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CB Retail Stores FreshCo Tahini' kitchen - beans salad and meat counter employee

FreshCo review: Tahini' kitchen - beans salad and meat counter employee

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Dear Management ,

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the recent experience I had at your above location. As a regular customer who often travels from out of town to do grocery shopping at your establishment, I must say that the quality of customer service and products I encountered during my most recent visit fell far below my expectations.

Firstly, I purchased [ $7.99] a container of Salad Beans on February 18, 2024, with an expiry date of February 24, 2024, from your restaurant Tahini' Kitchen . To my dismay, upon opening the container in Ottawa, I immediately noticed a stale odor emanating from the beans. It is unacceptable for a product to be sold well within its expiry date and yet be of such poor quality. If I had consumed it, I could have food poising. Furthermore this experience has left me deeply disappointed and questioning the standards upheld by your company with regards to training of kitchen staff.

Furthermore, my interaction with one of your halal meat counter employees only added to my dissatisfaction. When I requested six pounds of meat from a tray of already cut options, the person attending to me displayed a level of unprofessionalism that I found utterly unacceptable. Their demeanor was dismissive, and I felt as though my simple request was met with unnecessary hostility resulting in not buying any halal meat.

As someone who has consistently chosen your establishment for my grocery purchases, I expected a much higher level of customer service and product quality. However, the recent events have left me reconsidering my loyalty to your company.

I urge you to address these issues promptly and take the necessary steps to ensure that such instances do not occur in the future. I am sure that it is essential for your business to uphold its reputation for excellence, especially when it comes to serving loyal customers like myself.

I hope to see swift action taken to rectify these matters. Thank you for your attention to this serious concern.


Ottawa, Ontario

Claimed loss: $7.99 plus duress

Desired outcome: Gift certicate

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