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I am hearing damaged so do not use a phone, and since FM is NOT ADA COMPLIANT, it becomes very difficult to get any customer service. I am not about to drive to the store to have to speak to what turns out to be a pharmacy tech who makes it obvious she doesn't care.

I know my Dr. faxed two scripts to this pharmacy on 1/21/22. She verified this to me and also provided me with COPIES of what she sent. I have a FM app complete with a pharmacy section. I can SEE when a script is received and what it's status is.

As of 1/24/22 only one script was showing in the app. I was forced to use IP RELAY to communicate with the pharmacy since THEY ARE NOT ADA COMPLIANT. [An IP Relay is an online function whereby I type to a Relay Assistant who then speaks to the people on the other side, then he/she types back to me whatever that other party is saying. Very cumbersome and this does NOT make FM ADA compliant.]

Upshot: my Dr sent an incorrect script to them on 1/21/22 and she IMMEDIATELY caught her error and then uploaded a correct script via online fax on same date. The pharmacy tech Michelle repeatedly would not answer my questions, gave me absolutely false info, and gave me very misleading info - trying to dodge questions. She also claimed she did NOT have any script for the med in question from my Dr. when in fact the pharmacy had received it on 1/21/22.

I should not have to worry about my scripts being handled properly nor should I have to chase after the pharmacy to figure out of they are filling scripts when my I know my doctor has electronically faxed them. I should not have a terrible time getting straight answers from any employee at a FM pharmacy.

Here's my proposed solution:
1) Become ADA Compliant in adhering to the law on Americans with Disabilties: provide an alternative means of communication that is of the customer's choosing. I choose CHAT OR TEXT. Chat is much better because it is real time and is the equivalent of a non-disabled person being able to freely use the phone to get help.

2) ALL employees at this pharmacy need to go through an ADA course.

3) ALL employees need strict instructions from their employer that they MUST answer all customer questions in an absolutely straightforward and honest manner. They CANNOT LIE to customers.

Michelle especially needs this instruction, but I had have problems with both her and another employee in the past at this pharmacy in terms of them failing to answer questions, dodging questions, and outright lying.

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