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Who is the CEO of Frigidaire? He should be ashamed of himself, to allow these products on the market! I bought a newly renovated place, and the sellers had put in all new frigidaire appliances. THANK GOD I paid the extended warranties. I am on a first-name basis with the repair guys, and I have all their cell phone numbers. I have this recurrent dream that I meet the ceo of Frigidaire and put him in his place on the spot. These are the biggest piece of crap appliances, and I think that for what I paid for the warranty over the past 3 years, I could have bought all new GE profile appliances.


  • Lo
    lookout Mar 03, 2009

    I bought a new Frigidaire refrigerator. I have had it less than three months and it has stopped working twice. It is a piece of junk. The dealer has refused to replace it. I get to wait around for a repairman, and if I leave for a few days, I get to enjoy the possibility (probability!!) of coming back to a refrigerator full of rotting food.

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  • La
    lawnurse70 Mar 17, 2009

    I have had the same experience with my refridgerator! I could not agree more with you!

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  • Mi
    Missy D Gilson Jan 13, 2020

    @lawnurse70 I bought a frigedaire appliance package for my new kitchen less then a year ago. This stuff is absolute junk. Already dented scratched. Refrigerator ice maker reps freezing. Frigedaire is worthless.

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  • Ga
    gayle tillman Mar 26, 2009

    I bought a Frigidaire dryer, dishwasher, and frigerator 7 years ago...and they are all a big peice of crap. They are the worst products I've ever had. I would not even give them away for the problems they have caused. The stainless steel on my frig and dishwasher is completely rusted. The dryer burns rust spots on clothes and snags them. The freezer door seal fell out. I hate Frigidaire. Please don't buy these products. Frigidaire was good back in the day, but Electrolux bought them out, and now they just's sad.

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  • Da
    David Jun 15, 2009

    I have a (2 year old) frigidaire microwave and it is horrible. Sometimes (and only sometimes) it works ...

    I just hope this piece of junk is not giving my family and me cancer!!!

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  • Ch
    Chris Polk Jun 18, 2009

    I am contacting you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you so that I can personally look in to this matter in order to do so please send me your contact information, and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number if available, so that I can research this matter? Again I regret the disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.

    Chris Polk
    Escalation Specialist
    Electrolux Major Appliances
    [email protected]

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  • Ro
    Robert5 Nov 13, 2009

    We a house fire on March 12, 2009 that was caused by a Frigidaire dryer GLGQ642AS. It had the exact same fire inside the drum that is all over the internet. It started a fire while I was at work and caused 150, 000 damage to my home. We lived in a rental for six months and are now back in my new rebuilt home. The repair guy said about six months earlier that it had started a fire before but the dryer is suppose to maintain inside the drum. There is a small crack between the dryer and the drum and over time it builds up and the lint over the motor ignites. Very scary thing, we could of been sleeping. I was paid for everything because we had good insurance but I lost 4 weeks of work and the stress on the family. Can I still bring a suit against Electrolux even if I was paid off and my house was repaired and belonging were replaced. And if I do does the insurance company have any claim if I get a settlement. I was not compensated for my stress level, the hundreds of hours of acting as foreman on construction of the house and my loss of time at work. If the insurance can get the settlement what is the point of doing this.

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  • Wa
    washing by hand Jan 15, 2010

    Bought a Frigidaire Dishwasher. It had a bad part so it leaked water all over the floor. It took Electrolux 29 days to get it fixed before I could use it the first time. 6 weeks later is again dumping water on the floor and the part is back ordered. Lowes has agreed to take back the dishwasher and credit the amount towards a different unit. It will not be anything made by Electolux.

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  • Po
    Portland renter Jul 06, 2010

    I just moved into an apartment with the Fridgidaire Gallery appliances. Horrible, it's like they were made to break all at the exact same time. I've already had the washer/dryer removed and replaced with a LG which I love btw. The refrigerator sounds like it's about to take off into outer space, it rattles and ticks all day long and the washing machine stops running after 10 minutes into the wash. I'm renting an investment property so the owner doesn't care about the quality and I'm sure was looking for the cheapest thing on the market. I can't help but think how bad products like these are for the environment and why someone would want to deal with the hassle of having them replaced after only 2 years. Don't spend your money on these, pay more for something reliable.

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  • Vg
    vguy Oct 06, 2010

    I have a 3-year fridge and it stopped working last week. Before that the water valve was leaking and I had to shut off the valve of water supply. Got a technician(recommended by Electrolux) to look at the fridge and he estimated $1000 on repair and not including labour. Compressor, evaporator, heat exchange and water valve are gone. Really want to question the quality of their products.

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  • Co
    Concerned repair Nov 05, 2010

    With almost all parts coming from China and assembled in mexico ...all appliances in the last 5 yrs are very disposable...this is very sad ...american appliance...tho owned by americans...r basically made in china and the quality of all ur major appliances (refrigerators washers dryers and the like) has dropped drastically ...i have been in the appliance business for 15 yrs service and repair ...and in that time i have seen a very bad trend in the quality...basically there is no quality seems as tho the manufacturers want to make them disposable, not last very long at all ...most not making the warranty or soon after breaking down with ridiculous priced parts for repair ...this is a very sad thing ...but it is the truth ...the future does not look good for American made appliances ...just my 2 cents from someone who works on appliances everyday in warranty and not

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  • Ji
    Jim - USA Nov 17, 2010

    Geez, this is what we voted for 30 years ago when we wanted Washington to get out of our lives and let the private sector do whatever it damn well wanted. We all cheered when Reagan went to war against the unions and joined the Wall Street chorus who said that making anything in America was too expensive and that American workers made too much money. We wanted everything cheap, even as we lost our jobs. For everybody suffering under this tide of shoddy quality, we have dozens who will defend the system and tell you to start your own company! A defense so stupid that it defies further comment...

    Some people you just can't reach. So you get what we had here for the last 30 years, which is the way we wanted it... well, we got it. I don't like it any more than you men.

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  • Di
    diplo Feb 06, 2011

    I totally agree! I just picked up a used washer (XC82413188 gltf1670as and found out the "spider bracket"holding the tub in place had deteriorated so badly it had cracked causing the the machine to knock so loud you could hear it down the block! Some of the poorest engineering I have ever seen! Fridgedaire no care make people who buy it lose their hair!

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  • Ba
    baptize Aug 23, 2011

    what a piece of garbage, broke two times so far! burner will be on all day and wouldn't go off unless you unplug the stove. We brought the technician and changed the circuit board and two days ago one burner wouldn't work and another would turn hot read and wouldn't go off unless you unplug. I feel like putting it on my pick up truck and smash it in front of whoever is manufacturing this piece of ###. What a god damn scam this company is, they should be sued and put out of business for putting public safety at risk.

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  • In
    IngJ52 Nov 07, 2011

    We bought this refrigerator & in the ninth month compressor went, repairman replaced it and it is still under 1year warranty. After less than 2 years, the refrigerator is not cold, repairman diagnose freon leaks and estimate cost of repair will be >than 400.00 and suggests replace the fridge than repair. How can a company make such a lousy product? It cost me more than 1300.00 to purchase the fridge which I am using less than 3 years!

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  • Ch
    Chris Polk Nov 08, 2011

    Good Afternoon,

    I apologize for the inconvenience and concerns this appliance unit has been causing you. I would like to further assist you but in order to do so, will you please email me directly at [email protected] with your unit's model/serial information, personal name, address, phone number and date of purchase of the unit?

    Thank you in advance for supplying me the information needed. Please include any other pertinent information concerning this unit. I look forward to further resolving this matter.

    Chris Polk
    Online Outreach Escalations Manager
    Electrolux Major Appliances, North America

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  • Lu
    Luckydragon Dec 13, 2011

    I hate the brand frigidaire coz my side by side ref need to repair again..last repair is august 7, 2010 not cooling problem, Today is the same thing Dec 12, 2011, I bought it October 30, 2007..What is this between 1 to 2years need to repair my fridge..oh my gosh..the parts of frigidaire it is like a disposable parts...

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  • Al
    Al Lewis May 06, 2012

    I agree...Frigidaire is not a good product. I have a FRS26H5ASB4 stainless side by side which only 9 years old. It has never worked right since day one. It has frozen things in the fridge from time to time, all the while the settings were never changed. It now appears that the compressor is on its last leg. When it goes into defrost mode, the compressor will not kick on. Really, 9 years? Just ordered a hard start kit to try an get a couple of more months out of it, then good bye Frigidaire. Sounds like a case of PPW (Piss poor workmanship) to me. JUNK!!! I will buy another brand in the future. Do yourself a favor, skip by their crap at the appliance store, and buy something that will last. It'll be worth it in the long run.

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  • Da
    Dana Faso Apr 06, 2013

    I have a fridgidaire washer and dryer and I have had it for almost three years broke down three times now we are throwing it out piece of crap... I also have a brand new fridgidaire microwave hood fan and the handle busted its plastic and went into my eye... My builder uses these as standards and I have only had this for three months... Piece of crap. All my friends who built with the same builder same problem ... Spend the extra money and do not buy from this company crap quality

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  • El
    ElectroCrap Apr 08, 2013

    I have a washer dryer pile of sh*t from Fridgicrap.

    Not only did the most important part( transmission of washer) break after 14months, the part is 5months backordered!
    A Frigidaire repairman quoted it as a $700 job and while leaving my house said I should just "throw it out and get an LG", this was a rep from Frigidaire!

    Customer services is just a time sink... I've been on hold for almost 10hours so far in 2 weeks.
    I'm considering a small claims case, but fear having to be prescribed blood pressure meds until the court date.

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  • 1b
    1bk Aug 20, 2013

    Had a Frigidaire dishwasher that only lasted 5 years, before it had to be replaced! Now my Frigidaire washing machine broke after 6 years. Wish I had read Consumer Reports about not buying Frigidaire before my purchases. Save yourself the headache and don't waste your money!
    The saga continues! I had an authorized Frigidaire repairman come try to fix my washer and it took 2 and a half hours for him to tell me the part he had wouldn’t fix it. He told me to order the other part myself and call him when it comes in. Shipping will take 7-10 days, BUT you can pay an extra $30 for 2nd or next day shipping. Frigidaire knows you need the part ASAP. What a scam! When I asked for a supervisor, I was told to call back after 9am. It was 8:45 am. I asked to leave my number for a call back and I was told Frigidaire supervisors don’t call people back. This company is horribly managed.

    I finally reached a supervisor. After being on hold for 45 minutes to see if I would go away, a supervisor finally picked up. Yes 45 minutes!

    WHAT A JOKE. ORDERED A PART FOR 2ND DAY DELIVERY ON THE 15TH, HERE IT IS THE 20TH AND THE PART HASN'T BEEN SHIPPED. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A PRODUCT FROM YOU EVER AGAIN!I tried to cancel the order. When I called my credit card company, I was informed I had been double charged. Letting MasterCard deal with Frigidaire. I bought a LG washer!

    I should have just bought a new washer and saved myself all the headaches on being put on hold all the time and flat out lied to. I look forward to reading that Frigidaire is no more.

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  • De
    debbie edlin Oct 30, 2013

    i bought a sansung refridare and lowes sent me out frigadaire the drawers busted in it and the freezer rack crack on it guess what lowes would not do any thing about it concidering getting a attorney how can they mess up so bad

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  • Ma
    maria cacciola Apr 29, 2014

    I live in a brand new development where 82 homes were built fully furnished with Frigidaire appliances. 7 days ago my oven caught fire! The fire marshal in Berkeley declared it a manufacture error and electrical fire within the unit! The worst part is this is the second stove in our development same make and model that has now caught fire!!! 7 days have gone by and Frigidaire has yet to contact us about our stove and its sitting in our garage waiting to "be picked up and investigated by Frigidaire" this is a budge hazzard to every home in our development! There is obviously an issue with this model stove and we are outraged that Frigidaire has done nothing in one weeks time to do anything about our fire! The worst part is that the last stove was used only one time when this happened using the oven and the company chalks vituperates as being due to grease? How can a grease fire occur below the burners on the insulation of a Brand new stove while using the oven???? If I don't hear from Frigidaire by today April 29th 2014 I will be contacting my lawyer and WILL BE SUING THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • An
    Annette21w Sep 15, 2014

    Bought a Frigidaire Above the stove microwave had for 2.5 years handle wont work too close light stays on..Called in and not there problem looked on other sites and lots of theses have door issues!!
    We remodeled kitchen what a mistake theses newer appliances are junk!! Also Sam sung fridge water leaks in side vegetable and fruit drawer boxes makes loud cracking sound when defrosting I think OMG careful what you buy out there do your home work!!!

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  • Wm
    Wm ewald Oct 20, 2014

    Dishwasher continually burns up two major internal parts and service for replacements and repair is much too long. Parts need to be improved and service needs to be extended to ones own repairman. Your disregard for owners is shocking.b

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  • On
    Online_Outreach_SPC Oct 22, 2014

    Hello Friend,
    On behalf of Frigidaire, please except our humble apologies on your recent frustrating experience.

    Please allow us the opportunity to restore your confidence. We never wish such inconveniences upon our consumers and want to research your history with us. If you will, kindly contact us at SocialCare(at) with your full name in the subject line and all contact and product information in your email body.

    Your concern will be reevaluated with our complete and full attention. We hear your voice and thank you for taking your time to share your important feedback, and again, our sincere apologies for your unsatisfactory experience.

    Best regards
    Outline Outreach Specialist

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  • Me
    Melanie Sch Nov 03, 2014

    We remodeled our kitchen last year and purchased stainless steel Frigidaire Gallery appliances and I would like to say they are the WORST appliances I've ever owed!!! The stove makes this horrible sound every time I use it, the fridge ice maker sounds like a cement mixing machine, and the dishwasher has discolored and smells awful. I've tried everything in the dishwasher and it still smells awful. I WILL NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT OR RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. Warranties just expired when all of this has happened. I am so unhappy and sad that I will not be able to replace them for quite a while. Someone needs to stand up and take notice that this is shabby workmanship and no one cares after the year warranty has expired.

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  • Wi
    Win Bruhl May 27, 2015

    My wife and I had our kitchen totally remodeled from the crawl space to the roof because of an undetected, lengthy water leak that began before we bought the house. In the process we had new custom cabinets built and all new appliances installed. This included a gas five burner stove top, double convection ovens, over the stove microwave and light/vent, refrigerator, and dish washer. The Frigidaire dishwasher has not functioned properly since day one. The extension bars of the top rack flex and slip out of the rollers leaving the rack to fall. This was first reported July 21, 2014. The dish washer is still under extended warranty. The problem is clearly a material and design flaw. The metal of the extension bars is light weight allowing them to flex. And the rollers through which the bars run are spaced too far apart thus allowing a flexed bar to slip from the pulley-like races. So the rack drops. This happens weekly. After I first reported the problem an area service center was authorized to review and ultimately repair the washer. This didn't occur until September of 2014. The technician agreed with my observations about the problem but Frigidaire said that he should replace the complete tub. Obviously that did nothing except create a mess in the kitchen since the machine was removed from the cabinets and disassembled on location. The technician called Frigidaire at the time of the tub exchange and told them that from his observation, this will not correct the problem. Sure enough. The top rack continued to fall. A second repair was requested but a technician was not assigned the job until April 1015. He came and replaced the top rack including the extension bars which were exactly like the initial bars. The rollers were not replaced. The top rack continued to fall. On April 13, 2015 I again contacted Customer Service at [email protected] Nothing happened. On April 29, 2015 I sent another email indicating that we were still waiting for a reply. I received an email response along with the assurance that my request would be forwarded to "the extended warranty department to be handled." You guessed it. It's now May 27th and I've received no communication from the extended warranty department nor from customer service. I sent another email this morning but my patience has run its course. I am frustrated for having been disregarded yet again. My wife and I even offered to return the dishwasher and trade up to another Frigidaire product and pay the price difference. We made that offer also to the appliance dealership from which we bought all our appliances. That offer received a negative response.

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  • Br
    Brenda Bolton Jun 07, 2015

    Purchase a fridgidaire stove from a Lowe's store in Burlington, ON in January 2015. The side panel has started popping out. Took out extended warranty and apparently this is cosmetic and isn't covered. Have received no help from either Lowe's or Fridgidaire. Now the clock keeps shorting out. Two highly regarded names who take no ownership for the products they sell.

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  • Fr
    Frigid Oct 27, 2015

    We bought a Fridgidaire refrigerator when moving into our new house. Horrible. The ice maker makes ice that is too large to fit down the ice chute so when you go to get ice into your glass, the ice jams in the chute and while you stand there waiting for ice that won't fall, the ice dispenser continues to send ice down into the chute, causing a large pile of ice cubes to pile up in the chute and then a beeping alarm goes off and the only way to stop the backlog of ice cubes is to open the freezer door whereupon the pile of ice cubes stacked from the dispenser all fall out onto the floor. Then you stand there with the freezer door open, the fridge beeping like crazy and you have to take the ice cubes out by hand to clear the chute only for it to happen again because the genius engineers at Frigidaire have this freezer making ice cubes THAT ARE TOO BIG TO FIT DOWN THE CHUTE THE DESIGNED.
    When I called Fridgidaire customer service, the phone operator mistakenly blurted out that many people have complained about this issue, then she proceeded to give me a long, complicated warranty claim process that was obviously designed to lead me into a box of nothing.
    It is incredible that this product actually was put out into the marketplace. Then after the bums at Fridgidaire put it out there for people to buy with their hard-earned money, Fridgidaire won't help the people who bought their product. I hope the company collapses into a clogged chute of big ice cubes.
    Lousy product, lousy company. I will never buy anything from Fridgidaire again.

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  • Ma
    Matt Ss Dec 19, 2015

    I bought a brand new house in 2013 and picked out my Frigidaire refrigerator with the builder. To put it simply, I have never made a bigger mistake in my adult life. I'm a kind of "product guy" and this is my worst decision ever. I have the extended warranty but getting service is like pulling teeth. Within months their was a minor issue that warranted the repair guy coming out — after 25 months of having the device it stopped making ice, stopped cooling and then leaked resulting in ruining my hardwood floors. The repair guy that game to fix my second issue and literally said that my refrigerator is "aging in dog years" and JUST 2 days after replacing the computer, compressor and other parts the device broke down again and I'm still dealing with it all at the time of this post. Frigidaire is not a good company. Do not buy from them.

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  • Cs
    Csuber Dec 20, 2015

    Agreed! The repair guy did not know why the fridge's computer and compressor broke after just 2 years and recommended that the fridge be replaced rather than just replacing those parts. Frigidaire did not take the repair man's advice because we only have a "repair" warranty. Now we are stuck with a fridge that does not work again 2 days after the repair was done. We also have found out that our model has been discontinued, probably due to whatever issues we are experiencing. We have brought a product, but also warranty, that is a dud and the company couldn't care less.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Katz Mar 20, 2016

    Just after the warranty expired, the washer stopped working. Repair technician found a defect in the pulley in which it was never properly secured by the main bolt. The belt finally came off and after only two years of light use (just my wife and I) the pulley tore a hole in the tub. Repair is so expensive, better value is replacing washer, but it will not be an Electrolux brand.

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  • Jo
    Joe Garf May 05, 2016

    Bought all new Frigidaire appliances for our home, only less than 4 yrs. old, the refrigerator has broken down at least 5 times, took out the extra warranty for a total of 4 yrs., and expires at the end of may2016. What junk, get up in the middle of the night and water all over our wood floor, ice melting, food spoiled, had to have a repair man out on numerous times. To be brief, on3 ocassions, the evaporator fan stopped, had to be replaced, once for some unknown reason, ice formed on the fan blade and made a horrendous noise, could not figure out what was wrong. The electronic circuit board took a crap, twice, the whole unit came to a screeching halt, Had made numerous call to the retailer for service. At the end of our patience, now thinking about calling the BBB, State Attorney General, and the news media. Never again, will buy this junk, but the fact is all of the manufacturers are junk now...

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  • Gu
    Guntis Arajs Dec 28, 2016

    Let me concur with the statement of the original post "Worst appliances on the planet" and there is no evidence there is anything they are doing to improve since it was originally posted in 2009. I have a Frigidaire Gallery Professional Series Oven that stopped working. When I contacted their support I was instructed to call a third part for repair - Bayview Home Appliance Centre. Bayview made a service call and diagnosed the issue to be a failed Oven Control Board. They charged $85.00 for the evaluation and told us they would call back with cost of replacement. Almost a week later they called to tell us the unit is obsolete and no replacement parts are available. I called Frigidaire and they confirmed they do not make parts for the unit anymore because its too old! Originally they had told me the unit was 7 years old, now they tell me it was made in 1999 and they do not make replacement parts for units older than 20 years! (but a 1999 unit is not even 20 years old)! So they are telling me the oven is scrap because they do not want to fix it! With a quick search on the net I found out these Control Boards are typically poorly built and fail often. The fact that Frigidaire does not want to fix them clearly indicates they do not want to support their product. Both Frigidaire and Bayview probably new the Control Board was to blame before they even came to evaluate the unit and they never told me there was the possibility they would not be willing to fix it after charging me $85 for evaluation! Will never buy Frigidaire again! and will pass on the message that their product is crap and you can expect no support in the long term.

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  • Rr
    RRodriguez Feb 23, 2017

    I believe them all, this was my letter to them. Not that it will matter. They don't care.

    I purchased Frigidaire Gallery because we remodeled our kitchen two years ago, we purchased the Frigidaire Gallery piece of ####!
    Electric range - burner won’t turn off then quit working altogether
    Refrigerator - inserts broke within months and pieces from the freezer are coming off. Won’t make ice and won’t freeze food.
    Microwave – We couldn’t turn the fan off, then the entire oven quit working altogether
    Dishwasher – leaves dishes filthy, soap won’t dissolve, tried different soap, same problem.

    All appliances are the biggest pieces of crap. We did not purchase the warranty because we thought “its Frigidaire” we should be okay.

    I have a GE back up refrigerator that’s 15 years old and it still works and still makes ice.

    We’ve had to get all the Frigidaire Gallery of #### serviced or replaced.
    What the hell? We’ve spent more money in the last two years on service and warranties than I’ve ever spent on any appliances in my whole life. To make matters worse, customer service is no customer service at all. I have to take an entire day off of work because the window of time they gave me for service is from 8am to 5pm. We did finally purchase a warranty on the refrigerator. The damn thing is falling apart. The freezer has parts that came off and we were told that they can just replace the part, that I would never expect to get a new one because Frigidaire doesn’t do that.

    I will NEVER purchase another item made by Electrolux/Frigidaire and I hope you go out of business forever. There are so many unhappy customers you cannot go on selling your crappy appliances and expect to stay in business. I will tell everyone never to buy your product. Especially when I shop at Lowes or Home Depot.

    Look at all these sites that hate you and do feel free to contact me so that I can give you a piece of mind. It’s so infuriating, for all the money you charge for each appliance and to only have it last less than 2 years, that’s pathetic.


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  • Up
    Upset_and_frustrated Aug 31, 2018

    I purchased a frigidaire gallery SS gas range. It has been nothing short of the shittiest piece of crap I have ever purchased. It is 8 years old now, and every month I need to take apart the range to clean the connectors on the control board or else it will not work. I have replaced the control board 3 times at a cost of $200 each time. I am so fed up that I will never purchase a frigidaire appliance ever again!! Overpriced garbage!! These issues also started happening right after the warranty ran out...figures.

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  • Wb
    wbbirdlady Nov 11, 2019

    We have a dishwasher made by this company. I'm ashamed to admit that I persuaded my husband to "buy American, " because this piece of (for want of a better word) crap has been repaired five times, and as I write this we're listening to it sing to us once again, even though the repairman was here again today! Thank goodness we've renewed our warranty every year, so repairs haven't cost us a thing. And, thank goodness our washer and dryer are products of Maytag.
    Sign me "Disgusted!"
    Sharon W.

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