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flower delivery and unethical behaviour

My daughter ordered flowers and chocolates on July 12, 2016 to be delivered on July 13, 2016 for her mother's(my wife) birthday. Knowing we had a 5:00P.M. Dinner reservation, she paid for expedited service so they would be delivered by noon. At 4:30 P.M. I called fromyouflowers and talked to a guy named Terrell and explained that we had to leave so nobody was there to receive the flowers and to cancel the order. We got back from dinner at 7:00P.M. and no flowers so my daughter called to confirm they had cancelled the order. She talked to Emily who said they had to talk to the florist and nobody answered when they called. We went to bed and when we went out for work, the flowers were in front of the door. There were NO chocolates so, I think the delivery person ate them. No doorbell or knock on the door. Obviously, the flowers were wilted and worthless. Calling today, they want to give us a 40% discount. At 4:30, they had plenty of time to cancel the order if it got here after 10:00 P.M. They said as long as it was delivered we had to pay. Much like ordering a pizza that arrives 10 hours late and they expect you to pay for it. Their 100% guarantee just means they will discount enough to still make money for terrible service. The florist was Reno Floristeria in Reno and I haven't talked to them, yet. I would recommend ANYBODY ELSE but them.

funeral arrangement

Date: April 15, 2016 Order Number: #[protected] Never Delivered
Requesting Refund: $87.97 N0 response on 800 number
Client Name: Vickie Kline Phone: [protected]
Floral Funeral Arrangement Deceased: Rena Wells Robinson
Location For Delivery: Greens Funeral Home
216 Archie Whiteside Rd, Gastonia, NC 280522 Phone: [protected] I

never delivered

My 20 year old son who is based in Japan ordered me an arrangement for Mothers Day. He ordered this on April 22nd, it was suppose to be delivered May 6th. Never got delivered but the $70.83 was deducted from his account. I spent over an hour on the phone trying to get his money refunded. I was told that since he placed the order that he would have to call. Seriously he's in Japan! So I had to face time him so he could tell the customer service rep to cancel the order. Do NOT order anything from this company I really and truly think it's nothing but a scam. How many customers never realize that the flowers they ordered were never delivered? Why was the money not refunded?

poor delivery/plant not as pictured in ad

I ordered a Bamboo Plant from this site and wish I had read all the complaints before ordering. My daughter had just returned home from the hospital and I ordered a Bamboo Plant from this site and expected delivery on 4/23/2016. It was not delivered as expected and when I called the next day was told the florist was closed on Sunday and delivery would be made on Monday, 4/24. I did specify on the site N. Las Vegas florists. A plant was delivered on Monday and when I asked my daughter to send a photo of it I felt cheated. The plant certainly did not look like the plant featured on the site, in fact it looked like a reject. The picture on the print-out is not the plant my daughter received. This is gross false advertising in my opinion and would like a credit.

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    Carolyn Pratt May 06, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my order for Julia pratt was delivered may 6. I ordered 12 long stem light pink roses. I received 12 long stem assorted roses. My email is [email protected] . I would like a refund please. thank you.

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flowers never arrived

I made an order about three days ago and received nothing yet! I bought some flowers for my mother and still nothing! I will never order from Fromyouflowers ever again. Every day they leave me a message to call them about the order and when I call they put me on hold for like 50 minutes and then disconnect! Absolutely disgusting company, they need to be shut down!

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save your money!

I ordered the cheesy happy cup with all the happy flowers that go in the deluxe arrangement, a balloon and a bear for my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. When the order arrived there was no bear and no balloon! Flower which we did receive were super ugly! I was so mad, so angry that I contacted their customer service and told how much I hate them! I wasted my money trying to make my loved one happy, but these people ruined everything! I never was so embarrassed in my life! Save your money and shop somewhere else!

terrible experience

I wish I had read the reviews before I decided to order something from FromYouFlowers. I purchased some flowers for my lovely girlfriend, but flowers never showed up on the day I'd ordered them for! I am so disappointed. They didn't even contact me! I will not recommend this company to anyone! They did deliver the lowers, but delivery was too late. I wanted them to be delivered on February 14, but they were 2 days late. Very unprofessional.

they don't deliver on time

I order some flowers from FromYouFlowers website. I wanted to make a surprise for my mother and my girlfriend. On February 14th flowers never showed up and I received them only yesterday. I contacted them and demanded a refund. They refused to give my money back, because flowers were delivered. They said that happened because of the large orders for the holidays, some were to be delivered on the 15th. I'm very disappointed. I planed weeks in advance to do something for my loved ones. I actually don't care what was the reason, but these people ruined my surprise. Very unprofessional for a reputable company.

do not order from here!

I wanted to make a surprise for my girlfriend on Valentine's day, so I ordered her some flowers from FromYouFlowers website. I contacted them many times and reminded them about the delivery time, and they assured me that everything will be fine. But unfortunately it was not, because flowers never arrived. I immediately called customer service but no one picked up the phone. So I sent them a message and received a reply stating that a refund will process. It is such a shame because my bad choice prevented me from spending money with a company that actually delivers orders. They did refund me, but I'm very disappointed. Please don't give your money to FromYouFlowers.


I bought some flowers from FromYouFlowers store to be delivered to my wife at office on her 27th birthday...

stay away!

I tried to make an order and every time I tried there was an error. I called my bank and they said that my...

worst floral company ever

I ordered 50 beautiful red roses for my beautiful wife. It was her birthday and I decided to make a surprise for her. Then I got a call from them and they told that roses had been delivered. I called my wife and asked her about my surprise. But she told that she had not received any flowers. I contacted the company and was told how sorry they were for delivering roses to the wrong person. They promised they would upgrade my order to 70 roses for free and give me a 50% discount for my next order. They assured me roses would be delivered the same day before evening. But even then my wife never received the roses. I called them and cancelled the order and asked them to give me a full refund. Horrible company, don't buy anything from them. I got my money back and got some beautiful flowers from a local store. It was much cheaper and faster.

horrible product

company delivered a arrangement about half the size of vase and flowers portrayed. poor quality, no balloon as order. when I complained and showed them pictures first they told me I would get a 15% discount. when I asked about the balloon they were refunding me the $5. for that. I asked them to send out what they were supposed to or refund me 100%. they came back with a $20 certificate off my next order! I told them forget it as I was not using them again. they cam back with a 30% discount. look at the pictures and decide for yourself. first picture is what I got, second is what I was supposed to get.

flower delivery

I ordered a sympathy flower arrangement for my friend who's brother had passed away. The arrangement I...

not what I ordered, not when I ordered, and horrible customer service

DON'T DON'T DON'T USE. Ordered for my mother's (outpatient) surgery - didn't deliver on date promised. No phone call to explain. So basically if there had not been complications requiring a three day hospital stay these flowers would have been delivered after her discharge. Customer service was horrible. I e-mailed in the morning (9 am) advising of the problem with delivery. When I checked my e-mail at 11:30 am there was a response - IT DID NOT INCLUDE ANY STATUS ON MY ORDER instead explaining that they could not refund my service charges. The e-mail advised that I could email (again?!?) or call to find out status. I called. After waiting on hold an unacceptable length of time, a customer service rep picked up and said she would need to contact the florist (?!? why did no one do that when I first notified them of a problem?!?), she placed me on hold and then disconnected me. I called again and waited on hold. This Rep was more helpful - he acknowledged I should have been contacted when they could not meet their GUARANTEED delivery date and FINALLY provided a status on the order. But basically because my mother was forced to stay in the hospital due to complications - their attitude was no harm no foul. If you care at all about the person you are sending flowers to actually getting them in any timely matter do not use this company - don't count on being the lucky few who benefits from their clear incompetence, lack of communication and control with vendors, and extremely poor customer service. NOTE - they also operate as which is what I used thinking they'd be used to the special circumstances of delivery to loved ones who are in hospital - NO NO AND NO. All communications after ordering on website were with Obviously operating under multiple names to escape serious negative reviews - wish I had read before I ordered. UPDATE - finally delivered a full day late and looks nothing like bouquet ordered - the teddy bear and basket are there but not the flowers! the included flowers are sparse - mostly green filler (which is not even shown in picture of bouquet I ordered) and instead of the balloon bouquet I ordered attached is a single sad mylar balloon. I am mortified that visitors will think this is what I would send to my mom after her surguery. VERY DISAPPOINTING AND PATHETIC LOOKING _ DO NOT ORDER.

no delivery and they lied

I am beyond upset at the lack of professionalism that this so called company has. I order a beautiful...

old flowers

I received a gift order from my fiancé who is in South Carolina for Valentines Day and was disgusted when I opened the package.The flowers when I took them out of the box looked like they were somebody leftover plants that had been out for 2 weeks.

The plants were rotting with brown spots all over them and were wilting. The baby's breath that came within the bouquet was limp and brown. I spoke with someone and they said they would send another bouquet to be received today. I opened the bouquet and its a repeat of the original bouquet.

I looked where the flowers are shipped from and it's NJ which is right next to NY.

There is absolutely no excuse for this to happen once, let alone twice.Whoever is responsible for shipping out these flowers does a disgusting job and my fiancé and I will not be ordering from this company ever again!!!

old flowers
old flowers
old flowers
old flowers
old flowers

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    Debra Holley Apr 14, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also had a horrible experience with this "outfit" and filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau. Might be worth considering...

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blocks on flowershops

okay let's get right to itfrom You Flowers likes to scam people out of money. Say if you pay $50.00 for a flower order they will send the order online to FTD or BLOOMNET to find flower shop in your zip code for delivery but that same order you pay$50.00 for will be sent to the florist $30.01so when something like happens the florist is going to make a order $30.01 not the $50.00 you just pay for. Me and my family for in TAMPA FL for a few days and we stop by a florist there nice place. The name of this florit was Beverly Hills Florist nice staff by the way. Really nice store from what we could see #1 florist in TAMPA FL anyway this florist told us that thay would get alot of orders froyouflowers.comthe $30.01and fromyouflowers got nasty with the florist and put a block on there Acc. Because they were doing there jobs by filling orders for the price they sent the florist not what you payed so you cant get upset at the florist its fromyouflowers and also we was told that this florist had to lay off staff because of i fill so sad for that family. Times are still hard Anyway the whole piont to the call your florist in your town not online

worst mistake ive ever made

Worst idea Ive ever had was to place an order through this company. I placed my order a week in advance for...

what's really going on

these people are terrible. after many years of dedicated employment i was "laid of" because they lost a major corporate account (because theyre an awful company and screw up everything). What really goes on there is they prioritize incoming calls over fixing existing orders. theres no organization whatsoever. instead of having people designated to work on manually work on orders, they have them repeatedly drop what they're doing to "grab" incoming calls. I understand long wait times are bad business, but so is repeatedly screwing up orders because you're so concerned about keeping "call queue" down than fixing the ones you have! IF THEY DIDN'T SCREW STUFF UP ALL THE TIME, THE DARN QUEUE WOLD GO DOWN! One hint, if you dare to be bold and place an order with this travesty of a company, do it before noon, and don't expect "expedited" service and do expect subs. Why? Because none of those things should be guaranteed in the first place. not every shop has every thing advertised on the website and many of them have a same day cut off of 12, 1 or 2 pm, and many of them dont guarantee specific delivery times. Also, the florist 99% of the time (although they'e not supposed to) takes a delivery fee out of the price you paid for the arrangement. so if you buy a $30 arrangement, you may receive anywhere from a $25-$30 arrangement. keep in mind, it's not the employees faults. its just very, very, VERY poor management. They waste so much time enforcing all of their ridiculous rules and policies (which change on a daily basis and no average human could ever possibly keep track of). Also, it's a big popularity contest. granted, so is everything else in life, im not naive. But this is beyond to typical cattiness. Basically, if you're not cool or popular around there, you'll stay at the bottom forever. it's alright between jobs if youre in a jam... but deceiving customers and stealing from florists all day gets really stale. dont be fooled by the free food and the feigned employee appreciation attempts. its all bull. in the end if youre not already upper management or corporate, you never will be. also, if your mother/ spouse/ child is in the hospital or has an emergency, expect a guilt trip (and a 100% lack of empathy) when you attempt to leave work. Also, broken bones and/ or hospitalization arent a good enough reason to leave either. And ladies, no maternity leave. if they like you (lol) theyll give you your job back after, but there's no pay whatsoever. You can, however use the 1 week of vacation time they provide you with after two full calendar years of service. All in all, the business practices are shady and they treat their employees like trash. Another tip, if you (the customer) are right and have a legitimate reason to complain, (i.e. missed funeral/ a delivery that's been screwed up more than once, etc.) 3 magic letters: BBB. that is literally the only way to get the compensation you deserve. otherwise theyll give you some bs resolution because fromyouflowers doesnt believe in good customer service.