Fred Meyer Jewelers LDS Bridal Setrip off and poor craftsmanship

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I have had the worst experience with this Jeweler! My husband and I got each other our wedding set At Fred Meyers. It was the one in Ventura, CA. at the Pacific View Mall. There was only one decent person in there with any real customer service. The manager Patrick I can't remember his last name. Even then my husband and I found out he lied to us. So first off my husband and I got engaged back in November. He had the ring a month or two before. But it always stayed in the original box and somewhere safe. So nothing could bump it or cause it to fall or be damaged. So first few days I finally get to wear my ring I was sitting at work and it just happened to hit the light perfectly and I noticed a small crack on the base of the ring the part that's under the finger. I had my sister, mom and fiance examine it and yup it was cracked. I was sort of upset but I had signed up for the year warranty plan. So I thought well great at least I can get it fixed for free. So thats what I do. Then a few weeks go by and I want to surprise my fiance with his ring for Christmas. I saved and worked hard to earn the money because it was on layaway because for some reason I didnt get approved for any of their cards when I have credit and my fiance did get approved with no credit...uhg anyways. So I finally get his ring I wrap it up keep it safe. A few days before Christmas they call me and say there is a problem with the plan they sold me. I go in and they tell me they sold me the wrong one. I was supposed to get the 1 year but they accidentally sold me the 3 month. I am figuring ok anyone who has any good customer service skills would have said I am sorry for the inconvenience it was our fault. We will switch you over no extra cost. No not them. Even though I made it clear to them it was their fault and I shouldn't have to pay more money. They basically gave me this option. After saying oh we completely understand, they tell me I can either pat the difference which was like $60 extra or get a complete refund but give up the plan. Are you kidding me?! I was super angry. I almost gave up on the plan and got a full refund but I couldn't help but think what if something happens. So I paid it. Christmas comes I give him his ring. And guess what. It's cracked! Really?! So we took it back and they examine it and say oh it's not a crack we can just buff this out. Sometimes this happens and people think its a crack but not. I just thought to myself yeah if you guys had good craftsmanship this wouldn't even happen. So they buffed it out and everything was good for a while. He even had his ring re sized a few times no problems. Except for the rude people who work there. Since my fiance was approved for their card he has to make payments. Normally we would go into the store and make a payment. We go to the store one day and it's empty! They are gone!!! They did manage to leave a small note on the door saying they Santa Barbara!!! Thats a 45 min drive more if traffic. I look online and that is now the closest one to wear we live. So not only do they have terrible service but now they have inconvenienced every customer who used to go there. We have to drive to SB now just for a ring shinning to keep our plans valid!!! So STUPID! Time passes and we finally get married and I can wear my wedding band now. This has also been in the box for months in a safe place. I wear it for a few weeks and what do you know cracked!!! Granted I will say the wedding band is small. And its made of white gold which is a softer metal. This crack was split all the way through. I showed it to my sister and she said its still bad craftsmanship she has rings that size and same metal that have never broken in all the years she has had them. I was even more pissed at this point. So my husband and I went all the way to SB to get it fixed. Now the manager patrick had told us in the beginning that the skys the limit basically with this plan. We could even get the bands sautered together no charge. So I think fine they will fix the crack and sauter it together. Maybe that will reinforce it and it wont crack anymore. We take it in they say they will fix the crack. I ask to have it sautered and they say oh ok but that will be $48. Uuuum what? we were told that was free. Oh no she says thats just chain bracelets that can be suatered. Are you freaking kidding me?! My husband paid it even though at this point I don't see how it was justified. They said I should be able to get it the next day. It took them 3 days to call! And when I got it back It was a joke! Most rings get sautered by sautering it all the way around. you can still see it was two rings at one point. But they are completely fuzed together. Fred Meyers apparently thinks making one little sauter mark at the bottom of the ring counts and is worth $48. And they did such a crappy job! the bands weren't even aligned properly!!! So out more money and more ### craftsmanship. The warranty voids if I get work done on my ring by another jeweler. But I have just about had it with Fred Meyer. I am taking my rings to a real Jeweler who can fix their shotty work. DONT GO TO FRED MEYERS THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY AND DO A POOR JOB ON YOUR JEWELERY!!!

I attached pictures. They aren't the greatest. If I can go back and edit after I post this I will try to add better focused ones.

rip off and poor craftsmanship
rip off and poor craftsmanship


  • Na
    Nancy Lowe 63 Sep 07, 2012

    Cheap jewelry cheap service. My wedding set is from FM In Anchorage AK. We purchased the ring in 2007. It was advertised as a 4 ctw. It has three bands total and I still get lots of compliments on it. The problem was a few years back a befriended a gemologist who i asked to look at my ring, she informed me that the ring was not 4 ctw but rather 2 7/8 ctw. I attempted several times to contact FM regarding the issue to no avail. My second complaint is how the ring turns yellow. They did warn me upon purchase that it may need to be "dipped" but I know a lot of people with 14K white gold jewelry that does not turn colors and they have never had their jewelry "dipped". I guess lesson learned. I will NEVER purchase jewelry at FM again. I did not even bother to go into my poor customer service. It starts at the top and I'd say FM Jewelry needs to re-evaluate their management. With that being said, my experience was a few years back so maybe some changes have been made. Too late for me though, I will not be shopping at the Jewelry department anymore. The rest of the store is great though, good customer service and quality merchandise. My only fear is the FM jewelry sack I have sitting on my bar right now. My MIL brought it by for my birthday which is in a few days. Maybe I'll have better luck this time. I sure hope so:)

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  • Ss
    S Susan H Jul 06, 2011

    I have had similar experiences with the Twin Falls, ID Fred Meyer Jeweler. I had laid away a platinum semi mount that they stated had vvs1-vvs2 side stones with G-H color and paid for the extended warranty. After I had picked up the ring and found a center stone to have mounted in it, it came back damaged. After several attempts of trying to get their jeweler to properly repair it, I demanded a replacement ring. The manager of the store, Alma told me the ring was no longer being made and I couldn't get a refund because I had the ring sized. I had a different store attempt to repair the ring and Fred Meyer did pay for that. I also had the ring appraised and found out the side stones were only SI2 with I color and the ring itself was poorly made. Once again I tried to get a refund or replacement but was told that since I had someone else work on the ring the warranty was null and void. I made numerous attempts through the district manager and the home office to get some sort of resolution but got no where. I even tried reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, but their first response was from the 3 people I spoke to was so bizarre it seemed like they weren't even speaking about the same ring or incident. After I disputed their first response, they refused any further communication with the BBB and the case was closed. The BBB told me I should take my case to the Attorney General in Ohio (their HQ home state) or sue them in small claims court which I still might do. I might add that Alma, the local manager was extremely rude and argumentitive and told flat out lies to the BBB in her response (she said she offered to replace the ring but I refused). Their jeweler is a joke and should not be allowed to work on platinum. I used to shop there frequently, but I'll never go there again.

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  • Hk
    HKpalace Jun 30, 2011

    Yeah...I made the mistake of getting a "diamond" replaced there...(if they actually put a real diamond in) and it fell out in less then a month. So now we go to a real jeweler and have stopped shopping at FM all together. Rip me off once and our business relationship is over. Considering FM was our main store for so many other things they missed out on more the dollars they could of made so in the end they are losing. Thats the price you pay when you lack ethics.

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  • Ac
    Aceyourface Dec 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you!!! Someone else with similar problems. And to those of you who are trying to prove me wrong last time I checked this was called complaints board! I came on here with a valid complaint about MY experience. I have the right to it as much as anyone else on this board. So please spare me all the crap and move along. Seriously fix it and don't [censor] about it? Gimme a break. If you don't want to see [censor]ing maybe don't come to a site for [censor]ing. I'm fully aware of the banks the cards go through. And my husbands ring was over $400 unless I was getting him something huge and Vegas like most mens wedding rings are in that range. My ring was over a thousand and that's the one that had the most problems. I know they are human and make mistakes but when you are dealing with thousands of dollars that hardworking people are willing to spend on your product a good business would make extra damn sure their product is solid and flawless. There are plenty of jewlers who do better than these guys. It's just a shame I had to find it out the hard way.

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  • Af
    afarrell Dec 17, 2010

    My husband just bought my wedding diamond band and one of the diamond is crack right down the middle i am very mad 1st day not even a day and it has a crack no one offer too clean my ring after it had been in a tiny plastic bag...thats right no box even tho we paid almost as much as my engagement ring and no box...fred myers is the walmart of jewelers taking it back tomorrow for a full refund . and going to Zales where they dont mess up there rings and give you military discount.


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  • Li
    Live4-2day Oct 22, 2010

    1. Just in case you didn't know, it's not actually Fred Meyer Jewelers approving you for credit. They are the name in the card and the approval is totally up to Citibank.
    2. Since you do not confess to knowing why the location was changed, you should look at it from a company point of view and not think solely of how it affects poor you.
    3. You get what you pay for. If your ring was shoddily made you might consider the quality. A $400 ring will not be the same quality as a $4000 ring.
    4. As a consumer it is your job to make that what you paid for is what you wanted. These people are human and make human mistakes. Look at your receipts! If there's a mistake fix it then- don't [censor] later.

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  • Ac
    Aceyourface Aug 02, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    difusi Im so glad you wrote what you did because it just proved the age old saying that assuming really does make you look like an [censor]. I wasn't aware you had experience with the entire company and every branch of it ever made and absolutely can say without a shadow of a doubt this isnt "The norm" for this company. So your really qualified to come here and judge every person who may have had a different experience than you right? :0p You really dont know me or my husband whatsoever. Plus im sorry but your service was in a completely different state completely different people. And you know what a lot of other people have had the same complaints as me. I didnt go to Kansas and get our rings. Maybe they are great over there but the service I got here was not. And if service [censored] means wanting friendly customer service and not getting ripped off for cracked rings and cheapo soldering that breaks apart a few months later than sure call me what you like. But my experience has not been good. Also I never said my diamonds were cracked if you actually read it all the way through instead of skimming through and writing your ridiculous comment to make yourself big and important. As if Fred Meyers actually cares that you "defended them" you would know I didn't write that nor did I write he got his ring re sized three times. In the future I suggest thinking things through before blurting out garbage like that. :) thanks!

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  • Di
    difusi Aug 02, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had nothing but the best experience with Fred Meyer Jewelers out of Overland Park KS and Kansas City Missouri. The employee's were and continue to be Courteous, helpful, professional and offer my wife and I many insights and suggestions. The quality of the Diamonds are SPECTACULAR... I can't believe the statements made by this person here???? First of all, Cracks? In the gold or Diamonds? She must have 60/60 vision because the stones in her ring are so small. The welding, as I understand it, are spot on, because this ladies Husband has been back thrice (3 Times) to have the ring resized. If the ring was "Soldered" completely around, I think she would've hagged and [censor]ed all the way to the refund counter because the Tech made it impossible to resize the ring.

    Sounds like a customer service [censored] to me. Can't get approved for credit either? OMG - I had poor credit (Score of 509 - Due to layoff and identity theft) I was able to rebuild my credit within two years, and now have a score of [protected] (Experian- Transunion - Equifax). I applied and instantly received 1600.00 Credit. Was able to purchase a necklace for the wife that I will be presenting her at the Chiefs home opener on Sept 13th.

    I am really sorry that this lady had such a problem. It is not the norm with this company. I would recommend Fred Meyers over Zales, Bailies Bank Biddels, Krigel, Eldridge, and MANY MANY others when it comes to price and satisfaction.

    Stilwell KS

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  • Fr
    Fred Meyer Jewelers Apr 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We appreciate and understand your need to share your feedback regarding poor jewelry service at our Pacific View Ventura Mall store location. However, we too would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. As we are truly sorry that you've had such an experience in our store.

    Please know that it is our sincerest desire to make each and every shopping trip a pleasant experience for all of our guests.

    We would like to forward your comments to our Regional Supervisor, in your area, so we may further address your concerns.

    Please kindly call or e-mail our offices with your name and day time phone number, so we may expedite the handling of your concerns.

    We thank you for shopping at Fred Meyer Jewelers / Littman Jewelers. There is nothing more important to us than making sure your shopping experience meets your expectations.

    If you have further questions or concerns, please give us a call at [protected]. Office hours Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Thanks so much, we look forward to your reply!


    Lorri Baird
    Customer Service Support Specialist
    Fred Meyer Jewelers/ Littman Jewelers
    3800 SE 22nd Ave
    Portland, OR 97202
    [email protected]

    Confidentiality Notice:
    This e-mail message and any documents which may accompany it, contain information from Fred Meyer Jewelers, Inc. or FMJ, Inc. which is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. If you have received this communication in error, please contact the sender at Fred Meyer Jewelers, Inc. or FMJ, Inc. to arrange for the destruction of the communication or its return at our expense. Thank you.
    Jewelry Customer Service

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