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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - uniform deceptive trade practices act

GameStop is breaking the Law. The Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act prevents a common GameStop practice of gutting brand new games then selling them as New. GameStop should have an open box policy, but sadly they don't. We need to call them on this ### and end this once and for all. Under FTC law GameStop is practicing FRAUD


Then dont buy the open copy [censored]

Jan 29, 2011

That is interesting. My guess is that it is not an illegal activity considering Gamestop has done this for like...ever.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - exchange/return

Someone please explain to me how I can buy a $50 game and the next day return the same item because it was too hard for my son and only get $16? What happened to my other $34? I think if you can buy a used game and take it home, play it, and than have 7 days to figure out if you like it or not or if it is too hard, and if you dont like it you can take it back for a full refund, yet how are you suppose to know if a new game is too hard for you without opening the package?

Jan 29, 2011

"if you bought this game at walmart or target, you would get 100% of the purchase price plus tax back when returned with a valid receipt."

Wow, no you would not. Take a look at their policies next time. If the game is unopen, then yes, Walmart and Target will give you 100% of your money back. If it is open, they will only exchange it for the same game, which they will open before they give it to you.

It is not a policy from company to company. It is a law, thanks to all the illegal copying of media. It is the same with DVDs and CDs as well.

Next time before you "blind buy" a game for your kid, you should rent it first, see if they like it, then buy it.

"fact...if you do not like an item, you should be allowed to return it..."

That's not a fact, that's an opinion. I disagree because there are a lot of services that offer people the ability to rent games. I always rent games before I buy, or play them with someone else who may have bought them.

As I said in my other response, you should search up the Target and Walmart complaints that involve people being angry about not being able to return games at all.

You do realize that no company has to do returns at all right? I don't really care for gamestop myself, but it's still a business.


wow, sounds like a whole lot of gamestop managers and employees on this page.
fact...if you do not like an item, you should be allowed to return it...used or new, doesnt matter one single bit.
this is a bait and switch. if you bought this game at walmart or target, you would get 100% of the purchase price plus tax back when returned with a valid receipt. this is a joke on gamestops part, or fraud.

You do realize that once you open a new game, that they can no longer sell it as new? It becomes used, and why should they have to eat the cost, when it's your fault? Next time wait for the game to circulate and rent it or borrow it from a friend. Or buy it and sell it on amazon or ebay.

Also, other companies don't take game returns at all due to anti-piracy laws. Be grateful.

Dec 29, 2010

This HAS to be the most ###ed post I have EVER read...If you don't like your meal and you have eaten it, do you expect the money back?

Returning a game, allows YOU the end user to copy it and give it back. There are reasons there are ratings on these games, try using them...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - gift receipt fraud

I purchased a game for $59.99 and asked for a gift receipt. Later realized I purchased the wrong game and could only find the gift receipt. Went with the gift receipt to exchange for the correct game. When they processed the transaction they said I was only getting $39.99 for the game that I purchased for $59.99. I had to pay another $20.00 for the new game. I proceeded to find the original receipt and went to Game Stop to ask them why the gift receipt was not showing up as $59.99. They never really explained why the gift receipt didn't show up as $59.99, but returned my original purchase and re-purchased the item at $39.99.

I thought the whole reason for gift receipts is so they hold the price you paid, without giving the person an original receipt. I have the receipts and if I can attach later I will try. Total Scam...

I'd say that's a double cross and false advertising if I've ever heard of it. And legally it's against the law. It's called the bait and switch and it is fraud. You should sue them big time.

Nov 30, 2010

GameStop - con artists

I've had a couple of run ins with these losers. They were both at the Barksdale Air Force Base LA branch (the Army and Air Force Exchange Service has a contract w/ Game stop to operate locations in exchange malls on various bases- to supplement their own stores game selections. Since they're an AAFES contractor, they can't get away with as much, or they'd be kicked off the base. Though they try!)

My first run in with these clowns was last Christmas. When a Game Stop Goomer told me I shouldn't buy a PS2 for my kid because they've stopped making the games. I should go ahead and fork out for a PS3 from them. I contacted Sony and they said that was a lie. So I contacted Game Stop. I got a quick response from there regional military manager(probably because I threatened to contact AAFES officials and the US govt. about their underhanded sales tactics. Don't want to lose their sweet contract scaming military families) He pretty much groveled and offered a $20 gift card as an apology to what was claimed to be a misunderstanding because of a less than well trained salesman.

Second run in was just recently. Our son went behind our back and went in to the store to trade a DS game he'd been given for a birthday(original price was $29.95 now $16-20 retail). Well my wife and I were pissed about it. So we told him he was going back to the store to get it back, while we browsed elsewhere. He took his game card and a $5 bill I'd given him (figuring they'd want to make a profit)and get the game back. He comes back and tells us he doesn't have enough, they want $17.99 for his game, they tell him that if he'd come back sooner they could of done something (we'd been gone all of 30 minutes, how *** soon do they mean?)I told my son to give me the game card and the five bucks. My son went to look at toys, my wife came with me to the game stop. Now I'm a fairly husky guy, with a broad chest and a booming voice. I don't use this technique on every store I have a problem with, but since I'd had a prior run in at this store, I decided to go with the bad *** approach. I walked in and noted three flunkies laying about. In my loud booming voice I announced; which one of you claims to be the manager? The smallest of them all had the nads to say he was (I didn't see it, but my wife says a couple of them jumped when I started talking)I told them I wasn't pleased with them ripping off an 11 year old, and we wanted the game back, and I wasn't paying no $17.99 for a used game that sells for about $10 used online. After some retail geek horse manure spewing from his mouth, about how he'd love to help me if I'd calm down.( All I'd done was raise my voice, and bugged my eyes out a little, I'd like to of seen his reaction if I'd started my phony tremors and spitting when I speak bit) After he and his techno geek retail bud got through punching in data, in a flurry of hands and feet. My wife and I walked with the game, minus of course the seven bucks they'd given my kid.

Bottom line; be tough with these clowns whatever store you're at. They charge higher than average prices on new and used games, they take advantage of both kids and adults naivety. Current policy is always whatever spews from their mouth at that very moment. If they think they can get away with it they will try it, but if you're going to spill the beans, and cause bad publicity, they seem like they'll cave. If you gotta shop here, beware of these corporate game crooks. better choices would be; Best Buy, Amazon, Half, Target, Wal-mart. or some local independent game retailer.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - poor customer service

I am confused by the rudeness of employees a this location. Typically when customers are standing in a retail outlet with credit card in hand, ready to purchase, employees help them locate the product they are trying to buy and make a sale. Apparently this is not the GameStop business model. I tried to purchase a game for X-Box 360 at this location and was told it was not available. I asked if they could tell me where I might be able to buy this game. They were not willing to check another store location to see if the game could be purchased. Apparently employees at individual GameStop stores do not understand that their entire function is to enable consumers to purchase products. Pretty funny since I just heard an article one NPR this morning stating that video game sales are down 8% this year. I guess GameStop has plenty of sales - at least I hope they do since I went across the street and bought the game for $5 less at Best Buy. I will not be making future purchases at GameStop.

Dec 01, 2009

When I called this specific Gamestop today to ask them a question about my ps3 (if they knew if there is a master reset buton for the ps3) the woman on the phone RUDELY responded with a hint of sarcasm "well if you hold down the power button for 2 mintues and nothing happens, then its broke." and hung on up me right after. I didn't ask her in a rude or unpolite way I honestly just wanted to know. I believe that this person shouldn't have responded so rudely and later on I found out on the internet the simple solution. Gamestop employees should be more product savvy, be more helpful and know their products.

I agree my experience with game-stop made me not want to go back .This happened at game-stop on Pickin ave. bklyn I went there to buy a play station 3 + games stood in line for 1 hour & 47 min., got tried of waiting so I went to Best-Buy. while I was there they talk on the phone and do inventory more than attending to the customers while I was there 7 people walked out cause of the service . And I asked does game-stop need more workers the guy says YES BUT THERE TO CHEAP TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT BUT EVERYWERE YOU LOOK YOU SEE A GAMESTOP
Q: Two workers in the store twenty customers in the check out line inventory arrives
what do you do ? I say sign for inventory than handle customers but, they don't do that they leave the reg.
and go do inventory and leave us waiting.

Well I won't never go to game-stop in my life and my friends GAMESTOP IS DONE!

May 28, 2010

You can't ask people to RTFM, because they'd have to put an ounce of effort into solving their own problems and that's just not going to happen.

Although i don't mind helping people they are not your tech support. Have you ever thought of reading the manual it came with? or calling Sony's hotline.

that will always happen there will always be employes that are ###s i have had exprience in costco and calling att for help

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - bad customer service

i went to gamestop yesterday to buy three simple games I spent alot of money on these three games i experienced really bad coustomer service i was waiting for somebody to come and ask me if i needed...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - denial of promised pre-order item

About a week ago I went into a Gamestop to pick up a pre-ordered game, expecting the usual stuff; the disc, case, and a little code that allows you to download some special costume for the game on the PS3. After eagerly sitting down and playing the game for a bit, I realized there was no code to be found. After discussing this with a friend who got the same game under the same conditions from the same Gamestop, he told me that the code should be on the receipt. After scanning it for god knows how long there was none to be found. So naturally I went to the store to ask if I could simply get one.

The employee denied ANY claims that the code was for the PS3, and I spent around 10 minutes arguing with him, even showing a print out of the pre-order offer from their website that promised a code for the costume. Deciding that I didn't want to make a big scene I calmly told him that I would settle this with a DA or manager at a later date. Hearing this, he laughed at me while I left the store and told me to "Go to hell".

Thankfully I received the code from a much nicer employee that a friend of mine knew, but SERIOUSLY? This service isn't something I should expect because Im a courteous customer.

Oct 25, 2010

They recently started it where we have to scan a code whenever anyone picks up a pre-order copy in order to print their code on their receipt, and I personally have forgotten codes. The person you dealt with though, he was a [censored] bag and should have printed out one by looking up your past reserves to verify.

Sorry you had a bad experience.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - misinforming customer and laughing at them

I walked into Gamestop in Hoboken, NJ on Sunday night to inquire about a game that was being released on Tuesday. I spoke to the customer service rep. and he said that they were going to have tons of them in stock on Tuesday. I went by the store on Tuesday and they said (2) copies were sold and (2) were on reserve and they had no others. I became slightly angered and as I was leaving they were laughing at me for no apparent reason other than I got a little angered. The stores members are inconsiderate and do not care about their customers.

Also, when I try to complain to corporate, there is no online form and every time I tried calling it kept saying that all customer service representatives were busy and they could not accept my call. What kind of busch league company is this?

Well you did go to a GameStop in Hoboken...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - naughty bear!!

Bought this lame # game for 60$ and after two weeks after purchase its opened played a couple of times. so when taken back they wouldnt consider a trade in for a 40$ wii game, naughty bear was still 60$ on shelf new 55$ used. the best they could offer was 10$ trade in. wtf! are all gamestop employees told to rip off us average gamers dissatisfied with crappy games? I hope gamestop goes out of bussiness and there ceo gets thrown out in the streets for being the biggest con artist in the world! gamefly all the way! I give gamestop customer service a f - for being greedy dicks!

The Gamestop policy covers returns on NEW games within the first month, ONLY if they are unopened. If it's been opened, the best we can do is give you credit.

Secondly, trade-in credit is determined both by the amount of stock we carry of that particular game, and how new it is. If that particular store already had 7 copies of Naughty Bear, 10 bucks would have been a lucky price. No Gamestop, however, is going to give you cash or store credit in the amount that the game would sell for used. That's just unreasonable.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - gamestop - customer service

I preordered two copies of Starcraft 2 in April. My order status page was updated to reflect the shipping of the items with an included USPS tracking number. Throughout the next week, I made numerous calls to Gamestop to verify the item was shipped since my personal tracking of the item always yielded "There is no record of this item." I was told after 15 business days from the date of shipment, I can request a refund; which I did. After I finish my phone call being told that I will receive a refund on my credit card within 3-5 business days, I think all is well. Now I have an email that was sent to me with documentation that must be filled out stating that I didn't receive the shipment. Unfortunately, the stupid affidavit documentation REQUIRES a notary which is a complete waste of my time and expense over a sub-$100 purchase. I called customer service again offering to sign the documentation WITHOUT a notary and they refuse. Apparently my only option remaining is to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I will NEVER be ordering from Gamestop again.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - gamestop cheats for sales!

Gamestop cheats their way to get sales. In Downtown San Diego, CA there is a big mall called Horton Plaza. I work in this mall at Sam Goody, which we also sell games. I like my job, I work hard to sell things, and take pride in what I do. Gamestop is not far from my store. Sam Goody and Gamestop are the only two places in Downtown San Diego to buy video games.

Well I had heard stories of the associates at Gamestop talking crap about our business, and telling them not to go to Sam Goody to buy/sell/pre-order their games. So I decided to go do some recon before I had to go to work one day, and sure enough, as I was pretending to browse around I heard the associate tell a customer not to shop at Sam Goody as if it was part of his "And have a nice day". I am very outraged with this act because with the economy the way it is, it is unfair for a business to do something deliberate to try and ruin another company. It is very immature and a ### thing to do.

It's like, dude honestly? You seriously have to cheat to make sales? We are a much larger store than them and I can guarentee we make more than triple of what they make daily. If we wanted to we could do the same thing right back to them and it could most likely result in shutting them down. But there's a little thing we call integrity. And if any Gamestop employee reads this, well my advice to you is look up the word I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y.
Think about it, they can't even make sales for themselves without cheating. HA-HA grow up guys!

Unless you're a Sam Goody CEO, why bother caring? Your "recon" isn't going to get any acknowledgement, let alone some sort of pay increase.

Nov 25, 2010

You could ask for help, you know. Perhaps you could ask for help on your spelling too.

Oct 25, 2010

Competition strives to make businesses better.

This is not a legit complaint about business practices. This is a legit whiny post.


I'm a Store Manager for Gamestop. And I totally agree with the "Sam Goody" guy! If you only knew half the stuff this company does and how they treat thier employees. I'ts not the people within the stores, it's the "big people" in corporate. It's a "do or die" approach. And its only getting worse...

I didn't even know there were still Sam Goody's around. That place is too freakin expensive.

Jul 08, 2010

GameStop - customer service

I went to my local Gamestop to trade in a game against an 18 rated game. As soon as i attempted to buy it the guy says " your not 18", i replied "yes I am", he then says "your not", in an arrogant...

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GameStop - false advertisement

The new xbox 360 comes onto the market & I immediately went to reserve one for myself or pre-order. I head there on Thursday or Friday and put a 50.00$ deposit down to get mine as soon as they come...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - shady practices

I purchased a NEW PS3 game at gamestop just the other day, I got it home, and sat it down on a table. The next day, I install it on my PS3 and try to activate a code for free downloadable content. The code doesn't work. I then realize, that I never opened the package, they actually sold the open game to me, as though it were still new. I was busy talking with the staff about games and really didn't pay attention to what they put into the bag they handed me. I called the next day to tell them about the mistake they had made, and the guy on the phone tells me they did it intentionally and it is a common practice to sell opened games as new. He then tells me all the reasons they do this : theft, display, etc. I am fine with that if they want to sell them, but they could have at least let me make the decision on buying opened as new, or just getting something else. The manager was in the background telling him to tell me to wait a few more days, then call back. Yeah right! What if I had something come up or just forgot, Then I would have been past 7 days. So I told them I would see them after I got off work, they had a manager waiting for me about 3 hours later when I got there. He told me that most people are fine with buying opened as NEW, and tried many ways of telling me that I am overreacting and in a very low percentage of people who are "upset" about it. I wasn't upset, it was a matter of principle, If I opened the game, it is no longer NEW. If they do it, It is still NEW. I got my money back, and went to the Wal-Mart across the street, and purchased the game new. Yea, it cost me time and gasoline. Yea I had to wait in a line at an understaffed walmart, But in the end, I, the CUSTOMER, was satisfied. So, next time gamestop, just be cool enough to say "I am sorry, we are all out of the unopened new, would you still like to purchase the opened one?"

Play your game. Stop your [censor]in. Stop wasting my time!
The store manager who sold you the game

Apr 05, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - false advertising

I had ordered the new 250GB Hard Drive for the Xbox 360 on the website with the COUPON CODE: 25OFF. The code was 25% off any order over 100$ w/ free shipping. The code was ACCEPTED & I received a...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - uneducated rude customer service

I was in Gamestop Saturday 3/6/10 to exchange some games and pick up some new ones. I had never done it before so I had a bunch and wound up with like $185.00 of credit to which I used to buy 3 other games and still have loot left over. I don't mind the low prices they offer for the games cause well I wasn't playing them anyway.

My problem was with the d-bag customer service guy. 1 of the games I was returning was MW2 which shocked this guy because apparently MW2 is the god send of shooters for everyone. I'm more of a 3rd person shooter kind of guy plus MW2 is very unbalanced (they start you with a ### gun then as you level up you get better stuff). So I told him SOCOM is the game I play most. So he starts talking ### about SOCOM which I can't really disagree with because the latest version is very buggy and what not. However I said "well at least SOCOM 4 is coming out in the fall. To which this ###in noob called me a liar and told me that they won't be making anymore SOCOM games they're finished with them.

He is completely wrong and I try to tell him to go to but he just keeps telling me I'm wrong I'm wrong.
I get that he doesn't have to know everything, but if you're not 100% maybe the other person can be right dick.

This is hardly a legitimate complaint. I don't like most FPS's or shooters in general, so I can agree to disagree with both of you and say they're both terrible.

Aw, who am I kidding? They both excel in their particular niches, it's just Call of Duty that's taken off in comparison to SOCOM, which was only really popular back when the PS2 was first released, correct? SOCOM's fallen to the wayside compared to games like Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2. So, honestly, it's not that he's uneducated, he's just ignorant. He was rude, though. That, I can agree on.

Feb 19, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - horrible customer service

I'm tired of dealing with this company and will no longer be using them as my computer games retailer. Recently I bought a game at one of their stores. When I got home, which is a great distance, I...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - fraudulent practices

On December 30, 2009, my nephew bought a new Xbox 360 from Gamestop Store #4807 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. When he opened it (seemed to be factory sealed), he found that it didn't work and determined that the problem was a controller. Upon close inspection, he could see that the controller was in used condition - very used. He returned it to the store that same day and they exchanged it without even looking in the box. That seemed to be a trusting thing to do - but there's apparently another side to this. I went back with him to get a copy of his original receipt, which the clerk never gave back to him and I asked her how a used controller could get sold as new. She said it was weird, but it came like that from Microsoft. Hmmm... Well, here's the really amazing thing. While we were there, another customer came in at the other end of the counter and said that his "brand new" Xbox 360 didn't work. The clerk apparently was able to determine (scanning the serial number?) that the Xbox 360 had been bought from BestBuy over a year ago, but the customer showed the receipt from Gamestop and the clerk gave him a new one. How unbelievable is it that this would happen just while we were there for that very same issue? My assessment - this was no coincidence. I believe that this store is taking in old systems and selling them as new. I don't know how many people are involved, but this is just too coincidental and I am planning to call Gamestop HQ tomorrow to file an official complaint.

There is now way Gamestop gets used systems and sells them as new they are very suspicious on returns of systems since people do try to scam them and i want to know exactly how did he find out that it was bought from best buy a year ago? they serial number doesn't track the system it's just it's fingerprint to identify it. The XBox's are prone to fail

Jan 04, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - defective game

I bought a pc game on 12/29/2009 and was not informed that I could not return it until after I had made the purchase. Note that nothing on the receipt says pc games are non returnable. The game I purchased would not install. I took it back and asked for an exchange. They basically said they couldn't because I could have written down the code (stealing the code). So I wasted my money at The Game Stop. A word of warning--don't shop there unless you want to be ripped off if your pc game is defective.

The return policy on PC games is if the game is defective they give you a new one BUT ONLY if the GAME itself is defective.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GameStop - customer service

Can all over you do me a favor? Can you all read what follows and write to Gamestop on my behalf in reference to inquiry KMM5211805I15977L0KM?


How are you this evening? Good I hope.

I on the other hand find myself very frustrated with your company, your policies and your customer service.

My name is Eirc J. Croyle and I live in Johnstown, PA. I am writing you because I have found no other option to actually talk to some one who can help me out and if I am not helped this IS going to become a legal matter.

During Christmas of this last year my wife purchased a refurbished XBOX 360 for me. I was very excited to receive the 360 but as a professional salesman, I sell motorcycles and power sports equipment, I was surprised that the refurbished system not only didn’t come with a hard drive but that a salesman didn’t explain that to my wife so that she could purchase it, which she would have happily done. Instead I had to wait almost 3 weeks to finally be able to purchase a hard drive in my local store since it took them that long to get one in stock.

Three months later we moved into a different house and we bought a router so I decided to try and use the XBOX Live service. As it turns out, the 360 that was sold to me had been previously banned from XBOX Live and I couldn’t connect. I explained this to your store manager and after a week of talking back and forth with her she finally agreed that I was entitled to swapping out the 360.

Now, my original 360 was a wireless unit, the one they tried to give me in return was a wired unit, so after a bit more persuasion I finally got it all straightened out. A month later that one stops working. I sat down one night, turned it on, all the fans started up and then I got a red ring. I tried to get it to work properly a couple times then called the store back and spoke with the manager. She told me she needed to talk to corporate and she would get back to me. 10 days later I called back and she said to bring it up and swap it out again. I did and brought the THIRD system home.

It worked for 2 days. 2 DAYS. This one will turn on and I would say a quarter of the time it will start up properly and I start playing a game. After about 10 minutes the colors wash out in red and green and then it freezes. The other 75% of the time it starts up and I can hear all the sounds but there is no picture. I had assumed at first it must be my t.v. so I hooked up my PS3 and it worked just fine. Then I thought it must be the cable that runs from the 360 to my t.v. so I borrowed my friend’s and I had the same issue, indicating that it must be the system.

This evening when I tried to call the store it was too late and they were closed so I called the customer service number and explained my problem, the answer I was given was that there was nothing that could be done, I would have to take it up with the store, keep exchanging my system and keep purchasing warranties. When I explained that this is the third time and that this was unacceptable I was given a district manager’s number, [protected], and told his name was Bill, I could speak with him.

I called the number and received an automated message, “This Voicemail box is full, please try again later.”

This is when I decided to write to you.

The treatment I am receiving from your company is completely unacceptable. As I have previously mentioned, I am a professional salesman and have been for quite some time. I sell motorcycles and power sports equipment now and before that I sold cars, Nissans and Hyundais to be exact, and never did I treat a customer like this.

I realize that this is a refurbished system but you state in your store and on your website, “This pre-owned product is guaranteed to work and may not include an instruction manual or original box.” GUARANTEED.

I have the extra year extended protection plan but I will tell you I have had enough of this run around. I WANT SERVICE. I don’t want to exchange it for another broken system that doesn’t work. I don’t want to waste my time and my gas driving to a store that won’t solve the issue, I want an apology for all of this mess and I just want this product that I purchased from your company that you guarantee to work properly to work properly and I want to speak to an actual representative from your corporate offices.

I have been a very regular customer of GameStop and EB for years and I’d like to continue being so, but the time and manner in which this is handled is going to determine if that loyalty will continue. I appreciate your quick response to this issue.

X-BOX 360 Serial Number ************


Eric J. Croyle.

I do not understand, why cannot you send this letter, registered/return receipt requested, to Gamestop corporate yourself? Also, I would check to see if your local newspaper has a consumer advocate that might also contact him on your behalf.

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