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computer repair


Computer problem diagnosed as a virus problem, with a 24hr reapir turn-around.

One week later, and $300 later, it was determined that the problem was with my monitor, not the computer.

Purchased another monitor from a different retailer, and have to file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General to get a refund from Best Buy.

tv repair took forever

Our television we bought at Best Buy and also had a 4 year service plan on, suddenly got all messed up. The screen just went gray one day and stayed that way. We immediately called best buy and were on hold for over an hour. Finally, we got someone to come out to the house, about a week later. He came out, told us what was wrong, said he'd order the part and come back to fix it. He sid 3-5 business days and he'd call us back. Two weeks went by, and nothing. So we went into the local store in Wilkes-Barre Twp. They said they couldn't do anything, but they did call the 888 Best Buy number for us, were also on hold for an hour and were told that the part is on back order, with no estimated arrival time. The customer service person told the people on the line that we then would need a new tv immdiately, as it had been at this point, 3 weeks since we have been without a tv and called to complain about it. (This is our only tv in the house, and it was a new plasma.) Anyway, they stated they would call us back in - you guess it! - 3 - 5 business days with an RA number. A week goes by and nothing. I call them back, and the guy tells me that the part has been shipped, so no need for an RA number and I should get a call back from him to confirm it in 1 business day. I was semi-satisfied, but this was a Friday and I now had to wait all weekend. Well, another week goes by and still haven't heard anything, so we called them yet AGAIN and they now tell us that we didn't get an RA number since we did not have a service plan, and no the part is still on backorder, never shipped. I was furious. First of all, we do have a service plan. We paid a few hundred bucks for a four year service plan! I told her this and she said she was very sorry, she'd be sure to get this matter taken care of asap and call me back in - wait for it, now - 3 - 5 business days!!! No, no, calls whatsoever. It's been over a month and a we have no tv, and no help. Finally, I call them back and they say my part finally came in, and they scheduled a service date. Only to then be told they are waiting on yet another part, this one also on backorder. I was fuming. Aftera month and a half, we were called and told no, they didn't ever need another part. Just the one they have been sitting and waiting with! So they come out a week after that, and it's supposed to be between 8 and 12 on a Monday, and he calls to say neverminf, it's going to be 2pm. Then he calls and says no it's 3:30. Well the technician FINALLY comes at quarter to 6pm. My husband helps him take the tv off the wall and they guy gave US an attitude. He also took a call from another irate customer while in our living room, and he got an attitude with her. He was supposed to be at her house earlier that day also and he was now telling her 8pm! On a Monday? He then explains himself by saying he should've gotten up earlier that morning, but he was too busy watching football the night before and got outta bed late. Class act, Best Buy and Geek Squad. It took 2 months to get a tv fixed when we paid for a 4 year service plan, plus the tv wass till under a warranty. This is the service we get. We weren't contacted once. I am never shopping at best buy agaon and I told everyone how horrible the geek squad is. The thing is though, everyone already knew that.

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    Danny R. Eller Nov 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I am in the same boat. Waited five days for them to come out and tell me they need a part. Then I get put into the cue again and have to wait over a eek for them to come out and put the part in. Several calls to Best Buy have not resolved it. They have twice told me that a Supervisor from the service department would call me back. Haven't got a call yet!

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  • Da
    Dan May 12, 2009

    My Samsung DLP broke Sunday. I called BestBuy because I bought the TV there and was connected to GeekSquad. TV was of course a few months out of extended warranty. I was told the service call would be $150, (which I thought was rather high), whether they fixed the TV or not. However, I agreed to the charge because they said they could come the next day. I sat home all day today waiting for my 1 to 4 appointment. I called about 11:00 and was assured the repairman would be at my home between 1:00 to 3. I called back at 3 and was told maybe he was running late. I called at 5:00 and was told they had rescheduled my appointment for a date over two weeks away!! I asked who rescheduled and why and was not given an answer. I told them there were enough other repair places in town that they could cancel the appointment entirely as I was not waiting two weeks, with no guarantee they would even show up then!!! From everything I have been reading on the internet, I'm probably lucky that they DIDN"T show-up. Who knows how long it would have taken them to order the part and come back to install it!!!

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  • Mu
    MunchieT Oct 08, 2009

    yep - If you like waiting 4-5 weeks until your TV gets fixed...then the GeekSquad is for you. My Panasonic 50" Plasma has broken twice since I bought it in Dec 2008. Both times, it takes 4-5 weeks to have a working TV again. It's STUPID!

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in-home service

24 October 2008

Ref: geek squad order #341003 | Letter of Complaint

Dear Best Buy & Geek Squad Customer Service:

Draw your own conclusion from your investigation into the facts as presented below:

· provided a contact number for its computer repair service: Geek Squad, which I contacted on or about 15 October to schedule repair service (virus detection and mal/spyware removal) for a relative in Philadelphia, PA.

· Geek Squad’s dispatcher informed me of its $299+tax fee and the next available service date would be 23 October. The service date was confirmed via 3-way teleconference with my relative. The dispatcher and I also confirmed under no circumstances should the repair costs be discussed with my relative; I would be providing the credit card number. It was mutually agreed upon, Geek Squad would contact me when payment was required; and contact the relative if an earlier service date became available. She’s a college student without her much needed desktop computer.

· On 23 October, a Geek Squad agent contacted my relative and stated they would have to reschedule the original service appointment to 24 October. This information was relayed to me by my relative and accepted by default.

· On Friday morning 24 October, my relative called me and indicated Geek Squad telephoned her and stated — a credit card payment over the phone was not permissible. Further, the agent stated to her, if she still wanted the repair service it would cost $318 onsite. Since my relative didn’t have the money available, but could borrow it from her mother to pay Geek Squad; what should she do? She called Geek Squad to re-confirm the appointment at my request.

· Needless to say, I was not a happy camper (correction, I was livid)!!!

· I called Geek Squad to complain; and immediately thereafter emailed a complaint to Best Buy.

Notwithstanding the week wait and last minute rescheduling, specific instructions regarding payment procedures were blatantly disregarded. The dispatcher verified the instructions were on the service order record and could not explain why they were not conveyed to the field service agent. Amid countless “We do apologize” and “I’m sorry’s” she contacted the scheduled service agent and confirmed that he could only accept a physical credit card for in-home service and again apologized for the miscommunications. However, only moments into the complaint call, the dispatcher had advised me to have my relative contact me for the credit card number so she could provide it to the onsite agent.

· “Is your organization unfamiliar with its own policies?” from me. “We do apologize” from the Geek Squad dispatcher.

· I wired $318 to my relative via Western Union at a cost of $42.

· This experience is not what I expected from Best Buy and Geek fact, I was mortified.

· After the service call, my relative informed me Geek Squad’s recommendation was to perform a full system restore with the OEM CD (not available) without performing a system virus detection scan first – as discussed when placing the service order with Geek Squad.

· Desktop still offline. No Charge by Geek Squad. No good deed goes unpunished.

· Think google. I had no idea there were so many complaints posted online about Geek Squad until this situation caused me to investigate.

horrible service/rude

Did a live chat with Geek Squad. I told them what I needed done on my computer. They gave the tech the wrong info. He said he didn't know how. He took off our antivirus, charged us $170.00 and left. I put a stop payment on the check. I tried calling the local store and then the corporate office. All were extremely rude. They sent it to a collection agency. I sent in my documentation showing I had to pay another computer tech to fix the original problem and then fix what the Geeks messed up. Over 2 years later and a 3rd collection agency, they are calling me again. NEVER USE GEEK SQUAD!

assaulted by repairman

I had a service visit scheduled between 8 and 12. When the repairman arrived at 3:30, he marched into my...

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I brought my laptop to the store on June 15, 2008. I needed the LCD bezel fixed and the left corner of my laptop, including a key that kept popping out of the keyboard and the hinge. I informed the agent who was helping me that I needed it back by July 12, 2008 because I was going out of the country on vacation and needed my computer to take an online college course. The Geek Squad told me that it wouldn't be a problem. The estimated completion date was long before that. Well, I went in to the store on July 7, 2008 to check on the progress. I was informed that my computer hadn't even been looked at. I was upset to hear this, because I needed my computer back. Well they said that they were going to put a priority on it so that it would get done in time. I again went into the store on July 10, 2008 to check on progress, again I was informed that my computer had not been looked at. By now I was very upset. They were not going to have my computer done in time. So I went on vacation for two weeks with a borrowed laptop. I returned to the states on July 27, 2008, but I continued to another destination until July 29, 2008. My mom picked up my computer on July 28, 2008. When I turned my computer on for the first time on July 31, 2008 I noticed that it was getting very hot. I thought maybe it was the surface I had put it on... not quite. Turns out the Geek Squad broke my CPU fan. They also lost my wireless antennae. I brought the computer back on August 5, 2008. It was still under a 30 day warranty. Well, I was informed that since the new problem was not part of the original issue they were not going to cover the cost. Even though they were the one's who broke my fan. I also informed them when I dropped it off that I needed it back before August 20, 2008. I go to college in Miami, FL but I like in Houston, TX. So I really needed it back before I left for Miami. Well I was told that would not be a problem, they were going to put a priority on it. On August 11, 2008 I went in to the store, I asked about my computer and was informed that (oh my goodness!!!) it hadn't been looked at yet. Well I told the guy that if I didn't have my computer back before I left for Miami, that they would be mailing it to me in Miami. I was told (again) that it would not be a problem. They were going to out a priority on it. (Not sure if I believed them this time.) I again went to the store on August 15, 2008 to ask about my computer, well I was informed that my fan was fixed but the other part they had lost was not in yet. They were waiting for it, but as soon as they got it they would have it back in the store. So on August 18, 2008 I went back to the store (by this time the amount of gas I've wasted is absolutely ridiculous) I again asked about my computer, lo and behold it was not done. It was in exactly the same shape it had been in on my previous visit. They also told me that even if they part was fixed on that day there was no way that it would be in the store on time for me to pick it up before I left. So I told them that they were going to mail it to me in Miami. Not a problem!! (Right) So they looked up the address and "changed" it in the system. And again... put a priority on it. On August 26, 2008 I went to the store in Miami. I asked them if my computer had come in, well it hadn't. They said yes the address was correct in the system and it had been finished on August 22, 2008. The man told me he didn't understand why it hadn't been sent yet. Well I didn't understand either. So he told me has going to... put a priority on it!!! (I wasn't particularly excited to hear this.) So I again went in on August 27, 2008 my computer was still not in. So the man said he would make some phone calls. Well, I didn't have much faith. But on August 28, 2008 I got a phone call from the Geek Squad that my computer was in the store and ready for pick up. So I headed over to the store on August 29, 2008 to pick it up... well they couldn't seem to locate my computer. So I asked for a manager, I told the man all I wanted to know was whether or not they had my computer. Turns out that I found out things before they did. I called the store in Houston and found out that my computer was in Houston. So I told them to forget sending it to the Miami store and just over night it to my dorm. Well that wouldn't be a problem. So I waited, and on September 1, 2008 when I still didn't have my computer I gave the store a call... well my goodness!!! They still had it in the store! No one had looked at it or even attempted to send it to me, let alone over night it. So I got very upset and asked to speak to a manager, well they were all conveniently busy. So I told them that I wanted my computer over nighted or I was going to get my lawyer involved, well that wouldn't be a problem! So when my computer has still not been sent on September 3, 2008 I got very upset. I called the store and was informed that they still hadn't sent it and they couldn't send it because it hadn't been paid for yet!!! The repairs that would not have been necessary had they not broken my computer in the first place! I called my mom in tears because I needed my computer for classes, I was very stressed out and not able to finish assignments without it. So she got my older brother and sent him to the store to take care of it in person. He took care of the payment and told them, (and I quote) "I'm tired of playing footsie with you dick wads!" Well he called me and said "I'm watching them pack it into the UPS truck now." He got me a tracking number and everything. I was very excited at the thought that I would have my computer by the end of the week. Well I asked my mom to check the tracking number on September 4, 2008. She called me back very upset, turns out that Best Buy/Geek Squad had not over nighted my computer!!! It was ground postage!! So the expected date of arrival for it was September 8, 2008. Well with Hurricane Gustav wreaking havoc all along the Gulf Coast my computer got stuck in New Orleans. So I finally got my computer on September 10, 2008. Turns out that they never fixed the original issue either.
Geek Squad had my computer from June 15, 2008 to September 3, 2008. I find it absolutely ridiculous that they had my computer for 3 months and failed to fix it!! And I had to pay for it!! I'm not happy, and I will be sending a letter to the company, and to the corporation and whoever else I can possibly send it to!

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    amy Jul 12, 2008
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    Verified customer

    after reading the other complaints (which i should have read before i paid for geek squad service), i am amazed that their customer service is so horrible. my computer was taking forever to start up & shut down and the first person who came here appeared to have helped me. then i went to put my compact card reader in the usb port (a day later), and nothing happened. i called geek squad to find out what happened and they said i would need another appt (4 hour window) but there were none available for about 5 days. last wednesday, i sat home from 4pm until 7:30 pm when a dispatcher (not even the person who was supposed to come here) said he was running late and that i would have to reschedule because he doesn't work after 8pm, but there no appts again for another 5 days. i went to best buy (where i had paid $189 for the service) and they said there's nothing they could do. i finally had someone here today (yes, on a beautiful saturday afternoon) and after an hour or so, he said he couldn't fix the problem...all i needed was for a program to be reenabled. bottom line, i cancelled the charge on my cc, had a friend come over and restore it back to an earlier date...why didn't the geek do that???
    THEY SUCK!!!
    just go to craigslist and find a computer techie who's in college (at least they could use the money.)

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  • De
    Dean Biddle Jul 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    With craigs list, you could be getting a person who is a geeksquad reject.
    I have seen bills for $700 for virus clean up and they finally formatted and lost the guys wedding photos. You got off easy.
    Its hard to find good computer help.
    If you ever need help again, I have a reference, and we can make your PC boot up 2 times as fast, run faster and keep it protected for a year, guaranteed.

    We are looking to advertise, do you think this web site would be a good idea? (like the above ad for "Zprotect")
    I would like to find a place to get the client before they get burned, but it may also help them appreciate us more after dealing with others.
    I am thinking that if I advertise here, people would be more confident and that if we did not live up to our claims, they would have a place fight back.
    What do you think?

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  • Ba
    bad expirience Sep 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This is how I feel about geek squad. They are stupid, they don't know anything about computer. All they do is using a cd call MRI, to do diagnostic. If the cd say bad hard drive they call customer and translate that over the phone, of course the CD cannot talk therefore someone must make the call. Also they don't fix computer at bestbuy everything is sent out to a service center or connect to johnnyutah(remove access) All they do is connect your computer to the internet, and someone else will fix it.

    Everybody have access to your personal information.
    You will be better taking your computer to McDonald restaurant to be fix and no to GEEK SQUAD.

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  • Jo
    JohnM Oct 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Geek Squad is contracted by Best Buy for in home TV repair. When my Sony 46" HDTV broke down for the second time in less than a year Best Buy told me to call Geek Squad for service. I called them and they showed up 10 days later. The technician then told me we Americans complain too much. He then told me he had to order a part. 10 days later I called Geek Squad again. They had no record of any service or any parts order.After 26 minutes on hold I spoke to a supervisor. He said he would call back with an answer. No call. I contavted the Better Business Burea and they said they have dozens of complaints against Geek Squad and Best Buy.I think I'll hire 50 homeless people and picket Best Buy and the local Geek Squad office.

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  • Dc
    DCDFanatic Dec 22, 2010

    I brought a computer in for a clean sweep of the hard drive to get it set up for AV server at home and they diagnosed that my motherboard was failing. Nothing they could do and I should buy a new computer. I took it to another independent shop and it was a failing video card causing the symptoms and it cost all of $69 and the computer is fine now. I tried to recover my "diagnosis" fee from Geek Squad and they have refused and haven't responded to my complaints on their website. I just filed with the BBB. I cannot justify paying a dime for a completely incompetent diagnosis that cost me more money (yes I bought a new computer prior to the second opinion) and it was flat out WRONG.

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expensive and dumb

Geeze, what a bunch a dopes. Purchased a desktop PC, thing broke, under extended warrenty. Bad graphics card...


Want to warn all to stay clear of geek squad. Desptie thier "cute" commercials with the black and white vw these guys know nothing. I had an older compter and installed a game and it crashed. When I booted it I got the "dell" screen and then notning. The os would not boot so I took it to geek squad in altoona, pa. They charged me $70 to tell me it wouldn't boot. No #, thats why it was there. I took it in on a friday and a written date of return by them was the following monday. I waited until tuesday to call to give them an extra day. I know things happen. I called tuesday and was told they found a few viruses and they would call in a day to let me know. Well 3 days later on friday I called again. This time I was told a game in the hard drive was giving the problems. No mention of the 2 viruses I was told about 3 days earlier. I had enough by this time and just went up and picked it up. Was told for $150 they would save my files and photos and for another $100 they would wipe the drive and get it working. So for a mere $320 I would be good to go. What a crock. I brought it home, paid a local man $50 and it's up and running, all files intact. Geek squad wants thier money and you as a customer mean nothing. Here's a little tip from the gy that fixed mine. If your os fails to boot, press f8, and when prompted insert your rovery disk and follow the instrutions. You'll be good to go. As for geek squad and best buy, you'll never get another dime off me!!!

  • Ni
    nicetgirl Sep 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can beat all of that. Comcast decided to contract them out when we got the cable/internet/phone deal. I work nights, so I needed an afternoon appointment or later. He started calling us at 8 AM, trying to get us to agree. Finally, he just showed up at 10:30 unannounced. He didn't want to use our crawl space, which was fine with us. We hate to use it, so we aren't going to force anyone else to. However, he decided to put the cable on the wrong side of the house.

    The side he put it on is between our house and a BAD neighbor. We just have a narrow space between houses, and their kids are always pulling stuff, like drain pipes, off of our house. A month later, we're still surprised they haven't managed to remove the cable. Of course, the job he did was pathetic. Comcast has had to come out THREE times to redo various connections, including what ever he did up on the pole.

    One of the problems was with the phone. I have my 90 year old grandmother here. We need to have a valid phone at all times, just in case we need 911. Thankfully, there are two cell phones in the house, since we were without our Comcast number for awhile. We still have problems with one of the phones.

    And then we come to the best of all. The computers. He was refusing to set up my desktop at all. He even claimed that a) no one told him we had a desktop; b) Geek Squad (the company) doesn't work on desktops. When I told him I wouldn't sign off on his paperwork without the desktop, he did something with the LAN card set up, said it didn't work, and told me that he would have to charge me $100 an hour (he would charge, not Geek Squad) to work on it.

    So I told him I'd just try to run Linux and see if that would help. He gave me a dirty look, then stopped working. He said the laptop was set up, and that's all we needed. He also left our second TV unconnected. He told me that I could do that however I wanted. I still wouldn't sign off, so he said he needed something from the truck. He left me upstairs to hook up the TV, and got someone else in the family to sign off before he snuck off.

    Still not convinced that the computer was the best part? Well, there's more. He didn't actually set up the laptop to use our connection. That would have taken effort. Instead, a neighbor had an unsecured account in broadcast range, so he just tapped us into that. Technically, that's illegal. But then, so is trying to bully a customer of $100 in cash for what Comcast / Geek Squad paid him for.

    So, to sum up - The idiot wired the wrong side of the house, because it saved him five minutes of work, did a [email protected] job with the cable, resulting in it being redone by Comcast at their expense, messed up the downstairs TV (took the DVD & VHS off line to save time), gave us what was obviously a used cable box for On Demand (it had to be replaced the next day), a used router that had to be replaced, messed up a desktop (for the record, the LAN worked with Ubuntu Linux), and set up an illegal connection for our laptop. Then after all of that, he expected us to be stupid enough to give him a $100 tip to finish his job.

    Yes, I would recommend Geek Squad. To everyone I don't like.

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ripped off by the geek squad

When my Dell starting slowing down and having a lot of pop up ads, I took it to my local Best Buy. I paid the...

computer repair

I took my computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy hoping for a good experience. Truth is... it was awful! The "agents" have NO customer service skills, very little computer skills, could not tell me what they had actually done to my computer, could not tell me when it would be ready, and could not answer the most basic computer questions. I was told my computer would take five days to repair and now four weeks later I still do not have my computer back! The worst part, I was asked to pay upfront for "diagnostic and repair." Problem is, no repairs have actually been made, they are trying to charge me even more money (on top of the $215 I've already paid) and they did not actually repair anything. Geek Squad is awful. Do not take your computer repair to Geek Squad.

  • Ag
    agenttexx Oct 03, 2008

    Don't trust your computer with a "big Chain." Look in your yellow pages for local shops - the small guys who actually care about their customers and who often work much harder to help you out.

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  • Su
    SUSAN Oct 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Bo
    bogboss31b Dec 11, 2008

    i only been a geek squad member for a short time. I can tell you that you have every reason to be angry. the geek squad are not certified no formal schooling nothing. the agent gimmick is a rouse to get you to buy. I can also tell you that geek squad does not know how to do a spyware/virus removal. they hook your pc up to the internet and let some yahoo from india fix it. its called agent jonny utah. so there goes your privacy. also if you want pictures on how the back room where ur computer is stored or material that u have a warranty is kept i will be more than willing to show the public what goes on behind closed doors

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  • Ja
    jamesjr1716 Mar 08, 2010

    I took my (fairly) new Toshiba Laptop to the Geek Squad to have a virus removed, with all the confidence in the world that this well known company could solve my problems.
    From all I've heard of this company it made all the sense in the world to go there.
    I took it in on a Tuesday and over a WEEK later I still hadnt had my machine back.
    I had to call the store to see when I could get my fixed computer, they tossed around the phone from person to person as though they were playing hot potato and I finally spoke with a "member of management" (who had to be no older than 18) who informed me that my computer should be ready within "a couple days".

    This was ridiculous.
    Finally nearly 2 weeks later I got my computer back (after paying nearly 300 dollars).
    Are you kidding!!!?

    A coworker of mine told me about a site he'd used called
    He said they were a smaller company but very efficient and friendly.
    These guys answered my call on the third ring, spoke to me so I understood what they were saying and provided me with unbeatable service.
    My computer was fixed within two hours and I havent had any problems since.
    If any problems arise I know who I'll turn to.

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terrible customer service!

I can beat your worst experience with the Geek Oct '07 I called to have a wireless network and range extender configured at my business. The tech arrived an hour late (as he was from the Ontario, CA store and they scheduled him a service call 52 miles away (and allowed him with 15 minutes travel time...). He configured and got everything working, including three days it crashed. I called for warranty service right away. They scheduled me for first opportunity-3 weeks later. The date rolled around and noone called or showed up. I called again and ranted and they gave me another appointment for 5 weeks later. When the guy showed up, he took my extender and ethernet router out of the system and said, "you don't need these". The system worked for 1 whole day and crashed. I called back and got no response on hold after 29 minutes. I went into the Best Buy store in Victorville, CA and spoke with Geek squad Agent Brian who couldn't believe how I was treated and arranged for Charles W. (their business guru) to call me to schedule an appointment to solve my problem. The on duty Manager, Nellie also was involved. Guess what? A week later, Charles never called me. I went back into the store and spoke with Service Manager Johnny. He called Mario Gomez, Geek Squad District Manager and stated that Mr. Gomez could authorize the service and that Gomez promised to call me back that day. Johnny also said he would call me back to confirm that Mr. Gomez had called and resolved my problem. Guess what? Neither Gomez or Johnny ever called me to schedule an appointment with Double Agent Charles W. I then called a Best Buy Asst Store Manager named Katie. She is a "process manager" and told me she was the "buck stops here" kind of gal. She empathized and scheduled Charles W. for a final attempt at salvaging customer service for me. This morning (three weeks later), Charles was scheduled to arrive at 11:15 in the morning. (January 30). Guess what? Charles never called and never showed up!! I called Katie and she stated that Mr. Gomez said that this ticket was open more that 30 days and the warranty period was exceeded so he canceled the service call by Charles. They never called me, never discussed it or tried to solve my problem. I have spent weeks (from Oct 07 until January 08) on hold — telling and retelling this story to Best Buy and Geek Squad managers and not one of them ever did a thing to make it right. I will continue to tell this story to everyone I meet. Geek Squad is a rip off and is the worst customer service business I have ever encountered.

unrelated charges, misinformation

The agent came to my place of business and received a list of items that I wanted him to perform (which included a starred item — the original reason I requested their service). At the end of four hours, he submitted an invoice to me that included three different items, including a min. 159 dollar "diagnosis" fee. He also informed me at that time that he was not capable of doing the operation I originally requested and that I would need to contact the BTC (business tech. center) to assess that particular problem. He mentioned that the operator that originally took my apt. must have misunderstood me when I requested the service because they are sometimes not educated about these issues. However, when he reread the communication that was sent to him, it clearly stated the original issue. Why then is he charging me for work that was not originally requested upon making the call? And if in fact these subsidiary issues were asked of him, why did he not mention the costs of these until after the service was completed? I have spoken with their "mission control" over three times and confirmed that they are to inform their clients of additional fees before completing them. When the agent was later contacted to confirm my dispute, he said that he did in fact inform me beforehand. He did not. I explained the situation at the time of service and eventually paid the minimum labor fee of 159 dollars. Later, after 15 mins of him leaving, the two things extra that were being charged for were not done correctly and were even in worse condition than before. The owner of the company had to trouble shoot the issue himself and now still wonders why he should pay the 159 dollars at all! After being transferred to Best Buy Customer Care three times (I was told Geek squad doesnt have a cust. care department), I was finally referred back to Geed Squad to resolve this matter as Best Buy "cannot do anything to adjust these fees". All this time, the Geek Squad said they could do nothing until the agent called back again to make his claim. Finally, I just spoke with someone at Geek Squad to see if he had called in by 515 pm (I gave ample time for him to do so according to the original 12 pm time they said to call today). The agent still hadn't called. Finally, the gentleman on the phone said he was able to "escalate the case" in order for the Geek Squad's customer care department to review the case. As much as I am shocked to hear about this new department that has been there all along, I now await "24-48 hrs" for them to contact me with their resolution to this either case, I would not suggest using this service unless you are VERY clear to what you want done and what the cost will be. Be sure to reiterated your needs to the operator to avoid this confusion. As well, be sure they have logged your appointment as my first one was never made in their system, and by chance I called back to confirm the appointment when they were able to make one for the original date. All in all, I've never been so bewildered by the attempts of customer care to resolve this matter (ie. Best Buy AND the aloof Geek Squad cust. care), as well the poor service of the Geek Squad agent to charge for services w/o giving the fee beforehand, which might I add, still need to be addressed.

  • St
    Steve Meeter Jan 21, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As another customer with a poor service situation from the Geek Squad, I am appalled with their system of service. A year ago I bought a computer and ordered in home setup. Appointment and time is setup then the "agent" never shows nor do I receive a phone call. I called their 800 number and found that I wasn't in the system. Local Best Buy got involved and covered the problem - the next day. Again I buy another computer several weeks ago from another Best Buy store, they setup a home visit with appointment, time, etc. Exactly the same - never showed, never called. I contacted the 800 Geeks, gave them my order number and again, I'm not in the system. This was Saturday. Best they could do was Wednesday. I contacted the local store, explained my experiences and simply said what I've been told is unexceptable. Overall I've wasted a whole lot of hours with these people. The store sent out one of their counter people to do the setup the next day.

    I cannot conceive how a company (Geek Sqaud) based on service can function in this capacity let alone last. I have not recieved any explanations or apologies from corporate Geeks. I am personally in the transportation business and dispatch trucks from the midwest to the west coast at 2000 miles. We are consistantly 99% on time year after year. We deal with driver hours, logs, weather, traffic, machinery (tractor/trailers) etc. Far greater complexities than scheduling Geeks in a local environment. Perhaps they need OUR system software. Also being in the service business, we ALWAYS call if running behind or need to reschedule.

    Although their agents do a good job once they arrive, I would never use them again because of the inconvenience of their service - saying it nicely. Oh yes, no way yet that I found where I can send a complaint to corporate Geeks.

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unacceptable quality & service

Geek Squad
3079 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

The Geek Squad of Atlanta has failed in many instances regarding appropriate quality control & delivery of service.

- Initially after setting up a home network that did not function properly, they refused to return my phone calls (the Manager himself wouldn't call me back), and would not rectify the non-functioning network they had set up (I had to pay someone else to come and fix it).

- I was then sold a hard drive (300 GB) that I used to back up my computer. After completely reformatting my hard drive, the external HD (that I bought from Geek Squad) failed to function a mere 7 days after it's initial purchase... It had ALL of my data for my computer. They agreed to replace the hard drive, but CHARGED ME to retrieve the data from it!

- I've attempted to contact them several times regarding computers or hard drives of mine they are in the process of fixing, yet they never return my phone calls

- Their estimated times of completion are NEVER right, and they also NEVER call to inform you an extended completion date. I was actually in the store when a woman came in screaming about this exact same issue (it appears as though it isn't just me that this happens to).

I hope that all of the Geek Squads aren't as bad as the Atlanta Geek Squad... if so, they shouldn't be in business anymore!

  • Jc
    jcroody Nov 26, 2007


    I am a former geek squad employee and boy was I glad to leave these scammers. I left a full time job with full health benefits for a contract job with no benefits, just because i didn't want to be part of that sicko business of over charging people. Geek Squad/Best Buy inc. are crooks and deserves to be bashed in the public. Their number one agent in the Atlanta market/district does not even know a simple technical acronym about wireless networks he sets up every single day for over a year now. Instead of typing WEP, short for (Wireless Equivalent Privacy) he puts WEB key in all his notes after configuring a simply wireless network for a client for $159 dollars for 20 minutes of work. He has no formal education, no technical background, just training from Geek Squad on how to rob innocent people. Is this the technician you want to come to your house to configure your network? This "agent" who has also trained another agent on how to also rob people on the other hand is a little bit more technical, they are both very quick to tell clients that their computers are infected with Trojans and viruses. Geek Squad provides the agents with these little programs that finds cookies, and what we are trained to do is to tell people their computers are infected and then jip them out for a hefty $249 for their ADR (Advanced Diagnostic and Repair) and then to add protection software plus labor fee of $29 per install of each program that you just run the CD and click next, next, next. I have evidence to show how and who over charges client's not only for their high price labor but "agent" actually double charging clients for one service.

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won't honor my $500 service plan

A copy of email sent to Best Buy Customer Service:

Dear Best Buy Customer Service,

I've just returned from a BEST BUY store/service center in Merced

California where I have been a loyal and consistent customer for the better part of my life but this is the end to all that. What happened this last time is too much for any customer to bear hence why I feel compelled to take even more time out of my life to inform you and everyone else out there how I got ripped off from BEST BUY so that they will all think twice about ever doing business with you or suffer the fate I have here below...

First Some History -

On October 22, 2004 - I Purchased a Toshiba Laptop P35-S609/P4 for $1799.99 (Serial Number #*) along with a Platinum Service Plan (#*) for $499.99. I wasn't going to purchases this extended service contract but the assistant manager on duty assured me that if anything were to go wrong with this laptop in the next 3 years all I would have to do is to return it to a service center and I would have it repaired at no cost and returned back to me within 7 days.

Jump Forward to 2 weeks Ago -

August 21, 2007 - I turn on my laptop and notice that it has two distinct vertical lines in the LCD display. I decided to turn it in to BEST BUY geek squad and have the LCD and a few other items fixed at the same time. No one likes to be without their computer for very long right?

August 22, 2007 - I drive the 35 miles to Merced California to return my laptop to the Service Department at BEST BUY. I explain that my LCD display is not functioning properly, the 1394 firewire port no longer works, the dvd burner/player doesn't recognise blank DVDs (making it very hard to burn DVDs) and the PCI slot has a hard time working because the eject button seems to be twisted and not pop in and out the wireless cards I've used in the past.

The Tech takes my Laptop and informs me that it will be at least 2 - 6 weeks before I will hear anything and that they will be in touch with me then. Surprised at his response, I told him that I had purchased a $500 Platinum Plan and he said yeah we sold those once a while back but that my turnaround time would be the same. Only when I pulled out my paperwork with my plan details on it did he admit that it did say 7 day turnaround and that if it didn't come back in that time span I could "ask" for the cost of my plan be returned to me since BEST BUY could not return my laptop in that time frame... All this even before I LEFT the store... I was not feeling at all good about leaving it there but what choice did I have? BEST BUY had my $500 for the service plan so I had to leave it or pay someone else to look at it.

August 29, 2007 - (exactly 7 days later) - I drove 35 miles to the BEST BUY

Store in Merced California and asked about the status of my laptop. The technician behind the counter told me that the service center had tried to contact me that day at my work (where I was ALL day) and that they needed an approval to complete the work that needed to be done. Of course I NEVER received a call asking me about this so I was SHOCKED to hear that in order to return my laptop to me in working order that I would have to pay $954.97 in repairs to the motherboard. I asked why I would have to pay an additional $954.97 since I had purchased a service agreement for $500 and he told me that the service center had determined that the laptop had been "abused" and this was not normal wear and tear or daily use issues. They acted like I drove over my laptop and handed to them and said fix this. This obviously was not the case since the laptop still to this day functions but with the above issues broken.

Completely irritated at this point I told him that I would contact the service center and discuss the matter with them since there was nothing that the technician could do about it at store level. Several days had passed and I received a phone call from Glenn at BEST BUY in Merced.

September 6th, 2007 - I receive a call from Glenn telling me that my laptop was available for pick-up at Merced BEST BUY and to return a call if I had any questions. I returned his call and spoke to the head technician Erina. When I asked about the status of my laptop she seemed puzzled at first but went and pulled the work order and told me on the phone that my laptop was in the store and that she wasn't sure if the work had been completed or not.

After 15 minutes or so on the phone with her I asked that she call me back once she had determined if the laptop had been fixed or not. She agreed and I hung up the phone still puzzled about why they would tell me they wanted almost $1,000 to fix my laptop but then ship it back to the store fixed?

September 8th, 2007 - (TODAY) After not receiving any calls back from Erina that my laptop was completed or still broken I decided to drive 35 miles once more to the Merced BEST BUY store and inquire about my laptop. When I asked the technician about the status of my laptop I was referred to Erina who told me that the laptop was in the store and ready to be picked-up. I asked why she never called me back to tell me and she said that someone else was suppose to do it. Still I got no call. She then told me that the laptop was returned with the LCD repaired ($35 labor bill - no parts needed) and that labor was covered under my service agreement.

The rest of the items that I had listed were not repaired because they were not covered under the $500 Agreement that I paid for because the service department deemed them to be "abuse" or not daily wear and tear. Again, it was not like I hit it with a baseball bat or let my 2 year old jump up and down on it. I paid a lot of money for this laptop. I have taken good care of it. I was honestly offended and shocked that I was being taken advantage of like this. I asked that she get her store manager involved and she quickly called for an associate named Gil Castro.

I asked Gil if he was the store manager since I didn't want to waist anymore of my time dealing with this than I had already and he told me that he was the Service Department Manager and wanted to help me. After reviewing all the paperwork and listening to my story as told here above he went to the back of the store and pulled the technicians' notes. When he returned he read back to me exactly what Erina had told me earlier and that I should write a letter to to explain my displeasure with this decision on the part of the service center and that there was nothing he could do to help me any further. I told him that I was extremely upset with the service that I had received at that point and that he did not want me to leave his store angry about this experience and he again told me there was nothing that he could do. Poor ability at store level to help make me a happy customer... This could have all been avoided if he had but it didn't. He handed me my laptop I left the store and now I am writing this letter.

The Problem is... I still have a Laptop that is broken. I still paid $500 for a service plan that BEST BUY now refuses to honor. I'm still upset and angry that the consumer (ME) who rightfully and honestly pays for everything gets ripped off by the Corporation (BEST BUY) because it is not financially feasible to fix the $1,000 part for the price of the $500 plan... I really hope that is not the case but I am beginning to believe that it is not about what someone thinks is "abuse" or not but simply a numbers game of gains and loses to repair my laptop. It would have been better and easier to just fix it or give me a new one since the cost of repair is more than the cost of a newer one.

So here I am taking up your time and mine over a broken $1,000 laptop and a $500 service plan that I paid for and BEST BUY won't honor. I have decided that I will post this letter to several Blogs in the hopes those others who at contemplating doing business with BEST BUY will read this and think otherwise. I feel it is my duty to warn them about my treatment here and guide them towards other retailers with better morals, ethics and customer service.

I would appreciate a response to my efforts here to inform you of my situation but if BEST BUYs' history with calling me back is an indication of what I can expect then I will just forward this letter on to the Better Business Bureau and my State Attorney Generals Office for filing a claim next.

I appreciate your time and effort in helping me makes things right here.

  • Tp
    T Pierce Jan 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They must train all these people the same way. I have filed a small claims suit locally in Santa Rosa, CA - I took my laptop in under warranty to have the fan checked. They instead removed the hard drive and destoryed it.
    I worked for months to get someone to call me back and have NOT heard a word.

    If you need to know the agent for service - I will send it to you so you can sue them too.

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  • Na
    Nancy Tinsley Jun 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with everything said. I also had a runin with the MERCED BEST BUY. Their customer service is horrible and if you do get service from someone nine times out of ten they don't even know what they are talking about or they tell you something and then when you go back to get the help they promised the person that told you what help you would get if you purchased the item "is no longer with us". I have been lied too by them after being a good customer since this store opened. Buying 2 computers and several digital cameras. I wouldn't buy anything there ever.

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  • Mi
    Mike Ruelan Aug 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had terrible customer service with merced best buy (their name not deserving of legitimate capital lettering). I bought a laptop 3 days ago, I paid for the whole shebang.. the $279.99 2-year accidental warranty, and the $159.99 "full proof" service plan, plus other add-ons almost equaling the same amount as the laptop unit itself. Today, I go into the store because they spelled my name into the computers main user profile, and after hours of trouble shooting, I decided there was nothing I could do to change it.

    I go to their store for assistance on such a seemingly minor problem, keeping in mind that I am already upset that they "milked me" into purchasing their full proof service plans and warranties and yet after all the money that I had invested in their packages, the least they could do is pay attention to detail and spell my name correctly. Even if it was a mistake and they would fix it immediately, I could understand.. but nooo. After informing him that I had already run specific procedures in trouble shooting the problem, the supervisor who goes by the name of "Spentz" (perhaps short for Spencer) blatantly ignores me and continues to perform the same unsuccessful procedures that I had performed, as if I am some kind of ill-educated "idiot". He tells me it is a "pain in the butt" problem to fix the misspelled name that they input into my system. Now, wouldn't anybody agree that, as a matter of principle, if someone is paying 400 plus dollars for best buy's services, the least that they can do is be a tad bit more attentive to detail, and spell the customer's name right to prevent it from becoming too much of a "pain in the butt" problem to fix? Then he has the nerve to tell me that he has to charge me to service a simple name change. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I told him hell no. Their carelessness was their fault, and I refuse to pay money for their IGNORANCE.

    It was a small problem in reality, but a major problem in principle. They have not fixed the problem. I took this computer home and I am using it to write this complaint. Wasting my time to complain to a forum. I could be sleeping. But to whom it may concern, yes... you should know. I am debating on returning this computer and saying, "### OFF". After some rest, I will decide tomorrow. Maybe Circuit City is better.

    PS. To that poor old man "Spentz". Don't think for a second that you have had the honor of receiving any form of anger or spite from me. Talking down to me as if I am ill-educated? I am a 4th year Electrical Engineer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for the Class of 2009. The highlight of your career is being a "supervisor" for a best buy... IN WHO-THE-###-KNOWS-WHERE-MERCED. I take comfort in the fact that you're older than dirt. You will die in a decade at best. Thanks for your service ###!

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dumb # geek squad agents!

Best Buy - Century Blvd, Pittsburg, CA

I Randy, bought a XBOX360 for my son on 6/14/07 from Best Buy, I did not purchase the extended warranty that Best Buy offered. my son started to mentioned that the XBOX would freeze during games. so we went and bought it back to Best Buy on 7/6 to either exchange it or refund. Took it up to the Return Desk and was told by the clerk that one of the Geek Squad personnel had to look at it??? They had us wait and one of the so call agent came over and took the XBOX to the back and he came back a couple of minutes later and said that the Microsoft sticker behind the face plate was missing and that they will not be able to exchange nor refund??? What gives??? Could this know nothing agent remove the face plate in front of us??? I nor my son didn't even know there was a sticker behind the face plate... They went and got their manager and all he said was U are gonna have to take this up with Microsoft... I really think that they did a bait and switch on us... also it was bought back before the 30 days return period is up... I am now out 400.00 and so annoyed at this attitude that was shown... I would never ever shop at Best Buy... nor have their dumb # Geek Squad agents touch anything... it's very disappointing that they pride themselves on their return policy...

Ex-customer of Best Buy

  • Su
    Subdolus Jun 12, 2009
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    Verified customer

    After the 30 day return period, if you did not purchase an extended warranty or replacement plan from Best Buy, you DO need to contact Microsoft directly for warranty repair.

    You were well outside the 30 day return limit; the store was not obligated to exchange or return the unit.

    The fact that you did not understand this or don't like this is not Best Buy's fault.

    Microsoft provides a 1 year MFR warranty, and has had a site up for years that allow for inputting the SN and requesting a box/label to ship in a defective unit for repair.

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  • Pr
    Prashanth Pachi Jul 09, 2017
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    Verified customer

    I have ordered I phone 5s in BestBuy and it was 8k and manager spoke to me in Watsapp and said it's free delivery also and after I paid 8k Dey started asking me daily 5k to pay dem till today I have paid 26k to tht product and I still didn't receive my product if ask no respond from tht manager I have all the payment slips which I have made to him product costing 8k but he collected 26k from me and still no delivery off order I want tht manager to be punished and I want may money refunded below are the details of my order and the manger detials

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geek squad - is a total rip off!

I scheduled a Geek Squad appointment just after Christmas to set up my wireless internet connection on my...

geek squad had screwed up my computer!

I brought my computer in to the Best Buy located in Goodyear, AZ for a simple (I thought) problem. Somehow the system font had been replaced with a 'wingdings' font.

A ticket was written up to take care of that problem, to clean the computer and move the system to another drive (I had two hard drives). Everything was great with the tech I originally talked with and I understood what was going to happen.

When I went to pick my computer up, there was nothing left on it except a bare drive, one of the hard drives couldn't be recognized and, when I got it home, I found I didn't have any sound.

I was told by the tech that did the "repair" that "well, it's done now and there's nothing else we can do." When I told that to the Store Manager on duty he said he would investigate. Their policy is that they aren't responsible for data loss.

There was no way I could prove my second hard drive wasn't out of order before I took it there. They did a data recovery on both drives which was worthless and only provided shortcuts to nothing.

When I went back about the sound board, the same manager told me to bring my computer in and they would take a look at it.

I decided that the amount of money I had been charged for everything the "GEEK SQUAD" had screwed up already, especially all the time and the irreplaceble things things they had lost for me I'd be better off replacing the sound card myself.

  • Ga
    Gayle Medina Dec 05, 2007
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    Verified customer

    who are these people god? they took my money again. They keep putting my bank in od. they owe me 134.80 . I want my damn money back. I will be contacting an attorney and the attorney general of the us.

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  • Al
    Alex Oct 11, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Ok well i am acomputer geek fixing a comp for a friend ad hemotherboad went out 2 weeks after sh took it to geek squad(HATE them) an sowe went to th store today to buy a new mobo i get ome to put it in and researched the modl number and it said it was am2 wel i get in there and geek squad had switched out the mobo to a ocket 939 adthat reminded my that whn she rought it over the warrety seal was broken and she had just gone to get syware cleaningdone s the mass up yourcomp bad do not use them

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  • Al
    Alex Oct 11, 2008
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    Verified customer

    sorryin tping on a bad keyboard

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  • Be
    BestBuyRippedMeOff Apr 15, 2009

    My God, use a spell checker before posting this. No one would believe this story, but thanks for wasting MY time reading up on Best Buy complaints. Another hour's pay hunting for dirt on my employer of choice :)

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  • No
    nonya dam business Apr 08, 2010

    I would like to say thanks to all of the people for thier complaints they have helped me to decide not to call geek squad to repair my broken comps

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the geek squad really sucks!

I used the geek squad and if you have a problem after they leave you are screwed unless you want to spend...