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I purchased a brand new Frigidaire refrigerator from Home Depot and it was delivered on 03/30/2023. I had three (3) previous service calls (1) freezer door popping open when fridge door is closed (2) refrigerator door making this horrible popping noise when door open and closed (3) freezer defrosted and refrigerator not keeping cold & making a sizzling sound beginning 12/22/2023 - 12/26/2023 ( yes the entire Christmas weekend). A service technician was sent on 12/26/2023 and did nothing because when I unplugged the refrigerator because of the sizzling noise, it was reset and started working. I was told next time not to unplug it and put in a service call. When my refrigerator stopped working I lost everything, My refrigerator / freezer was pack with condiments, sauces, refrigerated juices, meats, seafood, Christmas dinner, leftovers food, frozen foods, etc. that was all thrown away. Did I mention I only had the refrigerator for 9 months. On Friday 12/29/2023 @ approximately 11:45 pm the freezer /refrigerator stopped working again. I called Frigidaire customer service (4th service call) and the office was closed and per the recording someone would get back to me the next business day. This time I’ve been without a refrigerator beginning Friday 12/29/2023 - Sunday 12/31/2023 and probably tomorrow 01/01/2024 because it’s New Years Day. This time I was leary about filling it so I only had things like egg, mayo, lunch meats, refrigerated juices and a few refrigerate after opening items and a bag of ice in the freezer, that had to be thrown away. The refrigerator is still under the 1 year manufactures warranty. In my opinion four (4) service calls on a refrigerator that I only had for 9 months is to many. What I want is for Frigidaire to replace this broken refrigerator with a new one or give me my money back and reimburse me for my food / perishable items that had to be thrown away because the refrigerator was not working. I also have a five (5) year extended warranty Home Depot / Allstate Square Trade that is suppose to cover food loss the day the refrigerator was delivered. My claim was denied because my refrigerator is still under the manufactures warranty even though their pamphlet show I’m covered when the fridge is delivered. Frigidaire also said they are not responsible for my food. Home Depot won’t even talk to me about the entire situation, call the manufacturer is what I was told. At this point I don’t know what to do or who I need to contact.

Claimed loss: Food / perishable items approximately $350 12/26/23 & 12/29/23, $180 purchasing a mini fridge from walmart on 12/31/23 just in case they don’t replace the refrigerator stops running again while under warranty.

Desired outcome: Frigidaire refrigerator replacement or money back and reimbursement for food loss and mini refrigerator that I had to purchase to store perishable items need to eat.

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Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Jan 03, 2024 11:21 pm EST

Hi Linda.

We're sincerely sorry to hear of your frustration. Frigidaire has a tremendous reputation for high quality merchandise. Unfortunately, even quality products can break.

Replacement or refunfs generally require going through the merchant. They purchase the product and mark it up for its profit.

Whereas the last service call couldn't determine a problem, the visit isn't considered within any servicing. The first two service calls only had to do with an abnormal opening or sounds with the doors, all of which were resolved.

If the current service claim doesn't completely resolve your concerns, however, please let us know.