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Geek Squad reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 1, 2006. The latest review Warranty for laptop was posted on Apr 12, 2021. The latest complaint backup data scam was resolved on Dec 19, 2014. Geek Squad has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 276 reviews. Geek Squad has resolved 61 complaints.

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Geek SquadWarranty for laptop

Date of incident: 12 Mar 21
Client Number: they search for my warranty via my phone number [protected]

- My warranty covers a loaner for when my laptop has to be sent in.
- During current Covid lockdown, I have to courier my laptop to them and wait for it to be fixed and returned. And they are refusing to send me a loner.
- This is preventing me from doing my work.

Power supply is intermittent. I can charge my laptop only when I find the correct bend and tension of the output cable, within 6 inches of power supply.

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    Geek SquadDesk computer

    I paid $200 for Geek Squad help and all I asked the first agent was to reinstall my sound. That he did not do and then I had hundreds of popup ads. The second agent gave up and told me to take it to the store. They fixed the sound but popups still there. The third agent fixed agent fixed the popups, but now i can't view any of my file photos. Just now I got a fourth agent that fixed nothing, logged out and I haven't heard from him since. This has all occured in one week.
    If something is not done immediately, I am never going back to Best Buy and will not continue my service.
    I have been a loyal customer for many years and have made many purchases. That will end as I waited an hour in the store in Augusta, Me or a salesman to assist me and never got one.
    Norma Gayley

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      Geek SquadComputer Repair/ Data Transfer/Merged

      March 21st, 2021- to Current

      I went to Geek Squad to get my computer checked out because it was running slow, requested my data to be back-up and merge back to the computer (stressed to the employee how important this step was for me since I had important files such as documents and pictures) if needed to be restore. Two days later I get a call asking if it is okay to restore (after I had given the okay at the store the first time), I say yes, and ask to make sure my data gets backed-up and merged to the computer again. Picked up my computer a day later. Computer was completely empty, none of my personal files were there. Called customer service I asked to get help finding my files. A geek squad technician remotely took over my computer and searched for my personal files, did not find them either. Advised me to go back to the store and have a technician merge my data back to my computer. Went back to the store, spoke to a technician that told me my data was in there, to which I asked him to show me. He could not find my data, because it was not in the computer… Then he brought out a drive and plugged it into my computer and asked if those were the missing files. He then proceeded to merge the files, said it was going to take a few hours and that he would call me back when it was done. I sent someone else to pick up my computer when I got the call, since I was unable to pick it up myself due to my work schedule. I asked to speak to a technician before the computer was taken out of the store. Spoke to an in-store technician who had NO IDEA whatsoever of what he was talking about. I asked him not once, not twice, but several times if there were documents and pictures in the computer and he could not give me a straight answer. I explained to him that the computer was dropped-off a second time to get my data merged back on it since it was not done the first time and I wanted to make sure my files were in the (computer) before taking it. After a while he said that there were documents; and pictures in OneDrive… I told him I was not asking about OneDrive, technicians have no access to my OneDrive, so how could he tell me my pictures were backed-up to OneDrive?? I asked him again if there were pictures in the computer itself not OneDrive, and he said yes. I checked the computer when I got home, computer had documents but no pictures, not a single IMG file. I had over 5, 000 pictures, to include videos and over 20 plus folders dedicated specifically to those pictures and videos and everything is missing. I go back to the store now a 4TH TIME, and I tell one of the employees my data is missing AGAIN! And she replies, "I know for a fact your data is there". Are you serious now??? I ask for the manager, he comes out, I explained the situation and he says I brought in a computer with NO PICTURES without even looking at the facts… I showed him paperwork evidence of service requested by me and serviced performed on the computer by the technicians with their own initials next to the serviced performed each time I came back to the store, stating the computer WAS backed-up, restored, and data merged (requested data included: Documents, Photos, Videos, Music, Desktop Items, and Financial Files). So how can he tell me there was never any photos or videos when technicians initials state that they had performed the service requested. After 3 hours of ARGUIENG back and forth with the manager disrespecting me basically calling ME A LIAR, I did not get a single apology, not once did they (Geek Squad team) accepted fault, and I was never offered a solution. I requested to see the drive where my data was backed-up to, (the one the first technician showed me with all my information), to which he denied. He said he could not bring out the drive because it had other client(s) information as well. My pictures, highly sensitive data is MISSING and now he is telling me my private data is mixed with other client(s) data. Now that I know my privacy has been completely violated, I asked him to look through every single folder to try to find my data, because at this point it could have been merged under another client(s) and(or) to another clients computer. After about 15 minutes he comes out and says he cannot find any of my files and there is nothing that he can do, since he believes I brought in a computer with no pictures in the first place. I had that computer for 4 years, all my devices were backed-up to that computer, ALL my memories and ALL my pictures for these past years were in that computer that I hold great sentiment to and he wants to tell me I am lying about it? So, I paid extra for a data back up service that I did not need because I had no files right? Just like they said they had merged my data in the first place, but they could not find it in the computer when I asked the technician to show me. So, after being called a liar and my privacy being violated and no solution offered. I asked him what is the process when files get deleted and you want to get them back. Then he tells me it needs to get recover under a process called recovery mode. Why after all this time wasted arguing back and forth, he did not offer that possibility? On top of that he said the chances of getting my data back are slim. And after all that, when he tried to search for the files in my computer, the computer started flickering, and there were green, black, and white lines across the bottom of my computer that issue was not there before I brought it in. Now I have basically paid money to Geek Squad to disrespect me, to violate my privacy, to mess up my computer, to delete all my memories from the past 4 years, and no assurance at all that I will get any of my data back. Horrible experienced, disrespectful, untrained, and unqualified technicians, will never ever give a penny to that company ever again.

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        Geek SquadComputer Issues

        I had a remote with a GS Agent named Mohammed yesterday to find out why my PC would not recognize an external hard drive. Now, that is the LEAST of my problems. After thoroughly scanning my internal hard drive, checking for viruses, etc., the agent then (at the end of the session) evaluated HIMSELF, giving himself glowing marks for excellency, then abruptly ended the session himself without resolving the initial problem. Now my PC has ALSO lost ability to connect with the internet OR locate any available networks. I believe he created a restore point, but didn't ask for input as to name it or where to store it. He DID call me once, from [protected]. Now I must disconnect my PC and bring it in for service. I have a maintenance contract with Geek Squad under the name Richard B Foort, at e-mail [protected]@hotmail.com. I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! My cell phone number is [protected].

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          Geek Squadcomputer/printer

          I went on to get some help with my printer. I really don't know if the printer is working like it should since I don't want to just print anything because the cost of the link it high. My computer is working until I go and open my account and the 5 dots keep going around and around. I get tied hanging on for service. A lot of times I have trouble understanding what they are saying and I have to keep on asking them. I also don't like when they say we will have to put you to another person. I am not sure if I am going to continue my service when my year comes up. I now need to call again and have them fix this problem. I find that the service is going down and the prices are going up.

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            Geek SquadFailure to Refund Funds after cancellation of Maintenance Plan

            Reference Geek Squad Case # [protected].
            I Cancelled Maintenance plan on Jan 10 2021. Geek Squad advisor botched initial refund request. Despite several phone calls to query why refund was being delayed Geek Squad did not recognize their error until 24 Feb 2021.
            Many, many phone calls and many hours on phone to date Geek Squad still not providing coherent response as to why refund has not occurred. Since the Customer Service responders cannot provide coherent response I have asked AND BEEN PROMISED a call from a Supervisor 4 times. To date, this has not occurred.
            I have been the victim of Geek Squad incompetency for over 2 months now over a simple Plan cancellation and refund request. I will of course note the customer feedback and my complaint to the Better Business Bureau accordingly.

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              Geek SquadFraud billing!!! HORRID service from your overseas call center reps

              On 2/23 my husband had Best Buy Geek Squad come to our home and hook up a WiFi booser for $99 that with tax came to $106.99. Today I received an email telling me your FRAUD SQUAD hit me $475.99 for my subscription! I NEVER subscribed to anything remotely close to Geek Squad, have ZERO need for this have tried for over the past 30 minutes to speak to a call center rep that has 1/2 a brain cell to assist me but it's useless, none speak English and hang up on me so I am telling you I DO NOT want this, will dispute the charge with my credit card company and NEVER shop Best Buy EVER again!

              Mrs Steven Irenze a.k.a Deb Gray
              Hudson FL 34667

              Click here for the accessible version
              Order Confirmation
              Wed, 10 Mar 2021 9:32
              Billing Team ([protected]@gmail.com)
              To:you Details

              Alternate text

              Dear [protected]@aol.com,

              Thank you for using network Services. This email is to inform you that your annual subscription with GeekSquad is renewed. The plan was confirmed at your end.

              We have charged 475.99 USD.

              Your order details are:

              Order ID: [protected]

              Total Amount: 475.99 USD

              Product name: Network Services

              Payment method : Online/card

              Transaction Date: March 10th 2021.

              Your Purchased:

              Alternate text

              Windows Services




              Sales tax (VAT)




              To upgrade/cancel your subscription, please contact our customer service desk given below. (Working Monday-Saturday, 8AM - 8PM EST)




              IMPORTANT: Please do not reply to this message or mail address. For any issues, please reach our Customer Contact Centre

              ©GeekSquad Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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                Geek SquadScheduling an In-Home Installation

                I have been a paying Geek Squad member for over a decade and part of my plan benefits is to have (pay for- reduced cost) an in-home installation option. I have tried unsuccessfully to schedule an in-home installation several times and have been told that there are no appointments available in my area until June and they can't schedule that far out. They tell me that my ONLY option is to call in every couple of days to see if an appointment has opened up. I explained that I call, then a recording tells me they are very busy and if I want, someone will call back in approx 48 minutes. So, then I have to hang around until someone calls me back. Is this fair to put the burden on a customer? Why can't they put me on a waiting list and call me when an appointment opens up? The Geek Squad Supervisor told me on 3-2-21 that it is not an option.

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                  Geek SquadRepair

                  We purchased the extended warranty and scheduled an appointment. All they could tell us was it would be any time from 8 AM to 5 PM today. At 5:45, we were called and told the repair person just wasn't coming and we'd have to reschedule. I'm self-employed and missing a day at work in this time of the pandemic is extremely costly. We received a call from Sears which sounded like one of those car warranty calls . I thought it was a scam. They never identified themselves as Best Buy, Geek Squad, or such. After speaking with four representatives, I was routed to a supervisor. The guy hung up on me!!! What HORRIBLE service. Never again will I purchase large appliances, or a warranty from Best Buy.

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                    Geek SquadTV Repair

                    On 01/14/21 my TV set would not go on and there was a flashing Red light. I called Geek Squad for repair and was told they would order parts and send them to my home and the service man will be there on 01/21/21. The service man arrived took my TV apart and replaced 2 of the 3 circuit boards in the TV. The TV still didn't work so he said he would order parts and would have to return when the parts. I have called the service man numerous times (twice per day) over the last week and he has not returned any of my calls. I even asked to speak to a supervisor and have called him numerous times (twice per day) and he doesn't return my calls. They say they have to order parts but I call and I'm told that there is no parts on order. Is there anyone that can tell me if the parts were ordered or are they going to replace the TV and when this will take place. Is this company policy not to return calls. When will I get an answer? William Kaiser 10833 Dennington Rd. Fort Myers Florida. [protected]

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                      Jan 21, 2021

                      Geek Squad — Computer technical support

                      The goal today, 1/21/21 was to transfer files to an external drive for use on a new laptop. Unfortunately...

                      Geek SquadDishwasher warranty

                      I bought Kitchenaid dishwasher from Best Buy Montreal on 11/28/18
                      Model KDPE234GPS

                      November 2020 the machine stopped working

                      The Warranty Valid until 12/03/2023 (we bought extra warranty for 5 Years from GEED SQUAD

                      We called the company to repair the machine
                      After TWo weeks the technician came to check it he found the MOTOR was broken ؟
                      and said wait for another 10 days somebody will come with new motor to replace the broken one
                      now passed 11 days no body call or come

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                        Geek SquadReporting an issue with lack of delivery service and non-English speaking delivery team

                        Purchased 77in LG OLED TV from Best Buy. Best Buy was to have Geek Squad deliver tv and unbox tv. When delivery arrived, it was a 3rd Party Trucking Company, did not speak English, did not identify themselves or present id, would not unbox tv.
                        Thus, contacted Geek Squad Installation and Services Customer Service which is routed outside the US to Costa Rica. I explained the event and was told that because I complained about the delivery team not being able to speak English, I was NOT allowed to complain about that and if I would not retract my complaint about not speaking English, the call would be ended!

                        Are you kidding me Best Buy, you are now going against paying customers and not allowing us to call into a US based call center to complain you are sending out 3rd Parties who do not speak English and then we call into to complain, they tell us that is offensive and we are not allowed to bring up a language issue as a complaint? NEVER AGAIN Best Buy!

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                          Nov 20, 2020

                          Geek Squad — Representative on the phone

                          On November 19, 2020, at about 10am EST - I called the Geek Squad technical support to ask that they not...

                          Nov 16, 2020

                          Geek Squad — Customer service/repair service

                          10/31 - Task bar on my all in one was no longer working, but could still connect to the internet and use my...

                          Geek SquadRefrigerator repair

                          To whom it may concern;

                          I schedule a refrigerator repair with a Geek Squad, using my extended warranty I purchased at Best Buy.

                          I supposed to get a call day prier of repair-- Never got a call.
                          Today 09/09/2020 no one showed up!
                          I called customer service and after waiting 30 min. I was told that different department " Special forces" is handling those type of repair.

                          I am 45 min on a wait call and still cannot get a person on a line to find out why no one came to repair my refrigerator.

                          here some information;
                          Appointment Detail(s):

                          Order: [protected]
                          Service Date: September 9, 2020
                          Arrival Window: 8:00AM-12:00PM

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                            • Cu
                              Cudchewer Nov 26, 2020
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              I'm having the same problem! I was on obviously lied to when buying the geek squad extended warranty. I've been waiting since August 22nd 2020 for my appointment on August 25th. No calls, no repair, no nothing!

                              0 Votes
                            Sep 01, 2020

                            Geek Squad — Wait times to speak with service agent

                            To whom it may concern, I've only been a Geek Squad customer for a few years. When I first signed up...

                            Geek SquadWarranty

                            I just want to Have our Frig fixed. I never had so much problem with a warranty. Been on hold for over an hour. Is there a number were I can schedule a repair?? The call hung up once and I had to start the call all over again. I Diffidently think twice about going to best buy and buying the warranty. Is it possible to cancel the warranty and get a refund? Frig is only a year old.

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                              Jul 07, 2020

                              Geek Squad — iphone x sold it a replacement

                              Good afternoon My Daughter took an iPhone for repair and they told her it is not reparable and Geek Squad...

                              Geek SquadRepair of kitchen aid microwave oven

                              Called Geek Squad to repair a microwave purchased from Best Buy. Initial service provided a June 11. Microwave was determined to be unrepairable because parts are not available. The issue was submitted to a customer service for review and to authorize a replacement. July 1 no resolution and I have contacted Best Buy customer service numerous times mostly to be put on hold and ignored. Requests to talk with a supervisor regarding the issue result in me being put on hold with no one ever coming back to talk with me.

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