Fred Meyerpharmacy

C Oct 10, 2019

My husband and I normally get out prescriptions filled at another local pharmacy. My daughter is on a prescription which requires a blood test prior to refilling the medication. Once her bloodwork comes back clear then she has a 24 hour window to pick up the prescription. Fred Meyer pharmacy participates in this special program yet NEVER has the medication on hand. They always tell us that they have to order the medication in which means another phone call to her doctor on my end and sometimes she has to have her bloodwork redone. I've asked if they could keep it in stock since she will be on it for at least 6 more months and they won't do it.
My husband and I have always felt that the techs there are very rude. The actual pharmacists are friendly enough but the techs make it very clear that you are a nuisance and they hate their job. I understand if they are busy sometimes and wouldn't think anything of it if it was even half the time. But they are rude virtually without fail! A simple smile, even if it's hurried, would be better than nothing. HOW IS THIS KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE ACCEPTABLE? I'll be checking with Safeway to see if they carry her medication in stock.

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