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I'm so unsatisfied on your delivery service handle by pasir gudang branch. Stated in tracking, "out for delivery" since 1100hrs. After waited until 1730hrs, I called +6072668006 and there is an indian guys answered, he told me delivery until 1800hrs. Then I told my wife to wait until 1800hrs. After 15mins I called again and the same person answered and told me he will launch a report. At 1930hrs, I was asking my wife if there is any delivery done.. She said no delivery. Then she said someone call her but she doesnt understand any word.
I really need an explaination and a good reason why the delivery cannot be done by today, 13may 2019? We waisted our day just to wait for the shipment and there is no call by the driver telling cant do any delivery. Courier service must call customer if they cannot reach/customer not at home/before performing any delivery. There is also no.. Call card/missed card/left card. This is a very serious matter. We waisted our day just to wait for this. We really dont have time to wait and wait and wait. This is not the first time happen.

Really need an answer, asap.

Detail of shipment:
No.: gam004157531
Receiver: roliza

May 13, 2019

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