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9:05 am

Acer - Acer aspire 5 scam

I bought the Acer Aspire 5 18months ago, the board on the laptop is now dead, I took it to the Acer authorized repair which quoted 1.5 the price of the laptop. extremely disappointment for the level of support and the communication the ACER team has. Never recommending this product or the brand to anyone.

I feel this is some sort of a scam to get people to buy more laptops from ACER.

Desired outcome: fix my laptop

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11:32 am

Acer - Acer Nitro 5 problems

I have an Acer Nitro 5 since June 25, 2020. Here are things that happened to this laptop since today.
It crashed (Blue Screen of Death) seven times. I am serious.
Today the bezels broke.
It fell twice from opening a closet.
And sometimes it literally does this:
The mouse moves by itself, even though I'm clearly not touching it, and when I move the trackpad in every single possible direction, it doesn't move an inch.
It reboots on it's own.
It opens up the Search and Settings tabs for no reason at all.

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2:53 pm

Acer - Customer services

I contacted your Company on the 29th May, reference number Question Reference # 210529-001530. Again on the 3rd June 2021, no reply.

I have had the same problem for sometime now, and am not computer literate enough to fix it myself.

I have had this before and have not complained. But I believe as a Company I believe it is your responsibility to assist with a product you sold me.

I await your speedy response, if I am not satisfied with the outcome of this situation I will not have any other alternative but to contact the appropriate authority to assist me. This is the second Laptop I bought from you, but I am so angry and disappointed I'm not sure I would purchase anything from you again.

Desired outcome: Contact and to have a trouble free Laptop

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8:25 am

Acer - Acer aspire

Bought an ACER Aspire about 2 years ago. After about, 2 months I started having issues with the cord not making an secure attachment with the electric port on the computer. I have read thousands of complaints regarding this same issue. Obviously, it is a flaw in the product. Acer has done NOTHING to satisfy customers who purchased this product. I will NEVER buy an Acer again.

Desired outcome: Instructions on how to fix it would be nice.

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4:27 pm

Acer - Acer product and service

I bought an Acer Nitro 5 laptop September 8th 2020. A month ago my screen started flickering and I couldn't fix it so I took it to the place of purchase on March 5th 2021 thats three weeks ago. I was told it would be sent to the main service location and should have it back in 7 to 14 days. I haven't heard a word from Acer or my local retailer. This is a laptop that I bought new less than 6 months ago that is under complete warranty and is vital to my business and personal needs. It is totally unacceptable to keep it this long. In fact, in 25 years I have never had a repair take more than 5 days. In a similar situation with a Lonovo laptop my retailer gave me a new one the following day. I need this handled immediately.

Desired outcome: Repair or replace within 48 hours

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12:29 pm

Acer - Warranty not honored

I sent the tablet for repair on 10 January 2017

Acer Case ID 10166788G

The screen cracked due to the very low quality build of the product.
Also the tablet was overheating a lot and spontaneously rebooting.

Acer refused to repair the tablet under warranty.
Acer also wanted to charge over 100 CHF just for returning the tablet as is.

I would like a refund or at least a credit so I can get a new tablet, even from Acer.

I have all the correspondence and documents, but they're in PDF and I cannot attach them here.

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11:29 pm

Acer - 'drop damage' repair charge when laptop was never dropped!

One day - around mid december - my pull my $700 laptop out to do some work while my desktop was put up, and it just doesn't turn on. There's fans, but no lights and no display. I open the bottom to see if a display connector or power connector got unhooked or frayed, or if the battery had died, but everything looked fine. I didn't dare touch anything because I did not want to void my warranty. So after a few days of talking to customer service, I eventually ship it in, laptop carefully wrapped in thick bubble wrap. They receive the package on new years day.

Fast forward to today (january 10th 2019) and I get a call from acer about repairing my laptop. They say there's 'drop damage' to the system - which is damage not covered by the warranty - and there is 'major components' that need to be replaced.

Specifically: "lcd cover, lcd bevel, uppercasing and lowercasing will need to be replaced due to front and right corner damage."

Total repair charge? Four hundred and fifty dollars. $474.74 with tax!
Thats two thirds the price of the laptop

This is absolutely unacceptable. Even if the laptop was damaged during shipping, there is absolutely no way that replacing the plastic cover around the laptop is that expensive. I will not be extorted like this!

(the actual customer service agent was very nice though.)

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6:06 pm

Acer - I am not able to register my laptop computer.

I just got a new lap top from argos store and I want to register my product, my acer lap top. I tried to complected the acer registration form on the internet at acer wed site.
I am to be sent a comfirmation e-mail to complect my registration for my new lap top. I have not received that e-mail, the comfirmation e-mail sent.
I want my acer lap top registered immediately please. can this be complected.
thank you.

my e-mail I used to tried to complect the registration form is:
[email protected] .

my name is sodiq. sodiq.

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5:29 am
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Acer - Acer laptop

I bought an Acer laptop from you on 2016 April 13. The purchase price was R4999.00. Between 13 April ’16 and 3 July ’16, which is 87 days, on the 3rd of July I went to CNA to report that the product is defective #cutoffwhilsttyping. CNA gave me a contact details of their stakeholders (User Experience Centre). On the 12th of July I started contacting User...

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4:06 am

Acer - terrible service

Does warranty from Acer actually exist? I sent my monitor to a repair service 5 times and every time I got it in the same condition. Is this a joke? I keep complaining, but there's no result. I eventually got my money back after 2 months.
First of all, my issue wasn't something new, I don't understand why they just didn't repair it at the same time. Second I'm not the only one with the same problem. Third. The customer service is poor, I had a hard time explaining what was wrong. And the last thing is that it's impossible to get a normal corporate to call you back.
What's so hard to fix the problem like this? Why they had to repair my monitor 5 times? The question is rhetorical...

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9:42 am

Acer - laptop/ charger provided was not suiting with laptop

I bought the laptop from your emax stall on april 1 st from gitex event held at world trade center.. i reached there late and it was about to close, there was some display laptop sale going on your atore and i bought it..i was flying after that and i didnt use the laptop from that day..i contacted your customer care and the representative who deal with me was very rude.i need to know as a customer if i am buying something from your store is it my responsibility or your responsibility to give the proper accessories on the purchase? I need a immediate reply for this complaint which i raised..

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10:39 am

Acer - Планшет Асer aspire/p3

Рядом с штрих-кодом надпись:
Обожаю этот планшет.
Заранее спасибо за помощь.
Желаю Вашей корпорации и Америке МИРА И ПРОЦВЕТАНИЯ.

Павлихина Мила 89536694953(в России)
е-mail:[email protected]

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4:52 pm

Acer - acercloud 14 netbook

In March of last year I purchased the above referenced Netbook. Within 60 days I returned it as it was stuck at 62% on factory reset. I purchased another of the same computer and guess what... it did the same thing. I have returned it back to your Texas address and am waiting to receive a "fixed" Netbook.
Here is the problem: I have ALWAYS owned Acer products and always considered you the "go to" when purchasing new equipment. To date, my experience with this computer is that your computers are junk and your customer service is worse. Why should I have to pay to return a Netbook that was under warranty when this is the second one with the same problem? I spent $45.00 dollars to return my latest one last Wednesday. I was told it could take as long as1-3 months to have it reformatted and returned to me...why?Disappointment just does not cover it. I have contacted WalMart regarding this issue and am hard pressed to understand why this is occurring. It is obvious that Windows 10 is in conflict with your product. This could be resolved constructively with either a replacement (and new warranty) and/or a speedy return of my FIXED Cloud 14. Here is the information on my Acer Cloud 14:SNID#60801445323
Serial # NXSHGAA001608038752300
Customer Case Number : 461435U
Marilynn McLaughlin
1511 Pleasant Avenue
Klamath Falls, Or 97601
I look forward to your prompt response

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6:02 am

Acer - defective notebook

I have purchased Acer notebook and I'm not happy. I always bought Acer only and was always satisfied with their computers. But the last one I bought turned out to be defective. There was a problem with its cooler and too bad that I didn't notice that earlier. Sometimes it simply turned off by itself and that happened at least twice a day. When I finally realized what was the problem it was already too late. One day it simply burned and broke. I tried to get Acer to fix it but they refused and claimed that warranty did not cover that. I was very disappointed to hear that.
It was very expensive for me to fix it so I had no other choice only to buy a new notebook. I don't think that I'll buy Acer again.

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5:56 pm

Acer - es1-512-c1pw

We bought this laptop almost one year ago. I sent it out for repair at the end of august 2016 because the screen kept freezing. Acer sent the computer back to me. It worked fine for almost 2 weeks and the same problem returned. There repair notes stated completed system recovery. Sent the computer back out for repair and when I received it worked fine for 6 days.
The repair notes stated reset to factory default settings. Acer is willing to take it back again for repair again however i'm afraid they will just reset again. So I did a reset myself a few hours ago and the computer worked well for about 10 minutes and then it froze up again. Acer tech said they would look into replacing the unit but that went no where.

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8:11 pm

Acer - keyboard

My keyboard numeric key pad doesn't work. Acer has sent me out two new keyboards, they didn't work either. NOW, Acer says that my warranty has expired and won't help me with my Acer keyboard issue. At the time that I submitted my first complaint to Acer, I was within my warranty, they issue was still not fixed, NOW Acer says that I'm out of warranty, even though my first issues were within my warranty. No one will take my calls, I was told to purchase a new keyboard. But why should I purchase a new keyboard when the keyboard should have been fixed under my warranty?

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Did you try the "num lock" key?
some programs and web sites reset it...

0 0
6:41 am

Acer - defective computer monitor not fixed by repair service

My product number is 43000788624. It is a S230hL lED moniter that dos not turn on when plugged into a wall outlet. I lost $155.00 for the product and $40.00 shipping to send it to their repair center.

I purchased it from Walmart on the way back from a trip. The local store would not take it back and told me to return it to their store that is 2 hours away. I was not going to drive 4 hours round trip so I filled out a repair request and paid UPS to package it and send it to them a traceable method. The Acer customer service supervisor told me that this was my problem. I had a computer technician come over to set it up but he could not.

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2:41 pm

Acer - laptop computers

I am a computer consultant and value added reseller in the Southern California area. Back before Acer purchased Gateway computers, they were a good company with good service. NOT so anymore! I have three clients that I purchased laptops for a few years ago; paid retail prices and installed them for my clients. They have been working fine for these last few years, but with the advent of Windows 10, there was a grave error made by Acer. They do not support, or will they support, these computers for a Windows 10 upgrade. I wrote to the President and CEO of the company to explain how this adversely affects my customers, and their customers. Here is the response from the President of Acer: He had a "customer care" representative call me and tell me that their company will do nothing to help those who purchased their computers and can not upgrade to Windows 10. Nothing but apologies, with no substantial care. Hope this company goes out of business soon so others will not suffer as many have already.

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6:30 am

Acer - it keeps breaking and malfunctioning!

You need to READ THIS if you’re going to get a new PC.
There are many brands boasting all kinds of fancy and amazing gadgets but the real question is, which one to get?
A really straightforward answer to this question can prove to be a lifesaver too.
Anything, except Gateway, Packard Bell and ACER
Why do we say this?
We live in the age when almost all information is available on the internet. And searching for info is as easy as ever.
Why not make use of that?
I would suggest that you guys run a search for ‘Acer complaints’ instead of reviews.
What do you get? ENDLESS results!
You see, there are countless things which can give you hints about a company’s products. If you search Acer’s Facebook pages you will see endless complaints over there. Ask a computer expert for advice, they’ll say the same thing too.
In 2013 I purchased an Acer Aspire E series notebook. I wasted a good $600 (inclusive of repair expenditures of almost $90)
2 of my friends have also had a very hard time with Acers.
If 3 people say the same thing and that’s not enough, well then you can see the rest on Facebook and the web.
Acers are expensive, have poor build quality and almost junk hardware. It is better to get a HP or a Samsung for a couple more bucks which are EXCELLENT and will do you good.
Acer products also give the vendors a hard time. They are bad stuff and customers demand refunds from vendors. That’s quite a loss for them too. when you buy this product and if something goes wrong with it, you will obviously take it to the vendor and demand a refund. If you wanna contact the Acer team, the company will ask you to send it for the so called ‘evaluation’ at your OWN expense and they send it back saying it’s a result of CID (Customer Induced Damage)
Acer user

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2:17 pm

Acer - crappy products

Are you one of the millions having problems with ACER’s crappy products, total lack of customer service, failure to honor their warranty and unable to contact anyone at ACER that gives a crap? Well let me be of some help……..

If you live in the USA or have the ability to call the USA, call Jennifer at corporate customer care @ 254.298.4402. Not that she cares or will offer any help and maybe not even answer the phone, but you can leave a nasty message about you crappy product. Do it daily.

You can also FAX ACER in the USA at 408.533.4555 and send them a nasty letter. You can also post your complaint on ACER’s Face Book pages around the world to warn the rest of the world about their crappy products. You can also message people that have posted comments. We do hundreds daily. And if you happen to find someone that works for ACER anywhere in the world, PLEASE respond back to me at [email protected] so I can add them to the list.

I found Dirk Brits, Ernie Weng, Veera Kumar & Aung Thura on Face Book. They work for ACER. Message them and them and tell them how you feel? How you REALLY feel? Then this list below, I emailed and didn’t get it back, so I think they are real? However, I had a list 3 times this long that ACER has changed so you cannot contact them.

You can also contact retail chain stores in you country, electronic distributors and ACER vendors that ACER does not honor their warranty, so he consumer bring their product back to the store for a refund, making ACE’s problem, the stores problem.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

If you live in the USA and have a faulty product, I am suing ACER and can add yours. Just email me all your data, name, email, product serial number, amount and where you bought it, etc. Actually, you can also do the same in small claims court. It’s cheap and simple and if we do a team effort, almost guarantees a win. And lawyers aren’t allowed in small claims so ACER has to show.

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