell phone to Best buy/Geek squad department to replace cracked...

computer repairs

Late August of this year my son took his 2 year old Dell Inspiron laptop to the Geek Squad at 2200 S...

geek squad tech support - oct. 19, 2019

I am lodging a complaint against the Geek Squad Tech Support which I contacted on Oct 19, 2019 and for which...

annual renewal w/o notification

This morning (10/20/19) I received notification for annual renewal of Geek Squad support. Unfortunately thi...

formal complaint

In june 2019 my wife had called to cancel her protection plan that she has been paying from her own diffrent account. She has a note 9, the protection plan was paid by her bank account. In july i received an email to update my bank account info (2 diffrent banks 2 diffrent accounts), i proceed to follow instructions (still assuming that only my phone a s9 galaxy was being paid with my account as it has been for a year)
October 2019 i look at my bank account and noticed ive been double charged in oct, double charged in September, and tripple charged in August. I call qeek squad, when asked why they charged me so much and so many time, their response is they couldnt withdraw from my wife account, had me update my account so they can withdraw from my account. After speaking with them they said they would refund 2 of their scams but wasent willing to refund me for the rest of their scam because they are not aware she closed her account. Its no scam at all that, my wife cancels in june, come july i update my account and im August im tipple charged and all of the suddenly im paying for a new plan i never authorized... #bestSCAMbuys

extended warranty - service

I bought an IRobot 13 months ago, on the same day I bought the 7 years warranty for it. I have tried to...

service not available

After paying every month for this service for 2 years, the time I need them they are not available. This is shameful and a scam! All I wanted was for them to come and remove my mounted televisions and prepare my electronics to move and the closest appointment is a month away, after my moving date! Two years of paying monthly fees and not even being able to get a reasonable time to have the one thing I needed done is disgustingly poor service. I will be sharing my story on every social media platform that this service is unreliable!


On August 1, 2019, I brought my laptop in to the Odessa Best Buy store to have it looked at. It needed to be sent off to be repaired. No word on my laptop until August 31, when I received an email and a coice message from Data Recovery saying they were able to recover my data and if I wanted it, it would cost me over $200. Well, I asked about it being repaired because that's why I sent it. The store backed up my data before it sent my laptop off. My laptop had not been fixed yet. Fast forward to September 21, 2019 and I STILL have not received my laptop. I call the store because it seems like there is a lack of follow through with call backs. I have been told that an escalation ticket was submitted but they are waiting to hear. They also said there is a note that my laptop is being "worked on". I have to wait. They will not give me a number of someone I can call other than the store. I am so fed up and frustrated.


I had a lot of issues with my computers at the office and at home and found out that someone broke into our...

phone call

I have been on hold for 4 hours with geek squad. Everytime someone answers they say it's not there department they can't help and then transfers me again. Then I'm on hold forever. I had to call back 4 times. I was stuck on hold from 40-70 minutes each time. I have screenshots of all four calls. I still did not get my problem answered or resolved. I am so very disappointed in the customer service and the knowledge on who was to help me.

phone call
phone call

Miss sold insurance

Re: Geek squad. [protected], [protected]
I purchased the above policy from you on 5.4.2012 and 11.01.2016 in connection with the phone insurance referenced above.
My maiden name was Miss Victoria Taylor. Old Address 10, Shildon Grove Moorends, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Dn84ra.
New and current address, 23 Wembley Road, moorends, Doncaster, south Yorkshire, dn8 4ps.
I believe I was mis-sold this policy for the reasons given below, and wish you to investigate my complaint according to your normal complaint procedures.
• I was not told that the insurance was optional.
• I was led to believe my application for credit would be rejected if I did not take out the insurance.
• The policy exclusions were not explained to me either before, or at the time, I took out the insurance.
I was therefore unable to make an informed decision as to whether this insurance was appropriate for me.
If my complaint is upheld I require a refund of all premiums paid to the policy, plus any additional interest charged to me because of the PPI.
I would also like to claim statutory compensation in view of the fact that I have been deprived of the use of this money.
Please now investigate my complaint within the eight weeks allowed to you.

Yours faithfully, Victoria Robinson

Took computers in to clean up needed email, unable to sync the newer one. Did not receive satisfactory results on the matter.

Service order 00254-[protected] 08/22/19 The unit was not turning on, turns out the cord was bad. They cleaned...

tv repair on the internet via phone

Several contacts have almost wrecked my computer and the people working there in south America are poorly trained and hard to communicate with. I turned to Dell after several disasters.I cancelled and it was prorated for the refund. Not the promise made upon the sale.Best Buy (reply-fea115707561067c70-31_HTML-[protected][protected]
I quit because of the dreadful unprofessional computer tech support by poorly trained techs. I also have dell, which is great. I would suggest that you use there format for service, and also a email to follow . Also before getting off the phone have a supervisor speak to you to see if the session went ok. And fire the ones who are not trainable. In addition Best Buy should have a contact in the USA also, and customers should not be told there is no way to do it.. Actually some of the people I have talked to have been very nice just poorly trained. I work with students in the PHD program at the U of Az in the MIS dept.I understand that taking the computer in would have yielded better results.I am disabled and cannot carry it.The clerks at the Geek Squad were very nice. Thanks guys.

In addition do not buy applicances there as they will rip you off, but the TV dept in good, and the computer sales. The cell phone dept has some untrained folks and Best Buy is not good at honoring offering by major companies, so I went to the company itself.I saved alot.
Also the worst mgrs ever at the BW and near Wilmot store, in Tucson.Poorly trained and utterly unreliable.

don't take your mac for hardware repair

DON'T TAKE YOUR MAC FOR HARDWARE ISSUES! I was having an intermittent issue with my battery not charging on...

appliance repair

Purchased a geek squad 5 yr repair plan when we bought our refrigerator 2 years ago. Called June 19, 2019 regarding a chemical smell. took 2 weeks for them to come out- they ordered a new ice maker. Ice maker didn't fix the problem. Called multiple time, promised field manager would call me, but no one did. Got the field mangers name from customer service Benjamin Levy. Left messages for a week- no call back. On the 30th day, received a call from the installer who said his manager wanted him to check the filter (vent) inside. He removed 2 filters covered with black ooze and smelled. 3 days later, we still had the smell, called and the field manger and customer service. No reply. Customer service said field mgr left message not to return/exchange product that there was no problem with the unit. Called Samsung, explained what happened and they indicated an evaporator line problem, parts needed to be replaced and had a process to remove smell. Gave me reference [protected] for Geek Squad. Called field manger- no reply. Called cust service- no service. Went into the store we bought the unit from - and had to buy a small refrigrator since we didn't have a spare and had company coming. Now 34 days. They indicated that they would try to have another field manger help. I called them back 1 1/2 days later. They said the comment they got was no exchange. Not trying to exchange since they no longer make this model and nothing like the 34 cu feet frig we have. Told her that we didn't want to exchange, just fix it (like we had already said). She called back and said that Geek Squad indicated that they had been out 2 times, no problem with our frig and we could call Samsung. She didn't have a number to call to complain and won't give us our geek squad money back. The chemical smell when into all our food and containers and I lost everything, including my egg dish, containers, every bottle of whatever. No one to talk to and now 36 days without a refrig and having to spend money for a small refrig just to survive. Our frig was only 2 years old and expensive. I need help. Customer service says that there is no one I can talk to and the corporate office says I need a name to be transferred to. Please help

samsung tablet

Sent in my Samsung tablet for a repair on the charger port thru geek squad. Waited over a week to receive the tablet back and when I received it back my tablet was stuck on "Factory Binary" and it has to be sent out again for another week! I need my tablet for personal use! A credit would be nice for the irritation and inconvenience this has caused me! Please have you're technician check their work before they send the item back to the customers!

overheating having to shut off

I had the Geek Squad replace my cracked screen on my iPhone 6s Plus. Main problem is when I use my phone now...

tv repair

I contacted Geek Squad because my less than one year Sony bravia 900f for some reason stopped connecting to...

2 headrest monitor installation

I went for my first appointment 7/13/2017 at 5pm, I was turned back because the 2 guys working there said...

Geek Squad

iphone screen

I was told that i could get a new phone screen for 30$ Because of my limited warranty on my iPhone XR (after...

houston tx - no show or ordered wrong parts over 5 times

Rescheduled over 6 times for repair since a middle of May 2019, each time either no parts, wrong parts or asked me as a customer to drive 45 miles away from my office to pick up the parts twice. Finally, had a good tech came by but found out wrong parts again and needs to reschedule again. When I spoke with the supervisor at customer service but always stayed nothing he and she can do, continuing to reschedule and sent the wrong parts just wondering why BestBuy is continuing to have a contract with them. I think I need to call the Headquarter of BestBuy to see what else they can do.

geek squad

I have given the the run around trying to cancel, evn emails addresses for complants were fake, they have to be the worst company I have ever dealt with.
This copy of the email I tried to send.
I bought a 12.9 Apple IPad in 2018-12-22, at time of purchase I was convinced to try Geek squad, that was a mistake.
I was told could cancel before 30 days were up and no charge, but after it would be a small charge.
Never received any info at the time sale of terms or conditions, did receive an email on which the terms and conditions were in, but would not open. Late I tired I tried to cnacel my plan by email in February there was a a charge from Geek Squad, so I found out you have to call in by phone to cancel. I called and was told that there was a $180 dollar charge to cancel it, which was a very big surprize to me and I was angry especially after I was not allowed to talk to a supervisor or manger, I was told that it is not allowed for anyone to talk to them.
I told him to cancel it. He never did
And the payments continued.
So between that time and today I checked on many things to see how I can try to get my money or stop it.
Another thing I had serval friends use there phone to call and try talk to a supervisor or manger and none of the 4 were allowed to speak to supervisor or manger, until to day I did and all I got was an email address.
Trying to contact Best Buy head office and I was told to contact store manger where I bought Ipad, tried many times and I got ran around press buttons on the phone then get cut off, never talked to anyone.
Global Contract ID:
Now I ask what are going to do about this??

The only thing they do good is rip you off.

making an appointment with the geek squad for refrigerator repair

We made an appoinment to have our refrigerator repaired (2nd Call Out on ice maker) on June 4, 2019 for a June 11, 2019 service visit under Work Order number [protected] for a 12noon to 5pm time slot. During the initial call, I was asked for the service address (our current address of 1048 Sterling Ct, Crown Point, In) which I provided. I also provided the home phone of [protected] and a cell phone of [protected]. The appointment took roughly 20 minutes on the phone to make. Later in the evening of June 4, 2019 we got a confirmation email with the wrong service address and wrong phone numbers. The service address in the confirmation email was in Valparaiso, In, some 30 miles away from Crown Point. Repair techs from the Geek Squad were just here at the end of May to work on the same refrigerator! And now they cant get the address of service logged in correctly? So I called on June 5 to change the service address and phone numbers...which took over an hour on the phone to straighten out with the original Work Order cancelled and a new work order no. [protected] issued for a June 10, 2019 service visit. In total, I spent an hour and 20 minutes of my time trying to make this service appointment. That is an unsatisfactory level of service, all caused by the original appointment representative not getting the address logged in correctly! That knucklehead needs a note put in his performance file.

service protection on laptop

Geek Squad debited funds from my account on May 19, 2019, without my consent . I have since been waiting on my refund that hasn't been deposited. I have called several times to ask about the status and every agent told me to wait 7-10 business days and it would be deposited. It has been 10 days and nothing has been deposited. I spoke with a agent moments ago that was very rude and told me she guaranteed the monies will be expedited. I wondering why they should be expedited when I've been hearing lies from the agents all between these 7--10 days that it would be returned. I asked to be emailed to reflect what she was saying. She stated she didn't have access to email and she couldn't do that. I asked to speak to management and she told me to hold for her to transfer but she hung up on me. my contact info is [protected] (c) [protected]
kindest Regards,
Cathy Clausell

change of battery for my iphone 6s

Hi, I contacted geek squad because my phone battery was draining so fast and I was told to send the phone and I sent.after some days I received the phone on around end of March .i travelled to another country for a long vacation within 2 months that is on May 15, my battery dies with single calls, even though I charged it 100%.i contacted iPhone store and opened and said the battery which was changed must be an old one or duplicate, because of that they declined to change the battery and they can't accept the current battery.I had an only option to change battery via local stores
If you are giving me a damaged battery for replacement what is the point of me paying 13$every month for past 2.5years.i want an proper solution for this and I will be filling a complaint regarding this to concern government services for fraud activity . I am attaching the battery image which was changed by geek squad
Contract number:[protected]
Four part key - [protected]
Incident number:[protected]

change of battery for my iphone 6s
change of battery for my iphone 6s
change of battery for my iphone 6s

unauthorized deletion of program

Service Order Number: 01152-[protected]. HP laptop brought in to restore keyboard functionality. Chose to...


I was just in the store where I was informed my warranty was active on my mobile phone both in person and on the phonne prior to my arrival. When it came time for the work order my service was no longer considered active. I was then advised it was cancelled a year prior, regardless of what the system stated in the store.

Clearly displeased

Why was my services active until the work order was rsafy to be entered. I have been a loyal customer. They said they emailed and mailed a letter but no phone call. My number was in the system. I guess loyalty gets you no where these days. I was once the biggest cheerleader of geek squad. Now I hope someone can refer to other companies with be
better services. Best Buy is no longer my first choice.

customer service

Please relay this to the correct email address since Geek Squad does not have an email address for USA.
To whom this may concern, Manager of agent Parkar,
Please review the live chat room content and contact me for the rude response I have received such as "Please tell me you do not want remote control service". I have paid $800.00 for my device and additional $800.00 for my Geek Squad services. Please respond how you have handled this matter.

Thank you,
Gui Kim

customer service

Worst customer service experience. Sales guy james l couldn't find the tv stand I wanted even though said they had one in stock. I had to find it for him. He arranged to have it delivered to me. It arrived with a huge hole in the boxed and the visible, front-facing part of one leg was damaged. Spoke with manager ed who said he would expedite a return for the damaged unit and exchange it for an undamaged unit. He said they would call back in 30-45 minutes. 1.5hrs later best buy calls and tells me I have to somehow load the very heavy, bulky box into my car and bring it back to the store myself before they can do anything about it. They wouldn't even just change out the damaged piece with the same piece of the unit they have in store. Which effectively leaves them with a damaged unit and me with an undamaged one. They'd rather I break my back trying to get this thing back to them. Do not use best buy if you expect to be taken cared of!!

customer service
customer service
customer service