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Fred Meyer  -  too many stalkers at this location!

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Hi, I have been shopping at this location for years, and it seems that all the women who work at this location are being stalked by the homeless and the guys who have backpacks and carry bags and the ones who have been drinking and a lot of the same guys that keep coming in and I am noticing that the same creepy stalkers keep watching the women in apparel and it could be some of the associates who keeps telling these creepy guys to watch the women in apparel and it could be from other Fred Meyer associates who work in other parts of Washington and Portland and Idaho. So this needs to stop, who ever is doing this needs to leave all the women alone who work at this store in Shoreline and especially leave the ladies alone in the apparel department, and don't have the same customers watching these women at their neighborhood, this is serious, and somebody is going to get hurt or go insane. These people who are doing this needs to be in jail and face consequences or else! I have called the cops and if this keeps going on I will find out who you are and turn you in, leave these women alone! Got it! Nobody is quitting their job at this location so please stop scaring away good, hard working associates! Stalking is against the law, and quit having your friends or homies watch everybody in apparel! So you better watch your back or else! 🖕🏻

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