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CB Retail Stores FreshCo Bad butter ball turkeys

FreshCo review: Bad butter ball turkeys

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My wife purchased 2 Butter Ball turkeys on Dec. 16 2023. We cooked one for Christmas dinner, when we cut it open there was dark red (almost black) all through the turkey. We had 8 people at our house for dinner, but could not serve this, it was horrid looking on the inside. I phoned the head office, they instructed me to phone the manager (18 St SE Calgary Ogden) to which I did. The manager informed me there is nothing they can do , its butter ball that needs to be contacted. I emailed Butter ball and got no reply. We still have 1 turkey left from the 2 that we were going to have at New Years, but that is going in the garbage, not chancing cooking it after what happened with the first one. No one seems to want to take responsibility for these bad turkeys, I guess Freshco just lost another customer. Next step is sending these pics to the media to inform people about this. Does these turkeys even go through inspection? Thank for ruining our Christmas dinner and feeling embarrassed in front of our guests. I will not eat turkey again after this discusting experience. No more shopping at Freshco for this family. Thanks again for ruining our Christmas.

Claimed loss: $60

Desired outcome: Reimbursed

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