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12:39 am EST

FreshCo Customer service

I have complex PTSD and a panic and anxiety disorder. The medication I take causes me to have a bit of an odor. Which I'm aware of and it's not totally an offensive odor either..
I was in the freshco at 100 mile house British Columbia store 8943 @ 4:10pm on Monday January 9th.
I was going thru till 2 and started having an issue with my bank card. Seeing the line up pile up behind me while I struggled caused my panic and anxiety disorder to become in a very heightened state. The cashier Jennifer handled me every well and let me step to the end of her till allowing me safe space to calm myself so I could logically handle my bank card issue.

Serina came over from another till very aggressive and condescending and started degradating me in front of everyone... there was so many people... everyone looking watching while
I was told I'm not allowed to be in the store smelling like this any more.
That I made the whole store smell.
That my smell gives her team mates headaches
When I told her I had no control over it
I was told that yes I did I could wear perfume.
I told her I don't... I can't
She then told me to make it happen.
I not sure if I really need to explain how embarrassing and humiliating it was to be spoken to in this manner infont of so many other people in our community...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like she discriminated against me because of my smell, I feel like she slammed me infront of her fellow employees and customers.
I also feel like she is break my basic human rights trying to deny me access to an essential service because of the way my medication males me smell.
Later that evening (approximately 6pm) I realized I'd forgotten something the though of going back spiked my anxiety.. I was so nervous to go back a friend of mine offered to come with me so if anything happen this time she would be there for me.. and help me figure out how to file a complaint.

After it was said I wanted to fill a complaint because I'd felt discriminated against
Serina offered a mediocre apology for her "poor customer service" as she called it
I said she had no right to speak to me the way she did
Very condescending she said "well actually another customer complaint about the way you smelled, so that gave me the right to say something to you!"
Regardless that does not give her the right to talk to me the way she did and belittle me. No customer is superior to the other.
No matter what I deserve to be treated with dignity and respect
It was really hard on an emotional level to write this complaint, this is one that should not have had to have been written



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10:16 pm EST
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I was in line waiting to be checked out I waited for about 5 minutes for the cashier to finish with the customer ahead of me when she was done checking the customer out she told me that she can't cash me out because she is closed. I asked her why she did not tell me that when she saw me joining the line and also asked where is the closed sign that she...

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10:14 pm EST

FreshCo Customer service

Considering the fact that out of 66 FreshCo complaints only 1 has been resolved, I sure hope this complaint is addressed!

RE: Unbelievably poor CS at FreshCo, Tecumseh/Rivard

Windsor ON. With 3 $50 gift cards I first shopped the Wyandotte east store. I filled my cart, and at checkout was told the gift cards weren't working and was directed to a small sign on the gift card display and the entrance Door. I spoke to the manager and suggested a larger sign. I rarely complain, but with very little time or money before Christmas I was upset and left there and called their CS who knew nothing of an outage. She had to call me back and told me the issue was with the Roger's network but was intermittent at some stores. I then called the Tecumseh/Rivard location to ask about the outage and explained my inconvenience at Wyandotte. They said they're working at their location and even put me on hold to verify with someone else. I got there and looked for ANY posted notice, which there were none. I oncs again filled my cart with the same items, go to the checkout, and notice a small note on the gift card display. As I ask the cashier if they're down, another worker says "oh yes, my manager just left and told me you would be coming and upset as the network just went down right after you had called". I called CS again to explain my afternoon of wasted time, gas to drive across town, and that there were NO NOTICES posted at the doors. After numerous calls back and forth, CS verifying the card numbers were valid and then being told the store was not even answering their calls for them to investigate or help me, I had a cashier get the in-store manager so CS could use MY phone to explain and ask what they could do for my inconvenience. The manager kept repeating that it was an IT issue and beyond their control. I once AGAIN told them it was NOT about the IT issue and I understood those things are beyond their control. However, after having then wasted 4 hrs of my afternoon, they STILL had not posted a notice, and told me there was nothing they could do but they would post the signs at the doors now. THAT IS the most blatant dismissal of a Customer and I would like to know their understanding Customer SERVICE? They're right, they cant be responsible for IT issues... but they NEED to be accountable for their error and not notifying people with a Notice posted. And Especially if they knew I was on my way there.

I was NOT asking for anything free, the card numbers were verified as valid with $50 each. A good CS response would have been to apologize for my inconvenience and honour the VALID cards so I didn't have to shop for the same items a 3rd time at yet another store. To avoid wasting more gas and time, I finally had to put some items back just to use the last $80 cash I had to my name just before Christmas.. I don't even believe in "the customer is always right", but the way my experience was handled is absolutely appalling. I will be contacting the owner tomorrow and really hope that some thought is put into how this was handled.

Desired outcome: Refund the cash I had to use for my purchase and deduct from my gift cards. It would be wonderful if I was also compensated with some store credit, but based on the way I was treated today that's probably a long shot.

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9:50 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FreshCo Freshco at Mcdougal branch

Date- 3rd November


Location- Freshco at mcdougal branch

I have purchased few items along with bottle gourd but at the time of billing they charged the price of papaya maradol instead of bottle gourd with 4.49 dollars but we haven’t bought papaya. I am attaching items with photos, so Kindly give me my refund. My email is [protected]



Desired outcome: I want refund of my money.

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1:32 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FreshCo Case No: [protected].Counter clerk less like clerk and more like secret agent and rude counter clerks incharge.....

I went to freshco for my weekly grocery shopping on 8th Oct 2022, around 1 pm ( I was a regular customer of this store since its opened there and I always find it good and sufficient for my needs).

That day,I went to store and buy 2 trays of 30 eggs which is on sale at 6.97 dollars.

As there is limit for 2 trays per family per transaction,so I bought 2 trays and went to counter for the bill.

The first thing ,when I was at counter ,I asked them that on 50 dollars expenditure at one transaction they are offering 500 points on Scene card.So if my bill go beyond 100 dollars can they make 2 transactions of 50 dollars each so that I can get 500 points twice.But the lady at the counter after consulting her Manager or whosoever that other lady was near counters refused it, as she said that on one Scene card) it's one time so can't give.

I still accepted there discretion and pay my bill.

After that,I went out keep my stuff in my car and go again to buy two more trays of eggs.( As it's Thanksgiving weekend and I do need them for the upcoming days.)

But this time the young girl on the counter act more like a secret agent then the counter clerk.She kept my trays one side and went to her manager and after talking with her she refused to gave trays to me.She called her boss lady or manager( i dont know,who she was) who told me that I already bought 2 trays, so they won't give me another two but they can give me if I come again tomorrow.I requested them politely that,I can't come everyday for it, as I have other things to do and from my family it's only me who do shopping for the whole week.

They didn't listen to me and that boss lady told me that scene card won't accept the transaction.I requested them that if they can try to scan the card and if scene card deny ,I will not take it.So they did the same and scene card didn't decline the transaction and apply the discount on the above said trays of egg.

But that lady still refused to gave it to me by saying that," No ,still we can't give you as you already bought earlier".

Now,my question is who is she to insult me in front of all other customer and refuse the grocery when card is not declining it. Above all I am paying for it ,I am not taking it free.

I am a regular customer at this store for so many years.

But after that day experience ,I never went to that store again,rather I went to another Freshco store at the other end of the city and guess what, they did accept my request and allow me to buy two sets of eggs with separate transaction.They told me ,if card accept it ,they have no objection.And that's what the customer care should be.Customers and their welfare should be put first not the ego or power of store employees.

On that very day ,I made a complain with customer care and they issued me the above mentioned complain number and their customer care team asked my contact number and told me that the manager of the store will contact me (Please see below the message they send me)

"Thank you for contacting Customer Care to share with us your unfortunate shopping experience. Putting the customer first has long been our promise and I assure you that your experience is not the standard we set for how serve our customers.

Would you be able to share the best phone number to reach you at? That way we can escalate your concern to the store manager. Our Store Managers appreciate being able to speak with customers directly regarding any concerns as this provides the opportunity for them to fulfill our promise.

Again we regret this experience and hope you will give us a chance to regain your confidence."

But since then ,I heard nothing from their side.I provided them with my contact number but still till date no update or any kind of attempt to contact me.Even, I sent them another email to find out about this but still no one ever contacted me back.

This show ,how serious they are in addressing their customer complains.

Desired outcome: I'd appreciate a response and a closure.

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4:30 pm EDT
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Miss Vickie's - 200 gm - 3.99/- (till last week it used to be 4.99/-) @Walmart - Miss Vickie's - 220 gm - 3.97/- When I ask the service person, she denied to price match because I didn't have a physical flyer.. I showed them the actual real time price for a nearby Walmart store ( No luck.. It's not a matter of 2 cents - it's actually the...

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11:36 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FreshCo Eggs

The advertised price for 18 eggs was $3.69 on the front page of your flyer.

When I got to your store in windsor, on on tecumseh rd. West and huron

Line at approximately 10:15 am tuesday there were no eggs available at that price.

I bought a few things anyway since I took a cab to get there but am very disappointed. Why do u put out a flyer when you cannot supply the product?

I paid over 30 dollars in cab fare just to get frustrated by your lack of supply.

Desired outcome: send me 2 packs of eggs or reinburse me for the cab fare

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12:58 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FreshCo Do not price match your own store in same province???

I shopped at local store this noon at 425 University Ave E, Waterloo, ON N2K 4C9. I want to purchase the chicken drumsticks that is supposed to be on sale based on the flyer I saw online.

However, when I went for checking out, the cashier told me that they "have our own flyers and won't match other freshco stores". I explained that the store is in the same location (ON) and I saw this only flyer online, I think they should price matched, but the answer is still no.

I asked other staff members and they said the matter is "complicated and cannot comment on this matter", and suggested me to speak to the manager. I didn't have too much time so I left.

I don't see why a flyer makes our lives so complicated, I suppose you post a flyer online not for confusing you consumers but for helping?

Desired outcome: I would like you either make the flyers consistent or let your own store match your own store's price.

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8:17 pm EDT

FreshCo All vegetables and fruits at Freshco, Kingston, Ontario on Princess Street

Do not go to Freshco for your fruits and vegetables because they are all rotting inside! The amount of money I have wasted in this store is disgusting! From now on I’m going to Farmboy even if it costs more at least it will be fresh!

Any time I have purchased fruits or vegetables they have always been rotten inside. With the cost of food these days I can’t take anymore chances on going to this store. I have to take two buses to get there so it is not easy to return them so I end up throwing them out. I was just there a couple of days ago looking for lettuce and omg what they had out was disgusting and in the background they had their announcement that all fruit and vegetables are the freshest. What a joke!

I bought mangoes in the middle of the summer and everyone of them was rotting in the middle! Don’t even get me started on their potatoes!

Desired outcome: There is no desired outcome maybe they should look into getting better suppliers for their fruits and vegetables.

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9:08 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FreshCo Unethical business practice

I attended the FreshCo on Merivale Road Ottawa. I picked up a box of mangoes. As I was pushing my cart one of their employees stops me and counted the mangoes in the box. And says "Oh you have the right amount" then yells at my wife to get out of the way very rudely.

30 minutes later as I am checking out I noticed one mango out of the box and I said to the cashier I think you forgot to include all of my mangoes to which she replied: "You put an extra one in the box and it is $6.99 per kg." I said no, I picked up a box, your employee even checked my box and said the right amount was there. To which the cashier insisted it was 6.99 per kg and I took an extra one. Once again I explained no that was how it was packed. And even if it was an "extra" one you simply should charge me for the mango per weight as there was no limit to what I was buying.

I clarified that she was now making it appear and treating me as a thief in front of customers.

A manager then walked over and said she is going to put in a complaint, but the manager never took my name or asked me what my complaint was. I feel like they were just pushing me to leave.

As I was continuing to pack my groceries I noted that the bag of onions was rotten, I said to my wife these are rotten and the clerk still charged me for it and said to get another one. My wife came back with 3 loose onions saying there were no other bags of onions. (the bag had 3 similar-sized onions). So I explained to my wife it is a different product possibly so let's show the cashier in case they accuse us of stealing. Sure enough, it was a different product and the cashier refunded the 5.98 for the 3 onions in the bag that was rotten.

It occurred to me that since the product was not up to standards, and it was cashed out the FreschCo policy of refunding the money and giving the items for free should have applied but I did not mention this as they were already accusing me of stealing.

I feel as if I was racially profiled and was targeted from the time I first entered the store (mangoes were the first items picked up) to when I paid.

I also noted that as we were leaving the store it was pouring rain and we had to wait at the front, and two employees came and stood near us until we left.

Desired outcome: The resolution sought: I would like to speak to the owners of FreshCo to discuss the incident and to see if the manager at the store had in fact reported the issues as promised.

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1:40 pm EDT

FreshCo Over charge the Price

I went to Freshco located at 3998 Cottrelle Blvd in Bramption. I bought the Shan Punjabi Masala. Its regular price was $1.99. They charged me $3.99 instead of $1.99. I thought on my next visit i will request to fix the price. On my next visit i requested to fix the price and spoke with customer service and she discussed with Supervisor and told me since its pass 14 days we can not fix the price. I am working in IT and have experiance in impementing the Bar coding/Scanning software. based on my experiance they have input the wrong price and has been changing customer with wrong price. instead of fixing the glitch identified by me they just refused to fix the price. This is about one item most probably they have issue with other items too

Desired outcome: Fix the glitch and refund to price to customers

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12:32 am EDT

FreshCo chicken breasts

the flyer had advertised boneless skinless chicken breasts for ten dollars

the radio advertised them for ten dollars also.

when i arrived to the store on mcdougall and tecumseh in windsor, they were

marked as 12 dollars.

ripped off again by fresco, do not shop there on thursday morning you will not

get the advertised price!

Desired outcome: desired outcome - got screwed

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1:21 pm EDT

FreshCo Juice

I bought mango juice from freshco yesterday

I didn’t check over there

But when I tried open the bottle cap

What I am looking that was expired

So what is the next solution

Let me know

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1:18 pm EDT

FreshCo stock/ supply

I go to the mcdougall and tecumseh freshco almost daily because i walk and it is on my way home

They never have their pet food or supplies stocked adequately. EVER.

they are completely out most of the time and dont carry enough variety of items period

no name non clumping litter in a bag whatsoever. so i have to go to two places to get what i need

no 12 pack cases of friskies wet food for cats

no compliments cases at all for over a week.

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Update by nunya buznezz
May 08, 2022 1:19 pm EDT

this is in Windsor Ontario canada. tecumseh and mcdougall location

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3:38 pm EDT

FreshCo Cashier error cost me $100 and they won't refund me

Date: Sunday May 1st at 11:00am, Location: 2 Alpine Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2M 0Y5

I was using a $100 gift card toward $180 worth of groceries. Everything was bagged and the cashier pressed the "cash" button for the total amount by accident. After 15 minutes of waiting with our groceries melting, we were told because of that, we were only able to pay debit or credit and our $100 gift card couldn't be used. Our other option was to take everything out of the bags and rescan it all which we didn't have time for. So I figured we would pay and be refunded later, in exchange for the gift card like we came in to do. We were still happy to give them the $100 gift card, we just want our money back.

I called the store manager the next day and she said the only way to get my money back was to bring back every single item I purchased the day before, scan it, then take all the food back home. This is absolutely absurd and the most ridiculous request I have ever heard in my life. I am now out $100 because firstly a cashier pressed the wrong button and secondly I can't be refunded in a logical way.

I can genuinely say this is the worst customer service experience of my life and the most ridiculous request to make of someone to give them a refund.

Desired outcome: My $100 cash back and for them to take my $100 gift card

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6:11 pm EDT
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I am a customer and I’ve been coming here for about 2 years now, I asked a employee for a different sauce for my salad he had no problem getting me the sauce as requested, I believe to be the manger which I told the name was isac he was very rude and unprofessional towards the young man he kept telling him to stay in one spot and don’t move he mentioned to...

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10:30 am EDT

FreshCo Purchase of a food item (honey) that is unsatifactory refused refund or exchange because I have lost the reciept

I have recently purchased several (10) jars of an off brand not Canadian honey over an extended period (last two months or so) on several different visits to the store. I recently opened one of the jars to use it and discovered the taste in a word was foul and in my opinion unusable. I have tried to return all of the honey this morning (29 March 2022) but unfortunately I can no longer provide store receipts and the store manager flat out refuses to issue a refund or an exchange without me providing store receipts. I used my credit card for all these purchases but the credit card company say they cannot help me as they do not keep records of individual items on a bill,. Just the total amounts spent in that store for that entire months transactions. I consider this rather unfair on behalf of the store. I am a senior (83years old) on a rather low fixed income. This represents a significant financial loss for me. They have a large sign on the wall stating if you are unsatisfied you will be refunded or your item exchanged. This on the face of it appears to be a falsehood. Hopefully you can help me in this regard.

Desired outcome: Exchange the item for a different (Canadian) brand or a full refund.

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3:59 pm EDT

FreshCo employees lack customer service and employee yelling at me"GET OUT"

march 17,2022

no price on a bin filled with brand name buns,checked other locations,checked flyer no price, no employees.saw the lady that scans and records price and inventory.she has helped me in the past

she passes through the stock doors, i follow a few seconds after

she's gone of into the stock area, i do not follow

but did notice a freshco employee and asked if she could assist me.she said go to the teller and ask for the price

i said is that thee best response that you know

then this young male stock boy employee approaches and starts shouting get out

he was asserting himself

ask him why he's working here

i say, because you are a nobody

the reason any of this encounter occurred is because an employee did not affix a price on the product bin

one, first employee did not say how can i help you,did not know the first thing about customer policy

her suggestion,the teller is poor

walk from back of store to a teller and wait in line with others to cash out

i've waited and no ask teller she scans and as i'm not finished shopping

now, how do i re-enter the store

this freshco employee instead of summoning someone to find the price

gave me poor advice

so this young stock boy comes to her defence by yelling get out

in any industry an on the spot firing offence

all because there was no pricing on the bin with the buns

Desired outcome: have freshco review stupirity

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10:54 am EDT

FreshCo Let go but not told till I went to do my shift.

I was a good worker for freshco, always giving my time when they needed me.

Right from the get go, I told them I had some disability and that sometimes it prevented me from being able to do my scheduled shift and they were fine with that, so they said and hired me.

Only when I thought my probationary period was over, I put a new availability sheet in that stated I couldn't work past 9pm anymorr because I couldn't keep paying $10 to get home from work.

As it turned out, they go by hours not 90 days for their probation like most businesses.

I went to go in for my shift and take a photo of the next week's schedule to find I had no hours listed.

When I asked my supervisor if I was fired they said they didn't know and made a call. Yup I was let go, without a single word about it! So I left. No sense giving any more of my time if they couldn't have the decency to even let me know I let me go. They could have had a manager or the store owner there for when I went in for my shift to tell me but they didn't even do that.

The only reason they gave me (after I contacted the union) was that I didn't fit in, stating I was a good worker and it wasn't because of my personality or anything like that.

So yes, it came as a surprise, considering I had nothing but koodos from customers and was quick and efficient at my job.

Desired outcome: Make time to be there when your Employees go in for their shift that you decided to let them go and NOT waste their time of getting ready, and commuting in to work unknowingly no longer employed by you.

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7:52 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

FreshCo Freshco Steels and Bathrust, Thornhill, Ontario


Today, March 13,2022 I was waiting in Freshco fish market at around 6:30-7pm for my order. There was a young lad who came and asked an employee how much will cost two pieces of king fish. The latter one put aside my order and served person who was after me.

I am not sure how business done in the country employee is from but in civilized countries there is an order which is called a LINE.

Does it ever mentioned during their training?

Desired outcome: If you hire uneducated employees at least train them properly

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