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mother's day delivery is 5 days late

I ordered from this company and have nothing but hassles. It's been 5 days since I placed my orders for Mother's Day, and one has still not arrived. It was to my daughter who lives on a military base, whose husband is away on a mission. I wanted her to be blessed on Mother's Day. I stressed the importance of them getting there BEFORE Mother's Day and told them why.

After being overcharged by $10 from the get-go, not only did they not make the delivery, I have called on Sat, again on Sunday (Mother's Day), Monday, and now Tuesday, and they said they don't think they can delivery them because it was a bad address. The guy who took the order over the phone, read it back to me correctly. Then somehow their system "deleted" the name of the street. No one checking on this has figured it out??? Then she says there are no florists in their network there. We are talking about Andrews Air Force Base, just outside of DC! Not some lone island. Seriously? So she asked me to look up some other florists in the area for her, and she would try to get it out through one of them. If I'd known was going to go through all that stress, a total of now 2 hours on the phone, and do her job for her, I never would have called them in the first place. But on their site they claim to be rated BEST by CNBC network; if that's the best, what woulds the worst look like? NEVER AGAIN! Next time I am out visiting, I am going to personally check out florists in her neighborhood, and make a personal relationship with them so I know who really wants my business and will make timely deliveries to my daughter and son-in-law when the special occasions arise.

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    angeredmom May 12, 2010

    I found this post after I went looking for the actual CNBC claim about .
    I ordered flowers for my mother-in-law who has been in extended care for physical rehabilitation in Ann Arbor Michigan hospital. I ordered the flowers 6 days in advance of Mother's Day and due to the website and phone claims that they can deliver within 24hrs of placing an order, I felt assured 6 days in advance would be enough.

    There are several florists in the area of my mother-in-laws hospital. We have more family who also sent flowers using different methods than this website and I can say regretfully it isn't the lack of florists in the neighborhood, its the lack of truthfulness in the FromYouFlowers claims for being the best! ALL the other flowers sent by other relatives using other methods arrived on time without a hitch. Our order through however NEVER arrived!! I called three times and sent two emails, each time complaining and was told, "No problem we are so sorry we will make sure your flowers are received TOMMOROW with a complimentary upgrade and note explaining it is our fault the order was delivered late" . Today after checking every day to see if the flowers had arrived with my mother in law, I called and was told by the rep they claimed they had attempted to "confirm it was alright to make a delivery" through my email and phone but that I hadnt responded... That was completely ficticious statement, NO phone call or voice mail, my phone is on 24/7 because I have children out of state who need me oncall... and I checked my emails and I have emails from FromYouFlowers for discounts off using them to fulfill future orders as a preferred customer, but absolutely nothing regarding my actual order. And why would they need to have me confirm it was okay to deliver something I have been complaining hasn't arrived??

    I also should say some of the other claims made by FromYouFlowers during the phone conversations made to verify where our order is:
    1) " the local florist refused the order and kept your money and never notified ForYouFlowers they were not delivering"
    2) "We just confirmed by telephone that a DIFFERENT florist will be delivering your flowers definitely tommorow"
    3) "We're having problems locating a florist who can deliver because they are so busy in that area..."
    4) "We can't release the names of the florists we use due to the confidentiality agreement we have in our contract"
    4) "We're noting your account about this problem, you need not do anything else but relax and rest assured your flowers will be magnificently upgraded and arrive tommorow"---

    Our original order was not a standard $19.99 bouquet of flowers. We ordered the top of the line, premiuim basket with premium flowers, something that would be special and make our mother feel special that we remembered her from 2500 miles away. When I mentioned this to the reps they still continued to remark that they would be "triple upgrading" my order for my trouble... I wouldnt expect an upgrade just make the order arrive the date origilly promised and don't have reps make false claims... How many Tommorows are required to finally make it get there?? and I would just like to know when did CNBC proclaim FromYouFlowers to be the BEST Value for your Money or the best online florist?? I have never ever had this kind of problem ever with an online florist and you can rest assured I will never use or recommend to anyone.

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3 out of 2 arrangements never delivered

I ordered 3 arrangements for mother's day, my mother, mother in law and grandmother in advance and was given the choice of deliver date for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I selected the Saturday by noon so they would be fresh for Mother's day. Only 1 was delivered and it was not the quality I ordered the other two were never delivered. The one delivered was received by my grandmother who's 83rd birthday is also mother's day. I'm embarassed of the crummy flowers they delivered. The other 2 arrangements were to be delivered by noon on Saturday but never were delivered so at 2 pm I called the service to advise them 2 arrangements were never delivered and was put on hold. The company told me they personaly called the florist they contracted the job to and they were backed up but it would be delivered by 5pm on Saturday. I was assured the florist was working on the arrangement. I found out late Saturday evening the flowers were never delivered. I then received a generic email explaining the floweres would be delivered Monday or Tuesday with an appology note. I called the company back and a representative told me that they tried to place the order at 3pm but it was so late in the day no florist would accept the order. They lied to me in the afternoon there was no florist working on the order they never placed two of the three orders. I can't believe they advertise the CBS morning show endorses them as a best buy. What a joke. I wonder if CBS gets paid to endorse them? Save yourself the headache and order from a local florist in the yellow pages you will do better. You can't do any worse than An apology note, seriously? I left a message for one of the editors of the CBS Morning Show and can't wait to see if they respond. It gets better as I was checking for the email to complete this posting I received an email from "CEO David at" It was an advertisement from saying it was not too late to order flowers to be guaranteed delivered by Mother's day. Of course I responded, Seriously!

no delivery

BEWARE!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!! I ordered (& paid for) same day services for flowers to be delivered...

terrible company

I order flowers for my father’s memorial service on 2/21/10 to be delivered by noon. I got a phone call from the company saying they could not deliver the order at the same time the service was starting. I had no other way to order flowers for the service because of the late notification. The company only apologized for the nondelivery and said they would refund my money. Because of this companies negligence in for filling their contractual obligation no arrangement was at the memorial service for my father from his children.


  • Ma
    Mary N Feb 21, 2010

    I am very sorry for your loss. I looked at their website and found this info: "Make your online flower delivery choice and enjoy same day flowers and unmatched customer service. Your satisfaction is our top priority--our Same Day Flower Delivery Guarantee offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our flowers, gift baskets and services. Most of our flowers come with same day delivery--simply order before 3:00 in the recipient's time zone and the flowers can be delivered that day. Since we use a network of local florists nationwide, we can usually have your flowers delivered within hours of ordering. When you care enough to send flowers, trust to ensure they are beautiful, fresh and delivered right on time! "

    They state that the delivery can be made WITHIN HOURS of ordering. You haven't provided enough information so we don't know what time you actually placed the order. While they offer SAME DAY service, it is hard to know just how quickly a local florist can fill the order. Their offer to refund your money sounds like they are honoring their guarantee.

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  • La
    Las Vegas Nevada Feb 22, 2010

    I ordered the arrangement the day before (2/20/10 7:03am PST) for delivery 2/21/10 by noon. My major complaint is that they waited until the service started to contact me. If they had notified me in a timely manner I could have made other arrangements with another company.

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  • Ma
    Mary N Mar 07, 2010

    Oh, okay Las Vegas, thanks for the clarification that you did order the flowers the day before, not the day OF the service. Also, that you were notified AS the service was starting wasn't clearly stated. Your original post, if reread, just didn't make that clear. It -sounded- as if they just couldn't deliver when the service was starting, not that they CALLED you when the service was starting. Yikes, I guess they need a week to be on time! Again, so sorry for your loss. A flower arrangement would have been a welcome sight.

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  • Po
    Port Orchard May 10, 2011

    I ordered flowers from you I paid for Saturday or Sunday delivery for Mothers day and was assured they would make it over the weekend. I was not able to track my order on line, the order number and or email address was not recognized. Sunday afternoon the delivery was not delivered and I called. I was told they would track down the problem and get back to me. They never got back to me. Monday I called and was told the florest was busy and they would track down the order and get back to me, I didn't get a call or Email. I called on Tuesday and the opperator had no idea what the problem was and found out the address was wrong. No call no offer to fix the problem. They asked if i wanted to "cancell".
    Just awful. put me in an bad position on Mothers day!! Will never use their service again. They have no complaint process!! I wonder why?

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  • Ch
    CherylW. Oct 05, 2017

    I placed an order and at the end of the order told there was a $14.98 service fee. I asked for what? They said to make sure the flowers were the freshest and best!! Well HELLO, would I send wilted dead flowers?? that should have been a red flag. Then, I asked for the photo of the flowers I sent and paid for? NO because the florist was too busy. OKAY, it takes less then a minute to take a photo and forward. I will NEVER order from them again!!

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failure to deliver

I placed an order with this company online and they did not deliver!!! First I paid for expedited service and when that didn't happened I call and they told me that my order will be delivered by 6 pm. When that didnt happen, I called them back and was told that I should have know that this probably would not happen because it is Valentines weekend all the florist are extremely busy at this time. IF that was the case it should have said that somewhere on there website instead of it saying that it can be done!! I recommend that people be very careful befor using!!!

  • Bl
    bluesjuke Jan 19, 2011

    No delivery to my Mom but they sure keep sending me Emails for discounts so they can steal more of my money.
    Several contacts with them and keep getting the same run around in trying to get my money back.

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  • Ca
    cachi May 11, 2011

    Ordered three separate orders for mothers day, two of the orders were sent but one was not. I called the day after mother's day and was given a refund on the order that was not delivered, and was told that the oder will be dilivered on tuesday because the flower shop was closed on monday. i get a call from my sister on tuedsay at 9pm and was told the flowers didnt come. wedsday morning i call and i was told that they dont give away free flowers and that i refused every other offer that was givven. i wasnt given any offers other than my refund and the female expalined that she is not going tit-for-tat with me and cant do anything else. very rude.

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  • Me
    Melissa Perez Jun 09, 2011

    I wish I would have read these complaints before placing my trust in them this morning to get a simple delivery for my sister's birthday. I even paid the expedited delivery as well...I had to call them to ask where it was and they said they could try to deliver it the next day with an apology letter, same fee of course. An apology letter? Are you freakin kidding me? I almost lost it. They said they will refund this order in the next 2-3 business days. I think I will call my bank and have this transaction rejected. Go somewhere else. I have always had good luck with Teleflora...just saw some better prices and thought I'd give it a shot here - don't make my mistake...

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last minute cancellation

Ordered flowers 5 day sin advance. Got a call at 2 p.m. on the day the delivery was expected stating that they could not fulfill the order because the local florist was too busy.

It was too late to find an alternative and they seemed to careless. They stated they could send the flowers a day late with a free upgrade and note of apology for late flowers. UNEXCEPTABLE!

I asked for a refund... And I'd better see the refund in my account by the end of the week.

did not deliver

I ordered overly expensive flowers because they SAID they could deliver the next day and even sent me a confirmation...but then called and said they couldnt' do it...THEY ARE A SCAM. DO NOT USE THEM.

do not order

I order flowers to be delivered the next day to my mother for her birthday. I live in Minnesota and she's in Missouri. I paid an extra amount to ensure they arrived before 1:00 PM because my mother had plans at 3:00 PM and it was too cold for the flowers to wait outside until she got home. That would have been 1:00 PM yesterday.

As of 3:00 PM today, she has not received a thing and no one has called her (for directions, etc). I called their customer service and was told that they will not refund my money until they speak with the local florist. But, the local florist is not open on Sundays. So, I would have to call back tomorrow so they could call the florist to find out what happened. When I asked why I would have to call them again tomorrow, she said that I would have to do it if I wanted my money back. I asked why the company would just not take it upon themselves to follow up with the florist and then return my call. She said that they did not do that. I explained to her that not only had her company stole my money, but her customer service sucked. And, in today's economy, a company really cannot have crappy customer service.

  • Te
    Telling it like it is Jul 30, 2010

    From You Flowers is a rip-off. They are the florist delivered part of ProFlowers. Here's how it works:

    Say a consumer orders $100 worth of flowers from From You Flowers. They pay approximately $125 including a processing fee. From You Flowers keeps $25.

    Then From You Flowers sends the order to a local flower shop for 73%, which means From You Flowers keeps an additional $27.

    Then they receive 20% from Teleflora for processing the order, which means From You Flowers gets another $20.
    And then they receive a rebate from Teleflora of $10, which means From You Flowers gets another $10.

    That's $82 for From You Flowers on your $100 order. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

    And the florist only gets $73, and he has to design and deliver the flowers. If there's a problem, and sometimes there is, he has to fix it, and because the customer service at From You Flowers is so bad, the florist usually eats it anyway.

    The bottom line is this: DO NOT ORDER FLOWERS from FROM YOU FLOWERS. They are ripping off the consumer and the florist. Contact your local flower shop instead.

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  • Te
    Telling it like it is Jul 30, 2010

    WHEW! This is one heavy-handed company. Don't order flowers from them.

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bad service all the way around

My mother lost her sister, mother, and brother all in the past six months. So to cheer my mom and Aunt up before Thanksgiving, I sent them flowers. I don't know why I decided to use a different webiste other than my usual but I did. I got stiffed.

After searching for a while I finally placed my order for flowers that only cost $19.99. As long as it's in the same time zone and blah, blah, blah the delivery is free. I get to the last page of the order and see that they charge $2.99 for same day delivery AND $12.99 delivery charge. So flowers that I thought were going to be $20 finally cost me $35.97 - times 2. I got frustrated and searched around again but found other websites that charged delivery also. I finally said the heck with it and placed the order because it was still up and all I had to do is hit the confirm button.

I wondered all day as to why my mom and Aunt didn't call and say thank you but I figured they were busy. Thursday morning my Aunt called to say thank you. She got them at 9 am that day. I was fuming.

I went to Thanksgiving dinner and asked my mom and she didn't get anything. Friday I stopped over her house and still no flowers. I go home and call and complained about my Aunt receiving hers on Thanksgiving. If they couldn't deliver them on Wednesday they should have called me know and I could have asked them to deliver it on Friday and refund my $2.99 fee. They weren't flowers for Thanksgiving, they were flowers to cheer them up and let them know that they are not alone. I went back and forth with them on the phone and she said that she will take off 20%. Feeling frustrated over that I just said okay.

Friday - For my mom's flowers though, a totally different story. When I told them about her not receiving her flowers the girl actually said "did you check to make sure that she didn't get the flowers yet?" Normally I'm a calm person but that did it. I started yelling "I saw her on Thanksgiving and I was over there today! There are no flowers there! If someone sent you flowers, wouldn't you automatically call them and say thank you?" She put me on hold again. Turns out I called at 7:10 pm and the florist just closed. She then said "If there is a question of whether or not she received the flowers, we can send another delivery tomorrow." OMG! I yelled at her "There is NO question of whether or not she received them! She didn't! And I certainly don't want you people doing anything else for me again. I want all my money back!"

Saturday - she was supposed to call me. At 3 pm I call and got a third person. I was told that the flowers were delivered at 9 am Friday morning and the delivery guy woke her up and she said how beautiful the flowers were. She then signed for them. (YES!) Obviously they were sent to someone else if at all.

Now I am at the point of waiting for the florist (which they will not let you know the name of) to fax to them the signature to verify it. I am still waiting for the 20% refund also for my Aunt's flowers.

I'll let you know how it turns out. But PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR FLOWERS!!!

fees and service changes excessive - buy local instead

I was attempting to make a purchase via the website, which was overall a good web experience. When it came to...

phony same day guarantee

I should have continued to order from my normal florist but I foolishly thought I'd give a new company, From You Flowers, a try since they'd sent me a coupon via email. I placed my order at 8:30 am for same day delivery and even expedited the order so that the flowers could arrive within in four hours (that costs $4.99).

When I realized the flowers were not delivered four hours later, I called the company which apologized and said that the florist was still "working on the flowers". This was almost 1pm. Sometime after 3pm, someone called me from the company to say that the flowers would not be delivered at all. WHAT!? She asked if it was okay if the flowers got delivered the next day. No! Why would I pay extra for same day delivery ($2.99) and expedited delivery ($4.99) if sending belated birthday flowers to someone was okay?! I was completely enraged and could not believe my misfortune with this unprofessional organization that could not even offer a decent suggestion to make up for my inconvenience. As you can see below, the company parades a "same day guarantee" but it simply means nothing. The only thing that I got over this deal was my measely refund for the overpriced $60 flowers that I attempted to purchase. I will never work with this company ever again and I would recommend that you stay away too if your loved ones special occasions are important to you.

Same Day Flower Delivery Guarantee
From You Flowers offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our flowers, gift baskets, plants and services. Most of our flowers come with same day delivery; simply order before 3:00 PM in the recipient's time zone and the flowers can be delivered that day! Because we use a network of local florists nationwide, we can usually have your flowers delivered within hours of ordering. Same day flowers and unmatched customer service - make From You Flowers your online flower delivery choice!

  • Bi
    Bill650 Apr 17, 2010

    THIS IS NOT a floral company. They are nothing more than an order gatherer or phone bank that is going to pass your order to a real florist in the neighborhood. For the priviledge of doing so they keep 20 percent of the order total. You will be paying 100 dollars for a 65 dollar arrangement after all is done and everyone getting their cut.

    Order online only if the company provides a physical adress on the home page of their site. And even then you will probably be going through one of the wire service hosted sites that the florist uses and they will keep about 10 percent or more. Use the phone if you can.

    The florist who will be delivering the item is getting nothing extra for delivering the flowers. This company pockets the expedite and same day delivery fee. They have no control over when an item will be delivered. If it is Sunday, they have to find a florist that is open and delivering, otherwise they will take your fees, have it delivered on Monday and hope for the best. But now they have your money.

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horrible service

I ordered Flowers from this half [protected]@# company for mothers day. I ordered them on a Thursday to have them...

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