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3505 Upper Middle Rd, Burlington, ON, L7M 4C6, CA
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FreshCo - Disappointing service at ER

To Customer Relations:
On the evening of Sat. Nov. 27/21, I was at the Burlington Upper Middle-Walkers Linen Freshco store and, among other things, purchased (or tried to purchase) 6 cases of "Benedetto Passata" which was on sale. At checkout, the cashier informed me that there was a limit of 2 cases, even though no such information existed on the price tag -- the only other information on the price tag, besides price, was "until supplies last". Furthermore, no such limit was specified on the Freshco flyer!
I then asked to speak to the manager. The manager, Amy, argued that the limit condition was indicated at checkout, to which I responded that it should be clearly indicated on the price tag, or at least on a separate sign with the merchandise. Furthermore, it's ridiculous and asinine to expect customers to line up at checkout in order to obtain such information. Despite the fact she agreed with me, she (and her general manager, Robin?) stuck to their limit of 2.

As a business owner myself, I fully understand that this "omission" constitute blatant FALSE ADVERTISING. If it is a genuine error (actually, two errors -- one on the flyer and one on the price tag), then the customer should be allowed to purchase the quantity desired and the error rectified thereafter for future customers.

Since this is not the first time I've experienced similar situations at FreshCo, I'm keen to hear from head administration as to where they stand on such issues.

Remo De Iuliis

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Lucy lue
Whitby ontario canada, US
Nov 30, 2021 7:27 pm EST

May I remind you sir every FreshCo and other stores limit it to 20 items of the same as it is not a wholesale company otherwise they would have to pay more tax that is why it is 20 only no more so quit being greedy sir.

4:14 pm EDT

FreshCo - Rotten salmon

Good Afternoon,

I purchased a package of Atlantic Salmon on July 22nd @ 7:00 p.m. This package cost $12.21.

The best before date is July 24th.

I went to prepare the salmon on July 23rd and it smelled absolutely horrible, it was tacky to the touch and not safe to eat.

I had already prepared the marinade - and then realized the salmon was bad. I also have to keep the foul salmon in my fridge as garbage day isn't until next Tuesday and we are unable to leave garbage out due to racoons.

My desirable outcome is compensation for the following:

1. Package of Salmon
2. Contents of Marinade
3. My time/aggrevation.

I do not live close to the Upper MIddle location, I was in Burlingotn on a special errand, so I will not be returning the salmon. I have a photo of the receipt and salmon. Please send a refund via gift card or cheque.

Sarah Patterson
3 Patrick Street
Hamilton, Ontario

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Salonist Parler
, US
Mar 19, 2022 2:53 pm EDT

customer service is run by a mcdonalds employee and has about 15 customer service representatives
you may have been denied a refund by a product no return
so i just emailed the vp, that freshco set up this denied policy
response was next time your in we will provide you your refund ask for the manager
never did as they now can trespass you and have your face and possible id
there is no reason needed to trespass someone

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